Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bang trimming time.

Help me she cried... "I can't see"

yepee! I can see. If you look closely she is about to loose a molar on the bottom. It is being pushed up and out. This is perfect timing for braces are set for January. She just lost the two flanking on top. Wow her face is really elongating.

But, ...I don't want my hair trimmed! Fussy.

A moving target. This poor kid can't stand to have water even on his head. He is so very tactilely sensitive is is just torture for the both of us! :)

He pouted the rest of the night because I took away his choice and just trimmed them! I was set to task one time for all three of us. One vacuum job and all is finished and I can see those wonderful eyes. May not be perfect by it is free. (of course I had invested in the hair cutting scissors a long time ago) Often when we pay for it in the past it turned out a lot worse.
$17. x 3 plus tips. $60. saved.

Sewing with my bangs in my eyes was very annoying! So It pushed the job up to the top of the priorities tonight. I can see! Now to do my hair color again. The last time was the first time. It is growing out so I might do a touch up and lighten the roots. I suppose I could be a little more vane but why. Being real and open it more my way.

Man I hope when I loose the weight I'll get rid of the chin too. Age, it does a body bad tricks:) Of course I did earned it.

We can all see now.
Beloved has not needed his bangs trimmed for many years now :) he he

It's been a "Dogie Day"

Good evening, I have had a full day.
Those thoughtful kids of ours let us sleep in till 8 am this morning. I over heard a "Oooo ...throw up... And I dashed to the kitchen upon awakening,to find it was only burnt egg on the burner. Sweets made eggs for Dash, very thoughtful of her and the left over mess was not too bad:)
I sat down with a bowl of cereal and the "dog day began" :)

It began with the dogie greeting, that caused me to become aware that Willy has a another fungal ear infection. He must have gotten into some water, this one was a surprise. This has happened more than once in the past when I bathe them and they get water in their ears. I cleaned them with solution but will need a Rx to get rid of it.
I took Dash to the store to get a gift for the party.
Dash had a party to attend and for the first time the "daddy Man" did the party thing with his son. It was a single Mom at a park with a lot of boys.
After the boys left Sweet Beauty stayed home with me.

Dogie morning greeting. Notice Willy point out that Rena's eye is bothering her again. Willy slaps her with his tail when the are going in and out of the door.

Miss Beauty was a little ugly about not getting to go to a "bear factory in the mall" she had watched a commercial this morning (reason I don't usually let them see Saturday T.V.) and she wanted to go. Fixed on it she had a fit. So I offered to help her make a bear here and told her I had a lot of different types of patterns to choose from. Eventually she saw no fit was going to change the budget and a $100 trip to the mall for a stuffed bear was NOT going to happen.. Not today and not likely ever.

I went to the Vets with Sweet Beauty to ask for a Rx for Willy's ears (he has the fungus in them). Now I have gone through the fungus with dogs for the umpteenth time ,yet they insist on a $40. visit to give me a lousy $12 jar of drops!Arg!!!!!!! Then they inform me that Willy needs $175. visit,shot,heart worm test,6months heart worm pills, a shot that he does not need(we never board the dogs) and the ear drops.OH OH OH then!! Rena needs it too!!!!!!!!! another $175.I don't think so. Then she whispers that the chance of heart worm is very low in our state. So I think not!!!!!!!! Oh if I come in for a shot and visit the $40. visit will only be 30. and the shot $18. so really I am only paying $8. for the shot :((((( come on did I just fall of the boat!
So of course after the Mc D. lunch date was canceled we with grace and courage went home and had a wonderful (no really it was yummy ) tuna and cracker lunch. It really was nice just Sweets and I. She was very disappointed at first but then she admitted it really was a better lunch. SCORE!

She then wanted a dog. So after some search I indeed had a pattern. You see I have been sewing and collecting from yard sales and clearance shelves for over 25 years of craft shows and home made gifts. I knew I must have one. Indeed. I had one.

When we returned form the vet the budget had shifted. I thought of going to a thrift store for a garment to recycle for the fabric, and then it hit me. I had one Sweets had a little vest that she once wore every day. So we cut it apart and shazam!

Fine motor makes for a hard time cutting so she pose for this. She tried so hard to do it.

That little dog head was very hard to do! I had the eyes and nose in my craft stuff.

Second try attaching the head was a success. The first try left it with a "tail" on its tummy ...OOPs I had to unpick the head and re attach it.

Just needs to have the back hand stitched and we are off.

