Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Walking the path to follow the light of where we ought to be...
I am thankful for the light

Today while serving in the capacity of volunteer doing Art Masters to a second grade class they opened up. To the children came wisdom.
"what do you feel"? I asked them . With a painting called "face to face" by Klee, we began to learn of being what I call true faced.
A child who was lastly to share spoke with shaky voice. Thus only after I had maintained a respect each other boundary where each child was heard without interruption.

M"My mothers boyfriend beats her. I feel afraid".
Spoke this child.
This child spoke.
Risk was made safer for her for the light of my path this day lead to a moment of freedom for a child.


A child not unlike your own, or even that one who abides within you waiting to risk being 
"true face" 
To be heard.

He hears you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catching up on the week

The beginning of tonights dinner.
 Ever feel like catch up is the only thing left to do?
Well today out in the garden the idea came to me to harvest, and or make an inventory of what needs to be harvested and make that the base of the meal planning.
Normally the main dish or meat is the primary start to the list.
The garden is so happy with so many wonderful foods today that it all came so naturally to do so

All you who came for the other meme's I just did my best to do one post and send it out there.
I hope it will not be a disappointment.


 This was my day to fill to the top with all things to tackle.
The oven was top of the list so once the front yard watering was timed I began to go between the kitchen tasks, including the oven.
  This is still needing more work to the top surface but a good beginning has gotten under way.
 The chore list had this on it for so long I tired of seeing it.

The nasturtiums are in bloom around the estate.
In the garden they are so happy.

My peas are filling out.
Harvested 10 of them for supper tonight.
 Today this lily opened.
It is part of the bouquet my darling gave me over the week end
It is so amazing!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

you are just not gunna believe this

Dash awoke at 10 p.m. screaming "help me!"
In the ER by 10:30, the urgent care had close just 10 minutes before we go there

we sat in the er from 11:00 p.m. until 5:20 before we got to a doc then we got out by 6:30

He is asleep now it is 7:10 and I must get Dove off to school

an inner ear infection! a shot is each of his skinny little thighs and a rx with pain meds through the night...
Steve went to get motrin and tylenol to give during the day...

Folks that is two nights in a row for me. Good thing God makes us able.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Valentines Week End

Friday we had two kids sleep over 

Saturday morning we awoke to a house of four children. Two had spent the night. A pair of sisters who were in each of my kids classes. 
They played until 10:30 and were off with their mother. 

We had lunch watching the old Star Trek shows.

My sister came with her grandson, my great nephew.
The boys played and Dove stayed at her computer a bit aloof.
After some repair work on some jewelry for my sister she tutored me on my sewing machine.
She has invested in some hardware for this older Viking so that I can download off of the computer many designs. I will certainly have a lot to learn.

Now with some more practice a should be able to get farther along the way to use the machine as it is meant too. We had a quiet evening of family time and to bed early.

Valentine morning the "kids said go look in the kitchen"
thrilled at the thought of all the dishes done I was suprized to find these on the kitchen table.
So a lovely time of floral arranging began my day.

 Shown here at the end of a long eventful day.
The tell tell signs of a lot of work to do.

Been a full week end but I am sure by now that you would expect no less. :)
Dash had made an agreement with the Daddy Man that if mom did his hair he got the funds that would have been paid a beautician (I got shorted in that deal HAHA)

We were just to leave for the salon when I was de-tangling his hair for him, we met up with a few foes.
So once we had short hair to deal with we then had to deal with
 this x 4 people!

 So just a few hours later I was taking Dove to the sleep study.
Who me? Rest ?
Why would you think that might happen?

 The trip over took us to her little friend for dinner and then...

Off to the Sleep Study Center.
We stopped for drinks , snacks and a little brown bear.
Her friend loaned her the green monkey.
(all the stuffed critters are bagged in the garage).
 Dove was a little scared at first she soon got very excited.
"It is like a hotel"! mom
 Wires await the change into jammies and the movie to start.
 So within an hour she was all wired up.
The wires that had the sensors in her nostrils kinda gave her a bit of panic.
She soon said that they were no big deal.

The tech said that she was easier than most adults
She went into an inactive trance into her movie and never complained!
 When the movie was done and one last rest room trip she laid down and soon fell right out.
A cot was set up for me to be beside her. 
I was so happy not to have to sleep in a recliner chair.
 In the morning Annie came and took all the electrodes off of her.
She was so good, so well behaved and kind to Annie.
 Annie came in at 9 a.m. and said hi to Dove , knowing from the wires that she had awaken.
They watched and taped her all threw the night on video to show the doctor.

Being as I was in the room I was not wired but so happens that I snored and the tech thinks that I need a sleep study too. 
Did you know that toncils can grow back if they did not get them all the first time. 
It is a possiblity that we might both have to have them out.
So in the near future I will do this too if the doctor aggrees that I should. 
Snoring has some potential health risks to the heart and can cause a stroke in some.
Never knew that.

Un-wired and just outside our door the rest room door is the second down the hall to the right.
Refreshed and dressed we were off.

 On the back of the door .

We girls went out to breakfast and then to do a little girly clothes shopping.
When we arrived home the doctor had already called and set up the appointment for tomorrow after school. Michelle called to ask to have Dash a play date. Just perfect in timing for she will meet me here and take him and Dove and I can get to the appointment without him in tow.
I will let ya all know what the results were.

Steve washed linens all weekend and bagged all the stuffed critters and such. There is so much work to do tomorrow. A perfect day for a "tackle it".
Well I am off to shower and to bed .
Peace be with all of you.

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Please pray for her parents and family
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