Saturday, August 2, 2008

A full life!

I had a Day alone with Dash.
We took Huck to the feed store and got a bail of straw for composting (the hens are peaceful).
Dove had a girls only play date.
Dash and I went to a map store. It was fun to look at the globes, he is pretty good at geography.
We then went to a store that had a rack of jokes.
most of them were mean spirited and Dash noticed. I taught him about jokes that are fun for both sides are alright, mean jokes were upsetting to him (ya!).
We Went out to lunch together.
A child near us was behaving badly and I made a comment to Dash About it.
Dash replied "I would rather just focus on the good food Mom, I want to just focus on our blessings and enjoy them".........I sure like this kid.
I told him that most adults forget to even do that, I thanked him for the good reminder
Daddy and I took the kids to play some baseball last night

Dash greeted us with a nice card this morning.
He awoke before us and wrote us both a poem.
He read the Lego catalog and talked while I began the morning chores.

When my Darling awoke he went straight to work on the mixer (aptly named by Dash...Mixie).
He fixed it! It is now a working tool for the kitchen. He used the mill ( he used to me a machinist, still is) to make a new part. You can not buy parts. Yipee I have a new mixer!

My left hand and middle finger was hurting me badly this morning. Yes I am typing one handed.
When it kept swelling and the pain continued to get worse I went to get it x raid. It is a hyper extended sprain, it appears it is not broken! :) I hit a ball with the t-ball bat and did not have a firm enough grip on it. Goodness it hurts! He gave me a prescription for pain/anti inflammatory, and I dropped it off at the drug store. I just took some Tylenol to see if that wold just be enough.

Daddy and the kids are listening to a comedy radio show. The laughter is so beautiful!

Heat Composting and Worm Composting

Well we are going to start our next process.
We are going to grow our own soil.
It is our heart to create life upon this estate.
We are making my dream come true right where we are.
I have always dreamed of living in a forest land and tilling the earth and becoming self sufficient.
Well, the forest is not a possibility and I have realized that I do not have to let go of the whole dream.
Chickens, a healthy plot of land to grow foods starts with composting our kitchen scraps into earth.
My Sweet father-in-love gave me a big bag of newspapers with some ingenuity I found a great use for them. I can only use the non glossy news print but it will be a great help in the process.
composting (if you scroll down to page 21 it is the three bin one)
I had the idea of using it as a fence for the garden , at lease it would take up 9 feet of the 16 ft width. Less expense for us right now. We will not be planting for a while until the soil gets healthy. It will keep the dogs out of the garden plot.
After we amend and reclaim the garden space we can move the compost against the east wall of the yard. Meanwhile the compost system would be right there at the garden plot.

Friday, August 1, 2008

We have a Rooster! Huckleberry Finn is out a here!

Good Morning!

It is official this morning Poor Maud the Duck Wing above is being picked on by Huck below. Huck shook himself and ruffled his feathers and stretched out his neck and let out a little crow. Sorta like a teenage boy trying to sound like a man. Very cute! However Huck is going to have a ride to the feed store.
You see City code = No roosters.
Even if not I really like my Maud,
she is the coolest of the chickens and you mess with Maud your out a here! :)

I put up a new feeder and I have dove and sparrow and tanager not two feet off my left shoulder just on the other side of the glass. A hummer just visited me. A feeder for them would go nice on the eave of the porch. This is what I love. I love birds and all the beauty they offer. They are so calming and happy to me.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finding Courage through blogging

Join us.
Gaby's World

This month was open topic.
I have thought a lot about what I have to share. This has been a month with each child being put to sleep for medical procedures. Dove had surgery to remove two teeth and Dash had to have three fillings. They both amazed me.
What I experienced encouraged me. They are gaining maturity. They are pracicing better self control. They are being ABLE! Able to do what they can do, and able to do what I have taught them to do to handle the difficult chalenges that life will throw at you. Beloved and I both stand pleased to see the development progress. The prognosis of the phyciatrist being disproved and the hope for a better future being instilled and played out.
My Sweet Daughter turned 11 this month. She is so small for her age and behind her aged peers by two years. She is just perfect a small child who will fit in perfectly and be more mature now going into 4th grade. She will be a bit more savy (I trust). If she were in 5th or 6th grades she would be a victem of bullying or manipulations. God has kept here right where she needs to be. I do not know if by mid year I will need an Indivisual Education Program for her or not. She is doing well. Math and memory issues a problem but trusting God for this dear child is choice.
She sailed through the surgery and the recovery. I did not tell you of how God provided a doctor who let Both of us be with her until she was a sleep. God has a special provision for our special needs kids. People and places times and seasons of HIS intervention.
Dash did so well this week. I was so worn of the week that I had his Daddy attend. The last time they gave him vicodin and he fought us so hard that I got hurt holding him (both physically and emotionally) just to do a filling. This sweet son of mine halusonated that we were hurting him. The memories of Russia thought the attendant. I grieved for months after that. This time however we were able to use a different medication coctail and he fought sleeping so hard. He did however want to show his Dad how well he could do. I never saw anything like it!
He did so well!
I have to get him wearing his hearing aides again, he is not happy about it.
Dove... she even sat (FOR THE FIRST TIME )
in a room by herself (we were two open doors down) without a panic attack!