Spot was meeting the "store bought" crowd.
He was very well accepted.
Beauty was off with out even a thank you...
So the Daddy Man later told her (during an altercation/correction over picking up the phone and shouting into it during a phone call he was on) how he felt about her not even thanking me. She did come in and say thank you. It gave me a chance to tell her how much I enjoyed making it "with Her".
Supper is over and we skirted another store trip. I said I would make our meal and that it was better than going out to Costco and risk the temptations of advertising and materialism (though I chose my words well with beloved). He wanted to save me the trouble of fixing a meal (sweet guy).
Monday meal plans saved me a $ I knew what to fix and I had set up an easy meal!!!!

When we spend time with each child we call it tying strings with them.
When we error we call it breaking strings. We try to keep a balance and strong ties.
That little dog was a lot of work but it was a real good (how be it very frustrating at times :) project.
Hubby did the dishes (that dear heart!) and I sit and rest a spell and wind down. I had my wheels a spinning a little to fast. These new bearings you know, I have to break them in:) Some hamsters just learn slower:)

I so wish Beauty was a kid who could do those things with me without the problems. That darling is so hard to teach and work with. She is so scattered and just all over the place. She is also funny, imaginative and playful.

Well Dash just asked nicely if I would come watch him play outside. Gotta go.
Be Embraced!

Well, we played catch and I did the poop scoop too. Dog day all done :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Aloha Friday~~~Why do you blog?

Why do you blog?

The question asked by Kalani over at a Island review.

I blog first because I was told by so many I really aught to . Then I began. I often find it cathartic. Sharing my knowledge helped me to feel like I was not a dieing bread of homemaker. I was having memory problems and found it getting worse. Since I have blogged now this almost 6 months my concentration and memory functions have greatly improved. I also find a wonderful incentive to tasks. I don’t feel so alone in doing them. I love to learn from others and understand humanity and cultures. Living vicariously from the many wonderful members of community. It has helped me in a sense of self, and affiliation with others. Also mission and competency as well.
By sharing my experience strength and hope I have actually made a positive difference in others lives.
I matter in the world at large.

The Carnaval of Beauty on Peace

The Carnival of Beauty

Carnival_of_beauty What is the Carnival of Beauty?
Each week women from around the world write on a specially selected topic allowing them to reflect on the beauty of Christ in the world around us.

The Carnival of Beauty was started by Sallie near the end of 2005. For over a year she sponsored the Carnival of Beauty which is hosted by a different Christian woman each week. In the spring of 2007, Sallie passed on the sponsorship of the Carnival of Beauty to me here at following an unknown path.
Please join us as we seek to glorify Christ in our writing.

On Peace

In the absence of strife,
With clean hands and a pure heart
In repentance
Through forgiveness, there is found,
To abide, dwell and rest in the presence of A Holy God,
In the midst of battle,
the raging storm,
the trail of suffering
is Peace.
In knowing that all is not about us,
but rather about how He might be glorified.
He being made apparent in our lives,
In loss,comfort
In joy and good times
from the fear of loss.
For His eyes searching to and fro across the earth searing for anyone willing to stand in the gap and intercede,
Though asked to stand in harms way,
His Will.

Oh family life.

The Carnival of family life.
Hosted by "Raising a Healthy Family"

Oh Family Life

Oh goodness family life... You would just not believe it! Tonight as we prepared the couch and the living room for our weekly movie night. After we each placed the name of a movie we wanted to watch on a pop cycle stick, Dash made a bar graph, we each drew 4 times. Taught the difference between a vote and a draw. It happened!
I had my arms loaded with kitchen towels on the way to the kitchen. Oh yes just a easy as you please. Rena was in my blind spot under foot. Laying just behind the couch (she never normally lays there) I stepped right on her leg and she head hit me right in the good knee with the fang imprint and broken skin to boot. I hurt both knees trying not to fall! I also wrenched my back! Light headed from the pain Hubby grabbed me a chair!
Then a few moments later pulling the meal out of the oven I burned my hand!
Talk about the battle!
I had just had it!!!!!!!!!!
With my head on the counter nearing tears, Dash approached...
Mommy every one gets hurt every so often. It is O.K. Mom. Your alright. I got hurt today too. I feel better so will you Mom.
Reality at the moment of desperation and utter frustration from the knee pain of the drive into the city with a parking lot of a so called freeway!
The sweet children saw me begin to just cry.
"You think someones out to get me down?"
You think?
Kids and Daddy man set the meal and I took a yucky pain pill that has left me nauseous.
Family Life.
Everyone gets hurt sometimes.
We take turns comforting each other

The Wonder Women Award

The Wonder Women Award

"Care oh' lyn" over at "Talk to Grams" just hugged me with this bunch of roses.
She is a Mother of constant. Constant Love under trial. I would say she is truly a Wonder Women!!!!

