Saturday, June 14, 2008

Photo Hunt

"I just want a love"

"Mom said it was alright"...

"Oh mom I love sitting on your lap"
When Willy came home at 8 weeks he fit in my hand and spent many evenings on my lap.
Now at 85 pounds he just wants to be where he thinks he belongs.
He is so loving.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Time alone

Mr uncommon and the kids just left.
They finished supper and the Mr. bent down and whispered to me. "would you like some time alone?"...
They all just left to go to the park for two hours.
As we were walking out of his office he took me by the hand and lead me out to the garage and said "I don't know if your interested , but ..." and handed me a DVD.
Since and Sincability...I have never watched it.
He said "It is a chick flick...I thought you might like it"!
He said "I thought you might just like some time to watch a movie"
I am dumb founded.
I think I'll go watch a movie....No interruptions...I want chocolate! I'll go get some and then watch the movie! :)
Wow! Happy Friday!

Aloha Friday

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday.

Join us at "Island Life"

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog

Today’s question is: Do you shave your dogs in the summer?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. My kids are lovin' the home made juice pop cycles. These are 100 % juice. Blueberry and the other Black Cherry and maybe $1.00 worth of juice for 8 of them. Very healthy! Very inexpensive too! $4. for the two sets of plastic re-usable pop cycle makers. They have a straw built in and the juice can be sipped up as they melt. On sale I can find a bit of a comparable at $3.50 for 6 of them. Dash wants to try Orange Juice or pineapple juice. I think a coffee with soy milk would be yummy!
2. I over heard Dove last night. She was alone with her brother..."Dash" she said, "you know when I made fun of you today... (he said yes) I'm sorry I treated you that way"...He said thank you Dove".
Then I heard her say " ...and Dash when I teased you about not going into the water fall that was not very nice for me to do...I'm sorry"...Dash replied..."I forgive you Dove"
Dove then added " and you know brother when I fight with you ,It's not o.k., I really want to be nicer to you"... He said Thanks Dove...I want to be nice to you too..."
I was washing dishes at the time and just felt the warmth of success and the joy of know that the future of my children is founded.
And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children."
3. Dove was "Board" ... "I'm Board and want to go for a play date mom...She said to Dash you go ask her... You have the cuter eyes!HA!
So she said I'm board... So...I told her to go swap the laundry she said "No", I firmly told her to go do so. Then I told Dash to go help. Then they had to repeat that they were board. I told them They could find something to do or they can help with chores there are a lot of them I could find for them to do.
I had Dash give the dogs water then...
I asked them if they were still board...I heard a roaring "NO MOM" then Dash pipes in "Even if I were Mom I won't tell you!
4. I have 5 dove outside the window cooing.
5. I asked Dove to get me a snack and she just offered her brother one.
6. Beloved called and I told him about # 3 and then we laughed about me being a hard driver. The song came to me "I'm looking for a hard loving woman...One who will make me do my best..and if I find a hard lovin' woman I know the rest of my life would be blessed...yes,yes," I sung it to him and asked him are ya blessed. He said yes. I think it lifted him.
7. The kids pitched in and wanted to help make lunch so.. Dash stirred the wet ingredients and ground the herbs for the egg salad and then Dove asked to help. She got the plates and mixed all the ingredients together. She set out the bread.The kids ate EGG SALAD gleefully because they helped make it. Dove had most of hers except the crust. My kids normally eat the crust. I do not let them waist it. Dove with her new braces was told she did not have to today it is better to just eat the soft part. She ate it up!
8. I am enjoying the kids emerging independence. Not only is it lightening my load but they feel so good about them selfs.
9. Dash woke Daddy Man up with the "Your the best Dad in the whole world!" glee.
10. Dash loves my tools. I told him there is nothing better than a good tool to save up and get the best you can afford. It is better to wait and save for a good tool and buy it once. He said "Mom Lego's are my tools" :)
11. Dove is making those faces that come with new braces. She is trying to get used to them. she very seldom makes a complaint. Just if things are hard to eat. She asks me to cut them up small.
12. Willy the Lab is outside in time out! He ate a garbage can full of the compost type trash! all over the porch! I know that it was me who left the can just outside the door. It was while the breakfast eggs were cooking. I will give him mercy but he better not puke!
13. Oh those puppy dog eyes! :)

Thankful Thursday

Good Morning!
Yes a "Good Morning"
I am celebrating this fresh day.
Last night I beaded and fell into a time of singing hymns! Yes! Me as deeply the pit consumed me found the rim and was lifted up to stand away from the edge.
Play had a lot to do with it.
Dash said to me last nigh..."Wow, Mom, you sound happy"...
"yes", I told him..."I feel happy"

Well it is & a.m. and I have made Beloveds lunch, started the washer (my maid) and also began the fest for my little Grateful Dash man. He comes into the kitchen and the first thing out of his mouth was. "I am so glad that I get to have to wonderful dogs, Mom"
He had asked last week for some sausage.
I got a smoken' deal on eggs too, so divine :) eggs and egg salad this weekend.

