Saturday, May 1, 2010

typo misunderstanding

One little key
a 'c' instead of a "k' can make the difference to have everyone who cares about me panicked over my well being.
In the post of April 20
I stated I had a cancer sore in my mouth
It should of read...CANKER sore. I am so sorry for any grief this may have caused any of you.

I had a call today from my poor sister who had had many contact her in great concern over me.
I had no idea. For some reason the post of 4/20 posted on face book today scaring everyone.

For those of you who may have read the post on that day how I now understand your sweet concern.
I love all of you. So sorry for that "C" typo
"K" makes the hard sound hahah :)
Oh the difference a "c" can make.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some day's just shine

Awaking this morn a little better rested. Clean sheets, shower and an earlier bedtime helped some. Sleep was disturbed and few hours of rem but enough to feel human and sit myself up in bed.
Early morning calls me to the kitchen once dressed. The normal 5 day a week  tending to making the lunches. There sat my son (sun) all smiles and a little giddy.

" Well good morning sweet heart"....his eyes gazed over taking mine along. There on the counter top sat a towel and 6 slices of bread laid out in a row. Mayo a knife, mustard...

I was so touched, stunned with the depth of my little mans thoughtful kindness. I stood a moment and looking at him just took him in. His beauty of character causing me to marvel at the wonder of it all.
There a boy who searched and searched for a towel because the drawer with the sandwich towels was empty. Finding one of the service towel in the cupboard after his long search.

Steve had though he had heard clunking but this was before the 6 a.m. call to rise had pulled us out of the slumber where sound mix with dreams.

I have been taking in all of the data received regarding my heath. A test that will be repeated seems to indicate a possibility that I will be needing infusions of antibodies. Apparently if the study proves out to have said results of last I may have a genetic disorder where my body is not making antibodies. Explains the frequent infections of a life time of my life time. After May 10 th the test will be drawn. We have to await the time to get the steroids out of my system from the dental surgery.
It will take a few weeks after that to confirm or dismiss the results of the first study. It is not to be taken lightly to need the infusions. Meanwhile I must use care to keep myself clear of contagions as much as possible. A lot to take in.
an organized medication cupboard
 This is the overflow of the things grabbed with coupons of on clearance that are used month after month
It is also the first aide station
I organized the bag and went through it tossing outdated supply
as well as in the medication cupboard

I had the day again as did I Tuesday until just after 4. Dove started choir two days a week. The singing of the angelic adolescent charms me daily now. It is awesome. Dash get a 45 minute time to go over and play three doors from the school at the grandparents of his buddies. Steve fetches them on his way home. Thus leaving me now two the days this week without care for anyone save my own soul and body. My mind has rested as well. Hence the absence.

Alex is right in that I am well yes. As you may read her comment on last drew me to tear today. That kind of faith and love toward and in me deeply refreshed and empowered my day. Thank You Jamie. Denise Denise both of you and Annette...Ladonna all of you those prayers those workd of edification touch me.

Touching my heart has also been at task this week of non but heart issues mattering. Between beading just for myself. Tinkering cleaning out cupboard and all the little quiet jobs in between 4-5 hours of sitting here just reading and watching HULU TV, mindless yes with full intent to be so. Just stopping and setting my soul aside. This rest I speak of is quiet as well. Stringing beads while often just the sounds of the shows echo in the foreground yet visually engrossed in the beauty of the glass bead before me. soothing and cathartic.

I do so long for the CPCP machine and to be renewed with the oxygen my body is so starved for. The absence of the jaw pain these last two days is a breath of fresh reprieve as well. Challenged but never broken. Tired but never worn out.
I will give my life to sounds of freedom. So come on all you unbelievers get out of the way. There is a new army coming and we are armed with faith.
I set down my chains till only faith remains.
I set down my chains
by jewel

A life uncommon.
her words are the inspiration of this my blog...My life uncommon.

This evening my Dove asked to attend the concert of her peers at the elementary. Her friends were so very touched that she would actually attend in support of their efforts. I took her to a ice cream where all the family's go. She sat with her pals. I sat and read. "Sunflowers" by Wiesenthal ...Wow powerful powerful stuff. I am now again inspired that I do need to pen my story one day.

The children are at bed now. Dove in her room all this week. Has made choice tonight to postpone the very event (a sleep over ) that has been her inspiration and target to set the goal. Her little girlfriend had helped to deliver her cat of six kits. Five of them died at birth in her hands...poor child. Please have this on in Prayer..."D" ( I use no child's' name in my blogs)

Well Steve just came to me. In our closed bedroom door found he a note.
It said
"I love you"
When he asked our Dove who she had intended it for she said..."both of you"

Now I am called to her just now...I will hear of her heart and the things on her mind. She will close her eyes as I read to her from an American girl book on "the care and keeping of you"...

Shines it does
it shines.

Ya all be blessed and embraced. Know that I am at peace and at ease. Tending my soul and the lives of those around me.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sleep apneia low Gobulin, high Iron and 6 nights in a row for Dove

Wow, another sleep study to do...
There was not enough sleep during the other one. I misunderstood the technician. I do have sleep apnea.
It is mild when a person stops breathing 5x average per hour, moderate when a person stops breathing up to 15 times average per hour...

I stopped breathing 16 times average per hour.
CPAP machine is a must! So another sleep study with CPAP on all night and the technician will calibrate it as I sleep. This explains a lot. Poor old girl just gets no good rest and runs through the night on very low oxygen.
The results on the Iron test were presented today as well. Low iron is a common issue with restless leg well mine is over the top of high. Toxic so I have to get a follow up perhaps with a hematology doc. A course of chelation therapy might be an issue don't really know yet. All this I learned today.
Looked it up a bit. May be due to foods or a congenital thing. I never have had transfusions.

The genetic heritage is really showing face now getting close to 49. One more week. Wow one more year and I will be 50. 50 with a 13year old and a 10 year old! 55 when Dove is 18 and 58 when Dash is 18.

Last Week I got to see the report on the blood work the allergy doc did. I have the follow up on Wednesday afternoon. It seems that I have very low globulin what I understand to be an antibody deficiency. Explains a lot about the infections in the upper respiratory. I'll learn more later.

So tired of the medical stuff and so grateful for insurance. The co-pays are being met at the cost of a holiday and that is a loss but a small one when the country as a whole is considered I am living the high life to be sure. I have decided to grow tomato and radish and ease off on other things. Collect seeds off of the spinach and leek,kale etc for the summer. In the fall the garden will continue in full force. Kids will be out of school and so the scrap for the chickens should last a few more weeks. It is just too hot at 115 to do the work. I matter more and then also the idea of camping comes more easily done.

Dove is in her 6th night in her room. I spend a good amount of time one on one with the kids right now so blog is quiet. There are many sweet silent hours in the day to relax and just rest. Just spending those hours under the wing in the shelter enjoying the company. The surgery on my mouth is almost 2 weeks out now and the pain is now easing.

Well...goodness shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell ...

With the CPAP machine I imagine this girl will be back to her old energetic self in a few weeks time.
I am so tired all the time.
Happy just real tired.
Forced rest hahaha.  don't mean to ignore ya all

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Please pray for her parents and family
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