Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sick kids tonight.

My sweet precious little Miss Fiction is now resting on the sofa. Her fever 100.5 and chills have begun . My baby! She was so concerned that she would disappoint her Daddy and I by telling us she felt bad because she thought I would call off Dash's party attendance, and that her Grand Parents would not come if she were ill. So I suggested and encouraged that we could call tomorrow and talk with them on the phone.
So Grandmother, if your out there, will you give her a morning call before you go to church; please? My Dove is VERY RARELY ill, so seldom that it frightens her a little to be so. The detoxing dose went down a little more tonight. She is now down a whole 1/3 dose and doing well with it a little panic but still doable. She is so thoughtful I have a very kind unselfish daughter. I am seeing her maturity leap into an amazing Character quality base that delights and humbles me. I stand grateful and hopeful for this dear child's future. It will go well for her!

Dash Hawk had what I thought was drainage and a little asthma now he is coughing, he's had no fever and plenty of energy too. He is a hard on to discern due to all of his other health issues. I think I might have missed the ball here. I might have exposed that other family to a virus. I need to give them a call tomorrow and give them a heads up.

When our children suffer or have illness within them It stops a mothers in her tracks.Lights in the eyes wide alert and ready to charge into all that I can do for them.

My husband and I have been very weak and tired lately and we just chalked it up to my dry socket and overtime. Now we can see we have both been fighting a little something off. I have a silent home right now and knowing they are sick makes me long for their laughter, and saddened at all those moments of wishing it were silent. Motherhood is sorta that way :)
I think I'll close now and go do some crafting for Christmas.
I was asked to show my lanyards. I will soon. I just feel like not right yet.
I think I'm on here too much. I have been so ill the last two weeks with the bone infection I have gotten glued to the chair. I want to pursue some balance too.
I hope all of you peace and to be delighted in the simplicity of your lives.
Focus on purpose and avoid expectations and your chances of peace will increase.
Good night.

Chucky Cheezy guest.

Hope your all having a nice Saturday
I took Dash Today,and Beloved took Miss Fiction on their own paths today.

Token by token ,Fun fun fun...

My Dash Hawk had the honor of being chosen as one of two children invited to attend a class mates birthday celebration. How thoughtful for the family to include him.
As Mr Chuck E. Cheese himself made his dabeau' Dash yelled" hay! Chuckie my sister LOVES you!" Too sweet. Speak of sweet what an absolutely charming family. A couple of late 20's to mid 30's (?) who just shined! They had their other delightful children attending(4 in total) to rich for words. Well trained (not controlled) manners were as natural as air. How refreshing. The gleam in the Fathers eye was a pleasure, each interaction with any and all of the children and his wife, was just fabulous what a great daddy to them. Oh the Mother was like a Lilly she was so pretty, so vibrant and gentle. Full of a calm life sparkle. It was a real pleasure.

It was wonderful to watch the kids enjoy each other. It was a triad and yet they got along the entire time.

We saw the children (all three of us adults) with an eye of admiration. What lovely company.

Daddy Man took Miss Fiction to see "Underdog" he had a bit of a thumb down for it.
He got Miss Fiction a voice activated Littlest Pet Shop Diary and nurtured her feminine side. He pursued her. You know every little boy needs to know he can cut it. Every little girl needs to be pursued for her inner beauty.

The little removable puppy turns his head when you say the correct password.

This is the very precious note pad and it also has stickers too. :)

The family is all together again and I think I might just take a nap. Maybe not?
Take the day by the tail and then just let go!... Its Saturday let it run free.:)

Friday, September 14, 2007

The prayers of the ...

Hope by David Ducharme of Winlaw, BC by kind permission of Harrisand, The World Championships of Sand Sculpture
Hope believes all things
Tonight as I sat at my kitchen table grieving the possible loss of a friend who I had to speak to today. The word I shared would leave a terrible awkwardness and possibly end a friendship. They were words of a loving confrontation of boundaries crossed. I grieved head in hands praying. Loss of momentum or energy for much of anything else today I was consumed in grief and grieving the consequences befalling a fellow believers life from just before bed last night and threw out the day today.
My husband found me and asked me "whats up?" all I could say was that I was Grieving the possible loss of friendship (over 20 years friendship) that my obedience placed me into. I had to count all loss rather then to let things go unsaid. So after speaking my truth quietly and clearly laced with compassion ... I simply wept all day within me at the losses I would see in the path ahead for this one that had grown so in my heart. As I sat there at my table tonight my daughter so intuitive, spoke asking me if I was alright. I put up a good face and told her yes that I was just bothered about something. Again I breathed deeply while beloved and the children milled about me taking bedtime medications and getting waters. The phone rang, Because Daddy man was just begining the evening process, I reached for the phone.
It was my friend and I was asked how I was doing so I said that I was weeping over the awkward event of the earlier conversation we had had. My friend continued...
I was told how my friend had gone to their mate and the elder children and confessed and repented the events and action they had owned. The spouse then said that that was what they were waiting for, and that they would no longer be exiting the marriage. This individual is nameless has no face and is unknown to all of you.

