Saturday, August 14, 2010

Craigslist Reduce~ Reuse~Recycle for free

Every Morning first thing and also throughout the day we check the Craigslist adds for FREE listings.
Looking for the East Valley or at least a reasonable drive and calling if it is something we can well make use of.
Last night Steve came in to ask me about a portable neutralizer if we were interested I jumped on it. Dash and I both have Asthma. Now Traveling will be a 'breeze' ha pun intended. Now mind you this was free it is a rather costly thing to purchase. Note also it had been requested some time back with a "hay God it would be cool if..." .

Having new gardens The need for good planting and potting soils is a constant. Last week we got a garden sink and several hoses, a pork roast, a whole turkey and this...a long bed pick up fill of  quality soil. Now this is soil that the fellow got while working at a home store. It is all Miracle Grow. High end stuff. The man was moving and had to get the rental back into original state. He had four raised beds full of it. We made friends and his darling four year old wheel chair bound child and my kids really hit it off. With my knee injections there was a concern I would miss out on it. This kind soul had it all loaded including the big black pots. ALL FREE  More wonderful was the interactive humanity.
His wife was already in Texas so I sent along two pair of earrings for her that I had made.

There was enough potting soil to fill this pot. I had been wanting to do that but was low on the list to purchase potting soil.

All three of these large black pots were full of potting soil and then some.
That bald spot in the yard is calling for a tree.
He gave me this bench last week and the broken pot is a gift many many years ago from my SILove and her family as a house warming gift.
It is also filled with the potting soil.

The soil also filled the arbor bed a good 4 inches more. 
Now that flower bed is a good 6 inches deep of high end miracle grow.
Think of the cost if we purchased it.
Just one black pot is a good 50 pound bag.

Ready now to be leveled and planted in 3 weeks.
In three weeks it will be perfect time my knee shots will be done for another year, and the next infusion will be over as well. I will be set just in time to plant the fall crops.
This bed has settled by half. It was straw based last year and I had to fill it to use it this fall. Look at that it is all but ready once we add the compost. Now that is some happy soil.

We were also able to fill the Iris bed. 

I also look under wanted and find things that might be bartered.
Looking under wanted you might just find something another needs that you now longer have need of.
Reduce~ Reuse ~Recycle

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fearless Friday


 Today I could sure use your prayers and thankful hearts for I know I am blessed.
Every trial is a blessing and a gift to gain a greater capacity to love my self so that maturity to be able to love others likewise might develop.
I know this .
Praise is coming hard when pain and sorrow come to challenge me. 
I saw a shooting star this morning. 
It had been my prayer to get to see the meteor shower. 
At 5 a.m. I awoke and thought to get outside. No easy task for I can barley walk.
I was standing out in the grass. Felt so wobbly and my lab kept leaning on me and doing my best to steady myself I stood and watched.  You see even in that moment I knew that it was that my desire was heard and I awoke in time to see one last shooting star before the dawn. 

but...I sat on the sofa and nodded off for a very few moments to a dog (the golden) barking at the doggy door too unwilling to push the flap. I had to get up twice and by then I was angry, pained so that it frustrated me. I did not want the dogs to disturb my beloveds last few minutes of sleep.

Counting it all joy has not meant being happy, or unafraid, or not even being angry. 
I know I am so blessed to have the interventions of all these needles piercing my body. I know that there are so so many who suffer, truly suffer daily with the bones that hold us in this rheum.
In this gratitude I am sad not really feeling sorry for myself but sad for my family, children my beloved husband. He stands beside me watched me cringe as needles once again caused a pain before the gain. I am told by a relative that it is to be stoic a matter of not entering into self indulgence. 
Yet I am not a woman of masks.
As ugly as it might be freely said this is lonely.
I know I am not alone.