I opened up a couple of cans of pineapple juice also. Yum!

I remembered the little unit that sits upon my jewelers desk that is out in storage. I thought if I could reach it ....I got it set up. Having my craft back is really filling up my soul.

Here are a few of my creations. I have earrings to match laid out.
I LOVE the pink one. It is antique swavorski with raspberry quartz.
The yellow crystals are over 20 yrs old and then some. I got them as a broken necklace at an antique store years ago.

This is my Gratitude!~

Last night I sang while I beaded. This the first songs I have released for some time.
I found my son s hand on mine awaiting an interruption to speak. He did not talk over my praise just stood there with his hand on mine , this happened a few times.
While in the shower I heard a song.
"It's getting better all the time"
"Knock, knock, knocken' on heavens door...I'm knock, knock, knocken' on heavens door"
Then it occurred to me...

We have made a decision to sell this house and get out of debt!
I have had a battle with whether it is Gods will or not because it is just not selling yet...
Well It is My Dear Abba God who above all things gives me a free will.
We choose to get out of debt!
We choose to sell...
So just because it is not happening fast caused me doubt.
Just because it is hard (Oh yes very hard) thing to do. I wonder in the suffering if it is Gods will.
Well It is hard and I will have to just keep knockin' on heavens door!
I will just have to depend on Him...
For I do truly believe that it is Him who Gives us the desires of our hearts.
But...a big but... He did not say that we would be free of tribulations.
He did not say fighting the good fight would be easy...
He did not say it would be without suffering or struggle.
HE SAID "that He has overcome the world"
that "In Him we can do all things."
Knock knock knockin" on heavens door.
I will tell him my hearts desire and stop the double mindedness!
It is the double mindedness that is so crazy making.
It may take forever to sell ( I hope not :).
It may sell tomorrow, but! It is our decision to get free of debt. That includes a Mortgage!
Is it going to be easy...NO!
It is hard, It is sacrifice and it is work!
It is going to take time!

I am empowered today.
I am no longer wondering if it is Gods will or not.
I am walking in the direction the course we set.
As hard as it is that is what we as a team have set our mind too.
We hope that we can do this without loosing too much of our capital.
We will however gain our freedom.
I do not have to sell this house.
I have to trust God to honor our hearts desire.

So I awoke at 6 am ready to do what was required of me toward this end.
I saved $6 by making Beloveds lunch because it really matters.
I really matter.
What I offer matters!
Then I started the washer, made the breakfasts and put the clean dishes away.
Made the bed set the stage to have the house readied just encase...or better said for WHEN the next potential buyer shows up.
Knock, knock, knockin' on heavens door .

"Make your request made known. Ask! I have not because I asked not or asked amiss.
Or it is just in the process.
A story in the O.T. talked about how the angles were sent out and had been battling for many days and finally the Arch Angle came and kicked some enemy butt!
Maybe thats what is happening here.:)
Whatever the case I can not change coarse just because it is hard.
I think I turned a corner!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A short story

I have posted a short story on the other blog "A Life Restored"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Works for Me Wedensday

After my short story I realized that I needed to chill out. I have put myself back into a trunk and shut the lid just to sell this house.
So...I shaved my legs and...To the thrill of the children (and me) announced
"lets go play!"
"Put your suits on!" I finished the bill writing and postage while the kids did the rooms and picked up after them selves.

We Played!
I grabbed some stuff for an impromptu pick nick.
We went to Tempe Town Lake Water Park.

The kids are center shot Dash in a ball, Dove on her belly.

Dash gets so cold. He is so very skinny. He eats a lot but burns it all off.
Hence the name Dash Hawk.

Dove loves the water fall.

I was surprised that they had three life guards on duty.
It is open until 8 p.m.
I got out of the house and played!
Now I am refreshed.

I talked to the Realtor and lowered the asking price on the House another $5000.
I told her that I need more notice to get ready and that I set up a table to do my bead work.
I am doing WHAT WORKS FOR ME...Taking care of myself.


1930's wife


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

Ha! this is funny!
If you click the pale high lighted line you too can take the test.