Beloved then got on the line and heard the same thing. They will have a long road ahead of them but I stand so relieved of this grief that has been a pressure all but unbearable all this day long. I am so delighted to see a flicker of hope for reconciliation. The relationship has been on a slow death for a long time as all we could do was watch. We had given up our hope for a save . I stand in humility corrected. I must always hold onto Hope.
I just sobbed while I was being told of all these things, just sobbed and sobbed.

I feel worn out and very revived at the same time.

Post script: Lest anyone assume it, this had nothing to do with the tea party the other day. This is happening in several lives around us.

Photo Hunters - Plastic

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This is an image I found on line. It is plastic bags floating off a shore in What I believe was France. I did not take this shot. I just thought it poignant. It also made me think of teeth considering my life the last few weeks with a dry socket.
Hubby said it is a photo shopped image he believes it was composed and is not actual.

The Autumn of our lives.

This is my submission to "carnival of Family Life".
Come join us over at Mother approves Where you will find many wonderful articles written by bloggers like you.
Join us next week.

The autumn of our lives.
We are sorta older folks and I think it is hard to tell if we are the Grand parents or parents of our kids sometimes. The younger sect as a whole is so much more physically energetic, and enthusiastic of activities. I think our kids miss out a lot because of it. I hope that somehow we make up for that in other ways. I have a new reader or new to me over at "cheaper by the dozen". She asked me if I might share more about being an older parent of school age kids.

I Waited 16 years of Marriage for Miss Fiction and 20 years for the Dash hawk. It is a different passage in ones life. Experience and maturity offer a different sometimes misunderstood perspective on parenting. Some of the younger group have a more free outlook on the care and keeping of kids.
For instance Dash has a sweet invitation to a birthday party at a pizza place. The very nice invitation included a note from a very thoughtful mother . To transport him. As thoughtful as it is to remove any inconvenience from my life (being a parent is the very definition of inconvenience by choice) I would NEVER in my wildest dreams offer this to another parent who I did not know. I would not even want that type of liability ( I am speaking on all levels).
As an older wiser parent we think more about liability. It can devastate a family. I have known children to die, misunderstanding between people. Friendships dissolve over a difference that was all based on assumption. These things LIFE teaches you as years flow under your bridge.
The streams are shallow in early years and life is very simple in our youth. With whom much is given it is true that much is required.
In the days of "Leave it to beaver" the world was a different place. People had a different level of expection of character. Now there are just so many Characters out there that kids can not afford us to let them "just be kids " and wander the neighborhoods any longer. It is now the world of liabilities. The stakes are way to high. I will not as a parent make the choices intentionally that would place my kids in a risky position that could demolish the innocence and wonder of childhood. They must first be matured into independent ability to keep them self from present danger. The overt must be understood, then they might be savvy to the covert in our society in order to be "gentle as a dove and yet wise as a serpent". A gentle dove can get swallowed whole by a serpent. We must as parents teach our kids to look out in the grass and then as they age stomp those things to death without getting bit or becoming one of them! Doves can be stupid or at best very naive.
As an older parent I am less naive. I have stomped a few snakes. Got bitten too a few time. They almost ate me whole because no one taught me how to keep an eye in the grass. I, as many of us do, had to learn the hard way . Truly I want more for my children. The snakes have multiplied so terribly in this generation that ya just cant afford to pretend that they aren't
there .

Denial does not clear the lawns.

Yet fear should not rule us either.
Wisdom is the offering we can give to the children.
God's Mercy keep them.

Evening at the park. Fall is in the air.

"Can we go tho the park.....?"
Well no, its hot.
Please, please, please.........x oh abut 50+ please. Dad worked 10 hours I had a draining day.....
Please into infinity...
Mommy fit over kids watering the clean porch and dog prints...
Mommy apology.
Daddy O.K. (although tired to the bone) who wants to go to the park?

How could I not but join my family remorseful of my ill temper. So off to the park. That was Wednesday night. We arrived to find kids that were friends at our children's school and they played with abandon!
Thursday 6:30, YES 6:30 "mom can you set a timer 6:30 we were once again off to the park last night. This time with a misquotes cloth for a quick wipe down (Dash even had a bite in his arm pit! from the night before).

Can you say no way it's too hot! Well that has been the quote for the last several weeks and even spoken about Wednesday night, but surprisingly 90* on moist grass is about a 85* pleasure. Not too bad really. We must remember our lawn chairs however for the benches under the Ramada feel more like 95+. It was nice to see all the families out and about.

Our choices have an effect on the world around us.

I find myself exhausted with grief over the lives of a few marriages around me. This being said I am not judging divorce just lamenting it.

A friend said " I will be praying that our divorce does not effect you and your husbands peace..."
My reply.."how could it not. It will effect everyone you have ever known everyone who loves you and your mate and all of your children, your children's children It can not possibly Not effect everyone . Event those who may not know you personally.

We effect each other in everything we do and in everything we are we have an effect on the world. For us to think even just once that the good we do or the pain we suffer or the battles we face do not have a greater effect on the world as a whole . Well we deceive ourselves.

It is a given that we are to effect one another. We are to be effected by one another that is love. Love is effected by the sunrise the pull of gravity and Love is the very essence every breadth we take.