I am so relieved to see that the wounds in their hearts and minds are healing.
That the disabilities and delays are evening out.
Time is healing.
Maturation is setting in.
All the hard work and years of tremendous effort is paying off!
My children are becoming ABLE more than disable to do and to be.
They both feel real good about the efforts they make indipendantly to overcome and to effort to do and be their best.
My courage did not halt or faulter.
I was so tired so many times over these long years.
Now...Now the payoff.
Healthy children.


Thursday Thirteen...My day

A full day here.
I made Syndromes control pad (from the movie "The Incredibles" for each kid.
Using elastic and safety pins. They drew out little bombs and such.
Scanners and all the extras. I cut them out for them from a shoe box lid, and they colored them

of course once Dove had one Dash needed on too...

Imagination! I love it!
I called the dogs for a bath ...well I think they were both ready and eager!
I bathed the lab and had an Epiphany!
I filled the tub as I bathed him and his paws soaked in the water, then
It worked so well. I used the same technique on the Golden

Now the golden was to be brushed first. She ran and dove into the LEGO drawer in the room with the kids.
To Funny, the kids were playing Lego and here comes the dog and sits right in the box.
I brushed her and then went to give her the bath and she did the same thing again!
Total saving $190.
tip $20.
Nail trim x2 $15= $30.
dog bath x2 $60. = $120.
special shampoo and cream rinse 2x $5.= $10.
Gas for traveling back and forth four times. (my truck can only hold one dog at a time) $10.

moments like these

Well now this is just after the Lab.
I can now clean and detail the kids bath and get ready to make my new shower curtain.
I purchaced fabric well over a year ago for 70-90% off and the fabric is beautiful! I showed it to you before. I'll do a post on it soon.

While I was bathing the Golden the kids were gleefully drawing mustaches on every picture in a travel magazine from AAA. I gave them the O.K. to do so. They were laughing so hard. Signing the pictures one by one. Too cute!

They stayed at this for over an hour!
The kids then set up a book store while I was in the shower!
They gathered their comic books and made a few more.
I had a library card put under the bathroom door. I had to teach them the concept of a book store verses a library.

I was called into the store, there was the cashier and the attendant.
Books .50 cents each. I grabbed $2. of my egg money and bought four. They were astonished that I did so. I was so moved by the gratitude.

That is my library card. They call them selves (the pen names) Harold and George

This was my selection of magazine comics to purchase.

Cashier is scanning the items.

Autograph form the Authors...
The kids worked hard all day.
They did the chores that I did not even ask them to do and then some.
This being the goal.
They had to wait all day for this moment. They had misplaced their money box. They thought that it was in the car with Daddy Man. They found it in a drawer. They hid it too well.

Dove gifted the toy to her brother.
She used her birthday money and then gave it to Dash.

They have another three to earn.
Beloved had tears of joy in his eye and he watched all this unfold.
I have a chair ( comfy chair) in the kitchen now.
He sits and visits while I cook.
I love it.
This vegetable is a leek.
It is a member of the onion family (I believe).
It has a very sweet savory flavor.

slice it length wise and wash well.
It is usually grown in sandy soil so it gets it in the leaves.

I cut up the florets of the broccoli, the stalks can be used for stew pot, dogs or peal for a snack.

Hot wok cold oil.
Stir fry, and then add the seasoning, water and soy sauce.

The savory beef/onion sushi rice was made this morning as was the beef.
It was heated in the micro wave (in a glass bowl).
I cut up the beef into bite size pieces.
Heat the meat up last moment in the mixture.

