Friday, September 12, 2008

When it rains it pours...and waters the garden for you...

Hello, All
It has been a week of challenge ,trial and hope. One of kindness offered ,received and embraced. A week of great pain and triumph. Provision and urgency. When it rains it pours, and gratefully it waters the garden when I am not able. It has been the end of our monsoon here. So amazing all month that each time I was incapacitated the rains came and a shower or deluge watered for me and kept the garden going.
Knowing Monday that the last of the knee injections was to happen after Bible Study on Tuesday ...I worked very hard to get all the priority things done. Then for the few minutes I had on Tuesday morning after the kids were off on the buss...well it is not how I wish it were around here. Knowing however I have done my best I was pretty much at peace.

I loved Bible study ! The prayer fellowship before hand filled my heart with rich pursuits of intercessions. Compassion's for those who need them, as we all do. There was one particular soul who came up to me thanking me for prayer for here. She said"thank you for praying for me no one ever really has before"...This child is a mother of a three year old and getting married in October. She faces bigotry for her American Indian fiance is judges Hispanic and here in Arizona the racism is flourishing. I am going to celebrate this child by making her bridal jewelery. I saw what to do in a dream last night.
We broke into study groups and I joined the group on Motherhood. It was a varied group of around 10 ladies. I so enjoyed the shared minds and conversation.
Leaving early to meet Julie here...I got here just as she had sat down on the front porch...I headed off for my last knee injection.

My sweet "Jewels (Julie)" has tendered and transported me three weeks in a row now. I have made some decisions and some progress in my goals.
I had an Epiphany that just because the surgeon has indicated I need a knee replacement that I do not have to just resign myself to it. I have decided to join a 12 step program for over eaters. I am a compulsive over eater. An emotion, stress eater. Lord know with the stresses of my life that I need Him and I surrender. I need help. I researched a meeting and found on on Saturday mornings. I will attend tomorrow.

Well after the injection I extended myself within reasonable limits and took Julie and myself to lunch. She drove and let me off at the curb. It was a great effort to accomplish and at the end of it I was spent. Empty and needing to rest. Well...However badly I needed to ice and rest it was not going to happen...
The alarm in the deep freezer was going off! Mr U had inadvertently left the door ajar and the 100* garage had melted everything that was in the door and This time the 15 year plus unit was done giving us service.
I prayed and saw us at a Lowe's and with a unit replacing the dead one by night fall.
I contacted my Beloved hubby and he was on his was home early...Then It occurred to me that as I saw Dove getting off the bus alone that Dash had student counsel and I need to drive on that poor knee and go to get him. Both knees were a blaze but the right knee is much more angry and intense in the pain.
As I pulled into the driveway and the young ones ran in to potty and get snacks...My love pulled in . I got into the passengers seat and we all loaded up and went to the place I saw us going too. There it was but no apparent way to deliver it.
I knew that it would be here so I told the salesman so. I told him after "the impossible!" was noted that I have watched my God do it even so...Then he asked and it seamed no way...The kids and Daddy man went to go get the car and I slowly , humbly rode a cart to the door. Painfully limping to the car just after the sales man had had an Epiphany..."we do rent trucks and we do have two of the models in stock"...
I got in the car and told my Hunney. We were almost on "E" so we went to go get fuel and he dropped me off to go into a Costco to see if they had a unit. (knowing all the while the other one was ours ) I did so to respect my husband. I limped into the store and got a cart and rode said cart into the isle only to discover they only sold chest type units.
I met the family at the entrence and we all loaded up and returned to lowe's to get the truck rental and the unit. I limped back to get a different electric chair cart and was then met by the family. Mr U rented the truchk and I bought the unit, handed him the reciept and took the kids home. I called a good friend for help and the drive home was escutiatingly painful!
Got home and the kids got laundry baskets for me and I did my best to empty all the grains and things that could be unloaded and transfered it all over to the other freezers best I could. The men pulled up about the same time. They got the rest of the unloading deligated over to them and I inched my way to the sofa with the ice packs.
My right knee bled under the knee cap.
I have been down ever sence resting and enduring the painful aftermath.

Well Wednesday at 3 a.m. apparently in my sleep I rolled over just as My darling was retuning to bed after a bathroom trip...His knee with great force met my right knee under the covers and I awoke screaming. For three hours I lay trying not to vomit from the pain. He rubbed my back sweetly. Poor guy feels so terrible. I told him (trying to keep light heart ed) that it has a target on it.
So I have a bruse now under the knee cap and over the knee cap as well. Down the shin is beging to subside from under the knee cap. When it rains it pours. I lost my self controll with Dash and yelled at him terribly. I appoligized we made up but he is still angry at me.
Every day God has blessed my little community with a monsoon shower. My garden lives. The tomatoes will need to be replanted but All matters to My Father. My efforts are no in vain.

