Saturday, February 9, 2008

Photo Hunt *Heavy*

Well this is a timely topic.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Aloha Friday

Someone shared a perspective with me that left me to consider the wonder and poetry, the beauty of a simple spider web.
What is a perspective that you have of something that others may not have considered?

For me...I saw a geese fly today and as they take off they defecate. They loose all the excess "****" before they take flight. Made me think about the flight I am packing for. The load of "stuff" I need to drop as I too prepare to take flight.. :)

visit others over at "Island Life"

Grabbed the day by the tail and what a ride! Mathers Award.

Oh my!
I had a very full day today. After the morning chores of lunch for hubby and a post, Kids awoke and we ate or they did and I sped off to a 5 minute shower to wash my hair. Once I threw the jeans on and a sweater I was off to take the kids to school.
After a great stretch of the neck, literally at therapy I called up a blog friend and hit the freeway (going the wrong way during to missing my exit) made a big loop and got gas. At the gas station had a nice visit with the attendant who is raising his 10 yr old grand son. We shared the joy of a life with children. Then it was off to the city.
I went to visit "Spider Lady" and deliver her "pay it forward" in person. I made her a needle case I'll do a post on it later.

What a nice woman! She was such a sweet hostess. What a loving little Mother she is to her two adorable kids. Her little boy Bud was so cute! Very gregarious and fun. Her adorable daughter Tweety is full of smiles. I had a wonderful visit that was short due to the travels I had a head of me and my unease at being so far from my kids it was a good 15 + miles from home. I made a big loop up north and east to go get my Rx ( I have an apothecary shop mix my hormones. I have a much better effect with less migraines doing so but they are a long way from home.
I then stopped on the trip south to get a Taco Bell. The sweet gentleman who was cashiering was so kind. I realized after the fact that he gave me a drink for free when he saw me counting my coins and a .36 cent discount too. That was cool. I parked and got out of the car to sit by the pond and eat. There was many Canadian geese in formation over head at a short distance and I saw a Killdeer bird too. I really felt refreshed. I drove home through the reservation lands.
I saw the furrowed land big clods of earth upturned and awaiting the drying of the sun and to be ground down into a soil ready for seed. The clods made me think of the boxes around my house drying in the process of moving as I await the turning of the soil for seed. This is a wild adventure. I will post some photos when I have a chance.
In all there was over 50+ miles on that tank of gas. I arrived home just after 2 pm tired.
went and got the kids and they were such a chatter with the glee we call Friday. We snacked and rested. I fell asleep at the TV to have Beloved walk in to find me dazed. HE SAT DOWN on the sofa for a little visit. Wow that was so nice just to say hi. The kids were doing computer and did not hear him come in. I had him all to myself a few moments. That was nice.
I was craving PIZZA. We never get pizza because Dash and I are allergic to cheese and wheat is no friend of mine either. We splurged! We all went to a Peter Piper. Wow Dinner out that was nice. We got 20 tokens for free with our pizzas. Dash and I split a ultra thin crust with the works NO CHEESE. It was still good. The kids played games and we had a nice visit all together full of laughs and such then Dove looks at me and says..." Mom you have not had any blow ups for a long time"...I thanked her for noticing, it felt real nice to have such positive feed back like that unsolicited.
A couple sitting near us gave the kids another 10 tokens so while Daddy Man ate the last slice of his...the kids and I went and spent the last 3 of the tokens they each had. Then we awaited the ticket counter and cashed them in. The children enjoyed the treats and My husband told me a strange saga of a fellow he knows at his work. It was so nice to hear about his world at work. I felt very close to him. We are home now of course. Dove just dictated the most wonderful thing to her father I'll ask her if I can share it. the kids are playing and I have cola in me and am buzzing from the caffeine.
Wow that is a full day! Upon coming home the dogs were so happy to see us that Willy almost knocked me over , he acts more like a gazelle then a dog.

She said yes...

First, (her friend) and I should get the biggest tree in the forest. Then we should start
building. We will build two houses in it; one for (her friend) and one for me.

Next, we shall buy a car.