Yes I am effected and saddened. Does that mean we should make all efforts to hide or cover the effects we have on the greater conman of humanity? Does that mean that only if we are masked and providing an illusion of who and what we really are ; should we not then be present in one another's lives.
NO! far be it from reality to be in a capsule of ineffectiveness in each other and the world around us. Let us learn from one another's suffering. Let us grow in compassion to one another's pain.
Let us observe the breadth of the greater epic that surrounds us in community. Our neighborhoods, our cities, our worlds. Then perhaps we would all fall to our knees and in a true state of grief lament and repent our rocky choice of path.
And turn from it and repent and be healed.

"If my people who are called by my name shall humble them selfs and turn from their ways . Then I shall hear from heaven and heal their land."

This is Effect this could have such a global effect that this place would rock and roll will the deliverance from suffering and pain and division would be replaced with unity.

Do I hold my breadth? No I simply deal with the reality that we will all be effected by one another. May my effect on the world, my community, my family and my own life be one that is contemplated and visited each moment with humility. That is all I have power over.

Christine form "Are we there yet" offers this meme

When was the last time you visited a hospital?
One year ago on the 3oth for knee surgery. I had stepped over a sleeping dog. "let sleeping dogs lie...HO WAKE UM UP OR PUSH THEM OUT OF THE WAY! He stood up between my legs and was taller than I am in the crotch and down I went! Tore both meniscus and had to have it repaired. In the process they discovered a lot of damage in that knee due to years of abuse and trauma. I had and still have bone on bone behind the knee cap. I really look forward to the promise of continued improvement with some injections I am investigating. They inject chicken cartilage and it had been found to actually grow cartilage. I am now in the process of getting insurance approval. the forms were forwarded on through to the pharmaceutical sector of our insurance I am still awaiting news. It will be a series of three shots over three weeks. It is said to improve the joint for up to 9 months. (but then what:{ ?

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how ambitious are you?
I am a hamster on a wheel! I run until the bearings seize then I sit it out until they cool down and recharge. Then look out! The physical challenges of being an older mom with limitations are my inhibitions.
Make a sentence using the letters of a body part. (Example: (mouth) My other ukulele tings healthily.)
Know no evil enemies.
Main Course

If you were to start a club, what would the subject matter be, and what would you name it?
Club of kindness, in pursuit of the thoughts that believe the best in our loved ones.

What color is the carpet/flooring in your home?

In the Master bedroom it is rose, it was throughout the house until...Hubby and I replaced it our selfs with Laminate Wood flooring we replace the very old worn carpeting. Now it is maple very light pretty and oh of much better for allergy/asthma.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Make mine Pink Tea party

Make mine pink
Invites you to have a tea party.
Some Party's are not planned.

This is not the prettiest picture.
It is full of darkness clutter and wherry soul.
But it (I) was available.

My tea party was not the prettiest picture to pose for. It was at the simple ring of my phone as I was just sitting down to blog and have my morning rose hip fruited tea, and whole grain cookie.

The voice on the other end spoke may name "Donetta. Would you like some company?"
"Sure" I said, this is my customary response to sharing my refuge my sanctuary .
"Where are you my friend?" I asked
"I'm in your drive way, can I come in?"
"well ya..., bye" said I as I walked to the door to great her this friend of my heart.

Welcoming her in to my clutter, I shared my Fresh French Press of tea in a fancy china cup. It was "the perfect temperature " said my wherry guest.
Hours of heart filled pain and counsel over choices with the costs considered and decisions at hand. Listening and then brewing a pot of coffee after lunch. Laundry loads and silent moments where just being here for her was more than enough.
A place of safety with an open door. No expectations, lectures are judgmental glares. Just simple friendship that offered her rest.
I think along with her that Jesus was our invisible guest.

Thursday Thirteen...

Thirteen things about people and the world around me.

1. Understanding is the begining of knowledge. To implement knowledge is the begining of wisdom.
2. If you gain understanding you limit the space where judgmental ignorance can flourish.
3. To love and be love is the greatest thing on earth. Love never fails
4. There is a purpose to everything under the heavens. That also means there is a reason for everything. Understand the reasons and gain great freedoms.
5. Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, began last night and will continue until Friday evening. It is a time of reflection, one of the most serious holidays in the Jewish calendar, and marks the beginning of the High Holy Days, the period between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, which comes 10 days later. Here is a post about that
6. Today is the start of Ramadan in the Islamic world. Here are some facts about Ramadan and the fasting ritual, from Sandier Pastures.
7. Hurt people hurt people, it is no wonder...They need healing not hatred.
8. Our hearts are basically good. It is in falling into the temptations that over power us, we loose our battle.
9. We are in an epic battle between the forces of good (God the Creator) and evil ( the Fallen, Once Angle, Lucifer). Good (God) will prevail. Our battle is not against flesh and blood (each other)!
10.Children really do want to please their parents.
11. All things really do work out for the good to those who love God and who are called according to His purposes, but that does not mean we may not face some tremendous battles with casualties all around us.
12. That most Parents really do want to give their children the best possible lives.
13. We have so very much to learn from each other, through out our entire lives.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A gift from "Talk to Grams"