This morning unable to help the kids much even in that I can see that independence is a good thing for them. Thinking though of life in their shoes so to speak again sorrow touched me. Counting it in all things that God is for me, us.  It is coming harder today as I sit here. Sit and enjoy a cool home, a full belly and the privilege of a nice computer and those who are around me both physical and in the midst of the shadows surrounding me. 

It is that my heart desires to hold fast to gratitude and praise fondly embracing He who is embracing me. I want to cry I want to be sad yet I do not. The suffering around the world is fierce and tremendous. This my meager pains pale but yet they are mine to experience. 
Just sorta wish they were not.

Please stand with me as it is my heart not to crumble but to stand within my heart for this is only a tempary pain. This whole of life is only temparary. I wish it could be longer than that. That time were a vacant threat. Children grow so quickly.

Today my son said..."I wonder what heaven looks like"?

"it is I believe not only a place to go but a place within me" was my reply.
Please support me in this that the place within me remains a heaven in His presence as I struggle to simply abide.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday

In the month of October of last year I was just returning from Florida. Now eight months later here we are again. How blessed I am. The lame walk well at least set at a computer tonight Ha!

Today I had the first of another series of three Synvisk injections on my knees.
Just a glutton for punishment!
These images are from last year see all the chigger bites from walking in Florida with the most wonderful women I have ever met.

So today My sweet heart of a husband actually took off work and drove me.
Such a sweet sweet friend. 
So only two more Thursdays of this to go.

I am thankful that I am not giving in to the temptations to be overwhelmed.
I am slowed , grateful for the 'temporary' halting of motion. How blessed am I that this is an option to keep me from not fully living and having such great motion. In a few weeks it will be as if nothing happened or was the matter with my knees. Now ya know that makes me really blessed. Yep it hurt and still does. However tonight I am able after a day of ice and elevation to sit here and visit many of you.

I have been re reading the novel I wrote in 2005 and doing a bit of editing it has long needed. It is a novel based on a woman who is clergy in a large hospital. A woman with a mystery of life that sets her on a course to her true self. Reading it is fun. I have forgotten so much of it. Someday yes Michelle (see her here)  I must self publish like you. Inch by inch.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Common Variable Immunodeficiency IVIG

 Once every four weeks added to my life will be infusions.
This I am told is to be just looked at as such. An addition to my life. It does not have to take over my life. So as a gift for the greater community at large a window into the process will be opened up to give encouragement to those newly diagnosed that it is not so horrible a thing to experience.

This was a post of my very first infusion. I was scared and did not know what to expect. 

This post has been modified
It is my effort to inform and support. 
To encourage others. 
I found NO such information when I was to face this the first time.
I was scared but after the 4th time it is now routine.
My arm is readied for the needle by using a numbing agent that takes a good hour before use to work. This did not work for me for due to my tolerance to analgesics it is hindered.
by setting up the table before my nurse gets here the process was expedited.
Last month my other arm was used so we have to use different veins each month in order to keep my veins from scaring. The pump in forefront, all these supplies are sent to me overnight. My infusion is mixed by the pharmacist for I am low in IgA a subcategory that is a bit more involved

Before we begin we both wash with surgical soap to keep a very clean process. I am subject to weakness with bacteria. This a precautionary procedure.
After the vein is found the process begins. I am blessed with a nurse who is a specialist at IV. This is her line of work and only IV so she is really good at it.
Now turn your eyes if you need to.
Being allergic to latex we have a special glove, band and all else.
On my little cart I purchased is a pan to use if needed.
In the cart will be kept the supplies at her ready. I set this up with ease of use in mind. At the end of process it is kept in my bedroom closet.

Flush is done over and over throughout the process. Once established the flush is done then she draws up the anti nausea medication and injects it into a flush syringe. This keeps the med at a slow rate and keeps it from burning. Tell them you want it done this way. She tells me they don't all practice this. 
The anti nausea med is the one that hits me like a truck and gets me real sleepy real fast. Benadryl and Tylenol is also given to me 30 minutes before the process begins. I am trying to avoid the Benadryl for it knocks me out as well.

