Friday, February 4, 2011

woo hoo shoulder impingment is improved

I am getting my arm back! The cortisone is making a difference.
Slow day here Dove stayed home from school today, Dash and her are playing. Steve is working late again. A huge event happening tomorrow and the task must be done before he can leave.

Tomorrow is Steve's birthday and he may have to work if he gets called in. We are doing all we are able to attend a nice time with his folks. That is a priority this weekend.

The job just got completed it is now 7pm my guy just called. He is so tired.
hope all of you have a terrific weekend!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shoulder shot today

got Dove to the school, got home, Dash to the bus stop.
The day was a rest for an hour, then the mad rush came.
I called my former physical therapist to get a referral for someone who could help with my shoulder. It is just getting so bad. He told me that the specialist who works my knees is one of the best he knew.
Putting in a call, Brenda the office assistant asked 'can you be here in ten minutes'?
I got there in a rush. The surgeon was going on vacation in the morning. He thinks it is bursitis/impinged joint. He gave me a shot with a three inch needle in the shoulder of cortisone. OCH!

Left and went to my 11:30 appointment arrived with 5 minutes! We are going to up the stress medication during this time of increased physical pain. He thinks that the stress is hitting high due to the physical endurance.

Kids got home and we left straight away to get our allergy shots.Dove hurt me twice. she does not mean to she just forgets herself. It might be a type of reaction with the RAD. It really left me hurting. She play slapped me in my shoulder. She also hugged me so tight there that I almost began to cry. It is so hard to have special needs kids when they hurt me. I get real tired of there sensory stuff can cause me a real injury and does more often than folks might understand.

An xray of shoulder and knees to be done tomorrow. Knee shots week after next. Pain lets you know your alive. :}
An evening of rest.

Ice hits Mesa Arizona!

Breaking News!
This Morning we hit the streets early only to find this!
Mercy! :)
(you know it is the BIG story in town)

It is cold for Arizona however. Dove had choir rehearsal and had to be at the school at 7:15 a.m.
Say 'too cold!'
I actually have my Russia clothing on. Well I had to peal some of it off now that I am back home and Dash has caught the bus. I think it was 22-28* out there. For here that is VERY cold.
I use pun in all of this with all of you dear Easterners in the freeze. Goodness it is chilly. 
Yesterday all the wild bird feeders were filled. I was thinking of making them a peanut butter ball.  We have the migratory birds here now. They are stunned I'm sure.
With blankets over the coop the chickens have a light under the perch floor to warm them. It looks like most of the garden survived.
 The Garden and flowers were also blanketed. Looks like almost everything survived.
 The seed broccoli (for seed harvest) on the right took a hit.
 The wind blew the cover off of this but it seems to like the cold.
 Liking the cold is the sweet asylum. 
The self seeded tomato is surviving for the most part.
Everything in front is doing well. 
I am stunned that the poppy is alright.

This has been a wonderful week so far.
Dash was home 'sick' (me thinks I was played) on Tuesday. Even so kids are kids and remembering what it was like when we were kids helped me not to take it personally. Steve was a real support in this the one day that my Sister and I were to get together to sew.It had to be postponed. I think that it may have had to do with the security stuff. Mom was not going to be at the house. Not sure about that but I have a hunch. That or it may have been that Monday he needed to use his inhaler at school. With Steve being ill over the weekend I did not want to chance it.

Yesterday however the stuffed animals went to school...this to help the transition me thinks. It is so wonderful to see them 'self help'.
Note they placed them right by my chair.
They even have their AR books (to take their test), and back packs.
That was complete with baby talk.
Then everything was alright and school was an accepted part of the morning. His whining stopped after this. So amazing even after all these years that security is such a wound for Dash.
 My sewing room is all packed up to go to my Sisters tomorrow. We are drafting a pants pattern for a seminar she is giving in a couple of weeks. I will be assisting her as her 'dummy' HA! She is going to aid me in a dress that I am working on.
The neighbor left more fruit. Citrus will last two weeks chilled. The garage will do it. Cold out there like the refrigerator.

 A few of the little touches that have given me the pleasures of a home better decorated.

'Mom can you make my hair brown for ever?'
How sweet and simple the world is to my darlin' daughter. She was very bummed to find out that it was temporary. Oh in case you don't know we died her hair brown just like mine. It was very important to her heart. I believe it is about a since of belonging. It was a long standing decision and then god dealt with me until I bent into what his design was for the event. She wants to look like 'mom'.

Monday, January 31, 2011

What do you Believe about your cash?

So Dash had his question of the morning...
What does cold hard cash mean mom?

