Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good News On My Sister


Surgery was late into the night.
We are awaiting the results on the lung biopsy 72 hours
Thank you for all your sweet prayers for her.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Sister is in surgury tonight

She is my dear friend.
My sister 18 yrs my senior is in surgery at this moment and for another two more hours as of last report for lung biopsy.
She has fluid in lung and lymph nodes.
Please pray for her only Daughter who lost her father just one year ago at the same hospital.

Marsha sent an update on Denise and Eddie our shortybear

Friends, after several attempted calls today, I finally spoke to our dear Denise this evening.
I want to preface this news with this truth, God is Sovereign and in control.  He can heal.  And most importantly, He is lending comfort to Denise and Eddie.  Even though this has been the toughest afternoon of their lives, they sense His presence and are committed to Him and each other.
After many tests, including MRI’s and yesterday’s spinal tap, the mystery disorder is not, was not a stroke. 
  • He has a cord compression and 2 bulging discs in his upper body. It does not appear surgery is an option.
  • With therapy he will regain strength but not feeling in his lower body.
  • Eddie will never be able to return to his job again.  He will need to go on disability.
  • He had 2 options: 1) Go to the Rehab Center for 2 weeks starting tomorrow (New Years Eve) and receive PT for 3-5 hours a day. 2) Go home and a therapist will come there and do therapy for 1 1/2 hours a day.  This evening, Eddie chose option #2 and he will work hard other hours during the day with Denise’s help to do the exercises.
At 46 years old, he is stunned to think of never working again.  I know that in time, he would be able to find other areas of work that is not manual labor, but I know how permanent disability works.  I don’t know if they do or not.  If you ever go off, you can never get back on again. 
I told Denise that so many in the blog community want to help them financially in some way, potentially through a PayPal button and a website set up just for them.  The PayPal would be linked to its own bank account.  Needless to say she was over whelmed.  I asked her to please pray and to approach Eddie about this so we can get it going and help them quickly.
I was supposed to go over there Thursday, but we have bad weather rolling in again tonight, plus the hospital will be transporting them home sometime Thursday.  I will get over to see her sometime over the next few days and help her with groceries, etc.  and get the funds to her that have already been mailed to me.  They won’t be able to do any banking until Monday anyway because of not knowing when they are being released and then New Years Day on Friday.
Friends, there are so many challenges ahead for them.  Denise does not drive, so they will need to have people get them around.  I’m thankful their apartment is on the first floor, that’s a blessing. 
I know our God can totally release this cord compression if it be His will.  They are praying to this end and ask that you all join them in praying.
Denise wants you all to know how VERY thankful she is for each and every one of you, your prayers, support and friendship.  She said she just doesn’t know how she can ever thank everyone for their love and kindness.  You all have lifted both of their spirits in an amazing way.
She will be calling me tomorrow after they get settled in so I know they’re okay.
Until then, let’s continue to storm the gates of heaven for Eddie and Denise.

Donetta speaks...I have posted all comments on her blogs to be printed out and given to her.

Doves Room Our year end project.

 Remember this...?
Well I have had it a while.
All of the colors were purchased in a quart of the darkest color of paint.
Then the white and an extra gallon on the dark blue fetched at mid day.
 Dove said the clouds on her ceiling made her feel like she was floating.
She argued her case with some insistence. We are trying to get to do more that just say ah ha to every question. Her desire was a dark ceiling to make her room feel smaller.
I am crazy!
OR desperate!
 Rich blue in an egg shell finish.
The white on the walls is KILLS to block out the former colors think of how many times it takes to paint the walls. Dude!
Oh yes I did painted the entire ceiling today and my neck can testify to that!
 Then the artistic flair
 My inspiration.
So within the shapes will hang photos of  friends and family perhaps. 
This is the corner where her bed goes.
job one
Get her bed out of Dash's room and into this room.
Tempt her with the desire to sleep in it by making it as inviting as I can.

 Painting a room with a child helping is double the level of effort and triple the pull for patience especially when they do not follow instruction, splash and tip over quarts of dark paint.
Thank God for humor and drop clothes
 This head ache made for a long 12 hour day of it.
Dash just told me that is how long I worked in there today.
There will be the cut in work around the ceiling and the purple poster rectangular shape at the head of the bed.
Not today
There will be purple curtains that are shears 
Her bulletin board goes in the dark blue square after I touch up the white a bit.
I hope to find a little used night stand for her the head of the bed will be in the corner along the right wall.
Head facing the door.
 A very full day and that is just the ceiling and two of the four walls...
There are a few more shapes to lay out on these two walls.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


hi hope your all well

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

This was a very strange Christmas here.
It seamed so odd because everywhere around us were major life crisis with so many many people we know.