Yes it hurts but only for 10 seconds or so

It bled a bit this time. She knows she hit a good vein

Then first flush, then another with the nausea med

This is done slowly

The infusion is the large bag, flush is the syringe see the tree set out many many will be used in the process. The line is set through the pump at a VERY slow rate. Six hours to go.

Note the crackers. The medication for nausea makes me well...a little nauseous at first.
The stress does it too.
Once the flush is set the infusion begins. NOW every time the anti N. meds go in the infusion stops first flushed then meds then flushed then the infusion restarts. Do not let them do other wise it can scar your veins.

I am allergic to latex and this sock is a wonderful tool.
I am able to rest, walk to the bathroom and generally use the arm lightly.
Sleep however is the calling at this point.

My blood pressure is checked over and over. That is not the accurate measure it was in process here

By now it's all good.
Due to my low sub category of IgA I am watched carefully for Anaphylaxis (a life-threatening type of allergic reaction). The concern is alleviated by a kit on site so I am covered. Not all CVIG patients need be concerned of this at all.
So I sleep and go to the bathroom. every so often given more nausea medication that makes me sleep some more. My face=no glasses.

Sleep more and I also spent time in my own bed too.

Eventually the pump indicates that the bag is empty

All the stuff is removed.
We use a latex free bandage on my arm.

The IV is not a needle left in, it is a little silicone tube in the vein.
The needle just inserts it. 
Hence the original discomfort.
Once it is in the arm is safe to move gently around.

click all images to enlarge

So I hope that this knowledge helps remove any fears you might have about your infusions.
Once it is done and the nausea meds wear off life is good.
Sleepy for the rest of the day and a bit lethargic by the day after just try and hold me down.
This is a real lease on a healthy life.

Post Script to Anonymous response.
The effects of the anti-nausea meds are better now. The dosage is being gradually lowered. The benadryl is being reduces as well. It is not my intention to hinder anyone.

First day of school a sucess!

Homework table

It is so important to have the congruency and consistency established straight off.

So today a table was set up in the living room for the kids. 
This is the same table used for gaming this summer.
It is set up with both college and wide rule paper
as well as spelling sheets and math practice sheets, sharp pencils and a stapler. 
They will leave the planners on the table to be signed when the assignments are done. 
This way it is a new routine that will continue the good success and mindless morning rush.
When finished back packs by the door.
Every day the same way.

The kids were directed right to it when they came in. Paper task and hand writing task finished straight away. The Grandmother of a kid that is friends with Dash asked for help so I had two extra kids this afternoon. Both of mine had a good report of their first day of class. Both really like their teacher. The bus was very late and there was a line up in the office to call home for rides. The principal saw my two waiting and offered them to use HIS office phone. While Dove was calling he asked Dash if he knew the capital of Cuba..."Havana" answered he. Then he was given a highlighter for his reward. He was very proud of it. Dash did his reading after the boys left. That kid is in 4th grade reading ...Lord of the ring! He finished 50 pages in his half hour reading time. Dude! Wow I am impressed.

I'll have them get tomorrows clothing out. It was so awesome to have that all set this morning. They love school! oh how wonderful a blessing this is for us, for them. The peace was so wonderful. There was only a 5 minute stress moment for Dove. It passed quickly however for she actually improvised and used a different belt. That is huge for a teen to be able to let go of what they want to use.
WOW a 13 year old and a 10 year old up and ready before breakfast with 15 minutes of sweet play together before and after breakfast. I love being a mom. These two played so wonderfully and silly tonight. The break from each other really made for a nice evening of enjoyment. They even ate all their supper and thanked me for a yummy dinner.

