Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mothers days...

When Life gives you lemons....
Some of us even ask neighbors to share.
We soak them and wash them and take in the aroma...
When life gives a Mother lemons...

When Life gives a Mother lemons she searches out sweetness.
The bitterness softened as the life force is opened.

We make a way to turn what is sweet into a fluid ample to feed our families.
When life gives us lemons we mothers learn how to turn sugar into syrup so the grit is removed.

Water the life and added we cook and stir.

It is then often that the clarity comes into our focus.

We must like our knives keep our wits sharp about us.
turning a firm fruit tender by embracing it rolling it into submission.
We use what is at hand to turn our bitter fruit into sustenance.

We strain out the choking challenge until all is gain and goodness.
It is in this that we as Mothers grow.

For it is in the life of a Mother that when life gives us lemon we are the ones who turn it into lemon aide. We aid them with the wisdom gained through every bitter little ball.

This week I have had the joy of both children home. Unfortunately ill.
My "Mothers Day" has been a gift of their every moment presence.
Dash made soy ice cream churning.
That smiling little boy had good results with the anti-biotic and Tylenol.

Sissy was a little slower in recovery she has been ill for a week or so Three weeks total. We went in Saturday and got a new anti biotic for the one they gave her did not kill the germ that is attacking her sinus.

Friday I roasted a leg of Lamb.
The children ate eagerly at supper and we had movie night .

Mothers days this week were filled with a Nurses calling.

Yesterday a fort was made to entertain Dash in his busy boredom.

As the kitchen was cleaned by the Daddy Man , a sweet gift to me as my health slowly slumped.

I awoke to the sweet family and not being able to breath. Saturday night I was drowning! I had to come out to the couch so Daddy who was sick by Saturday night could rest.
I was to nice and did not do a breathing treatment because I did not want to wake up every one.
Beloved snapped a shot of me I am glad to say that although I look like the dead I feel much better this afternoon.

Dash made a wonderful book for me and a card.
I rested a lot today and then by afternoon rallied.
The kids were such a delight.

This Mothers day I got it.
Mothers day was turned into a time when everyone is supposedly to greet us and thank us.
But it is Mothers Day that is the gift
Every day being a Mother.
I was truly blessed
This Mothers day.
My family needs this Mother every day.
That is the treasure,
the rose in the vase.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Aloha Friday

What was the last childhood game you played?

I am going to play games with Dash. Dove and I have played with her Barbies. Now sweet son of mine wants to play "Cariboo" by Cranium

Thursday, May 8, 2008

fever oh rats!

I am so fortunate the doctor faxed me in the Rx I need!
Without me having to go in!
Dragging the kids in was not my idea of "the best thing to do" :)
Now I have a fever.
Life :)

Thankful Thursday

My Realtor loaned me an extra nebulizer.
I have all the medications I need to nurse my children back to health.
We have several movies to choose from...
We live in a country where we have provision.
My heart overflows with compassion for those who do not have these things.
This focus is a gift to keep my eyes focused on the prayers for those who are suffering worse things than we are.
Knowing we are held in the palm of His hands.
For God so loved me that He gave His life for me a living sacrifice that is eternally flowing that amazing force of Love toward me. Because He lives I can face this day, tomorrow and the future with comfort in the midst of every storm.
The prayers of the righteous (those in right standing) avail much. That standing based on belief and trust obedience and unmerited favor.
I don't have to be perfect or behave just right to be in His gaze of Love.
Nor do you :)
I am grateful for your prayers.
Bronchitis is creeping upon me for My chest is now turning yellow...
I got a call in in hopes for the Doctor to call me in a Rx so I don't need to drag my kids in.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What a day!
Dove went to school with Dash on the bus this morning. She had her poetry recital, she did well....However....I had to take her home ill before noon.
Then around 2 p.m. the school nurse called...Dash had breathing problems. She gives him a breathing treatment as I go to get him. He is seen at the urgent care moments later to fine the x-ray revels pneumonia!
I got them both on 4 rx each ($$$), Becca has bronchitis too. Wow!
They are home now all the Rx's filled...
God is good!
Beloved and I had a major hardship of discouragement last night but better today. These difficulties are stabbing him in his heart. He feels responsible. The house sale is slow and tedious. I have failed at times at keeping clear of complaints. This is hard stuff!
I look so forward to the gain of all of this. The other side...meanwhile I trust. I pray, I parent and nurse the young ones.
I do so need your prayers.
Thank you for them it is a priceless treasure.