Our little family was cocooned into a hushed season filled with so many many intercessory prayers for so so many. Left me a bit sober and lack luster. I remember Dove asking if I were excited and I could feel little of that. It was just a real real sober quiet time for me. Steve was off from the 18th of Dec. and paid holiday. We had the opportunity to bring in income so he worked and has worked many many hours on a side job for a customer that left Steve a bit under the gun. We are very grateful the employment. Just a real strange time.
It is so wonderful to have him home but we have yet to really have any off time together. I had set up many medical appointments for the kids while they were off school. All our needs are met and we are really fortunate. Left a strange sorrow for so many who are really hurting in this economy. We were frugal this year and it was really nice.

The big gift was a WII for the family.
WE are really enjoying playing and the physical aspects of it.

 Oh it was so sweet...Dash opened a package that was a game they look just like movie's so I saw the WII logo and said opps I must of got the wrong movie...smiles and the anticipation crescendo as they opened the WII the glee was palpable. It was so wonderful to see our children so very happy.
 We all have tired shoulders.

My dearest of treasures was this orange.
Dash recalled that all during my childhood an orange was always a prized gift in our Christmas stockings.
My days were early in the 1960's YES I'M THAT OLD...
We were rather poor in my early childhood and the thought to readily transported produce was in the early stages and things from the warm climates were very pricey.
Americans forget their history too easily.
  The family gave me a set of garden gnomes.
They are each a gnome.
Still have to get that down who is who.

  A picture said it all.
This is the room colors I have awaiting to be painted in her room.
 Here you see me stunned and confused and speechless.
My sweet man had talked with a friend who told him of a way for a non monthly billed
Yes...are you ready ....
a cell phone.
Me interning into the 21 st century.
It is the principle of it I have to get over...
For emergencies and for contacting help if I need it.
I am so overwhelmed at learning it.
I did find myself getting a little giddy at the idea.
However it appears a rip off of sorts for they are charging too much.
We buy a card for 20. and use it but it was misrepresented to Steve how it works.
We still have to figure that one out.

 The children got a lot of needed clothing that I had found a great deal on.
So as the family played I prepared for the guest.

Ham was main menu
so I did it with pure maple syrup, pineapple juice and brown sugar.
It turned out very moist.

 I cut my hair Christmas morning in the bathroom...that is how chilled out we were.
It really was wonderful not being all stressed out.
I was really hushed in prayer a lot of the time.
The tomatoes ripened for Christmas day and I was able to offer up my prized harvest for the meal.
It was so perfect and it really was a gift to my heart for all the hard work on the garden this year.
It was a gift to my guests to offer them a real tomato.
The Pickles are my first harvest.
I canned them, they were a bit tart but they were dills.
More to learn about pickling.

 After our meal we had gifts for the children.
They opened the games that the Grandparents gave they were for the WII.
Their Uncle gave them gift cards for a book store.
Their other Aunt and Uncle on steves side sent checks in the mail.
The kids are thrilled about going to the back and getting the money.

Steves Brother spent time helping me blanket the garden for the night.
He was so helpful and really peaceful. Often he is lost behind a vail of words.
A very intelligent man. But on Christmas I got to be with him in the garden just heart to heart.
Non to many a word just the pleasure and appreciation of the garden.
He really like the creation of it and offered such thoughtful support as too tending it.
He just was the most relaxed and natural I think I had ever experienced. It was one of the best parts of my Christmas Day.
The folks left and returned after a very long drive home.
They returned with a very thick blanket to offer up for to cover the chicken coop.
It was so touching. To travel so far for to offer it to me.
It was very very loving to receive so thoughtful an act of kindness and support.

In the afternoon as our guests had all departed our little family thrived at just being home.
Playing WII and chilling out, cleaning up and securing all the left overs.
I relized I totally forgot to send goody plates of left overs. That is how laid back a Christmas we had.
It was alright not to do it all just so. No one died or got angry haha.

In the evening we had a commetment to attent a gathering at my Sisters .
Our children love to see their second cousins and their Aunt and Uncle.
My niece and her husband was there with the baby as well.
It was so sweet.
I gave my niece a crock pot...strange thing I thought to purchase but I did it anyway.
Thinking of the difficulty to transport such a thing was a concern.
All concern vanished when that young lady opened it.
IT was the very thing that was number two on her wish list that they were saving up for.
She was so genuinely thrilled it really blessed me.
I am concerned over her for she was ill with respiratory infection and not health insurance to get care.

