Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our holy hoiday day

Well...The day started off yesterday with a "fart", yep that is what I said.
Let me explain.
I went out to fetch the eggs and found this.
I thought perhaps a sparrow egg?
After research it is a rare "fart egg", yep that is what they are really called.
So needless to say we have had many good laughs about that.
We traveled up the high country .
We made a stop for a rest room break and bought a soda . It was at an old roadside cafe in Rye. An old mom and pop. I mean old this sweet man was bent over carrying the pot for his woman and she helping him. It was so endearing. I decided that we would invest our money here for supper when we returned down the mountain.
It is so important to try to share even in these tight times.
Think how it can help others who are struggling.
We continued up the highway to the north country.

There is a little honey stop in Pine Arizona.
These folks are amazing!
Few years back I made a $95 purchase of honey, yes I buy in bulk.
I had not a check or cash with me and this sweet woman looked me in the eye and said "mail it to me"...I was so shocked by her faith in me. I never forgot that act and example of faith in the human heart she showed me. A small thing yet huge to me. I told her of the memory of it. How much it impressed me.
I said to her that her beauty shined and makes a difference.
I invested in $80 today of honey.
Let me tell you our bees are in danger.
She told me that in the high country that she is
her garden!
No Bees there. She is having to ship bees in from New Zealand to supplement the hives.
The hives are placed around the state.

We drove on North.
All of the off roads were closed and fenced off! It was very strange. Perhaps they will open next weekend. We found a place and made a day for adventure.

First we had a snow/ice ball fight.
I laughed and played with the kids and it was so fun.

My leg unfortunately fell two feet into a hard packed ice drift and I feel forward (not being able to bend at the knee) after my dear sweet son helped me out, he is such a gentleman, I hiked for a while with them.
Daddy man was off hiding the cash (a toy truck).

Dash found a jaw bone.

We climbed under the barbed wire fence. Again Dash came to aide as I had a time getting under it with having to bend that stubborn leg. He said "here mom I'll help you get through and I'll be right here if you need me to help you up." Oh my I was so touched by his acts of service. I really like this kid.

We made it up a knoll, Dove threw a rock and I snapped it.
She is becoming a pre- teen, the hormonal moodiness is really beginning to change her. It is so beautiful to watch her and a bit bitter sweet.
It must really be hard for her. She is changing each day. So much less little child, trapped in the middle. Finding her way through.
I love her glee, her kindness and how quietly she waits her time. I have to really listen to her to hear her soft spoken way.

With walkie talkie we met up and then began instruction on the G.P.S.

Dove as eldest was given the duty of location.
Dash given the talkie.
We hiked within view, yet giving them the seance of distance independence calls for.

The concept challenged Dove but once she understood that the satellite needed to have a clear view of the GPS she got under way.
She led them to withing 7.5 feet and unfortunately Dash found it before she could look up and moved it from it's place. A few tense moments.

She found a leg bone of an animal and began to give the dead trees a "hair cut".
The anger passed and she soon was having a ball.
Then Dash joined in untill the bone broke.

I looked up from my perch to see this amazing tree that had been struck by lightening.

The dancing trees refreshed me and I am restored.
I ought to live in a forest, but alas it is not to be.
My soul just sucks it up when I get to go.

Then Dash found the perfect rifel

He could even remove the sight and reload.
Sounds, questions or statements are an ever flow from him.
He is quiet less than I could count on a hand in a day.
That mind is constantly going.

This I absorbed.

This snarled root of a fallen tree.

This before and around me.
I am rested of soul.

So time to set to mommy tasks.
Homemade bread sandwiches and lemon aid.
The breeze was chilled and my Beloved wrapped me in his coat.
I saw us getting a treat and sow off to the little town. When I was considering my efforts at the car, a thought I had. I took it to ponder if I would be willing to make a pie and sell it for $5. a slice. Then I thought about my pies...

Well as we entered
Strawberry limits a place where we had heard long ago had homemade pies came and we walked into the moment. The kids had a wonderful time and it was relly fun. The pie was good and well made. It is so refreshing to have a meal out and have it be a treat to me. Me who cooks every meal.