There are two more ample servings left over. The children raved!
Beloved cooed and spoke very appreciatively over this dish.
"Wow hon...This is great" ...Said he
Daddy Man took the kids to the park to play ball.
I stayed home alone in the quiet.
I had him help me move the coop before he left and I sat in clean grass and played with the chickens untill they climed the ladder. Sunset is ingrained within them. A time to rest.
I hosed down the grass that was the former spot of the chickens and raked up the left over lettuce, cleaned the water jar and refilled it.
Came in to rest and catch my breadth.
Worked on this post until I greeted the children and Beloved home.
They have had the bath and story time.
A clean lab rests at my feet.
I am tired!

So is he.
Day is done 9 p.m.
I just got my good night kisses, soft and tender from Dash...
Forehead and cheek then other cheek.
My hug and firm kiss on the cheek from Dove with a " you smell good"...
Good night.
Big Hug!

Thankful Thursday

Good Thursday to you.
I am thankful for God's provision.
One way to rejoice in God's provision is to respect it.
We have "Time of use" for our electricity.
If I use my utility before 1p.m. I get the energy for less cost.
Today I am doing so by...
I wok fried the beef I made up on Monday, It has been marinating in the soy and vinegar .
I used arrow root powder (a corn starch alternative) to dust each slice.
Heat pan, Hot pan cold oil then when out heats (this happens quickly) place in the sliced beef fry until the browned side is ready to be turned. Remove to white paper toweling and drain.
This is set aside to cool.
When it is cool you can then refrigerate it for later.

Your oil must be hot! Then the meat does not obsorb it.

Brown it well for the crunchiness.

I will later clean my leek ,broccoli and stir fry the vegetables audinte'.
Add an arrowroot/soy sauce mix with spices to the mix as it thickens I will add micro waved beef and all will be served over rice.
The rice was cooked at the same time right after I cooked the burger up for the meal tomorrow and taco meat pre cooked for the weekend.
One pan two jobs (saves dish soap and labor and water) the pan still hot
(saves electricity) from cooking the burger boils quickly for the rice water. I added slivered dried onion and Susi rice with Braggs Amino Acids and Kitchen Bouquet' it is like a french onion flavor rice.
all cooked before 1 p.m. and will need very little heat to finish it up tonight. I have the meal half (or more made). I also have tomorrows cooked half way.
One pan to wash and the wok.
I am glad of doing this and being able to rest in the late afternoon when my energies are low and I am hungry.

I am most thankful to take the responsibility to teach my kids to take more responsibility to do what they are able. I set up a towel each and laid out the bread and the meat and clean lettuce for them. They got out the mayo, pickles and I plated the fixing for them. They made the lunch for them selves. They really enjoy eating the foods they make for them self. I then had them put all the fixings away and the towel was used to wipe off the knife and clean off the counter. Not perfectly done of course, a begining. I had them put away what they did not use.
Being thankful that my energies are up to do what is right. I am humbled that I am being who HE made me to be. I really love my carreer.
Yesterday I was very lonely and took time off for the evening. I was blessed with several items that we had asked for at a very redused price.
I spent a great deal of time on the phone with a sweet friend. She edified me, built up all the asualted places. Shared the joys of life the thrills of God's provisions in our lives.
For that friendship I am so thankful.
Fellowship where we ..."think on these things. The things that we have heard and sean and known in Him". I am brighter and the light is refreshed. My wick trimmed.

Call a friend today.
Trim a wick and help them to shine brighter.
All of hell is trying to snuff out the light within and around us.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Children live what they learn.

Good evening,
Dove and I went into the coop after Daddy Man mowed the lawn,

he and I shifted the coop tractor for the third time this week. He mowed the former spot I hosed it then raked up any left over scraps of lettuces and spinach. Dove has Maud and I am holding Jasper. They are falling asleep in our laps. The others had all just climbed the ladder to be. This now they do instinctively at sunset.

The Lab is very interested and is a bit of a nuisance about it, my golden barks and will go off after a bit.

It is so nice when they go off and stop pestering us.
Dash asked his Daddy to move the tedder todder over onto the lawn.
We were all out in the chairs of on the teder todder and we saw ...

amazing shooting star. It had a differentiating tail very long with several pieces flying off of it.

Last night at 2 a.m. when I was up sitting under the stars, I had asked God for the opportunity to see one, it had been so long. Tonight My wish came true and we all cheered as it was some seconds across the low sky and maybe only 50 mile out.

The kids were so happy bummping each other high off the seat.