She wrote:
Donetta at A Life Uncommon has two adopted children from Russia who are Special Needs. Let me tell you one child that is special needs is a handful!! She does a great job with these kids! She is one of the most loving Mom's around here!!

On a day when I awoke from the troubled sleep of parenting blunders from the day before. This morning so broken hearted was I. I lost my temper with the Dash Hawk yesterday and words slipped out that were not my heart toward him. Utterly frustrated and provoked I lost it. Grieving all night was my bitter bread. I could not get the taste of it out of my mouth.
Beloved spent time with me this morning helping me work though my feelings of failing. We both spoke lovingly to Dash and asked his forgiveness. As hard as I try to do it right as a parent sometimes I just fall on my face. I know that these things will be a part of who the children will become .I just do not ever want to hinder them.
Sometimes it is very hard.
This means a lot to me today. It helps me to forgive myself.
Thank you Carolyn.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Mother and Daughter Blog Carnival
Will be hosted Oct 22 ~ Mom of Three Girls will gift our community by listing fine articles from all the hearts of we Mothers who have Daughters. If you click on my side bar you will see all the rules and I do hope you all join in. We all learn so much from each other.

Little Dove~Miss Fiction~ Sweet Beauty

When do we shed our old views of our daughters, to have our eyes open to the emerging Woman that one day will grace our presence.
When She slept through the night, or crawled for the first time.
For me the transformation was suspended in animation for so many years as we worked so hard for congruency.

When she walked and exploded with glee so loud that the world exploded with delight.
Every attempt to achieve this simple act accomplished with the greatest efforts form professionals and us her parents.

Then she smiled and spoke, signed and pointed with a mind alight with promise and ability.
Was it when she wiped and flushed (she missed that one:) .
When she bounced on her bottom to the tunes of music, impassioned.

I missed so much of her toddler years when all those kind souls came to help us through all those surgeries to end the endometriosis nightmare.

Those months in kindergarten as Mommy stayed there in her class room so many days.

When the dawn awoke into the travels to come to get her little brother, our son.
When she with great courage watched us fly away to retrieve her brother.
Or when she with bravery welcomed this sick little stranger in.

Sharing me, sharing her family.

Oh the years go by.

The many hours drive after drive therapist after therapist.
Well meaning folks who could not understand her disabilities.
She grew and developed.

She transformed before the eyes of all who knew her.
Ever captivating, ever young and tender.

Home school days with reading gained she shone.

She is wise now in her years.
Developed character with kindness as the rule of her heart.

It is in her transformation she is becoming who she has always been destined to become.
Ever dramatic, Imaginative and bright.
Full of zest and humor.
Playful and true.

Was it when she washed her hair alone.
Is it the offer of service she extends to me.
Her tears at social interactions gone a rye.

The courage she faces each day to attend school a year behind.
Excellence she offers in those things that she can.
Patience in herself at the things that disability humbles her so hard.
Transformation in her choice to obey,walk in kindness and overcome.
When she first put on lipstick and it was only on her lips.

Each moment ,every hour a new.

Her maturity has grown layer upon layer.
Choice upon choice.
She is transforming even in this moment into all she has been meant to become.
So eyes wide open I don't blink.

It will be in lots of little flashes.
One day I will see before me The woman, this child.

My Daughter.

Sung to the tune "Raw Hide"~~~~~~~~~~

Laundry laundry laundry
Laundry laundry laundry
laundry laundry laundry..........awhaww
Don't try to press and fold them
Just keep the dryer Rollin'
Don't spank the kids,
just scold them! aqhaqww

lay em 'flat don't fold them

When they are in the stack I insert and then lay it back until all the hangers are in. By seperating them first Hubby can lift those loads to the closet.

Once, not just but yesterday, the pile of dirty laundry almost touched the door knob!
11 large loads later...I just have rugs and hand washables left. However upon looking into the closet for hangers I found another load and a half! Wow and we weren't naked, amazing!
With the large wardrobe given to me this summer from the woman (Gay) who passed away i have such clothing!
I stillhave to unpack the clean stuff from camping.

I lay out the stacks per person ,per category place in the hangers and then take them in tho hang up. I hang all of the kids shirts and dressed. I find this easier than folding them and the dresser drawers stay usable for small items (socks,undies,shorts and pants). The kids laid out and put hangers in most of their stuff after school yesterday.