 The little child there is not wanted by the maternal. She is the maternal of the little boy born from my nephew who gave up his life this summer. She is married and has a new infant the grandchild to that woman in the background and too my sister.
The kids are sore neglected criminally so.
That young woman had the audacity to return after a short absence with her husband (that woman annoyed by infant little girl and the great nephew was acting inappropriately toward the kids. Well if you know me...
so I took the infant into a distraction (better than her slapping its hand and no no no no without any redirection. I also tried to give the little girl a break so that she could play with a gift she had been given.
The woman had a rude open tone exploitation of how I was so horrible to pull the infant away from the little girl so the infant was entertained and the girl not being punished by her for no real infractions...
so at that point the maternal and the husband walked in STONED! higher than a kite on a very strong perhaps heroin type high. Oh I was furious!
So said I to the so called grandmother who condoned it..."did I offend you over the baby being distracted?"...her biting response then left me to say then"If I offended you Please excuse me"...

I went down got Steve in a very angry state TOLD him it was time for our emediate exit.
Told the children to please trust my wisdom
We left. I was so angry!
Dear God!
the grandparent just condoned it!
My sister was also furious but was outside the loop and so I graciously thanked her for I did not want to make a scene. I told my children on the ride home what had happened and assured them they would not ever be left in the company of someone on drugs if it were in my power to remove them.
The thought of the children under the authority of a woman who would allow the use of the drugs and to abuse and control those little kids is just undoing me.

Evil flourished when good men do nothing.
My sister and I spoke.
She supports my stance and is so very grieved for these kids.
I am awaiting further data.
Waiting knowing is just infuriating me!

 So after My temper was reeled back into being able to find the joy under my own roof...
My sweet son came to me at his bed time to give me on last gift.
A gift of words about how he knows his mother loves him.

I was healed in that moment the furry of the wicked removed and the tenderness returned me,
He is my gift. He is my son. We have our lives together. They are safe.
This world stormed all around us this Christmas and we were sheltered withing the wings of the almighty.

My dear sister who is my friend. She is 18 years my senor called
She may have lung cancer...she is very ill in another state.
The waves hit the crest of the rock splashing with great intencity.
I am undone.
Pray for her with me. Please.


One of my brothers lost his home to foreclosure...


and 10,000 shall fall...

We have a great thing to rejoyce that an Amber alert on the freeway as we were going to my sisters...we all prayed that God would save the off duty police officer spotted her. She is alive and safe.
Our state is now number one in trafficking children for the human sex trade.
The man just walked up and lifted her 7 year old sister who made a fit, set her down and took the 5 year old.
They were playing out front at an Aunts.
In Japan this happens all the time to little boys to sell as heirs...


and 20,000 at your right hand.

My heart is so weighed down in these terrible days as is so many a soul.
A time of hushed intercessions.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Goodness if Denise could see all the love your pouring out!

I posted over at Shorybears sights.

I spoke with her. I feel so sad my friends. I really really feel so sad. My voice and my council she is lifted and loved by. It seems so little a gift. I know friendship is a great wealth. I have known this in so many of you. I just want it all to be taken away from them. Gods ways are certainly higher than mine.


Denise found a moment to call me tonight.
Terrible rough road. Eddie feels nothing from waist down. Feels nothing on the left side. They will be doing a spinal tap. MS a concern. Many more test to come.
He is cognitive but mood swings and fearful understandably.

I have encouraged Denise to go to the clergy to ask aide to set up a disability process so her income can come to cover her domestic expense. Eddie is fully depending on her and so I have given Denise permission (as in :) kicked her fanny ) to find a way to let God get Eddie to accept the aide of the staff. She is worn and has had only one shower sense 12-23 and only left hospital one time to feed and water the cat. Her MIL took her over to the apartment for a few moments only. She has been at his side the entire time.
I have given her a good loving talking too about letting God be God and going to the cafeteria and getting some hot food. She will have to wait till morning now. She has just nibbled here and there.
I got her to a good laugh and she loved it that I kicked her fanny. She is just so dear and all of you know.
I think that the hard times will need to be softened so if any of you feel led to give an offering to aide them I know that the help would be ever so humbly accepted.