We then continued our adventure.
Speaking with Steve about the bee problem , feeling so good to have a years hunney, we noticed this tree. Steve noticed it he saw only two bees. He said that is not should be swarming with them. He thought the children that it was in earlier years that a tree like this would have so many bees that the tree would hum.
Today it was silent...

So beautiful, Dove and Dash picked them and gifted me.

Now this was a grand day out!
The perfect hill!
It was time to roll baby!!!!!!

over and over and over

We intentionally let the kids set the pace and not rush them.
This , this is timeless and priceless.
They had so much fun!

We continued to walk around the lake.
The kids sat at the curb to put their shoes on and watched this man fly fishing.
Dash said how much he wished he could go fishing.

This old soul was so kind to the children. Daddy Man and I sat (near) and let the children receive from a kind elder.
this fellow was a retired sheriff up in the area that my nephew died.
I Asked him if he knew the officer who called me to inform me of the finding of the body...
Well he had trained the guy.
He teared up a few times.
He needed to know that he made a difference in the world.
He being a grandfather was very patient with the kids.

The kids wanted to just stay and watch him fish.
he said" as long as they bring him good luck".
He caught 12 fish! in about a half and hours time.
The kids would run down to the water each time.
Fly fishing as he was we tought them to keep the distance of the line for the wind was blowing.

They now have learned the anatomy of the blue gill and the ? cant remember it...
He reaffirmed what I have taught them and it was just so cool.
The kids did not know that I once fished often.
I may try to get a fishing license and take them urban fishing.
I have little appetite for eating them.
The waters now are not clear and clean.
So I just stopped fishing after a haul of cat fish.
I could not get them to die once caught it was the last catch I did.
Can't stand to see a thing suffer so.
Now trout pass quickly and than I am thankful and can pass to the preparation of the sustenance. I'll never clean another catfish.

They had so much fun.
This man began to say that he needs God all the time too.
He grew silent and looked at the kids...spoke vaguely of his years in service of how he saw the kids suffering was the hardest part of his job. He began to cry...He then looked up at me and smiled telling me how much of a blessing our family was to him and how much the children blessed his day.
We gave each other a hug and he was shaking. I told him to remember to flee to God for the healing and comfort.

He had the kids hold up the catch for Daddy Man.
At one time Dash was trying to tell us he threw the fish in. We all were telling him, no they are on the chain. It came to pass he expressed it a different way and Dash indeed saved the catch for the elder had forgotten to hook the chain on land.

We did stop for supper at that cafe.
It was a splurg on the budget but it is due for us to do so a little.
All work and no fun...
We walked into what I saw earlier in the da and let the kids have their own booth.
They practiced the art of independence ans we sat in the next booth with our backs to them.
They felt like the top of the world being trusted to do so.
It was so cute!
The waitress was good and patient.
Speaking of good! Oh those burgers were awesome! If I am not going to be the one cooking it, it is a great treat when the one who does prepares it well.
A real nice time.

Driving home down the hill the kids were quiet with the IPODS on and they were listening to pod casts that Daddy had loaded on for them. They each had their s set on the same thing. It was comedy skits. It was wonderful hearing Dove wrar with laughter.

Once we got home we unloaded and the kids had bath time.
We then opened the "fart" egg.
It was so tiny.

It is very rair for them to have a yoke.

It is not an edible egg though.

Now with all that said and done.
Dove asked to take a picture...
Then they were of to camp out the last time.
They slept out three nights in the tent.
The dogs stay with them.
We were both ready to shower and to sleep!
It was an awesome day!!!!!!!!!


Annette said...

Now, you sound like you had fun, and my kind of family to be with. I remember when my daughter was going through her preteen hormonal thing, not fun sometimes for all, especially them, they don't understand it, I always felt sorry for my Amanda, and yea....when they wanted to sit by them self's at a restaurant, they'd giggle and whisper, the love of a sister and 2 are still very close, my Johnanthon talks allot to his sister, and visa versa, and if it's something either one of them think I should know about, they let me know. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy your day with you!
hugs to all~

Denise said...

Wow, that was an awesome day. I love the family pictures.

Corey~living and loving said...

OH donetta. what a joy to read of your amazing day. You have such a way to telling the tale, that makes me feel like I was right there. :)

thank you for the smiles.

Photo Princess said...

What a fun day you all had, sounds great! I love days like that :)

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