Washing heavy things is rushed by drying half way in the dryer and then hanging out for the final dry. In AZ it happens fast. "It is a dry heat:) "

Laundry laundry laundry
Laundry laundry laundry
laundry laundry laundry..........awhaaa
Don't try to press and fold them
Just keep the dryer Rollin'
Hang up

lay em 'flat don't fold them
Laundry, laundry laundry!
Laundry, laundry laundry!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hello, out there to Lisa B. Lanyards on hand

Hello, Lisa,
Wow that was so good to hear from you.
I was a little startled that you read my posts daily. It is so sweet that we have a base to touch our lives on. Here are the lanyards on hand. Most are acrylic on Elastic high tess. the one on the end in gold is a little higher quality.

The pink one we spoke of is the second one in. The geometric pastel mix is a real nice one, it hangs so classy. Many of these are from the Children's hospital line. I had made so many for the pediatric staff.

It was so nice to hear from you today. You really lifted my spirits.
Lisa and I are friends of the spirit who live a long distance apart. She is a wonderful wife, Mother and Friend . I do look forward to getting together. We can design a unique piece with sterling and the beads of your choice. I'll do a search for pinks in the beads I have. You got me back to my jewelry making. Thank you for inspiring me back to the arts.

Thumbs Up!

Rodney Olsen
This fellow is establishing a wonderful meme
The thumbs up for positive bloggers
Thumbs Up! Want to highlight someone making a positive difference?

Is there a blogger who deserves a pat on the back or simply something that has you feeling thankful this week?

The blogosphere can sometimes be a pretty negative place so I reckon it's great to make a habit of accentuating the positive.

I want to link to a number of bloggers who are writing positive posts each week.

Do you want to be a part of the positive? You can post a thank you to someone, a list of reasons you're thankful this week, or highlight people doing something worthwhile in your community. You don't have to post every week but it'd be wonderful if you're prepared to make the effort to write a positive post most weeks.

If you're willing to jump in and give it a go, just copy the code from the box below and insert it into your blog post to display the Thumbs Up! badge. (Like the one in the top corner of this post.) Don't sweat it if you don't feel technically confident enough to add the badge. I can give you some help if you need it or just simply post without it, however you must link back to this post.

I've also been asked about a smaller badge for sidebars. You can copy the following code for a smaller badge.

I forgot to pass this award on to others. I received it 6 weeks ago. oops!

"Chocolate and Coffee"

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Goals for the next two months

1. make clothing for the kids
I have several patterns for dresses cut out for Dove and Dash needs pants.
2. Have a nice Thanksgiving dinner
Plan nice meals and ready for them. I would like to invite friends and family. I feel little energy for it today. I am hoping to get excited bout it.
3. Catch up on the laundry
I have to tend to clothing. Dash needs his belongings sorted and out grown things discarded. Lots of wash to be done and children's rooms are a mess!
4. Decide if I am doing a craft show this year.
I love to create but I am not very enthusiastic about sales. I have what I am told is a gold mine. I like to give my work. It felt good to sell. It is just too awkward to do so. I wish I could overcome that. I do not sell myself as well as some.
5. If so get ready for it.
I love to create but I have so many things still from last year that I want to redo.
6. In November see my Sister off to England for what might be the last time I ever see Her.
I am sorta sad about this.
7. Attend the Sewing guild Meetings of November and December.
I have missed 6 meetings so far. Sewing has taken a very back seat this year.
8. Fix my jeweling desk and start creating
My racks were knocked over last week! I have spilled chains and works in process It is overwhelming to me.
9. Hit some nail shops up to see if they might like to sell my work.
This is an idea given to me. I would have to work out a display. Other details would have to be considered.
10. Decorate for the seasons ahead.
I want to bring joy to our home this time of year is very difficult for me. I feel down over the loss of joy. I have to work through the pain and loss wondering if it will ever end. I will celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas too. I just cant to this holiday.
11. Bring joy into the lives of my family and friends.
I want to entertain a little maybe do a party for friends.
12. loose weight
I have much hope to continue to reduce my mass. Gain my mobility and fly.
13. Let go of things that I can not change.
I care about people and several of them are on my heart right now.

Thankful Thursday

I am Thankful for creative children

On Tuesday the Kids used stickers on these simi- disposable plastic plates. Beloved picked them up for the camp trip so we could use less paper and not have so much waisted trash. We wash and reuse them. They are also very light weight for camping.
The children then on Wednesday promised Daddy Man that they would only use one each (a promise broken, I found 4 spent ones hidden in a cupboard's. they came clean and had to own up to it) We taught them haw to do it differently was to trace out a design then make it permanent. They were given (by the Daddy Man) permanent markers , much to my dismay, while I was in the shower. Being on crutches I had to just let it go. When I found them preparing there own breakfast on their own plates.