We had a nice play date today and I spent the afternoon relaxed with a friend. She helped me bag the cookies and the rice crispies, as I did the meat patties and the pound packages and all. It was nice to work together. We did some crafty hand work with threads and just had a nice fellowship time as the kids played.
We have had a T.V. restriction as a loss of privaledge for a major infraction the midia is off for two weeks. Violence got into the heart and mind and was acted out (part way) and Daddy halted all violent media and all media for two weeks. YA!
It was nice. They even made up games. The time they played with the chickens was adorable. I gave dove some needed responsibility to over see the kids in the coop. There were three of them. She taught the younger the rules and helped them to know how to handle the birds with care. They all washed up well.
The kids made their own suppers from items I made ready and available. It is important that I start giving them opportunities to be more able and Independent. I sit on my hands and ignore the mess. The pride of accomplishment is the reward. They are getting better about putting things away and being a little more neat about it. They are helping themselves more and more. It is nice to see them being able.I am even having them empty the washer and dryer and putting the basket on the table for me. They are so able and happy to really do things that they can do. It s almost like I withheld the privilege just long enough to make it a desire. Now I let go and see them thrive. It takes a bit of work to teach them the steps , each time they do it I add a step to the process for them to take over.
Well It is story time and Huck and Tom ( The adventures of Huckleberry Finn) are bringing Daddy's audience to a thrill of "cool"...Fun to hear.
Good evening.
I want to go learn about composting and raising worms for the castings for the garden.

Please pray...:)
Dash has a dental time tomorrow 10 a.m.
Daddy Man took off work to watch Dove. Dash will be sadated. Oh I hope he does better this time.
He was sedated last time and faught us tooth and nail, pun intended!

Tackle It Tuesday

The Morning started off with a big event.
Our truck has been ransacked. The took 5 gallons of fuel and left everything else.
The truck it appears was locked and they just opened all the doors and left one locked. If one was locked they all were ( I use a key bob).
I did report it to the authorities.

Thank you is first up in the day.
To our mystery gift giver...I received the book. Thank you That was very kind and generous of you. You gave me pause for gratitude.

The kids are in the chicken coop.

My Darling scratched his glasses yesterday so I'll need to see what can be done for him. Done (glasses can not be fixed) and got him an appointment. Last appointment he had was in 2005! It is about time!

I'll need to mail a letter and stop by the health food store to get some fever few (great stuff for Hubby's headaches.) Done!

I want to have the kids shred some news paper to begin a worm compost. I'll need to see if I can find some red wigglers. I will begin a compost of the stuff the cooks do not eat. Doing a worm compost I will also begin to create some castings to amend this sad soil. There is a wonderful blog on my side bar "Down to Earth", she has been tending this type of life for some time and shares her knowledge generously.

I have to package and freeze the meat order I prepared yesterday.

I could not pass up this deal. I needed to do a meat order for I had just 2 pounds of last springs order left.

I cooked down around 5 pounds to have for quick meals.

Before Doves ortho appointment I was able to get them bagged to cool.

With the center the first roast I had all lean lightly marbled (tender) section of bottom round. Sliced thin for a stir fry this week. I set it to marinade in the refer.

Then ground (mix up the meat while you grind to distribute the marble if you do not then your patties will fall apart) the rest of the first roast. I washed it all down and put fresh bags down and began on the next roast. I still have to weigh out my one pound bags. I will weigh them and then roll them thin to quick freeze. See the little bit of scrap on the bag that is all the scrap there was in the first roast.

Here is six pounds of 1/4 pound for burgers. I need to make patties and quick freeze them before I package them. When I do this a neat trick I learned is to make the center thinner than the edges and the burger will cook through well. We do not eat under cooed meat.
There is also a three pound loaf to tend to.
I may make meat balls out of it with rice and dried onion, spices and such.

Wash up the kitchen and finish up (well catch it up) the laundry. With the kids attending school in a couple of weeks I have clothing to sort out. See what they have out grown and such. Ready there rooms for fall.
We have a play date at 11 am Well it is almost 11: and we just got home!
Enjoy your work for it is the benefit of a life lived.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

You know it is all worth it

In the Grind

Today I have 30 pounds of beef to grind, and thin slice.
I ground the Spelt (an ancient type of wheat that I am not allergic to) flour yesterday
There is Barely and Millet to grind also. I moved the grist mill (it is a family treasure passed down to me years ago) into the kitchen.
I have celery to dice, onion to dice. leek to dice and brocoli to clean. Cabbage to cut. Grapes to wash