I was given this award as a gift from "Talk to Grams"
" Miles to go before we sleep" made this new award. She wrote what it is all about below ......She wrote...The thing that I love most about blogging is that I learn so much about a person just by reading their blog. I have met MANY wonderful people with wonderful stories to tell and I am grateful every day for each person that I have the pleasure of crossing paths in life with.I wanted to create something special for the top ten people who have inspired me through their blogging; the stories they tell and the lives that they lead with grace and dignity. I visit their blogs for inspiration and encouragement.Although there are MANY people I want to give this award to at this very moment, I am going to choose ten bloggers:Please grab your badge and wear it proudly, and pass it on because you inspire and encourage me, thank you

How thoughtful to have such a gift.
When I was a child a set a purpose to overcome the challenges of my youth it went like this...
If I can make everyone I run in contact with smile at least once in their life time, than I will have accomplished something with my life.
Here today I am given this... This really meant a lot to me Thank you Care' oh' lynn :).

2.The Knightly News
3.Beaded Creations
4.Black Pearl knitpickins
5.Cliff Blog
6.Charity Grace
7.Gracious Hospitality
8.In the life of a child
9. J D's Day's
10Mom of three girls
Although so many of you bring joy to me every day. I wanted to pass the love around to some new friends and some old who are a blessing to me. You bring the beauty of who you are into my days and that is to be celebrated!

Scrapping projects by Scrapping Servant

Scrapping Servant
Carolyn has gifted us with some instructions.

A shout out to you Beloved!

I sent you this e-mail and your system at work made it undeliverable. I did not want to just let it go to not. I love you darling

Everyone else close your eyes :)

How I love your dreams. I was just thinking of Normandy and you and I in
France someday.I thought of you walking the beach alone with God and being at
one with the intensity of the lives sacrificed on that shore.I thought
of how lovingly you sacrifice your life each day for me and for the
children.I want to be with you where the shore meats the earth in
Ireland.Close your eyes Hank In Hand I am dancing before you with the
wild abandon that Natures brings us in it's beauty!

Morning project. Barrette holder.

I made this this morning for Miss fiction to hold her barrettes. I will need to make at least two more.
How do you store your daughters barrettes? This is a storage and display challenge. Any Ideas?
How do you store your necklaces?

Wordless Wedensday

The back porch was only 90* at 8 a.m.,this morning.
That is sarcasm :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pass the Torch Tuesday


Pass the Torch Tuesday is an opportunity for bloggers to celebrate the ways they see kids/young people doing things RIGHT, as well as the ways in which adults pass them the torch. These are the little things we witness everyday.


We all enjoyed supper together tonight. After supper my kids (who had not had a snack, and had not complained:) ) asked if they could be excused and then returned and put their dish up to the sink then my daughter returned and put my plate on the counter and gave the dogs each a scrap of meat.
I know that this is simply manners. Manners make life a better experience for all though. I am so loved when they do these things. It leaves me with a since of life will go well for them. That is a great gift.

Wow a surprise!

After Supper Tonight My beloved asked to see the work I had done on the front entry (he comes in through the garage) I thought wow how sweet of him to think to go check it out. When he opened the door and stood aside(as he is a gentleman through and through) I stepped out with my gaze turned back to him, then I looked to watch where I was going and behold!
With girlish glee I jumped up and down. How delightful! how very thoughtful!
Beloved said" I haven't done any thing like this for some time, so I thought I'd get it for you."

We moved the planter over to cover the side.
He got me a 75 foot hose too. A new hose! The other one kept kinking and leaking. He had replaced the end on it two times. This new set up is a 3/4 inch hose it is beautiful!
I worked in gas stations growing up so I have had my share of coiling hoses. This has a sweet handle crank and coils it right up out of the walk way.

Look how nice it looks on the walk way. No more hose all coiled and kinked.
Wow! That was so sweet!
When I first saw it it was still in the packaging with the hose on top of it. He set it all up and now it is so compact. It seconds as a stool also.

Roast Beef Slicing and Roast Root Veggie Lesson

May I show you how to do this for the best results.

This was begun at noon today and at 3 p.m. I added the sweet potatoes.
After about an hour. I lifted the lid and began to baste the veggies (that is too use a syringe ball to drizzle the juices over the veggies and the roast as well), then cover and the let it roast for 30 min. or so.

At 4 hours I remove the roast to let it rest( not because it was tired) :) this is to let it come down. The roast will still be cooking on the plate for a good 20 minutes or so. I make good use of the stored energy within the hot meat. When it has rested it will not drain the juices when you slice. Uncover the veggies add the carrots. Baste again and every 20 minutes or so.
Speaking of energy I used the bottom shelf to bake some squash for tomorrow. I found a great recipe over at another blog. I'll get a link to it.

Do you see how dry the plate is = juicy meat:) There are garlic graduals on the roast.