I was thrilled, as you might guess, that there was no damage by markers on anything. Too cute. With the exception of using more than one plate as required by the Daddy, they did a great job.

Sweet beauty was very pleased as she should be. She supervised her brother.

After I saw Beloved off with his lunch in hand and had packed the kids lunches Dash had his awaited(with much annoyance on his part as to have to wait for my attention) After the dogs were fed it was 6:30! a.m.! Mr dash (like a ) Hawk up and ready to be taught and entertained. We did a sand art work on adhesive pre- numbered forms. They were the peal and dust type craft.

His little mind is going constantly! I am thankful for the high intelligence. I hope that this child does not have to face Ushers. I hope that he keeps his sight and hearing and can flourish into what ever he desires to do. He is so intelligent that no matter what I know God has equipped him for success.

Behold a master piece before breakfast.

I am thankful that the Teachers Conferences on Tuesday were so encouraging. Both children have some very strong talents that level out the difficulties.
Miss Sweet Beauty excels in penmanship. I had her do the series of "writing without tears" while I home schooled. Her reading skills are above grade level. Here weaknesses are being addressed as the testing continues for her interventions assessments. He memory dysfunction is leaving her troubled with math and with comprehension of literal fact. Funny thing is fiction sticks with perfect scores, but give her a bunch of facts and they go by by! This child may be so creative in mind function that her gifts are a bit savant. She would make a great director.
Mr D Hawk is so out there he is one of 6 student who finishes the 1st grade work daily so rapidly that he is a part of the team that gets to do book reports. He had perfect marks. That is not given out lightly. His only thing again is that fine motor disability. To be so smart and not be able to get your hands to do what you tell them must be very frustrating for him. I will be having him continue the hand writing curriculum I used with beauty.

I walked more freely this morning and with out my cane. I am seeing the joint settle down for this I am grateful too.

I have more peace over the upcoming holiday. I have peace about making costumes for the children, but only for their class event. We will get a movie night event set up as per our tradition. Only this time I do not have to feel afraid behind closed doors. I do not judge others for trick of treat, I just do not choose it.

I will be able to work on the MOUNDS of laundry today. (Two Loads in the machines so far)

My husband said for every time I watch my diet he is going to run again. I am so grateful that my husband has legs to run. It is so wonderful to see him care for himself too.

My husband mopped the floor, cleared the hall of toys, and did the dishes. I am thankful that it has given me a hand up from what felt so over whelming to face. Now I don't have to kill myself to get caught up.

I am thankful for the new crown I got to have done this morning, NO SHOTS YA!!!!!!!!

I have so many supplies for projects, and to look forward to. My life has been on hold for over a month with a dry socket, that is now healed and it looks like I have overcome the bone infection. I have had so much down time after the knee injection series.
Now I can get back into an active life.

I can now work on the Autumn Gift exchange to get it shipped out to Grace. I also have to get a Birthday gift for D Hawks friend. (Done) I am grateful that I can afford to give freely. I am wrapping the things I gathered.
I am thankful I have wrapping paper.

I am thankful for peace. Gods peace and presence is so warm. I am never alone.:)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blogger is having technical difficulties so all my posts with pictures are on hold.

Works for Me Wedensday

With all the entertaining coming up I decided to organize my dining hutch last week.
Table linens can be a real challenge for storage. I have several different sizes.My table expands to over 108 inches and then can be made to a 54 inch intimate setting as well.
Table linens come in fine fabrics many of which are slippery.
I keep a large pad rodded in the closet and it has been cut to fit the 108 " .

My hutch is very full of many wonderful treasures that several loving Elders have passed to me over the years. I have gained many textiles over the years.
Save all of the zipped textile bags that come with sheets or pillow cases. Zip lock are good too. The ones with a zip tab are easily reused.

I love my Christmas table set with the satin brocade. I have a set of 24 of these napkins. I will often set a cloth then place the napkins on the angle per setting with a fluted napkin in a crystal glass.

By placing all the napkins in a single storage bag I will have them at my ready for the holiday seasons entertaining. I will Iron them before use, I first place them in a dryer with a wet wash cloth or light weight cotton towel depending an the delicacy of the fabric.

Before with half of the table clothes on the table.
The smaller pads are folded and kept on bottom shelf.