Now by Thursday (yesterday) morning life was not so great. My resolve was faltering and my spirit weakening. Loneliness set in and so I used my tools and reached out. Thank you Denise and Debbie. I needed your ear and I know it still must be cooling Ha ha.
I was so hungry and I prayed and asked God for help. Debbie my dear friend called. she asked if she could bring some food and I recieved humbly, thankfully. I told her that I was SO craving a red bell pepper to just eat like an apple, she was hummored and then explained. At the grocery they were on special, normally she never purchaces them for they are costly...she was standing there eating a slice of one when I asked. We both were humored and I really felt embraced , both by Debbie but also by the provision. God touched me tenderly in that red bell peper. I though of that old prophet who was given bread by that Raven. :)
She went to a store that has the thing that have no dairy and no wheat. She went to some great lengths to get soy yogurt and hummus and salad. It felt so good to eat salad. I had the soy yogurt for desert. The children all had salad and yogurt for breakfast this morning. Good , healthy foods like we were so accustomed too. This last month with the implant surgury and the three weeks of knee shots has been hard.

After I spoke with Debbie another call came in. It was my Dear sweet Mother-in-Love she was concerned about me and when she heard the saga she wanted to go rent a wheel chair for me. We recalled that they had the walker. I needed snacks for the kids after school also. I have a little girl who comes on Thursday. Her Mother is a single Mom and the girls are best friends. I had prayed because I could not think of any snacks without trying to make one. The Grandparents came. Arriving just as the school bus did. The kids ran to the house with joy to see them. They had snacks. Cookies and pretzels. I had juice an the young ones needs were met.
She also gave me the cutest top perfect colors for a pair of capries that I had little to match. She passed on several patterns for girls clothing.
The folks helped me alot. Grandma tended the kids for snacks and Granpa called me into my closet and asked me to suppervize while he hung the clean clothing I had stacked on a bench in the closet. I have not been able to get it hung. The child who was with us told me how ..."I feel like I have two homes...Mrs J Your a good mom." It really was so sweet.
For three weeks now every seventh day I am down for 48 hours. All the while recovering from this implant surgury in my mouth. I might get the stitches out in two more weeks.
Rain, rain, rain...

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If it were not for the rain we would all dry up and wither away into complacancy. :)
The garden still lives, the chickens are getting big and I am doing better today.
The walker made me able to slowly join the kids at the bus stop. I am able too move me left knee very well. The right knee is not so happy it is still not too pleasant. It did feel right to give it a "little " exercise by walking to the stop with the kids. I think it is helping the bruse disapate.

I am going to try to do a wedding set for that sweet woman.
I may be doing a jewelry show on 11-15 to sell my art work.
I need to call on it. I need to do paper work and that is a sitting down job.
Well it is time to go ice my knees. Good day to all of you.
Thank you for your prayers they make me warm.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Yesterday at 3 a.m. I awoke to prayer for a former neighbor and my family and to try to catch up a bit around here.
The last three weeks I have had knee injections and the nest day oral surgery for the implant.
That put me down four days of the seven.
The next week not even a full week I had another set of shots and was out for two more days. Limping, ice and stacks of undone dishes have become too normal here. Then today seven days later here I am up at 4:44. I was able to do the meal plan and added a task list yesterday.
I am already far behind on the list due to having to take a long trip north.
My trip was a delight it rained as I pulled out of the garage (yes I managed to clear it out! and get my car in! yepee!
It rained as I traveled north.
It was hot and clear and the trip back. Beautiful drive.
I got a lot of laundry done and am longing for a clothes line.
It looks as if I had been on strike here.
Laundry is high piles of come hither..before nakedness is your only option.

A lot of you have asked me how I do so much and so many varied things.
This is my balance wheel. I try to have a pie piece each day. Some days I only get a big slice of homemaking, or education or craft. Other days I have a nibble of everything. Those days are often most relaxing for I have caught up enough on the big wheel and can be a bit more balanced.

Learning to deligate and to write it down has been a big help. My priorities are not forefront on the mind of my Honey.

I love having the order again. When I took down the big board to sell the house I was a tangled mess of thoughts and a pile of little scraps of paper lost in the mess (as perfectly pretense show palace as it was).

This was another big tackle. I have not been beading and after prayer and reflection I discovered that it was just too dark where my table was sitting. I saw it here and it fit within a 1/4 inch! The sewing desk is mounted to the wall so it really mattered that it fit!
See the humming bird feeder? I get a visit now from two female Anna's hummers. One is a juvinaile.

