Saturday, October 3, 2009


NOW! shouted the woman with a snake in her hand!
a baby snake of 20 inches
Oh don't ya love it my life is so exciting I just ought to write a book~
ask me why did you pick it up?

Well I have kids and birds and doge...I had to identify it. I knew it was not a rattler well I was pretty sure...can you say STUPID :)
Oh I ran out of data storage and the account has to be addressed sorry no picture...

I wonder where his 3-19 brothers and sisters are!

Western Coachwhip | Masticophis flagellum-testaceus photo

(Masticophis flagellum)

Order: Squamata
Family: Colubridae (colubrid snakes)
Other common name: red racer
Spanish names: chirrionero, alicantre


This long, slender snake reaches lengths of 3 to 8¼ feet (90-260 cm) long. Quite variable in color, it can be tan, gray, pink, black, reddish-brown, or any combination of these colors. Broad crossbars may be present. The scales are smooth and the eyes large; the head is distinct from the body. Unlike the adults, young may have obvious dark brown or black blotches or bands on a light brown background. This snake receives its name from the braided appearance of its scales which resemble the whip used by stagecoach drivers in earlier days.


This is a wide-ranging species occurring throughout the southwestern United States south through Baja California and Mexico (except the Sierra Madre).


This common snake is found in deserts, prairies, grasslands, woodlands, thornscrub, and even cultivated lands. It is found from below sea level to 7700 feet (2350 m) in hilly or flat lands, rocky or sandy soils.

Life History
Active during the morning and late afternoon, the coachwhip is often seen crossing roads. A speedy snake, it has been clocked at 3.6 miles per hour. The coachwhip is a nervous snake and may retreat into rocks or rodent burrows when threatened, but it is just as likely to approach an intruder hissing, striking, and possibly shaking its tail; it will bite if handled. During summer 4 to 20 eggs are laid, hatching 44 to 88 days later. Young and adults feed on mammals, birds, bird and re

Update on life

Good Morning all
Sorry so seldom a post lately...I find myself before the keyboard and silently sit without the vigor of a post. So many things each day occur that it is just...well even just then I had to get up to quiet the children my darling is in a rare sleeping in. 8:30 that is unheard of for his sweet head to kiss a pillow that long.

SO life this takes me full bore on in high density high speed fashion and I can barley stop to think through an event before another is at hand.

This morning begins with an extra child again.
She being here over night.
This sweet kid is just without covering.
On her way to school yesterday a car stopped near her and she terrified ran home only to have the Grand mother (lowercase intended) only to dismiss her!
Did not even call the police!
So We had two girls to tender for Archer is bothered by thoughts of evil spirits.
With the arrest in the driveway last week the effect is still a bit bothersome for her too.

I had Steve pray over them last night and we made intentional praise about how God protected all in each event. Keeping safe and this I hope reassured the kids.

A rare event indeed ...last evening a spontaneous outing with a dear long time friend took me to my favorite restaurant.
We were so full of each others good company .
Her sweet son who I saw at a few hours old is now 11 months!!!!!! time goes so fast!
We walked around a Stien Mart it is a department type store that is rather unique.
It was fun to try on shoes...we each walked out empty handed with the same shoes on our feet we walked in with :)
I did not want to disrespect the budget.
She too is learning the debt free life.
Many folks are doing the financial university study.
Steve and I just read the book and then made our own spread sheet in excel.
The university is becoming a cash cow for the developer.
He is helping a lot of folks so he is getting a strong reward.