All the table clothes are now in baggies, I will note the length as I use them. I did not have the time on the day this was accomplished.

Place mats are flat on a shelf. I have sets of formal and casual, runners are also here flat. The green and burgundy napkins and matching runners are kept together so I can get them out without searching. Come the morning of setting the table I will have many tasks to attend too. This will now be much easier.

Wordless Wedensday

separation anxiety uncured

Community Blogger Award

"Sultana Blog" Created this New award go give a visit to learn more.

Cynthia at "Walking on..." is a wonderful journey of inspiration and courage. She has gifted me with a Community Blogger Award.
Those who reach out and make the blogger community a better one. Thank you , your kindness is a warm embrace.

She Wrote:
Donetta at
A Life Uncommon is a woman who truly inspires me. Her words are always filled with warmth, compassion and a beauty of their own.

"Sandier Pastures"
Dear Grace invites you into a place of community that will leave you understanding how small our global ties are
"Yesu's Garden"
This is a wonderful journey into community that is set in a time and place that should awaken your understanding. My friend dwells in India let her take you into a reality that is only miles away. It is good to understand your world and to have such sweet hospitality along the way you will find pleasure too.
"Windows to my Soul"
Want to visit a quiet place to rest and reflect come over to this little corner. You will be refreshed.
"Three Peas in a pod"
Sweetly soft spoken into a wonderful fresh visit full of good ideas and fun activities.
"Rocks in my dryer"
Get connected, enjoy this hub of blog land. Generously she hosts our play dates with meme and fun.
"As the garden Grows"
Take a walk out doors and learn more than you could have hoped too. Do you enjoy the beauty of a flower?
"Charity Grace"
Come home to never land, where you could just curl up with a spot of tea and rest a while. Savor the sweet life canning and equipping a home with grace.
"Miles to go before I sleep"
Community is her middle name. Find what you need and join in the fun. So many wonderful ideas here.
"Nazarene Family Services"
Dianna, a very sweet woman lives here. Although I am not Nazarene, no matter. I love her heart for service. She is an encouragement to others. So much fun too

Tails from the scales Weel #3


Gained back two. :(

This week is week three for me and with the weeks rolling by it was also the last injection for my knee. Many days of being sedentary awaiting the arrival of the next couple of days now, when the promise of being able to walk awaits me. I will be free to begin toning and exercising will get to begin for me.

Some how to my amazement I have maintained. This after eating chips this weekend and having a campfire mellow or three or four. I did notice that I had better moderation. I also ate less of my feelings. I have been rather discouraged with the pain and the week after week of it got old and I got too frustrated .I also took the effort to take some of my foods camping. I ate way too much. I leaned into the beneficial list of foods for my blood type and have stayed away from coffee again( type O) for it is harmful and causes inflammation.

Four days of this week were camping and the last 21/2 were off my feet with the last shot. This is so hopeful. I walked and hiked in the mountains a little~! This is a huge thing! I walked!. This was a first in several months for me. My joint felt so good. The muscles are so very week. So I will have some core work for my back and leg toning begin today and Friday at therapy. This is a big part of the next phase. I feel a lot of muscle pain and back pain so I have to keep my chin up. The dog head butted me this morning and brought me to tears. This too shall pass. I did it once in week one. It was a lot of work to fix foods just for me. I think if I can get out of pain I can focus better.

193 starting

191 week one

191 week two (at 189 on Friday)

193 week three

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Blogging Friend Forever Award"

Shawna over at "Scamps Place", If you only knew the encouragement I felt at seeing this thoughtful gift.

The award she gave me was the Blogging Friend Forever Award, which is "presented to awesome BLOG owners who keep their readers excited about their posts. Their blog posts are interesting (NOT spammy) and worth reading and keep their subscribers looking forward to each and every post."

She wrote:
I will be giving this award to a few other blogging friends who really give their hearts out during their posts:
Donetta at A Life Uncommom and A Life Restored. She shares the dark struggles God was able to bring her out of. She definitely has a life-changing story that God gave her the ability to be able to share.