Wordless Wedensday

Playing Barbies with my big sister

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gifts of the day

I watched the sun rise this new dawn over the new life ahead of me.
Born in her 47th year
waxed a bit of John Denver...
Coming Home to a place she'd never been before.
Left yesterday behind her...
I watched the stars fade as I rocked my sweet Dove in the cool night air.
Thanking good for this child of my heart.
She was longed for for so many years.
It was a sweet way to start my birthday.
My sweet daughter and I got to be together today.
I took a nap early morning and was a woke by the door bell. A Package from my sister came , garden stakes sun catchers.

We watched movies and played Barbies. It was a peaceful day.
Mr U called about lunch and I opted to have him bring Chinese home for supper (instead of our date for lunch) so Dash Hawk would be included in our celebration. Beloved was very thoughtful to gift me with the option not to cook. I went to Wal-Mart and got three pair of paints and the findings I am beading with. It was a splurge that brought him joy too. He loves to see me get things that I want.We all ate and watched 3 Walton's episodes of the last season.
I got e-mails from so many of you.
Thank you :)

My sister Midge 18 yrs my senior called as did my sister 2 yrs older.
A very sweet e-card from the in-laws(loves) and Denise and Trisha and Michelle too...
Thank you all it was a warm embrace to treasure each one
Many comments and well wishes too.
You are all "the" gift.

Have a load of lemons to juice from a neighbor I just met.
I'll post a lemon aide how too...

The fruit is large and heavy great for juicing.

I made these sets yesterday for myself.

This one is bone.

This is rose quartz and jade. I have earrings set up to finish that match it.

I won a drawing and got a much needed apron from "Carolyn's Kitchen Retro Aprons".
All my other ones were packed up.
Dove took my picture insisting that I pose.
Story time is going on right now.
I think I'll close for now.
Thank you all for a loving Embrace of kindness and friendship.

Today I am 47

Today is my Birthday!
Dove is home still sick. I will fill the Rx for the steroids and begin to administer them. I may take her up to the pediatrician. We sat on the porch in the cool air in the night to stop the cough. She is 75 pounds of little girl. I rocked her and just watched the stars in appreciation and wonder. God is so good to me. I am very tired. Dash rode the bus this morning after some fuss of wanting to stay home too. He is so brave. I watched until he was on board.
Mr Uncommon is taking off lunch perhaps he was going to take me out to lunch. We may do a take out and he bring it home or maybe a rain check.
I made three sets Yesterday I have just a pair of earrings to finish of them. It was so nice to bead.

Monday, May 5, 2008

New Moon Monday

This is my weekend in capsuled :)
I held this sweet baby for two nights.

Good Morning!
Little Dove has been sick all weekend. We took her to urgent care yesterday. Such a small world her Doctor was from Russia and spoke Russian to her. She was triggered slightly it was interesting to see her face somewhere back in the hallows. She has been running a fever. I thought she was having croup but we think it is sinus from two weeks ago, virus. So with three prescription she will be on the mend.
Dash Hawk rode the bus this sweet I watched him board from across the street. He was very brave. Last night he came up to me so happy he said..."Mom, I think my life is going to go well everything is going to be just fine for me. I have been exercising and I am really strong and healthy....Life is good Mom"... It was so thrilling to see him so pleased with his life.

I went to Wall Mart to relax and get a few bead supplies. I just need to bead! I have all of my things packed away. I found my beading tools and a box of beads I had set aside. I went to the store to get a few findings.
I found some caprice that fit very good. It was so nice to discover that Jr. sizes fit much better than womens.
So today I am beading and watching my Little Dove. She had to be kept medicated and it will help I am sure.

This morning finds me ...
Thrilled to bead again! It has been three months.
I got this box out and found my tools.
Dove is having crackers and meat for breakfast.
She was so thoughtful, and got the lamp so I could see better.
I have an invitation to play Barbie's later. It sounds fun to be with my daughter in her world.
She is resting and her cough is getting better with the medication.

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Please pray for her parents and family
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