Archer had her Parent / Teacher conference and the teacher sees the unique needs that our dear child faces.
She is a real good student and tries real hard.
It is hoped by the teacher that at least Archer will get some extra help in writing conventions.
The IEP in underway.
She said Archer (dove) got high marks on the AIMEs test in writing last spring because of her ability of vocabulary and story telling the
teacher said
"it's like she is exposed to a writer or something that child can really express her thoughts"
HA! well she is that :)

Steve read to the kids also every night. All of that made that big of a difference!
However when she reaches the next level of testing that she will fall on her face.
She had no use of punctuation no ability to spell sight words.
The teacher said all of the spalding phonic I used shows...she can spell phonetically but non of the simple sight words...wen...for when and the like.
She said that they do not normally do IEP individualized education plans if the kid passes aims...but with Archer there is an exception made for the strengths out weighed those weakness so strong that if the strengths were set aside she would fall flat on her face and fail every class at the 6/7 grade levels where her strengths could no longer disguise her needs. Her peers are now in 7th grade she is 2 years behind.

Now Dash Hawk or Hawk Eye as he likes is doing much better 4th day of medication. He had a nasty sinus infection..via dairy intake I am sure. Hawk Eye can not blow his nose if you recall. His deformity causes the blow bye to come out of his EYES Yes if he blows it bubbles out the eye. Very painfully too. So it is good to hear him cleared up today. He spent the afternoon at my girl friends. She serves at the school to and took him home with her so our boys could play.

He was cuddled on my lap when I got home yesterday like he had not seen me for a year or so. It was so wonderful! I love it when they get all cuddly.

They are happy kids this morning I stopped and got some soy yogurts on the way home. They each had one this morning.

Look at those side bar temperatures.

Yes the garden calls. So many things going on out there this week. I have all sorts of things sprouted and growing
here is the list so far...
in the earth not yet sprouted are...
bok choy
broccoli raab

those seedlings smiling above ground

summer pan squash (in flower)
spaghetti squash (in flower)
acorn squash
sweet corn
climber green beans
a few bush beans
scarlet runner beans to grow up the gazebo
leek is just up today and yesterday
flowers...narcissus and another I don't recall the name
basil leaf small type
basil (found it last night for 2.99 a large lief)
green bell pepper
orange bell pepper
yellow bell pepper
tomato brandy wine heirloom (found two at the garden center and grabbed them)
tomato million dollar little salad ones it already is bearing fruit!

I tell you it is just turning into my little paradise.

I cleaned up the front entry yesterday and might divide some of the ferns as well. I made three hanging moss baskets. I found the wire frames a $1 each a long time ago and the moss for real cheep...

Oh! I just got two girl run in and calling "Mommy" and gave me joyful hugs and gleeful stories that was cool. just came to hug me.

So As I was saying the garden calls.....oh my heart just gets so excited to think of it! the weather is so pretty!

The kids I worked with in the third grade class had the test scores rise dramatically! Oh what a reward for the efforts. The little group of 6 showed marked improvement! That is a real good feeling ya know!

I am beginning to learn more about the ways that I can depend on myself for myself. Seeing the ways I let myself down it is a real eye opener. I must become my best resource (save for Christ yes of course) yet it is I who must grow in courage and become more trust worthy to my own self.

Oh there will be a AZ bloggers group meeting at Gooseberries tea house 10/30
Marty your email address will not work. Yes I do want the information please and I will pass it on. Sorry Marty I have had all the Mail return to me.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

All gave some...

Gave all.

Phoenix Veterans Memorial Cemetery
this is a tiny portion of the graves here...
The Elders of WWl and WWll
are vanishing now...
this all that is left of a history all but forgotten.

Just before Clydes' service these metals were found by his Elderly Sister only days ago.
They rest here in his Widows hand.

Gun salute and taps were played

The ceremony holy and the significance beautifully executed.

The flag taken from the Widows hand given to the soldier.
HE unfurled it, opened it...

with great delicacy and detail turned it from life...

In on fell swoop opened it and then turned it to

what was paid
the courage and sacrifice

It was then folded in the opposite than it had began and was given to our dear
Aunt Patti

I thought to try to find my mothers last husbands grave...

We were able to locate it...

I tried to find the grave of my "dad" who divorced my mom in my infancy...
I hardly knew him....We met twice in my childhood and he gave me away at my wedding...that a gift I chose to give him.
He is not there.
I do not know what happened to his remains.