"Living and loving every minute of it."
Cory is so inspirational with her photography and well written pros. Her passion in motherhood warms my heart.
"Gracious Hospitality"
This gentle Woman who is fully a keeper and creator of the home, warms you with the kindness that inspires.
"Ohio Farm Girl"
This wonderful Girl/Woman has a zest for life and beauty that is heart warming. Her kind spirit extends itself into the hearts around her, into mine.
"Just a Mom"
Jaye and I have known each other the greater parts of our adult lives. We have walked roads together and paralleled at times always meeting again with intimacy and transparency at every cross road along the way. 18 plus years of shared experience ,strength and hope. She is a voice for children who have no voice. She helped me to find my voice here on the blog. She pushed it into an event.
"Talk to Grams"
Care o' lyn as I love to think of her is so full of compassion and consideration for others. Thus I think her great secrete to overcome her own challenges. She battles through looking outside of herself toward the son rise of encouragement for others.
"Shorty Bears Place"
I am an Adoptive Mom and now we have adopted each others as Sisters. Denise is always there, every morning every evening. Lifting me, be-friending me with the encouragement that on some days keeps my face to the wind. Her face is to the Son's shine. Even in the midst of never seeing it again on day she is focused. We could all learn a thing or two here.
"Photo Daughter of the King"
My dear Friend and I have also walked a long road of many years together. She is an amazingly soft spoken soul that speaks when she has something important to say. I know she is always a breadth, a prayer away. We seldom speak yet always time is absent when we do. Go visit her. she is an amazing photographer and Mother.
"Life in the midst of writing"
My dear friend who lives as a pastures wife would. She has a heart to think of others hearts. She is a writer who has followed the dream I was afraid to pursue. By her example I will, one day , be published. Her children are dear and her Husband also a friend. Michelle set a blog up a couple of years ago, but I did not have a voice for it yet. She is currently doing a great series of interviews of writers.

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"You lift me up" award.

Thank you Sweet" Shorty bear"
Well goodness... Now I am just about to cry.
Two in one day.
A challenging day at that.

"In the Life of a child"
Be lifted up as you experience this loving Mother who endures and celebrates life.

"Walking on"
Witness the courage that only "God Within" can give a woman. One woman who is an exemplary example of courage.

"The Knightly News"
This is a place where I can fuel up on the things that inspire me.

"Gabi's World"
Gabi a child is the name sake for her Mommy's blog that sees through eyes that can example grace.

"Little Red Hearts from God"
Living in the supper natural is a way of life for me. When the day pulls me out of that place and into the challenges viewed from a lesser place. I come here to set my feet back where they need to be kept.
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Having technical difficulties down loading photos of trip

Camping, My Cabin in the Woods.

We listened to a book on tape on the way up. It was so funny. Called "Ten Bears in a Bed". Great story. It is a wonderful parody of all of the classic children's stories.

This is camp.
Just off Forest Rd 300. Above Payson AZ

Off in the woods. Conifers and old Oaks.
We arrived just after noon.

With on sick little girl, who once asleep rested after two hours of dry heaves from car sickness. Her Sensory Integration stuff leaves her very open to motion sickness. The gray wrist bands are used by divers, there is a bottom pressure point. She dismissed us when we had asked her to pace them on. Too little too late and we lost her to the vomiting.

While she slept I tried to set camp not knowing whether we would be leaving. With limited daylight and lots of tasks I just acted as if we were staying. She could not be transported anywhere.

These quilts are matching, found on a clearance rack they are perfect for my "cabin". I wrap the pads in them to block out the cold and insulate the mattresses.

Dash Hawk in his insulated jump suit I found at the good will for $2.50. It is new with a rip of 4" on the back of it. This jump suit kept him warm all weekend. He played "work" in the forest and had a office set up with full security

This fellow had been carved by some previous camp guest and we used a charcoal stick to accent his features. He was our mascot.

Daddy Man and Son cut fire wood while I set up the "cabin" and emptied pans for Sweet Beauty. Poor girl.

The Men set a camp fire and we had some "three of us" time, while Dear Beauty slept for an hour. She woke up more herself and we had a nice cool evening.
The milky way was across the opening in the canopy of pines. The stars were so bright we were awed. Put city life to shame (thats not hard to do) :).

Daddy taught son how to burn the mellows :)
It was much more fun to set them ablaze.

We all walked up to the rock wall. The vista is so open and full!
My Husband. He is so kind. He helped and encouraged me keeping a close watch on my every step. I really took glee in being able to be there with my family on the ridge. I have felt very lonely for them in the past having to wait back at camp. This time I was able to join them in the fun and adventures.

Dash was too cute in his jump suit. It kept him warm and gave him some personality that was so adorable. "The little man", he played that he was doing his "jobs" at work.

Sweet Beauty was stunning above me on a large bolder. She is growing up now. She is becoming a tween, so strange it was just yesterday we were on the train coming into Moscow to fly her home from Russia.

Look at me hiking in the forest. On my own two legs. It was so amazing to be able to do this again. So humbling to be given another chance.

