Tuesday, August 23, 2011

pain managment

good morning
Oh the love of a good egg timer. Steve got a real nice one up to me on Saturday. I have been keeping set with each dose and yesterday had good management. Last night they were real good to wake me as well. So this morning sleeping yet a small problem.

Last Friday night my two buddies came and as we were hanging out visiting the last dose wore off. We were on our way to get my meds when the nurse approched in the hall offering me a tramadol (mild).
The pharmacy was to deliveiver on the 3pm run my pain medication. Again it was dot here until after 10:30 pm.

Thus the 5th time I have gone without pain releif for up to 6 hour stints. This time I was not alone. They were here. My sweet Lisa and Trisha. Lisa held me and prayed. I had begun to panic knowing what was coming for me.
I felt the place where my bone was sawed off. felt it clear as you please.
More care was in place last night.
O have begun to get too panicked to sleep. If it wares off in my slllep I wake in torment.

Last night I was well medicated throughout the night. NO breakthrough Pain for one of the first nights that I have been here.
I have infusion on Saturday. It is worn off some for the Stress was so much this last three weeks. Hoping for a 6 hour medical leave to do it.
Hope it all works out. I need a strong cup of coffee so bad.
I keep dozing off even as I type thip
but the pain is in control.

Lisa, Trishia your my heros. Thank you for fighting for me and holding me through the teeth grinding agony.
I love you both so so so very much.
Lisa thanks for the snickers too :)
The black eye susan is so bright in the room. So alive.

I have to get to the dining hall, it is a thing I force myself to do to get out of the room.
ya all have a good day

Sunday, August 21, 2011

battle in the field set for righting wrongs victory is yours

Hello Everyone
It is a bit hard to type due to the laptop is sitting real high on a hospital bed table thing. I'll try. It is sorta like a toddler trying to reach the counter.:)

These last dozen days or so have pulled up from within me some great and magnificent warrior who mad a difference. Many many hardships have I faced with the corprate bussiness powers at this nursing home. Many.
My rights as a patient have been violated 5 times some of them being serious. I have stood, during a time when even just sitting in a wheel chair was excruciating. Yet have I stood.  Yet see I the fruit of it. They just today have hired two additional staff members for this shift, this ward.  The nursing staff all admire and appricate me. The fight was not without insult or injury.

As for my knee
I walked (well sorta) for the first time Friday and was able to kick a ball on Thursday. Hard going. My brain is trying to recognize my severed muscles and get into action.  it is a thrill to me when gains are made,
I am coming well into terms with the new implant. strange thig it is

It seams I have given a new life to the dining room. The cook each day comes to me to hear knowledge of th trade. I have been given favor.

I am here two more weeks time. Not sure how to get the nurse privileges to infuse here.  I will investigate tomorrow. For now the day and the meds are taking effecct
need to go to let sleep come

good night

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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