Now I am hoping to relay this clearly.
Everything has a grain in its original form.
So knowing this and understanding the ramifications is critical in life as well as in slicing meat.
I have made a slice that was with the grain to show you how it pulls and you wind up eating long fibers that can be hard to chew (especially for children).
Now look at th slices on th right how then are thin. This is accomplished by slicing against the grain.
If you were to imagine a hand full of straws and cutting the end you have several little straws., but if you were to try to cut the straws the other way you would not only cut your hand:) , but you would have long slices of half straws that would be hard to get into smaller pieces without cutting them.
Now many a plate has scratched from this very problem.
A roast that is sliced properly can easily separate the little straw ends (so to speak) with a fork.

because the roast rested it reabsorbed the juices into the meat. Look at the cutting board. It is relatively dry.

Slicing a roast beef can "Make or Break" the meal.
The proper knife is also important here. Using a (saw) or serrated knife cuts lots of tiny straws. a straight edge would just crush them. Think about it.
That is a ball syringe it is used only in a vertical (up/down) motion. Please use care here. So many a new cook gets burned with the hot liquid when they tip the tool to a horizontal or upside down the displacement of the air in the tool causes it to spray out.

Remember now to drizzle the veggies.
I like the baby carrots they are organic and now they have become more easily available to me. I find them to be much more consistent in size and without the grating much faster to use as well. Organic carrots that are of regular form are not to easy to find either without going to a co-op or paying big bucks at the regular stores.

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Good Morning!
I had an easy start today . Beloved awoke to his alarm and noticing I was still sleepy lold me to forgo packing his lunch and to just get a few more moments rest instead. He put the dogs in the room and a half an hour later I heard my Dash say"where Daddy?" I reached over to for Dash and got an are full of Lab instead! It was weird. I laid with him and scratched his back and then got up to discover he had fed the dogs, well sorta I think I was not really sure?
Miss fiction had only 30 minutes to ready herself and eat. NO T>V> NO whiny little Caieuo show! Man I really wish the folks who made morning T.V> would show a kid with a sweet attitude. I digress.
When I pulled into the driveway after dropping the kids off I noticed a desolate front entry that had a lot of dead plants and it was dirty with blown in dust and debris from those neighbors who have the good fortune to hire lawns keepers who then in turn blow the neighbors stuff away into never never land (my front entry) :)
So I tackled it.
Pulled all the dead stuff and swept and watered and tinkered.

More importantly was something else I tackled.
The hose out front is pretty poor excuse for a hose. Hubby repaired it twice and still it sprays me and gets me all wet. I have to ware glasses to be able to see, so it is a hassle when they get all wet. I had jeans on that got soaked. Then I scratched my self on the clamp and it hurt! I thought to myself hoe annoying that it all was and started to stew in the juices. The stew you no that becomes so nasty that it is not palatable. YUK. So I tackled that with a SO WHAT! I'm wet, If I get in a bad mood over it I'll STILL be wet!
I enjoyed the rest of my time in my wet jeans and soggy shoes:)

I met this little fellow reminding me I am never alone.

I got inspired and climbed up into the attic (yes very carefully, to my loved ones knowing about my knee.:) I played in the bins of old decorations. Those ones I once used before life got crazy.

I decorated the front porch.
See the table and chairs I found it years ago for under $50. it is so heavy.

It is 10 A.M.
I have so many choices to Tackle so I keep going on with Tackling it.

Post script 12:30
O k! after tackling that, Ironing my aprons Just for me!, unloading/loading the dishwasher and putting the dishes to soak, 3 loads of laundry dried to be folded and one in the washer. A roast in the oven and lunch and a phone call or two.

After ironing them I hug them for ease of use.
I go through one at least one a day.

3:30 P.M.
I was blessed with this $20. roast yesterday for $7.00! They were having a special on Top Round Roasts at the grocery. So I by the largest one for the greatest savings. It has been roasting for 3 1/2 hours. I just put in some sliced sweet potatoes. I also got one for the deep freeze. (I love my clean oven)
Check out my nest post (this is a link) for a tutorial on slicing a roast.

I got a big tackle! Done via a little God intervention.

Wow the long dreaded "I gotta call the old dentist blues", and get my records and films .
I got a phone call from his office~ Wanting to schedule a cleaning!
I greeted her without strife... Told her I was glad she called because I needed to make a call to their office..... I requested my films and records and closed my accounts with them over the phone told her I would be picking them up this noon.