Now we will have two kitchens, two stoves and two sinks and in the bathroom we'll
have two toilets. Next we will have a bridge and a river under it and the houses
will be rainbow colors. We'll have a fireplace and two chimneys for each of us.
We'll both get married and have kids and have red and blue steps. Then we'll have a yellow balcony and we'll have other houses if other people stop by they can stay for the night. We'll have eleven other houses for other people who stop by. The people will have the same things that (her friend) and I have in their houses so my mom and dad can stop by and my little brother and (her friend) mom and dad and brother and sister.
We'll have red bird houses and the poor can stop by as well and if they are missing
some legs they can go through the wooden door and there will be a flat spiral ramp
that goes to their house. Next, if there are some people who don't have hands the
door will open for them. The houses will have red shutters and we'll grow a garden.
That's the end…

I removed her friends name
That last part really touched my heart. This child is very caring of others. She is quiet about it very very introspective of the needs of others. I love my daughters heart it is so beautiful. Some day I want to make a way to take her to a place like that.
Oh I was given this by my friend over at "Yesu Garden" today
She wrote...
I'm giving this award to my friends for showing me the LOVE and LIFE of Christ through their daily lives.

The rules to pass on this award are posted below
In the spirit of this award, the rules are simple. Winners of this award must pick five other "disciples" to pass it on to. As you pass it on, I just ask that you mention and provide links for(1)this post as the originator of the award ( Dan King of Management by God)(2) the person that awarded it to you, and then(3) name and sites of the five that you believe are fulfilling the role of a disciple of Christ.

Thank you Sis
I'll need to reflect on this this week end.


"Much of what God wants to work on in us will come about as we grow in our relationship with the people Gods puts in our lives."

This is a quote ( a very good one) that came in a sweet e-card from a friend this morning. It was very timely. She sent it from my positive effect apparently in her life.
Yesterday a had a very Hard Day!
It was a day where I was full of RAGE. I was stuck in a triangle of rage that looked like this...
Anger tipped one end, loss or fear of it another tip and shame or guilt the last. My tender feelings had been hurt and hurt deeply. Frustration gave me a very short fuse. A spark of mis communication set it off.
The challenges that occur in relationships are often based on the interpretations we have of another's behaviors or words. Genders think differently. Behaviors occur out of old wounds or just personality types.
During stressful times these things can occur with much greater intensity. As they did for me yesterday.
Being angry however does have a gift that is offered. It is the gift of strength. Anger is a powerful force. A force I had to ride out for several stressful hours. I did my best not to sin in it by listening and bridling my tung. Not an easy act to be sure. Hurt people,hurt people. I was feeling very hurt. I do not ever purposefully want to hurt anyone.
I knew going in to this journey of obedience the assault would come as in any good battle the enemy is ready to jump into any opportunity. Expecting him to do so can keep the surprise response at bay.
By the end of the day and the arrival of my friend we were able to talk it out. To work through the wounds and hear each other more clearly. Expectations are very hard to let go off.
I read in a blog a wonderful comment on goals how we try to change on our own and yet the true changes can only occur as we relinquish to God our design and desire to effect lasting change in our behavior. I hope this for my friend and I both.
Marriage takes work, a friendship takes time and when time becomes robbed friendships suffer.
Beloved and I are short of time together that is most marriages when small children and long work hours and misunderstanding sets in.
Today is a new and better day with peace restored in our lives, lives that are not that uncommon.

Everyone has laundry and sometimes we can learn from the way another sorts it out. :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A gift from Jaye too cute!

New Moon

Tonight is the night of the New Moon. My children sleep in a little later with the morning being darker. It has been that way now this week. I like the new moon for the quiet morning start is a slow pace. Light makes such a difference in our lives. To most being in the dark is a hard thing. I suppose to me it is as well. I am in the dark over my future with the house sell and all. I am selling a house , in the worlds eyes at the worst possible time. Yet I found a calm in the dark as well. My eyes do not have to have everything illuminated. All the world is a glow with illumination, energy's burn hot on this planet. You can see images from space that are so profound. The continents are bright in the night. In the U.S.A. it is so bright on the East coast at night that it is as day at all hours. No rest to be found. With the New Moon there is a rest in the universe well at least on this side of the moon. Our world has learned however to never rest. Never be still in the darkness. I like resting in the dark. At therapy I love it when I'm all hooked up to the electrodes and my back is heat soaked as well as my neck. They turn the lights off and close the door behind them. I am still. I can think clearly or not at all for those few moments . Our world does not allow for this for the inhabitants to stop, think and or just be still.
I have read..."Be still and know that I am God."
How can the world know him when they can never just Stop and be Still.This is a great ploy I believe by the enemy of our hearts. When we don't know the future or see the path past our next foot fall it is in being still and knowing that GOD IS GOD, and GOD is for us not against us. If we place our LOVE ON HIM then we can learn to trust. Trust in the quiet, those dark days when we just can't or don't understand. We Can be STILL and KNOW that He is GOD.
It is a New Moon, when all is calm and all is quiet...we can not see but just trust that we can be refreshed in the quiet.
Come to the quiet, come and still your soul like a child asleep on his fathers knee...come and still your soul...completely. Come to the quiet.

