Saturday, February 26, 2011

just two of the jobs in prosess

 My dress
Dash's quilt.
Posted the process over at A Place To Create Blog
All the quilting is done.
I was able to get the beaded fringe on the dress.

 I have been hand stitching the boarder on all evening.
Dash watched with gratitude and excitement.
About 5/8 around tonight time to go to bed.
Sleep sweet all of you dear souls out there.

On Parenting an ill special needs child

First off thank you for your prayers for Dove.

The retching started up Wednesday again a pattern was emerging. When she was stressed it would get worse. Not too unlike any of us really. It was as if it was expected of her somehow. As I observed and focused on the stillness that holds answers within the most inner part of me. I began to see something, but then it lit up again. So I just stepped back and watched. When Steve got home and sat in the living room, then Dash came in and sat on the air mattress it started up again.
Correcting Dash the discussed looks at Dove, he caught on.
Steve had little of it and demanded a trip to the urgent care to get some help. So it went tough really. Steve became a bit annoyed that Dove was being a wet noodle, calling to much on me to physically assist her. She stood against the exit to go to the Urgent Care Doc. Gave me all kinds of fit. I think I have learned that by just acknowledging..."ya, I know I wouldn't want to go either but we need to go."

That did not stop the verbal battle but she wanted to go with me not Dad. I said to her..." you can either go with me or dad but you need  to go. She chose me at dad became the target of the teenage..."I hate you your so mean" poor guy.
She verbally refused all the way to the place, retching and vomiting (seemingly so). I think that she was so mad that she was even upsetting her constitution. Leaving her nearby in the car I went in to ask if they could receive her. Telling them what they were up for. We got there and they helped us in promptly as too not spread it in the lobby. The triage nurse went to MOP's (moms of preschoolers) at a church we attended when Dove was little. She recognized us.
She was a big help. Although ignorant about the way to address the issues. It is so hard with the kid sitting right there. Dove is not a stupid or dense kid, just a wonderful 13 year old going on 8 at times, with a social cognitive issue and anxiety disorder.

"can she understand, can she speak?" asked the nurse. Yes...
Then the odd looks one gets, like a pity or a....well adoption is an open heart not one that is as prone to expect perfection. Knowing that no child on earth is perfect.

Anyway :) we gave her a shot of fenagrin to stop the retching cycle. She has a sinus infection too. That is what Steve and I suggested before I took her to the ER on Monday night. ER doc...

Post script...sorry so busy over here 
Wednesday night she slept in our room. She let out a little retch and I said "Stop"!
To which she responded "what?"
"Oh No this will not start up again, don't even let it go there.  Keep it from starting Dove"
but to ease the anxiety we made it all very calming for her. The cycle broke bless God. She slept 16 hours! I began to get concerned and went to check her again she was awake in the rest room and had started her period. Poor kid. Perhaps PMS could of played a part in all of this.

She stayed home Thursday but I insisted she sit up on the sofa and encouraged foods. By days end a real turn around. She had finally left the sofa while we were out getting my knee injections.
We left her and Dash home for the 45 minutes we were gone.
As soon as we settled me on the sofa I had Steve help me by removing any and all signs of her being sick in the living room.
Out of sight out of mind. Out of mind out of anxiety. IT WORKED!
She went to school Friday. Mid day I called the nurse at the school to have her call Dove up to office to tend to hygienic needs. This to stave  off the anxiety of having the bathroom door kicked in (yes it happens now). School bathrooms are the one danger place for kids.

Now I am not really sure whether she had flu or not. I now she was sick a 103* was very high. The illness was not faked at all.
It was her reaction to it. 
 The anxiety that caused the every 30 second retching. Once it began she could not stop it. I sorta wonder if she thought she needed to puke just because that ER doc said that she would be soon. She began the retch right after while we were being discharged. It all worked out. I just think it important to share the knowledge with other moms.

WE HAD TO Remove the cycle of retching with meds for she could not stop it on her own.
Kept the anxiety as low as I could by using verbiage about how glad I was that she would feel so much better.
Told her how well she was going to sleep.
Spoke often at how this will only last a short while and will be over soon.
Removed any sign of illness once she was better.
I hope that this might be of help to others
Be Blessed

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The retching may be anxiety

 It stopped for almost 20 minutes until brother came in to watch tv. I could not give her any more of the nausea med and it did not work today.

I tried some Motrin for the muscle and the clonopin for her anxiety. 

It worked!

oh by the way "it worked"!
that was a day and a half of retching every 30-45 seconds
The doc just called to have me give her another anti nausea med.,
and to try to fit her in. We just skirted a 22 mile drive one way with a sick kid, a nausea kid who gets car sick on a good day. Bless God for insight and a Mothers intuition. Just wish it would of accrued to me earlier. When I got on line retching was in some a physiological condition. Dove has a special need of a anxiety issue.
She has only done it perhaps 3 times in the last half hour...oh I hope that I did not speek too soon. Oh I do hope not to have an ER visit tonight.