I have this accomplished this!
big job!

These are findings, purels, glass and such.

The glass and stones and crystals.

books resorces and ideas.

This is household storage of misc. things for fix it jobsl I am a mothe rin a very artist home.

Here I have my trays and woods. I would love to get three more drawer sets. One for woods, perels adn the plastics (acrylics.)

Boxes and bags and shipping,

There is another container with a few other things also.

I have an order from Dash's teacher to bring several to the school. I will make a few others and do so.

Sunday I worked on getting everything uniform on the display.
I made 15 pair of earrings and those for autumn colors.
I have a show for November 15th. I hope to earn some Christmas money and maybe and extra principal payment or two. Even a little vacation would be great.

The back of the peg stand could be painted and used tooo.

Winter,Summer Autoumn and Spring are in order. I worked on Autoumn.

Here are another 14 pair or so of autumn I will finish this week
I have a show in mid novemeber. I would also loke to get me etsy store up soom.

I love the light here and the hummers. To my right is the garden plot. I'm green beans are getting tall.

Out the other window a clean coop and a full feader thanks to Dove.

I would love to get this all in order and nice.

cutting table says "help me"

I gave the dogs a foam pad.

This got half dome yesterday.

Hidden in my paper mounds....

I would like to find a better way for the childrens tools to be available to them.
I want to use this table to have evening meal on soon.

Yes this is a big job!

This is the cutting table...
I want it back....
Well that is my desire.
It is ^:15 and the lunches need to be made and the dogs watered.
Loving you all.

Menu Plan Monday

Good Morning!
I awoke yesterday at 3 a.m. and was able to do my meal plan.
Yet I still did not get the post up with all the many task in the garden and coop to tend.
I gifted the family and myself with a new cook book. Normally I just use old tried and true recipes or old books for ideas. I wanted some fresh ideas and I enjoy her methods and humor.
It was found by chance at a discount store, I listened when my heart jumped.

The big board is back.
Life this year has been a real ride with packing up the estate to sell and now moving it all back in. It really is surprising though how satisfying it is to redo the home just for us. Not for show, not for pleasing others or just filling in as things become acquired, but as I would like them.
I have added tasks list to the big board.
click on the image and it will enlarge.
I will have a challenging next few days for I have my last set of injections in my knees today after Bible study.
I was not able to get to the grocery so yesterday was not prepared.
It was a cereal fair.
Best laid plans...:)
I spent the whole of the day tending tasks in the garden and laundry and picking up the house. Driving up to Scottsdale to get a prescription at the apothecary shop.
Once the kids got home I was exhausted and fell asleep!
Dove washed Rena while a nap over came me.
Rena the golden rolled in the grass where I had mucked from the chicken tractor. Dove is really showing initiative. Yesterday morning I found the bird feeder filled by her. Never though does she say "look what I did".. It is always silent and thoughtful. She is a lot like her Daddy in that.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Carnival of Family Life * Family Travel

Adventure and wonder is tied up in our hearts.
Every so often it must be unfettered to safely fly and stretch wing into flight so matter how courageous.

The men took the kids on such a"Grand Day Out".
After a very long drive to the high country the day was all but spoiled when the navigation's failed on the GPS.
All would have been lost were it not for the quick reflection of Godly kids and a Dad who lead them.
They prayed...
Moments later in that vast forest the opening of the cave was exposed.

Sliding on bottoms you enter the small opening.
A cave Daddy man has often visited in his life as a native Arizonan.

The flows, straws and stalagmites/stalactites were a wonderland for eager minds.

Everyone was well equipped (except I would of liked to see them roped together personally)

This is the first pool

very tall and about 2 1/2 feet deep.
Clear until they mucked in it.

The children had a instant shocking study in the temperature difference an under earth pool has under the above ground.
Like 40 degrees. They were shocked by the cold water.

All was well I am told except after these were to be placed back on.
The socks were BLACK!
I told Daddy Man to remember this...
When they get to be melting down on you give them food! A snack every so
He reported back the wisdom of my council and the quick effect of said snack, it saved the day!

Clicking on images will enlarge them.
See the ceiling straws.
The children know not to destroy.
Dove was the first on across the pool.
The girl loves an adventure.
(I would of liked a rope :)

This is the wall you have to climb to get to the pool.
It is the wall of the first chamber as you slide into the opening.

On top of the wall the children caught first sight of the first pool and the far wall.


Spelunking is caving.

Me I stayed home and played in the solitude.


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Please pray for her parents and family
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