Canned chicken, rice with some frozen mixed vegetables. Added was some of the dehydrated mushroom powder and herbs. It was simple with raw orange bell peppers on the side. Plates were clean! Dove then served us some desert and picked up all the plates after!  She was telling me about a friend who has 12 chores to do every day. She was stunned at how much her mom made her do. Now she is doing it as well as her other chores all on a voluntary generously kind manner...Without even being asked!!!!!!!!

I am blessed. Today the fellow loaded up the truck with a FULL bed or rich garden soil. Tomorrow my knee shots. The EEG went well this morning. I'll learn results on Monday morning. It is routine so no real concerns.

First day of school

Good Morning!

Oh their off
The first quiet morning since the end of May.
It is so nice to see them in good spirits about starting school. Lunches made bellies full. Last night I cooked up a big 5 pound roll of sausage into patties and some crumbles. So with an English muffin and mayo, an egg cooked within a stainless steal ring Dash had a home made sausage Mom muffin. Baked up a fast batch of blueberry muffins for Dove. Juice and the vitamins, calcium 'C' and omega supplements the little bodies are ready to learn and have this adventure called the first day of school.

The infusion went better than the first one. It is our hope that eventually the IV anti nausea medication can be dropped for it knocks me out. My strength is returning. Overdoing it yesterday did not help but the energy was there to do it. It, being grocery shopping for a month. The last big shop was in May. I don't shop much in the summer. With our heat it does not make good practice. The pantry and freezers were emptied of the old fodder. So now it will all be new. Non to fast we were down to the last roll of toilet paper. I get it at Costco in a 36 roll industrial size. I had to get it accomplished for the morrow brings the first of three bi-lateral knee injections of synvisk. One series a week for three weeks in a row. Then the next infusion will be the last week of the month. A three week interval as to get a schedule set that works with my life. That way I will not be forced to miss the American Sewing Guild meetings. It is a thing I do just for me to keep my skills up and for fellowship of like minded folks.

Today an EEG will be done at 10 a.m. to keep watch on the spots on my brain. The neurologist just wants to do that once a year to watch for any changes. My speech patterns are getting a little strange at times. Very often many many times a day I will use a visual word of something I am looking at when efforts to share thought instead. The kids are beginning to get used to me doing it. Although I offered to help in the class rooms I think I might just back out. Stress just seems to exasperate it.

The sweet Lord provided a load of FREE quality garden soil from the fellow that I got the garden sink from. I was to go help load it today but my back is angry at me over the grocery shopping yesterday. With kids in tow (shoot me!) and the lead in adds $130. was out of pocket and $140 was free. Over 50% off for the coupons were doubled and also they honored competitors coupons. Then I went over to the Costco and got $300. worth of papers, can goods and freezer foods for easy preparation over the next month. Readied the house for the next 20 days of inactivity from me. Steve will easily be able to heat and serve. I was made able to accomplish it all. Ya!

So today the EEG and with gooey hair (hat required) I'll drive over to load the dirt. The fellow has a wheel chair bound little 4 year old boy. Calling him this morning I found out that several of his buddies went there last night and he put them to work loading all the garden soil from his raised beds into barrels and tubs. Bless God with an angry back I was sweating it a bit this morning. He is a renter and has been transferred to Texas. He will be fined if he does not return the property to original state so we each benefit. It all works out and everything matters to God as it should to us. Then home shower the goop out of my hair and rest until the kids get home. Although my strength was returned pacing it is in order. With the first injections tomorrow rest is best so it responds easier. Steve is taking tomorrow off! Bless him he is exhausted. Last three weeks his two bosses over him were on vacation. He needs a rest too. So he will drive me two and from. I was wondering how that was going to work. I thought that I might have to drive myself home. Oh it is such a sweet relief to know that will not be the case.

  With the kids back to school I am hoping to have time to blog again.
As you all know the kids come first.
Summer is about being there for them first.

Monday, August 9, 2010

checking in

Hope you all are doing well and finding peace and pleasure in the work of your hands
I'm doing good just real busy school starts on Wednesday

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Please pray for her parents and family
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