Wordless Wedensday

Awaiting morning "loves".
They get pet and a good back rub.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am my beloveds and He is mine


Please Pray for Cynthia

My Dear Friend over at "walking on" has had a real hard road.
Please Pray for Cynthia and her children.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

First I want to
Bid my Beloved Happy Birthday!

Christian Glitter by

God bless you, my Husband.

After doing lunches and morning chores...

Take the kids to school.
Physical therapy for my neck.
Then.... I need to get the stuff done for taxes to be prepared...

I did not get to the taxes today.

Lemon Bars for the Birthday celebration,
and decorate a bit for him.
We went to Wal-mat and the Kids got Daddy Man a movie. It was marked 9.44 under the movie off a little to the right of center. We walked back to the garden dept. to exit and the price came up $20.+ . We went back to the video dept and spoke to the clerk she said too bad in essence, I asked for a manager he gave us the movie that was miss marked and we got it for the $9.44, half price!

Chicken soup to do for supper...

Dove loves soup

Dash does not so I made some pintos and gave him corn chips , soy cream cheese and salsa.
I have my last "Pay it Forward" to make. (finished)
Here is a sneek peek "Spider Lady"

Pack some more boxes...(stopped by the store after therapy this morning and got another great haul of great boxes)

I need to hem 5 pair of pants still for Dove.
Maybe tonight?

Now I got so confused.
I thought that one person with two identities (a blog id and a email id ) were two people. I have one more PIF to make for Cynthia.
Please pray for her she is having a hard trial of two children going blind.

Menu Plan Monday

This is last weeks menu I will be using it this week
because I used very little of it last week.


A Packing we will go

Good Day to all of you!
My joy is so full it is strange even to me. this is a wonderful adventure we have embarked on. I feel so alive and vibrant and happy.
Yes, my friend I did stop and eat. I saw myself do ...and did..Trusting HIM for the next thing and the next. Step by step:)

I packed my first box this morning.
I am so excited at what the future brings...
I turned the walls bare and boxed all my nick knacks too.

the scrap booking is defiantly going to wait:)
I have not done a meal plan yet...
The safe is finally cared for and all the papers ordered.
It is a cold rainy day here perfect day for working at home.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Marriage Monday *Valentine's Day"

"My Most Memorable Valentine's Day Ever"

February 14th of 1998 we were sitting in the nursery of the daughter that I had dreamed of for 16 years. My husband looking in my eyes telling me to hold on it will be soon. I beheld the crib the quilt upon the wall. It was really going to happen. A child. We were going to have a daughter. He held me as we were so close but so far. I just looked in his eyes and I believed. He had made heaven and earth stop just for me. The desire of my heart was not diamonds or rubies... Not chocolates or trinkets but a child. I longed for 16 years to hold a child child.
Sitting there in the nursery we held the photo of a little girl half a world away. My little girl our daughter. A child who although not born from my body but one that grew in our hearts. That was the most memorable gift of love that I ever received from my Beloved.

Please join us for Marriage Monday on Feb. 4, 2008.

Two Options

This month, you can write on one of the following topics:

1. "Top Ten Tips For the Ultimate Valentine's Celebration"

2. "My Most Memorable Valentine's Day Ever"

Valentine's is HOT, so plan to welcome some new visitors at your site. (Remember, the early linkers get the most comments.)
Marriage Monday Giveaway
This month, you get to pick the prize! Find an item you would like in the Chrysalis Café & Bookstore and leave your name and selection in my comments box on Monday. The winner will be announced on Monday Feb. 11, 2008.
I hope you'll participate this week.

Many blessings,

e-Mom :~D

Wow!...Friday/Saterday/Sunday busy...busy!

How did it get to be SUNDAY ?

Well Friday Morning I met up with Doves class for a field trip.
Three of us Room Mothers joined the Teacher in doing tasks the Teacher received help from us in.
While the two other Mothers were grading papers , I cleaned up the class room and then had the privilege of going to the school library to help the Teacher by choosing five story books. They were doing a unit on folk lore and so I found some good books on values and character tales. I returned with the books just as the last two kids (Dove and her friend) were awaiting my arrival.
We all walked to the buses and boarded.
We went to a High School to see a performance of "Paul Revere".

Volume...Well need I say much more?... :)

We disembarked some 20 minutes later at a Very large , new High School where we joined around 1500 other 3rd graders! VOLUME!!!!!!!!!!

We were the last buses to arrive and to be dismissed at the end of the play.
Her class behaved very well.

The play was performed by a professional troop from New York City.
It was very well performed.