Very few moments later a 2nd call (I could just see him standing over her) I hear her... voice "you cant have your records they belong to the dentist...We will print out the running forms of services and what tooth ect. and price and balance.. balance sheets ... " She then asked me if I wanted her to print those out. I said "yes and I want my films and a copy of my records too, she said "that they belong to the dentist" I said That they are legally mine. I want a copy of them . She said let me have M. talk to you....I was on hold long enough to fill the sink with water.
M. comes on "hello: Dr S. office you called"...I said "no your girl called me back and I have been on hold." "Oh!" said she. I said that I wanted a copy of all of our records and all of our films including my children's. At that she said that she would speak to the dentist (I could just see him over their shoulders and felt strife, I refused the strife.
"Please prepare my films and copies of my records" I said" perhaps I should speak them to counsel regarding a copy of my records. Thank you I'll pick them up later."
The Phone rigs again (a3rd call) 4-5 minutes later... The other office girl calling to see if she had offended me in any way or if there was anything she could do to make it right. I greeted her. I told her "no, you have not offended me in any way. I actually am very grateful for all your kindnesses with helping me by letting the kids be in the lobby for me while I had work done". She said "Was it someone in the front office?" I told her "no, All of you have just been lovely and I have enjoyed knowing you". "Is there anything I can do?" she asked. "No, You have done nothing wrong" I told her. Was it the doct...pause....I spoke telling her that I have addressed with the party in question, and I now must do what I believe is right. I neglected to do so and got bit in the butt for it. Now I choose to take care of myself and learn from my dragging my feet. "I need to request my records and my films". She said" you are so sweet I am really going to hate to see you go."
I thanked her and she then began to say that there will be a charge for a copy of the film. (a little rage began to stir the thought of a loss of her sincerity stirred me...) Breathing deeply I asked "how much of a charge". It was only for my daughters films because they were in a storage shed and they would need to be copied. I declined to pay for it and she assured me all my records and films for the family would be mailed tonight.
I was pressed more for the reason. I explained for her to go tell someone else to call me is inappropriate. If there was a query it must come from the person directly or what good is it. She paused and said. "I'm going to miss you Donetta".
There was peace, no strife, no abusvie tones or defensive gestures. Just peace.
That was a BIG TACKLE!
Now I just have to make sure I get them.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Marriage Monday


I just saw a post where a womans 83 and 89 year old parents were baptized!
I was deeply touched that it is never too late in life to see the fruit of purpose.
We are now surrounded by marriages on the brink all around us. Another post spoke of purpose. I think that purpose has been replaced with expectations.

I am purposed to marry myself to the quest of supporting my husband to be all whole and full of life and he is purposed to me. We live that way though. We also have a mutual purpose to provide a loving growing environment to each other. Of course to the children. Without the parents unified in purpose what example do they have of the team gain to keep life goals.
My marriage is such a gift to me. It is a jewel and a treasure of great worth. If we have each other beyond just to dwell together but if we give each other our own selves as a living breathing gift we have everything. It is my purpose to offer all I am able to see Beloved grow into all he is intended to be. I am purposed not to tolerate but to confront IN LOVE WITH RIGHT ATTITUDE with the purpose to be "his gain in character" not just my own expectations. He in turn loves me in that way. We have years of trust earned and developed.

Selfishness rules and expectations demolish all around us and we grieve! Keep focused on your purpose as a spouse and mate. Every evil thing will come and divide and unity will be the first thing assaulted. I still have hope that the unity will return to these lives but God does not push himself on the free wills of his created. Our choice is so powerful to open the doors of battle toward our favor. We are in a battle and the unity of family is on the front line.

Remember to pray for Amy

Amy over at "Laughing through the tears" had a hip replacement today..
You all remember her in your prayers now and give her a little welcome home comment if you think of it. It would be a favor to me. Thank you.

A full day. So much to be grateful for .

Math Man and his 10 math commandments!
He came up to me the other evening with this. Too cute!
He has been doing math around the house and with the lab all afternoon. Telling the dog to point to the right answer.

This is "mens group" evening around here. One fellow said to me Wow have you lost weight? I thought is he trying to score points for cool brother here. I said yes but only four pounds I cant believe you can tell that. He said in your face you look like you have lost weight. Well it has been 14 days since he last saw me that was two days before they pulled the tooth. My face was that swollen! I did not even realize before the extraction due to the bone infection my face was rather swollen He pointed it out to me. Every time I answer someone telling them about a dry socket they wince. I guess if you have ever experience it or know someone who has it is something to remember! I don't think I'll forget this for some time to come. The pain is so much better that even though it still hurts substantially it is doable compared. I am so growing tired of the hurt though. Blaa blaa blaa :)

Anyway...:)...What a full day. So few hours sleep last night too. I was up late sleepless yet peaceful. I have three or more marriages around me so rocky that one is close to the "d", the dreaded "d" that is the "I give up" of all that was once intended to be a life long vow of selfless devotion. Before the "I" got so neglected and overwhelmed that it became the thief that stole such precious ground. Sorrow about all that and just standing back in prayer. Personality conflict really ought to be addressed in school or wherever to get folks set out with a better understanding of what they are in for. The dynamics of two different personality types can really give unique challenges to every union or even friendship. I love to understand why? So I have studied personality a lot. I have a few cut little things on my side bar under "billboards".

Well after my return from the City I had an unexpected THRILL! I drove past a sign that said BEADS!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) BIG GRIN,,droll and a little giddy.... I used some FREE TIME!!!!!!!!! Radical! It is the first time this school year I just stopped and took care of that part of my artistic heart! They have classes and BEADS!!!!!!!!!!! drool, glee tantalizing excitement. Have I ever told you I LOVE BEADS. Well I love beads and everything beads make up (most everything). I meandered around that store for almost 45 minutes it was so inspiring and surprising how much money they charge for the beads and the classes too. I must have a gold mine here in all the collecting I have done over the years through all the estate sale stuff and E-bay lot sales ( I sorted 12 pounds of mixed beads, many many hours of mindless relaxation last year when I really needed it). So I think I'll bead something and maybe do a class one time. The classes are a dream to me. I have self taught for 20 plus years. The projects also need the supplies were talking $ to d it. I wont just ignore the thrill and I might search the class lists to see if there is one I have the beads for, or at least most of them.