The phrase "cold hard cash" was coined by merchants  who were used to handling coins that, because they had a high gold and silver content, were warm and soft and did not wear very well. When more durable metals came into use it was generally noticed that they were cold and hard. In the cut and thrust of commerce a lot of transactions rely on the use of cheques (checks) and various forms of credit. Where these are not favored the phrase "cold hard cash" applies to both coins and notes which are immediately available, or ready, as a form of payment.

Do your kids offer you so many many questions on life?
My days are so full of opportunities to really think about what I believe and why.

Asking for what we need...
For a good 6 months or so we have been looking into replacing the dish racks in our dishwasher. The machine itself is still in good working order. Thanks to the repair work my Darlin' does on it from time to time. We looked into purchasing them $300 for both of them. New dishwasher? Did not like what is on the market. This machine still works well. The newer stuff is now so much poorer quality. 
This one was chosen just for that reason it is well built.
Keeping an eye on Craigs list as I do daily I came upon an old back one that needed a new computer board. It was used by a couple with no kids. We took some images of the inside.

 Ours is the same maker as the free one. So we took a VERY long drive to our old stomping grounds. Where we first met. Not even three blocks from the church. It was so neat to show the kids.
 We were able to replace both of the spin things and the racks. The bottom spin thing on ours Steve repaired but the part was so hard to find that he just made one. Now the one off the free machine will replace this one.
By the way it worked great!
They were free, and we have extra replacement parts for repairs too.

Resting when your ill is so important to give our body a fighting chance.
Resting is so important for our bodies.

Steve was sick all weekend. He slept from 1-5pm on Saturday and then through the night. We had an extra kid Saturday. thankfully he is well today.
That kept me busy baking cookies with the girls. The quilt top is finished, love it. My corners matched so beautifully.
Sunday morn we awoke to Dash giving us both breakfast in bed. We were so touched by his kindness. Kindness heals.
As my sweetheart rested most of the morning I ground coffee, made pinto beans into re-fry beans (blender style, cleaned the kitchen and so on. By late afternoon he was well enough to take the drive to get the dishwasher.

Every day we use O.J.  I am always looking for the best price on it. Recently I asked God for a good deal on juice. I try to keep enough for my husbands morning juice. This means often that I have to tell Dash no when he wants some. That really bothers me.
Dash and I juiced a full tree full of oranges from the neighbor. We come out a good three gallons. After a full evening of events. He helped so much.
Another two baskets of grapefruit and oranges on the fence post greeted me this morning.

Earlier at supper he was wanting to help. I had gone into the garage a moment, upon entering the kitchen to see his little hand using the mandolin to cut cucumbers! I grabbed his hand in time. No injury to him but it really scared me!
It was so important to hear his heart.
When it was his shower time he told me how much he wants to help. We spoke about learning how to first, many others things too. It was very sweet. He wants to be helpful and just felt real bad that he did not know how he could help. He did not want to do it wrong and felt defeated. It was so good to listen and make more chances for him to help.
Lunch meat being so expensive a slicer was an answer to prayer some time back.
I used my meat slicer and cut up a turkey breast smoked and roasted for lunch meat this week. We need to have lunch meat for homemade lunches. When those fresh turkeys that came my way after Christmas were cut up and put up into freezer it set us well.
I asked for lunch meat. The fresh (not frozen) turkeys were able to be cut down so large breast could be used as cut meat once roasted.

Today is a cloudy day, just beautiful!

The sky is just black to the west of me with the sun beaming through the eastern side against the yard walls. The dance of shadow and light is picturesque.
Staying home is a joy. So many things to tend to. My pups at my feet the chickens just outside the window, a quilt to sew and taxes to do. Wild birds on the feeder near my shoulder. Friends to pray for and weep over. Loving is a hard but beautiful thing. Loving is also so imperfect and fragile. This humanity thing a challenge for mistakes are inevitable.

How I wish well for each of you.
Thinking of you LISA B., your on my mind this morning. I hope your day is awesome.
Shorty Bear, love you too. I will try to send you a nice note later this morning.
Denise I hope that Oklahoma weather is treating you well. I am doing good hun. A little issue with that stitch in my chest it is coming out . The wicking of bacteria concerns me for infection. The Doc. said I may have to go back and have it cut again. One day it will dislodge inside me then the outer part will pull out the rest of the way. However my chest site of port is now not tender any  longer. My shoulder is still a real issue just really painful to lift my arm in certain ways.

To all of you a great day.

Do you see your days as full of opportunities to really think about what you believe and why?
If so please tell us about it. 
We ask and receive believing that it is better than just going out to acquire by spending my cold hard cash. By avoiding the quest to buy new we have more time to rest. We rest in expecting to see the provisions come our way. It is a life of expectancy not because we think we deserve it. Because we know HE loves us.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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