Tackle It Tuesday

"5 minutes for Mom"

Today at 5 minutes for mom, she spoke to my heart. It has been a tough time at the "life Uncommon". I have been battling Depression/Anxiety disorder brought on by the intense stress of the journey. My Brain Chemical balance has suffered just too many a blows. So I have been a bit off my normal self.
I have been getting my medications balanced and it has been so very difficult. Lethargy being a side effect is one that just plain goes against my own personality. Embarrassed over it I have sorta pulled back.
This morning I was aware that by accident I took my Medication twice last light. That left me somewhat incapacitated until well after 11 a.m..
I have been doing research to make sure I am an the right type of medication and am pleased to find that I am.
I found a helpful web sight
This was on the local PBS station the other night and I have been reading. I hope to find the book when I can budget it. I think it may be very helpful to get my brain health in order. This information can really take away the stigma from folks who suffer alone. We can help ourselves to get better. It is a real informative study.

So this was my tackle today.
To fix a meal and love on the children.

Clean the kitchen and do some little laundry

I may do some more beading tonight.

Garlic bread My way.
This will produce a crunchy crust and moist salty tender center.

French bread sliced on the deep diagonal.

Yes, it must be done right to be done well. :)

Melt the butter, I find this works best.
It allows the butter to absorb into the bread.

You actually use less then when you spread it.
Shake the garlic salt over the buttered bread.
The butter makes the garlic salt melt into the fibers.

Re-stack you loaf.
This keeps in the moisture and then the foil shinny side in makes the crust crunchy!
Oh Man! This is desert!

Wrap the bread and set aside until 15 minutes before you serve your supper.
I have a convection micro-wave oven.
I use it to keep the house cooler.

Beef Stew
This is not Denty Moore:)

Dash Hawk wants to have a cooking lesson. This goes right along with my tackle for the day. One on one with the kids. So...
I thought I would turn it into a post.

Dicing carrots.
If you do as illustrated... you will have a carrot with a flat surface this helps keep you safe as you first slice then cube into smile pieces.

See how if you slice it first in half and place the flat side down... Now you can thin the slice again.
Now cut each half in long slices. Then by cutting across the length you create cube. Diced carrots.:) Mine are organic. These can be purchased frozen but have little comparison to the real thing.

Dash thinks this is cool!
I dice all ingredients very fine.
Dove got braces yesterday, and My Uncommon a new crown today.
Dental Mercy :)

Standing rib roast left overs from steaks broiled the other night. The standing rib roast was purchased and frozen at Easter. It was a $60 roast for $12. due to a seasonal add. I got a few of them and froze them. As I use the roast I cut them down as steaks in the summer as to not run the oven for hours roasting a large roast.

De fat now, dice and set aside.

Hot pan...cold Olive oil just to cover bottom of pan.
Diced carrots and white onions.

Dash knows this and is now adding the veggies when the oil is hot.

Now My kids DO NOT eat potatoes.
While you may wonder (in Russia the orphanage gave them potato water when they ran out of milk for them.)
The thickening of the stew is one that is not just empty flour or corn starch. I use powdered potato flakes
( I do not use the store bought due to the preservatives).

Sweat the carrots and onions in oil.
Now add diced meat to sweat out the marble in the meat.
No one likes to bite into fat!
This will melt anything you may have missed when you de-fatted the steak.

Other ingredients
Next add the broth, and barley ( a wonderfully nutritious grain).
I use my motor and pestle at this point.
I added basil, oregano and garlic salt into motor.
The salt in the garlic salt will be the abrasive to power the herbs into a dust.
That dust is one, to go through all the pot and season evenly.

Add corn, peas and a can of diced tomatoes...
Now add some Braggs, and some browning.
Thicken with the potato flakes when they are not watching :)

Stew and French bread
Life accomplished.

Lay out of necklace set and 2 bracelets for later tonight.
Oh ya!
I pulled up hard and pushed through too.
The family was so grateful for the supper.
It was a nice accomplishment.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Getting Braces Little Doves Big Adventure

Oh how very privileged she is to get to have these.
I am so glad we can do this for her.

When they called dove to come back I approached her and told her to come along...
"I'M not going!...this is not happening!" She said...and teared up

Linda our tech was awesome! She was so patient and gentle and went slowly with Dove.
My dove cried , scared...I held her legs and Linda spoke softly and let Dove tell her worries. She consoled and lovingly stroked her head. Dove began to panic!

She was trying so hard to be brave. She was scared then angry and then resigned. She clung onto me like a vice. I had to lay across her legs to keep her grounded. I explained to Linda that she has Sensory Integration issues and that she free floats in space. Linda told her to keep her eyes open and to look into her eyes. I told dove to think about her Tree house that she is building as an adult. To pretend to paint the walls. She began to have a panic attack and was able to defuse.
Bless God!