Yes I was VERY careful. Now that I am recovering the final injection after a few days life will be like this for me daily. I have a lot of strengthening to accomplish, but it is happening! I walked in the forest. I realized being in the forest is like getting back up on a horse that threw me off in my youth. I have not allowed the glory of the woods to be robbed from me. I am not afraid in the woods anymore and can now relax and just thrill in the beauty.

When they walked off I just had to follow. I want to be with them not alone back in camp anymore.

Dash blew hard his wish. He had given me all of his wishes. See other post.
That is one of those $1. T-shirts I got it is his favorite Star Wars character.

Making acquaintance with nature. "Wild things best left wild".

We were camped just off of the Crook Trail, there was a large pack team following it 40 miles in. History is in this wood.

The Children created their own "Teribithia" in the wood.
This is the shelter they built alone.

At "Teribithia" we had horse rides into the wood. This fallen tree was a great bouncing ride for hours of fun. Daddy man and I removed the bark and softened the ride by removing any stubs.

Here is my Man, He who I love with a passion that envelops me within the very thought of him. He is everything I longed for in a mate, lover and friend. What a wonderful Father for the children too. I was sitting on a long in "Teribithia" and he sat down in the shade. I just fell in love with this image of him

Father teaches Daughter also to be able to use tools. No gender discrimination "Do what your able and learn to do more"

The "Blue Fairy"
Blue Fairy, Blue Fairy grant me my wish... This played for hours with little brother. These were glow sticks I found at a dollar store.

Autumn Glory, behold the promise.

Fell tree, life rings are cast into design by the loss of one of these.

Beloved took this amazing image. I love this shot!

They went for a hike that was too hard for me to join them.
With a camera I get to live vicariously.

This is the entry to the watch tower. It was closed when they were there. Visitors are welcome during hours.

Many steps climbed and the chicken wire sides reassured me of their safety.

The perfect frame.

This area has so much rich history. Beloved and I enjoy learning about our country and the travelers who were before us.

We lost the battery in the tailor the fourth day. Hubby recharged it and it lasted until Midnight of the last night. It was very cold down into the 40"s?. I awoke to the alarm and we shut down the gas. We awoke to a pretty cold morning. Sweet Man of mine dressed and pulled the truck up to charge the battery for the heat and pump tho work.

Dear sweet Beauty told her Daddy on the hike how much I would love this wild flower. She had him cut it for me. How Kind she is, and thoughtful of me.

The children warmed their toes. Funny I was not cold at all! Then I realized I had forgotten to take my hormone the night before! Ha! Menopause finally showed another benefit! :)

Morning has broken and the meals were needing to be prepared. Beloved stopped time to captured me.
He has captured me.
My heart is refreshed because he pursued my passion for the woods.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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By Maya Angelou

'A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ
That a man should have to seek Him first to find her.'

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not shouting 'I'm clean living,'
I'm whispering 'I was lost, Now I'm found and forgiven.'

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I don't speak of this with pride.
I'm confessing that I stumble and need Christ to be my guide.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not trying to be strong.
I'm professing that I'm weak and need His strength to carry on.

When I say.. 'I am a Christian' I'm not bragging of success.
I'm admitting I have failed and need God to clean my mess.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not claiming to be perfect,
My flaws are far too visible, but God believes I am worth it.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I still feel the sting of pain...
I have my share of heartaches, so I call upon His name.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not holier than thou,
I'm just a simple sinner Who received God's good grace, somehow!

Words have power. Here are a few of my favorite sayings.

  • A warm cup of tea is like a cuddle with a friend.
  • The North American Indians have a more eloquent word for ‘friend’ than we do in English. In their language, the word for friend literally means, “the one who carries my sorrows on his back.”
  • Return with Honor
  • The sage anticipates things that are difficult while they are easy, and does things that would become great while they are small. All difficult things in the world are sure to arise from a previous state in which they were easy, and all great things from one in which they were small. Therefore the sage, while he never does what is great, is able on that account to accomplish the greatest things."
  • “Live so that when your children hear these words they think of you… Fairness Caring Integrity Honesty Love Trust.”
  • "O Lord help my words to be gracious and tender today, for tomarrow I may have to eat them."
  • "No man has ever been shot while doing the dishes"

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
Amy has clicked her heals and flown to her real home. There is no place like home.

This was given to me for the third time in just a few weeks.

Zephaniah 3:17 NLT
"For the LORD your God has arrived to live among you. He is a mighty savior. He will rejoice over you with great gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will exult over you by singing a happy song."

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