Oh I wish I could read all of the comments you send to her. I did so with well over half the other night and it gave her footing to hear you. She is learning to care for her self the very hard way. She is being given a gift of fully relying on God to teach these things to her. She is within Him and He her. I told her of how God is being glorified and that one day she will comfort others with the same comfort that she is being comforted with. I so wish I could just go there and help her. I am so sad to think of her there without a physical companion to walk beside, I know this is her road. I just love her and see the path is a steep one. May He press her on into His full Glory.
She sounded so much better when she hung up than when the long call began. I just told her what she already knew and gave her the reality that she needs no ones permission to do what she knows is right to do. We spoke of false guilt being that that leaves no need of amends and that it is condemnation. Just freed her up to remember truth. Guess I need to hear it for myself too. Don't we all?
She is a genuine Lady folks the real Mc Coy! We are truly blessed to learn at her side.

Friday, December 25, 2009

good news on Eddie and Denise

Christ mas
Miracles are a part of the greatest story ever lived

Dear Ones
A very exhausted over joyed Denise called to tell us all...
Some how :)
Eddie has full conscientiousness.
He is with us cognitively.
His legs yet effected but the seizures did not take him.

He was sitting before her talking to her.

She with all and deepest gratitude thanks each and every one of you for your prayers.
Pray for her heart.
Her sister was unkind, Denise is wounded by the ill treatment that she was shown.

She is however rejoicing as I have instructed her to let her spirit and mind rejoice and worship but to let her body rest and be still.
She has not slept for several days and has also been ill.
I will keep you updated as I am.
Thank you all

Christmas Love Prayer...Eddie and Denise need it

Good Morning A Blessed Christmas
Eddie is alive this Morning your prayers were so embraced.


I just received a call from Denise.
The torment of the last few hours has been excruciating for her.
She discribes the events as the worst thing that she has ever seen.

Her sister arrived last night, she is also a diabetic.
Denise ended up in the ER her blood sugar spiked  and she was vomiting .
As soon as she would ease the same thing began with her sister.
Eddie was in a room and she could not get to him for the ER would not let her.
She convienced them not to admit her and to just let her see her husband and that that would ease her distress.
Eddies blood pressure spiked I mean really spiked!
At one point she got released from the ER and got back to him.
He was awake, unable to walk without a walker.
Dragging his legs.
She saw he was sweating so she got a cloth.
As she turned he said that he felt he was going to vomit and just at the very moment he fell back into her arms and began to seize they called in a trauma team and resesitated him.
She was ask to leave the room to a waiting room where her sister then fell ill to high blood sugar levels and DENISE had to car for her.

I have told Denise to ask a nurse to tell her sister to leave.
Eddies people are coming, I told Denise to have the nurse talk with them and tell them that your strength is limited and to not ask her all the details.
I told Denise that each time she repeats it it is like being punched in the heart.

She has not been able to stay with Eddie, only allowed to go in ever few hours.
He has been sleeping she has not seen him conscious sense before the seizures.

I am tempted to take up a fund and see if we can fly me out there and rent a car to be with her.
Steve has off till the 4th. I would have child care. The funding is an issue. I am in Arizona.
Please continue to pray.
I read several of your comments to her a few moments ago and it really strengthened her spirit.
Thank you all for your continued prayers.
Donetta at A Life Uncommon

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Husbands Cousin is in fatal condition he is 20 years old.

 Family emails of the night
Please Pray

Joey called me back again, He made it down to his Dr. with his test results.

His Dr. did put him on meds but told him that they would not work most likely, but he should be fine until Monday and he goes back in then to check up.

At least he is getting things done now and I feel a little better about it! :?

He will most likely have to have surgery before this is all said and done but for now we will see. ;)

Steve's Aunt just called me.  Her Daughters son, Joey who is in his 20's, I think, is in the county hospital (he has no insurance) with a serious heart problem.  They said "half of his heart is hard and unresponsive" and they are saying they have not seen a condition like this before.  They are saying it may require surgery and possibly a pacemaker and / or correcting blockage problems.  They said it would be emergency surgery.  Then later they realeased him from the hospital to come back when they find out something, thus is the Obama health care.  So now they are awaiting tests and it is an ongoing thing to find out what is wrong.  His parents came down from Prescott Valley as soon as they heard.
Please keep him in your prayers.  Will let you know when I know more.  I know they are all so worried.

Just heard an update about Joe, The Parents... son. Steve's Aunt  just learned that it is extremely serious.  It is an inherited condition and it is fatal.  His Mother is distraught as you can imagine.  Although Joe does not have health insurance the county hospital is going to take him to Mayo.  He may have surgery but we don't know when.  Please pray for him and the whole family.  


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

Col. 3:15 And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.