Blueberry Spelt/Barley pancakes (batter made with egg and soy milk) with honey butter, cantaloupe
Mc Mommy :) burgers (onion salt and garlic powder), lettuces, tomato cheese on Dove an Daddy's , Home fry's, golden apples and grapes.
Beef broccoli and leek with marinated (in soy and dusted with arrowroot powder) thinly sliced beef, Jasmine rice and crunchy noodle on top
Jambalaya Rice with beef , steamed cabbage with butter and sea salt
Chicken Tenders in Jasmine rice savory with herbs d' France, cut green beans, Julian beets with butter and sea salt.
Mommy Taco Bell lunch with all the fixings, Lettuce, tomato diced onion and cheese.
Mommy "Day o' Rest" All or any of the above that is left over. Use up and clear refer out.
Snacks for the week:
Celery and peanut butter, apples, chips, carrots,

cookies, lemon bars,

rice crispy squares.
Lunches for the week for kids and mom:
Taco's Mc Mommy burgers, Pasta, tuna salad with celery and dill pickle diced, curry chicken salad with grapes and been burrito

Hay! Have a great day !

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Doves birthday party

My sweet Amrita reminded me that I had not posted Dove's Birthday Party.

Dove helped with the cake and I frosted it as per her desire.
It was to be pink with vines and thorns all around it and little hearts on it.
Her name is on the top so I can not show that vantage, but the top layer is a heart.
The lettering is done in the brown frosting.
This is a confetti cake it is full of all colored sugar chips in a vanilla cake, the frosting is home made butter cream.

We have a tradition in our family. Birthday parties are about celebrating those that we love. Our party plans center around the guest instead of the birthday child. I believe that this balances the children and keeps them from greed and expectations. Expectations are one of the biggest temptation to disappointments that can set us up for bad attitudes and behaviors.
At this party Dove wanted to have free play for the children.
She asked me that if Dash is with a child outside playing that I not call them in. She asked that I let the children just play where and with whom they wanted.
I had one plan that was for the needs of a child who wanted to give a gift of action.

This young man gave Dove the gift of a song he had been practicng just for her
The song was "Stand by me"...
We opened presents.

After free play , we recieved and opened the many thoughtful and generous gifts. This is how Dove chose her party, she felt that the kids would enjoy it first, more than the food. Kids really enjoy watching their gifts being opened. They want to know if the recipient likes it. We as adults are the same way. You may not relize this but children stress out over this concern often spoiling the fun they could be having.

She was so happy to recieve her wishes.
This is a pen that is also a game.

The children all got very silly.

We adults then began the surgery required to extricate the gifts from the anti theft packageing. There were two other mothers with Daddy Man and I. We adults all enjoyed our time as the children simply were children without a time line or expectation. This really was nice. Dove was very pleased with her party planning.

Propper silly party hats were attired.

This is a bedtime lamp we gave her (unfortunatly she likes to sleep with a full 20watt bulb bright in her eyes it is the sensory thing.) for her room.

The boys rendition of a party hat.

This friend Then lead us in a round of Happy birthday. I was so proud of him for he practiced great courage. He had been practicing to play at her party for several weeks. It was his motivation. A gift of heart so graciously recieved.
We then blew out candles and had cake and ice cream or pop cycles.

This little sweetie is doning a very attractive hat.
She came to me for her photo op and approval.
She is the sweetest kid!

This attractive "carrot top" was thrilled when I made his day by tieing the tissue paper to his head. He just wore it all day! His joy so expressive.
Dove gave out goodies or gift bags. Gifting her friends with the things that bring her simple pleasure. This year it was an activity book, crayons, a healthy organic snack cracker,
a F.R.O.G. ( Fully Rely On God) wrist band, and a little plastic frog.

The next day was her real day of birth
We started the day working on the coop

Mid afternoon the Grandparents came over.

They gave gifts of sweet kindness, Grandmother gave Dove a hand made pillow she had designed and the puppy stuffed toy from the Littlest pet shoppe.

This puppy has a web sight for Dove to go to and play games. I am very careful about her going on line.

I wish I could show you this but I need to be discrete.
It is designed and hand made with a ton of thoughtfulness and love.

Daddy and I then gave her our gifts.

To her joy I was able to find some very cute outfits when I was out with my girlfriend last week.

She really appriciates all the wonderful gifts that were given to her.
We all had a spaghetti and marinara sauce supper followed by cake and ice cream.
Later after the folks left we all had a nice movie night and showers and story time.
She really enjoyed her weekend.

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• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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