I also stopped at the grocery and got some great meat deals, The butcher just put out the discounted items and I snagged up several and will freeze them up (this is a great mid day trick). I found a yummy freeze dried fruit item yesterday, that you sprinkle on cereal and such. It was Clarence for .75 cents so I grabbed 10 of them and will jar them for breakfast for everyone. I was able to get two nice new insulated lunch bags for the kids at $2.50 each. Wow I came away with over 250. for 95. approximately. Got home to put it all away.

I went over to the school and had the nurse copy all the documents and told her how excited I was to have them in hand. She put them in the psychologist box for tomorrow, won't she be surprised. Kids were so giddy and a little one other than my own wanted to come home with us or have us go to her house :) I told her how her mom will need to invite us and thanked her.

Dash had to do a homework page and Miss Fiction awaited T.V. time (no T.V. until after homework. I mad them the taco's and did that post. Now they are playing all is fed and Hubby has the mens group going.
Beloved embraced a happy wife and was grateful for the tacos. So I sit and enjoy the relief of the half a pain pill I took while making great effort to keep my hazel blues open just a few more hours while the young (er) ones play in the cool (relative) of the evening outside. I hear water running and they are at it again selling water (Beaver episode) You know if you have kids those old DVD sets are great for the preservation of innocence.

Well Dash just called me to CLASS in the dining room...Oh mercy what will I find in there better run. I hope your enjoying your evening

Fun Monday...Good deed. Just be who we are and open handed with our talents


This week’s Fun Monday is being hosted by
Nikki, and she has challenged us to do a good deed.

I am not looking for a story of when you have offered your help in the past, I actually want you in the next two weeks to go out and help someone. Go visit a nursing home, cook dinner for someone sick or with a new baby, donate to a charity or even send just a “thinking of you card” to someone who needs it. It doesn’t matter what your good deed is, or how great it is. It just needs to help someone.

Well today it was me who seemed to be the recipient. I walked into the clinic and there was Dash's Therapist walking down the hall right towards me! I smiled and lovingly pointed at her and said" you....I need that report that you were going to send me..." she got to task she was on her way to record when I bumped into her. So she said she would get the report post haist and fax it over to the school. I then went up to second floor phyc. to see if I could get the other records that The wonderful psychiatrist was going to send for. I signed every release I could think to need, she was so kind to get for me(at no cost) the other office (one of the kids providers wanted to charge me $40. a report x2 kids and several reports!) She saved me big! Her secretary tapped on the door to see if she was busy... Opened the door and there was the Speech therapist talking to her to get Dash's file from her. The S.T. took all the papers and copied them all for me!!!!! I left with all of in IN HAND!

I am a see'er and I kept seeing myself hand the Phyc. a lanyard that had what looked like a world globe from space, and I kept thinking "global" so I waited until we were alone and told her so and gave it to her. She was so moved and just surprised and very moved by the gift. It's the simple ways we each just walk it out in who we are.

Have a great day.

Morning was a rocky start for my son had no knit shirts left. Now if you are tactilely sensitive you must live by the demands of your Nero system! Don't you just love when they announce their needs right before school. I loving told the little dude that I could not oblige him on the spot and found one of many button down woven shirts...Oh but NO! just cant handle it I see it in his eyes that it really mattered so I went to check if perhaps the little pile of shirts on the coffee table might rescue him, but before I could get it back to him...MELT DOWN!! door slams in protest! KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK<>
Five minutes before loading into the car the city school audiology department calls, sweet lady but kids are in a tiff and they are swinging back packs at each other and I on the phone an doing my best, caught off guard to assimilate the information coming at me. So Dash was not denied due to audio? So it was a speech eval that was too old?(now I have been waiting a month for a new report!) by the way he was still upset because he got a hair on him! a hair!
I pulled over to sit in the car. Told the kids if we cant get along then we will just sit here untill we get to the bottom of this! I told the kids they had no business going out into the world if they cant even get along as a family . So after apologies and amends and a limit to that snotty little Caiou show we were off.
I went to the dentist after dropping the kids off and then to the eye glasses place.
1. O.K. so I need to go to the city today and I better get my pocket full of stones.
2. Gotta address the speech therapist as to why I don't have what she promised me
3. Get the records from the phyc,
4. Drop off Dash hearing aids for another repair
5. Get a loaner pair
6. and sell the lanyard if she likes it
7. Drum up the courage to try to sell some other ones. I do not like to sell :{ If it were me I just would rather give them away and I often do. But it does help the budget.

I was able to get good news at the dentist this morning.
I have a "healing dry socket", the pain in it has calmed to a more manageable level and only a little bone is still exposed but it is much better.. He packet it with a soft goo. It is intensely strong of clove and misc flavors.
I stopped by to also get new nose pads on my glasses. she said to me "oh you have some free time now>>>" Wow I hadn't thought about that yet here I am three weeks into the school year! Of course I hadn't really experienced that yet either :)
I went back to the school and pulled Dash out of class and told Him that I love him and hoped he had a better day. That I am proud of him for who he is.

