Friday, November 6, 2009

Fitness Friday

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So this is a new beginning.
A new set of injections in my knees that will buy me another year or so to make a difference.

Oh this is so for me.
My body looks like a strangers.
I have so little discipline when it comes to the bones.
I have yet to own my body sometimes I think that is the issue.
I do so want to let go of this mass that surrounds me and pads me from the world.
I want out.
It is like a butterfly in a cocoon there has to come a day when I emerge.

I was able to walk around the block this morning.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Free to be me Florida Christian Bloggers Retreat Part 4 the field trip

Connie took all of us die hard long distance fliers for a wonderful Southern field trip at the end of the retreat. Our first stop to a wonderful friend of hers.
It was so fun to be together.
Me the rebel without my t-shirt on.
Dove just loves the Movie Winn/Dixie so you know I had to capture this.
We had the honor of visiting a very beautiful cemetery with many civil war period graves.
Many of children several had more than one child who passed in a short period of time due to typhoid fever. The artistry was really something.
These graves were embedded with abalone shells that had all but vanished over time.

Family plots with amazing wrought iron fences and gates.
Trees so tall that it would tip you over to look for the upper most branches.
Although there was some damage it still held the solemn silence of time.
It really was sobering the history held here.
We who respect history hope that by recalling it that it will not be repeated.
Now I learned a little something sense then about this type of grave .
In I think it was the Netherlands that they there rent gave space. And as long as the graves are tended and paid for they remained. The tending of such graves were to actually make a small garden of flowers atop the  bed. Here in the states it looks like some of them were just filled in with stone or cement.

I love this shot. I think it is my favorite of the whole trip

Connie then took us to this fine old antebellum mansion that has been restored and turned into a government building. We found it closed unfortunately.
It is just something from the annuls of time.
So artistically designed from a time in history that architects must of thrived in.
The wood working skills of a time gone buy.
Those skills that few now keep alive.
Why build a building plain when you can adorn it like this.
The history of the slavery left me to wonder of the souls who poured out the days of their lives here in servitude. But these things are unspeakable when you are a guest of the south.
Funny how easy it is to romanticize the past.
Connie was a wonderful hostess to us.
Man I am only 5'4 " I look tall here.

We all had a chance to stop by a little shop that Connie works at and got some shopping in.
It was fun to do so.
Introducing The Confederate rose
as it passes it turns pink
Joanne took this for us.
Connie has a wonderful home.
Her table set for a ladies luncheon.
Her estate is just exceptionally beautiful.

We had the honor of visiting some elders who were of the south some 50 years.
He a Hero of the Island of Okinawa Japan as was Steve's Uncle who recently passed.
Lives touching lives Steve's Uncle helped clear the way so that this fellow could land.
The war ended shortly after that.
Ye t the danger was still very real.
For in those times it was not easy for the news to travel and many an American feared yet for their lives as they crossed the seas as targets to those Japanese forces that did not know that the war was over. This bride was one of the fortunate she had her groom return to her and share another 50 years so far of life together.
The image is dark but those hearts were bright with hospitality.
She was so beautiful of face and heart.
For a few moments in time I was Grand Mothered.
Her and I hit it off, she was an amazing needle worker.
She showed me her child's doll that had the first button she taught her to sew.
That child a woman with children of her own.
Beautiful home and the table cloth...
Hand made over 100 yrs old I think she said.
so pretty
I found this a delight and her eyes lit up when I acknowledged it.
She showed me the doll and we all stepped outside.
Now if you click to enlarge you will see something that looks like a gourd.

Then one of them asked "tell us about those gourds on that tree".
He responded they are luffa...
Luffa I exclaimed really! Oh do you have any seeds to spare for I have longed for luffa seeds for a couple of years now and have never found a source in the states.
History is an amazing gift to offer the generations after our time.
These gentle folk offered the history before our time
Story told as best as I can recall ...

The image upper right of the sister and brother who had a hard cruel life.
The brother married and the girl left behind suffered.
An older fellow a gentleman knew of her suffering and asked her hand of her folks.
She was then 13 years of age. She was given to him and they drove away in the buggy toward his humble home. Upon arrival she decided she wanted no part of marriage and so he took her indoors fed her a super and drove her the distance back to her folks. Telling her that if or when she might change her mind he would be willing to then take her.

She shortly then changed her mind and they were married.
That is them in the oval matted rectangular frame.

stories told of The images on the wall.

This the painting of their home where she became a young bride.
These were distant relatives of the folks we were so delightfully hosted by.
They were all to set step through the garage to get the seed upon our exit when I saw these works of art she had made. I stopped the world and appreciated the work of this wonderful Lady.
She just beamed!

Then to exit that way was not something I could do with my knees so I had to go another way.
Lyn joined us and this Grandmother for an instant fondly bid us farewell.
Lyn and I shared a moment in time I treasure as we walked around to meet the others.

We were to go to supper and yet there was so much more that Connie had heart to show us.
On the way with this little spit fire we saw a homecoming float. Pretty cool.
She took us to what she refereed too as the Tauj Ma-hall.
We were all astonished by the wonder of this fine estate.
The buildings were new oh but those ancient trees!
In the back yard the green just filled me up.
A little walk through the back yard and stepping with caution over the fire ant hills...
We opened the gate, home of a family of future spiders.
Down steps onto a little dock.
Yes there are gatters in that pond.
We saw non but were assured they were there.
It was so pretty.
As was she standing there so exhausted she could hardly see.

 Unlike that charming home this newer estate felt cold to me.
Lifeless and just for show.

 Well as fast as the corners could be turned Connie had us all of to dinner with the whole gang.

It was really wonderful to have all of us together.

Connie and her husband
Angie and Jeff our host.

So after the supper we all met at the home of our host for some cake.
I found Angie and Jeff a cheese plate and knife with my favorite sunflower theim.
Like the sunflower turns it's face to follow the sun, so do they.

We all had an evening of laughter, and good fellowship.
Jeff helped me to print out my air tickets over the phone with Steve.

My eye glasses nose piece fell off onto the floor and Jeff was able to fix it.
He went so far beyond that.
He took car of this his sister.
I had my glassed intact for the long trip home the next day.
Well we all retired and went our own ways to our bed chambers.
I slept.
Yes slept.

Sleep is a wonderful thing.
Angie saw to it that I rested and restored my strength.

The next morning was so full of adventure but that is for the next installment.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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