Dove is Retching every 30 seconds!

After doing a little research I discovered that kids with panic disorders will do this. I have tried a half of to dissolved clonopin.

Retching is a process in the human body where gastric (and sometimes duodenal) contents are forced into the esophagus, but do not enter the pharynx. Retching usually precedes vomiting, when the upper esophageal sphincter remains closed. If the upper oesophageal sphincter is open, vomiting occurs. It is usually caused by a bad smell or choking. Retching involves a deep inspiration against a closed glottis. This, along with contraction of the abdomen leads to a pressure difference between the abdominal and thoracic cavities. As a result, the stomach and gastric contents are displaced upwards towards the thoracic cavity

It seams to have slowed. I am awaiting the doctors call back. The nurse has NO openings to get her back in. I do think it may be her special needs condition. It is doing a little better.

 Does anyone with special needs kids have this happen when they get sick!


Dang! I awoke with such a shiver from being on the floor last night. I was on an air mattress with good blankets too. I think it was the c-pap blowing the cool air into me. Sleep only came after 1a.m. or so. I was cold in the night, very. So tired I did not get up except to reach for my snuggy off of Dove who was above me on the sofa. I remember being curled up in a tight ball all night. 
Once finally falling asleep the morning came with Dash waking me at 6:45 or so. I was so cold it hurt! Thinking I might be feverish I took my temperature 94.*! 
I looked it up on line and it said that I had mild hypothermia.Any thing below 95.* is mild wow how weird!
Yesterdays coffee warmed and hot water on my hands. After tending to the kids and getting back from the bus stop for Dash my temperature is now 95.9*. So I am sitting here trying to warm myself up. Sorta feeling a bit confused and dizzy. I think it is from being so cold. What a weird thing to happen. I guess the air mattress must of displaced cold off of the floor. That with the c-pap cold air. This hot coffee is good. My face still feels cold. I'd get a hot shower but she needs me not to be away too long. She is within a close distance now on the sofa. I have my Russia pants on and a coat. It is not cold in here at all. Desert rats do get a cold in winter can get up to mid 60's in the day and 38 at night. High is high and the low is low. Our weather is like that. It was perhaps high 40's walking Dash to the bus stop just 3-4 houses down to the corner.

My sweet daughter is not doing very well. We have temperatures at both ends of the gauge this morning. Goodness sake!
Dove is retching even though I gave her the anti nausea medication. Hoping it stops soon. she wanted cold water big mistake. Tried some warmed apple juice no go.
Doves fever finally broke around then. she has a low grade this morning.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

being in a time of need

there is something sublime

1.  exalted, noble. 2.  magnificent, superb, august, grand, gorgeous, resplendent, imposing, majestic.

in being a mother when beside my ill child. Though never a Mother who would ever wish thus upon my young.
Steve, upon Doves request assisted me in bring the air mattress into the living room. Tonight again I will sleep (term used loosely ) there with her only this time not sitting up on the recliner. She NEEDS me. How it is that a mother, this mother becomes irreplaceable. As if it is only in my presence peace security and the calm can come to her. It is a holy thing being here for my child.
It is sacred the charge to hold the hair, spoon the broth and wipe the brow.

So in that my pen runs low of ink (so to speak).

I am well with some head ache, tiny tad of nausea here and there. Rather tired and thankful she is calm at the moment. Thank you sweet Denise to ask of me. I wore a mask at the ER last night and on the sofa most of the night. Once the tell tell headache hit I knew flu was coming to hit me. However with the flu shot I received my defenses are higher. I could just kick myself for only getting it for Dash and I at the allergist. I should of made a pediatric appointment and gotten her one. It just slipped by me.
The antibiotics I started on Sunday will help too. My dentist appointment in the morning canceled (the reason of the prophylactic antibiotics). Yet I will stay on them. Still have the knee shots set on Thursday. Steve will leave work early to take me. It is in the late afternoon so I will be able to care for her until then. I trust Gods ways so high that it will all work out.
Well after 28 hour with only a few of sleep this is a little bit of a mental health break. I will be going in again now in the time of need.
Sleep should come in small slices of gratitude for it will mean that she has calmed the retching and rests. Sweet child.
Appriciate your prayers

Please remember Shorybear in hospital, a prayer would mean so much to her as well.

doves got the flu

we were in the ER last night
sweet kid
love your prayers for her please

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shorty Bear calls for prayer

Eddie asked me to post on her site but I can not get in. She is in hospital and has called me to ask all of you for prayer. This is unlike her to speak up folks so you know this is serious. she is in due to some type of colitis, kidney infection, urinary track infection.
Eddie sounds pretty wiped out tired having to work and help her to hospital. They have been trying to get her blood sugar levels in order. 

So folks Pray for this woman who takes so much of her heart and prays for us.
Thank you
You can go over to her place shorty bears place

She is in hopital
1-423-778-7072 this is bed side. If you call please she is in hospital make it real brief. Just reminder of how loved she is.
This is posted at Eddie and Denise request.
Thank you

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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