The elders are vanishing

here is all that remains...

Steve had taken today off and we had a nice lunch and a really sweet day together.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Craigs list free dog house

image 1399631756-0

All we have need of.
We got the one on the left.
We just returned with it.
It fit through the gate with 1/2 inch to spare

Outdoor Wednesday

join us here


Waking at 6 a.m. to finish up your husbands lunch turning to the sink to wash up...
Steve comes from behind me to embrace me ...
"what the HECK???????????!!!!!!!!!!!"
He said...

I looked up to see a police officer crouching on the garden wall.

Two more of them at the gate ahead of me looking into the neighbors yard.
I quickly call the dogs in.
The police are in large numbers out front...Steve meets me at the door and tells me good bye and the police come into the yard. I told them that the houdse behind is vacant.

Steve leaves all quiets down and I go to the garden...
Dash is awake from the dogs being in (arg!)
so we garden and then the dog a few yards down begins to bark and a helicopter is overhead.
Dash got into the house and I stood out with the dogs as this helicopter is just above the house circling. Dogs at the ready...I got several shots of the chopper. It was beautiful!

Then It left and the noise grew out in front and I peeked out the door to see that a police officer giving me the all clear.
In the driveway next door sits a handcuffed man who was just on the other side of the garden wall when they got him.

"Lord cover our home and our neighborhood"
HE did.
Although the man broke into several cars doing much damage the duffel bag with all the stuff was found in another neighbors yard.

The robber and the officer both went through the garden and no damage was done to either the garden or either man...think spikes in the garden...

I called the kids out to see the chopper.

The man was NOT in my yard.
MY DOGS would of had a big breakfast :)

This is next door!

The light pole is in my yard...
GOT HIM!!!!!!!!!

Look at Dash with the bat
I tried not to laugh at his moxie.

All of these cars are police marked and unmarked and GOD made them able to get him !!!!!!!

He was hiding just on the other side of my garden wall.

I praised the officers.

Now think of an officer crouching on the wall if he would of jumped in
He could of hurt himself bad with all my stakes.
He was kept safe as was the garden.

We often ask for a hedge around our property and neighborhood.

The neighbor at the school bus stop stood with baby in hand as her car was one of the ones that were broken into and the window smashed.
It is her birthday today....
The police found her wallet!!!!!!!!

He was just on the other side of the wall.
My neighbors dogs were inside just going nuts!
The man was hopping the walls traveling down the yards.

Kids I was right there. In the garden. With Dash planting seeds.
Feeding the chickens...and the dogs.
The police had cleared the yard and we thought it was all over.
The guy was on the other side of the wall and the chopper flushed him out!
The dogs and I were on the yard side of the garden.

They were on the guard.

In the garden after the man was cuffed and the kids on the bus...
Bok choy, cauliflower, onion, brocolli, kale, zinnia, Swiss Chard, broccoli raab

Carrots smiled at me through the blanket of compost and peat moss as they joined the radish

A bean smiled back at me as well

Then I noticed this snap pea saying hello!

Good Dogs...The space behind then I hope to make a raised narrow bed to set my lettuce for ease of access the fence can be opened at the pole and swung wide.

I am not sure if you can see the bean it is a scarlet runner to climb on the gazebo give beans and pretty red flowers in time.

Morning gave time today to work a good 4 hours
At noon it was 91* and time to stop for the day

Goal met! Garden extention earth made, seed planted and some have even sprouted.
I am made able to do what my heart desired.
It was a lot of hard work all summer long, I DID IT!!!!!!!!!

Check out this little fellow.
They fill the gazebo canopy while I sit and study and tend the chickens .
They are like a dance in the sky.

Philippians 3:20
For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ:

Monday, September 28, 2009

dash is home sick

dash needs me now ill post later

everyone have a great day! i have a sticky hand sorry the lack of sentence structue

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Please pray for her parents and family
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