We have so many many things to be thankful for 
This week I met with two nieces and took my sister to lunch on Monday.
Had a nice session in the afternoon to ready my mind for the coming week.

On Tuesday very early I made my way up to Dove's appointment.
After much chagrin over leaving the partially filled out paper work at home I paid a $15 fine and got a new set that I then had to fill out on the spot!
So the meeting went very well.
Dove is back on Prozac to my saddened heart. 
She has generalized anxiety disorder and some aspects of RAD reactive attachment disorder.
There is also the ADD attention deficient disorder inactive spectrum.
Lots to chew on even in those last few sentences.
God is good all the time~
These are the things in the file even from 2005, they are just reemerging as she is progressing in her development. So here we go again addressing all the tools in the box.

 With the table set before me I see beauty in ashes.
The funeral of last week was a rushed exit and I did not get to take my SILove the roses I got her, so I put the petal in a basket.
 With the pine it was so lovely on the kitchen table.
I am so blessed.
My child is so wonderful and I know that helping her is the task at hand .
This we are made able to do.
Dove will not leave my side now.
I am very tired and doing my very best to take time for my heart in a very kind way with her.
This is hard but HE is making me able.
I am grateful a little sad but so very thankful.
 Christmas called the train in from the give away pile in the garage.
Another wonderful year of children and trains.
It is such a delight.

 Wednesday morning Dash was taken at long last to the allergist in hope to help him with his breathing.
He was not too happy believe me.
I had to make the MOM call and have the food allergy panel done as well.
He finally today forgave me.
Very stressful on both of us.
He really was so angry about it.
This is the scratch test that shows significant findings.
We will begin doing the injections to build immunity up. The main allergens are air born and the milk, peas too. With promise of meeting his friend at the picture show the event went better than I could of hoped for . It was still a very trying morning. The movie was a real nice surprise to join a dear friend.
I just about dropped my heart when the nurse called me to the window to receive a call from my husband.
I thought is every thing alright? It was just the invite to meet them.
 We saw the movie "UP"
The kids are down at waters edge and this is the sweet little sister child of their buddy.
We all had a real refreshing hush not rush time.
It was wonderful to take a spontaneous time together.
 The kids were so funny they found it so ludicrous that all those folks down there were standing in that ridiculous line to see some guy dressed in a suit :)
 That evening after my darling finished up the job he has been working on and delivering it to the customer we all went to the light display in the neighborhood. It is a city renown attraction with cars and trolleys, buses and such lining the streets for blocks. We bundled up and walked to it. It was a nice family time.
 Yes it was very cool high 40's for us desert rats that's cold!
 The kids love this display.

Well that was yesterday...

Today we had a nice homebody day
This guy worked the job half day and then played with the kids.
I had a wonderful girl friend visit after a few hours work in the garden.
I harvested a salad for the Christmas Eve meal.
 On Christmas Eve we have the children open one gift.
Dash chose the big box
 This a gift of respect for this kid let go of his room to help Dove through this hard time.
He has always wanted a blue camo room.
 Dove chose...
 Well a new helmet, no bike to go with it.
She was a bit let down.
 She really needed a new helmet.
 Now we all know that the box is the real thing most different in my house.

 it is an airplane in case your wondering.
 This found in the children's room.
A tree for all the stuffed critters.
Dash asked if Santa could visit them.

Today I worked at length in the garden.
Radishes were harvested for the Christmas meal tomorrow.
As The radish were trimmed and the greens tossed to the chickens, the dogs begged the imperfects.
Yes the love radish.


I heard a noise over the wall to meet the new neighbors clearing the yard behind us.
literally they are taking down all the well most of the trees, downed a mature fig, next this orange and also a lemon.
It is just crazy to me but she did say I could have all the fruit.
The job to juice next week or so sounds like a big one. 

  This little one helped me pick a few to serve on the marrow.

 Radish harvest, glass candy made and delivered to the neighbors along with our good wishes too...

Steve and I have had our time of communion

Thus our hearts sleep right and our bonds are tight this
Holy Christmas Eve

 While he showered I filled the stockings and placed the cookies and milk tray at the teddy bears tree.

This our gift to you this Holy Eve
May all your hearts be thankful for the Love of God NEVER fails.
Through all the toil strife and trials know this
Love NEVER fails.

Thank you all for the loving kindness and friendship you have shown me/us this year...
Loving all of you is a gift untold how delighted it is as our days here unfold.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night
Now dash away dash away dash away all.
Sleep well for the dawn comes with child call...
Wake up wake up!!!!!!!!!!!

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• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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