Well the traffic may have slowed by now I best get off to the city, and look for some more beauty in the day.
Ya, tooth socket better, new nose pads, no new audio test required. I got food in me (even if It did taste too much of clove :)
Grab the day!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday Smiles, It's a good life.

Well I hope each of you found some joy in your day. I found great pleasure this morning in actually waking to the sensation of very little pain! It has been the extreme opposite for 10 days now. So that right off started the day on a great note!
I had actually woke in the middle of the night in the middle of a dream where I shouted out loud at my husband "JUST STOP!" . It was so clear and scared the poor guy out of his wits! I was having a dream that he was pouring glue on something and I asked him to put some paper under it to protect the counter top. He grabbed a little 2x2 inch piece and I said No really get something to protect the counter. All of the sudden he got all upset in the dream because the end of the tube of glue split and the glue went all over! So in the dream he goes over and starts hitting his head against the screen door. It was bending the frame and so i told him "just stop it"!
Only it came out my mouth and woke us both up. There I go yelling at him in his sleep and he didn't even do anything GIGGLE ha ha.
So when we both woke up he was humored at me. He was also so happy to see me out of the intense pain. We had a real sweet morning around the house and just enjoying each other. The kids really like each other and that is so cool! They played independently too.
I began my challenge to better care for myself by sloughing and shaving my "beautiful" (hubby said so as he came in the room) AW... Legs, I also did a pedicure . I can not walk yet but I can take better care of myself.
This was the third day in a row I stopped and did make-up and my hair (just for me). I have realized that I am neglecting myself in far to many ways. After I dolled up I went to hubby to tell him I was going to the store and got a wide eye pleased smile and a, wow! I see that this is going to benefit me in more ways than one :) He delights in me:) ! It is thrilling to him to see me care about the woman he loves so very much.
I went to the grocery where I knew there was a clearance on several end caps. The store had just remodeled and were selling out several boxes of cosmetics at 1/8 the price. So I took the time to go through them. I have been wanting to get some play make-up for Miss Fiction, I looked at the kids play stuff and would never want to put that on her beautiful skin. I found a transparent powder compact (Gold would have been cheep end in compare when she opened it!)
Clear lipstick to match the royal blue compact, Some neutral blush and a bottle of clear nail polish all Cover Girl or Sally Hanson no cheep junk. So I brought it home opened all of it and went into her room sat on her bed and called her to me. "yes momma?" she chimed, asking her to sit down I showed it all to her. She was ecstatic! She was so touched and deeply grateful. She was going to show her little girl friend and they can make up together. NO COLOR MESS! I taught her the process and she is so CUTE!
After lunch and several "Leave it to Beaver " episodes the Daddy Man left for his folks to help his Mother with her new computer. (She now has bragging rights:) We tease her because she has a better computer than her girl friend. She is a local artist and the women have a web site with their work on it. They have been guild members for many years. Art is a big part of our family. Daddy Man spoke of that last night we all went to the Rain Forest Cafe for a night out last night and both kids were enthralled with the art books.
Anyway...After he left, and the children were done selling water for a few cents a glass ( a re enactment of a show they watched). They did this with my permission (water slide). They were already all wet. So with the hose on top of the slide they played swamp rescue.

After the maiden was safe and all was rather soaked in the moat, The queen determined it was time to dry of and clean the bed chambers. Miss Fiction called my name to flash this picture of me. She is so sweet, she then went to her fair knight and took his image as well as the successful cleaning spree. Mind you they did not give me a hard time. It was so wonderful it just gives me chills. I just told Dash little projects and one by one he came and asked "what should I do now?". I found the princess FOLDING ALL HER BLANKETS! Of course I rushed out of the hall so she would not see me looking!

I was putting the blender together. Hubby was waylaid by a bad modem connection, so I stopped dinner production and made the kids smoothies.

Dash's response to his sissy taking his picture.

Hubby came home with another main frame to dissemble and grandfather into our existing machines. He thinks it might be a better one than Dash is using. We have so many grandfathered or passed down computers that we often are able to help others with parts. Hubby can dismantle and reassemble one of there in his sleep.

We took the kids over tho their school so they could have some use of the place without the crowd. This helps them a lot. They feel more like they are at home there during school. We did this before they started school too. If they can play on the equipment without on looking peers they get more relaxed on it.

can you see why I call him Dash Hawk, that boy can fly fast. There is no stopping him.

Daddy Man threw several balls for them each.

Dove or Miss Fiction showed me some new tricks she learned.

Soon Dash followed and showed us this newly mastered maneuver. Big things to little ones. So they are big to us.
Baths are done story time over. The house is quiet. Beloved in playing with his new prize. I am looking forward (I think ) to going in tomorrow to get the socket (my) re-packed in the morning after I drop off the kids at school. I have a trip to the city. Dash has a problem with his hearing aides. I have to take them in for repair and get a loaner pair. He has been without them since last Thursday. I just was not able to drive down town. So If I can be without pain Medication after they pack up my socket I'll go to the city. I also have some records to pick up and a lanyard (the black one) to deliver. I sure hope she likes it.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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