They waited respectfully in their seats while the whole of the massive auditorium exited.

See how large it is.. the sound from all those children was deafening...literally...a migraine set in about half way through the performance. The audience was well behaved but they were provoked to volume by the woman who was on stage from the school district. She had them cheering. VOLUME!!!!!!!!!!!!magnified!

The children opted out of a 15 minute recess and ate a very late lunch in the room. The teacher had fed them all peanut better sandwiches before they left for the play but the kids were so hungry. I went and got something for my head ache from the nurse and returned to have lunch with Dove. They ate and went off to recess. The other Mothers and I cleaned up the room.
I went over to Dash's classroom and stayed there for the remainder of the afternoon. Dash had a Spanish lesson and a "feeling lesson" . His teacher showed me a "research paper" Dash had just finished on the state of Minnesota. He is doing 3-5th grade work in 1st grade! I then took the children home at 3 P.M..

The children snacked and rested a while.
Beloved came home at 4 P.M. and we all had a simple supper.
We were able to register the kids for a free Hokey Lesson so we had to go do the sign up and get the loaned uniforms and equipment.

They had a fitting, and came home to a bath and a movie night with Dad.
Mom was knocked out with the migraine it went into the outer limits of manageability. I was in a dark room and medicated after an hour or two I found life more tolerable. kissed the kids goodnight. I went to sleep early and awoke Saturday more myself. The dregs of the migraine still haunting my temples I had to use some care in the morning.

We returned here at mid-day Saturday!

We found the locker rooms and got help dressing the kids into the uniforms

This young boy was so helpful.
The 14 year olds do the work with the little kids They were great!

Our two looked so adorable all dressed out with the gear.
All of this was for free...just a deposit on the equipment.

I found the sounds rattled my head a bit. I was in a bad way with pain and was so enjoying being with my family. It was so fun to see them have such a opportunity.
It was so cold in the rink like being inside a refrigerator. Daddy Man and I snuggled in the stands. He forgot his jacket but I had grabbed two blankets and I was glad I had.

This boy was so good.
He was told of Dash's Hearing impairment and looked in his face when he spoke to him. The two siblings were able to be togeather and that was perfect!

Dove has the orange leg warmers on, she was so easy for us to spot.

The time was extended from one hour to almost two for the rink was not being used right away.
It was so fun. And My Beloved and I had time to see joy and to have a new focus of Hokey. It was fun! We got home and rested a couple hours then we were off to...
At 4 P.M. We had a Party to attend with ?40-50 others

A Bon Voyage Party for the daughter of a friend. This Young wife and mother was but a babe in her mothers arms on my wedding day. Now she had a baby and a husband who is going with her to another Country to work for a year. What an adventure is in front of them.
Daddy Man and the kids had fun on the trampoline While I helped the hostess a little.

The calm before the crouds...

She set a lovely buffet and everyone had more than they could desire.

One of the guest had set up a system that he lugged over including the large TV, and game. It was "Rock Band" I think that was what they called it. It is a carioke on steroids, drum, guitar,base and vocals. I had fun playing the drums and Dove had the guitar down. It was a lot of fun. I am so out of what is modern and current. I knew some of the '80's hits but wow have things changed.

It was really fun!

This young woman was a little girl when I taught her Sunday school.

It was fun to sing together as women. Life is so fast!
Don't blink!

Well the decision being made. God provided the best boxes!
I made two trips one Saturday and one today. The Produce man is kindly saving them for me.
I begin packing boxes tomorrow!
I will thin down the house drastically.
My Sister gave this link on naked room solutions
I will be doing a lot of packing and such.
Taxes too and all my daily chores. Life just got a lot more interesting!
We are so thrilled at our future. It will take a work ethic of great proportion and courage. We are facing a great adventure in humility to gain freedom. I am so grateful that it is by choice and not necessity. Many are suffering around the states. I trust that there is a buyer for this home. I hope that we do not have to sit too long with a storage unit bill.

To be able to give our family the freedom from financial strain will be the gain of all the sacrifices we are about to embark on.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
Amy has clicked her heals and flown to her real home. There is no place like home.

This was given to me for the third time in just a few weeks.

Zephaniah 3:17 NLT
"For the LORD your God has arrived to live among you. He is a mighty savior. He will rejoice over you with great gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will exult over you by singing a happy song."

Thank You Ross

Getting to know Me

What warm hearts you all offer

Thank you all for the kindness you have shown me with every Award. I am embraced. You Are a blessing.

Thank you Michelle

Thank you Michelle

Thank you Annette they are beautiful
Thank You Annette
Autism Awareness