She was terrified until after the first bracket was glued on. We let her calm and then told her that it was going to just happen like that over and over as we do all the teeth. She was much calmer.
Dash was around the corner very patiently awaiting. The normally one hour appointment was 2 hours long to give Dove the ease she needed. They were so fantastic! Her special needs were cared for. I had to stop the girl at this point for she had Latex gloves on! I asked her to please remove them. She said oh it is most often just the dust.." I said "no I am allergic". She said "well in the future you should have us flag her chart"...I said ..."I did" She finished that tooth and left to get different gloves. She returned and told me that she was sorry that it was an oversight it was flagged on her chart, and that she had informed the doctor of her mistake. I washed Doves face off with a paper towel. I told her..."I am going to be kissing that sweet little face and I just cannot risk an asthma attack."

This is after the brackets or glued in place.

This is "what did you do?"

This is "Oh I can still smile"
She renced and saw her self in the mirror and said "I look ridiculous!" Just then a very sweet 16 yr old piped up "no you don't!, It will get'll see"
Oh blessed youth of that girl and to be so supportive of dove that way.
Dash then saw her and said "COOL, those are pretty!"

Back to the chair for wires and bands.
Again she needed me to lay my body across her legs and I helped to call her into relaxing her toe, legs, bum, arms hand and so on. It really helped her and she showed a good measure of control over her anxiety disorder. I told her that she was useing her tools. How grown up she was.

Blue Bands thank you....
Dash was so very curious and had to come see what was happening.
He was so patient while we worked.

We came home and had lunch.
Then as a special joy we all drove over to our dear friends.

My sweet Sis is ill with the dizzies,
Please pray for her.
She did not feel much up to a visit so she excused me to go do my grocery shopping. I borrowed her ice chest and did so.

Child's Play.
He son just learned two songs on guitar (six months of lessons and practice) he did a great job!
Dove was warmly accepted by her friends and feels good about herself in her new braces.
She is cute as a bugs ear!

Week end review

The day was a rush, I awoke to having to mop clean and dishes kitchen and all the rest. The dogs got over to the neighbors before 9a.m.
The kids did a great job on their bedrooms.
I h ad thirty people coming for the Realtors Tour. The feedback was that we were priced too high. All these folks were from the gilbert office. In that area there are many more foreclosures. Whole communities are turning into rentals.

I took Little Dove to her Orthodontic appointment. I had a shocker! I thought she had one more baby tooth to come out yet. Nope she is ready for braces! We have to have Two teeth removed though! She will have a facial/cranial X ray tomorrow. She did pretty well in the chair. I had to place my hand on her leg to keep her from free floating. Dash did well on a nearby sofa. I could not see him though and I was a bit stressed. We awaited the financial meeting by walking over to set up an appointment for the S ray. Upon my return Dove began to melt down. She was going into anxiety and stress. I had to leave her to play with Dash on some computer games while I had the meeting. I was upset to be told that the cost had increased $460. from what I had been told last year. So

I took Dove to get her x ray
After Dove got her facial X Ray I took the kids home.

Sunday I was very depressed and just worn out a bit of the process. Beloved came into the bedroom where I was just sleeping the day away and told me that he found a Bead Museum! My life began to flow in my veins again. I got a bit excited! We headed out on the road. We went to a book store and then to get taco's. Dash fell to his knees saying " my chest hurts!"
It was not clear if it was hunger or asthma. We watched him and no asthma signs. He ate three burritos. Then we hurried home to give him some albueral. He came in and went streight to his bed and laid down Not like my boy.
So we let him rest and I went out to water the plants and muster my character to rise to the dis apointment of not going to see the bead. My heart fell within me at the added stress of Dash ill again.
After he got to put his toy together he was much better???
So Beloved mad an executive decision.
We were off to go to the bead museum. Dash was fine. I was once again begining to feel a bit of relief over getting out out the house.
It was really very interesting. I love the history and cultures and symbolisms. Well each child chose a necklace supplies and then Daddy Man took them for a walk. I had 7 minutes before the place closed and I got a cabochon face that I had been hoping for to learn a new skill.
I was so refreshed. The depression lightened.
Beloved said "No MORE! I do not care what the Realtors say you have got to live!"
He set up a table in the kitchen and said bead! I played for three hours and felt so refreshed. The sorting of beads really eases this awful anxiety my brain is causing. It is so annoying to have to fight my own body to keep my peace.

Off to get braces! Fill this in when I get time.
Have a great day!

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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