Saturday, July 28, 2007

200th post in just short of three months

Who would of thought I would be at this crossing! Well Michell, Christine, my husband, Jaye and so many who often told me this would suite me well. YOU WERE ALL RIGHT! I do enjoy it a lot.
I have found that my mental focus and thought stamina have really improved. Little children and medical personel can only provide so much interaction! I also feal vital to offer who I am to others and to seemingly make a difference to more that those who are close at hand to me.

I Had a morning of "Play room torment" finalizing in a realization that the little kid in me does not like letting go of my, I mean the kids toys! :) I am afraid that I won't get any more because well, I am afraid. So I'll take that fear and translate it into it's gift of wisdom and go to God with it. Ya more healing :)

I was invited to attend a meeting for a support group a woman is starting up. I was privileged to speak and share the knowledge and teach principles that I learned through my process. I must post more about the things I explained on my Life restored blog. The support group has an open invitation see the other blog for more details.

We had our evening movie night with our kids we saw "the gods must be crazy" on old 1980's film centered in in the bush of Africa.We make a point to watch the extras for the kids get to see the real people and gain great understanding of the difference between reality and poetic licence. Harsh reality is often a gifted teacher. On Friday evening we watched the adventures of "Natti Gann" set in 1930's during the great depression. This too offered a great appreciation for the wealth and generosity of our lives and how vital we can be in the greater epic of our lives. We don't watch much T.V. and do not subscribe to cable. We never have subscribed to the idea of being billed by someone else to gain our needs unless it is unavoidable. We rather have an extensive collection of appropriate movies. We also use our local Library. We do a lot of books on tape too. Daddy man procures them or we are often gifted by friends. We are great fans of the power of cinema to educated. We watch movies with the kids intentionally. This helps a understanding of historical time line and with social interaction and understanding of cross cultural dynamics. So many dynamics are covered our kids are pretty world smart and compassionate. They understand the human state pretty well and it helps us to teach "street smarts". We have wonderful discussions about the "whys " of life and living.

We were able to hang the play structure tarp and finish rivets. The storm was nearing us so I pulled out the mower while My Beloved pre drilled and finished it. I asked God to hold the rain 10 more minutes so I could get the grass mowed. ( so much easier on me if it is dry). The rain was held undtill beloved began to gather the tools at the playfort and climb down. He said
'wow it just started to rain" I told him "yep that's what I asked of HIM". Beloved was to pull the mower from me but I pointed out the sky. and we shared tasks.

Man my summer Lawn is so pretty. I have had the Master Gardeners help on it , There has been nothing of my own strength to offer it. He even gave the lawn a kindness. One day I can try to tend it as in days of old but the stenosis in my L4, L5, and L6 do not give me an option any more (that is when your spinal column shrinks and I sometimes get some paralysis in my legs) inflammation can cripple my gate a bit. Just can't bend at the hip like I once could. I gotta just let it go of doing it. My sweet body has held me through a lot of journey. I am grateful I do as well as I do. I'm 46 going on 65 I'm told, well at least my face looks young! ha! :) And what do they know I wave witnessed some pretty amazing 65 year olds! They may not have a 6 and 10 year old 24/7 but they are patient and wise if their sage.

We transfer the kids rooms into two separate quarters tomorrow and have a play date 35 mile S>E> to attend. I love long drives with my beloved we hold hands and get to look into each others eyes. Well speaking of him I am drawn away from here and toward his presence. Have a great tomorrow!

Celebrate the beauty that is you.

This day of rest and play room clearing out.

Post to you all tonight. Just a little tired for word. Enjoy your evening.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Household Chores... After the storm!

The Captains hand held fast to the mast . The cleaning furry of a Full Gail Storm has great effect on the shore. The crew all hands on deck we first gave the orders and all toys were placed center floor, all books, clothing and coat hangers removed from the "poop-deck" :)
Exhousted Dash retires after a day on deck while Little is calming herself in a lavender bath. We were all speaking about the possible move to private chambers in the dawn. However a cloud broke out a tearfully "I"ll miss my brother, I will miss this room. So all decisions are on hold. Change comes hard to this little "Hand."
After the pirate booty hall of a whole new wardrobe, camping laundry and just the last weeks catch of clothing the deck was cleared of the mounds of scrabble. Polished and shined once again the Captains quarters are secured. I need to deep clean the carpet and the rugs ore in the laundry cue.
The first mate guards as a sentential.
We have perfect imperfection here. Note "the Big Bed" bed is a goal set and met at twelve years together. We have always used our income tax refund for a savings goal. It is painless. Yes some will say it foolish for we might have invested and earned interest well a penny in hand however is more often a penny spent. I made all the window treatments. The quilt under the wedding ring is also hand made. The wedding ring was a gift for my 30th birthday.
Here are the three double loads remaining today in basket so that sir Wllly not think they are his throne accomplished.
Now that my maids have had themselves a tidy. These came to us in our 16th year of marriage as we were set to become parents. The day were moved the original ones that were given us used as a wedding gift the rusted drum fell apart. There is another story here in that the day these were moved in I has a crush injury to the pelvis. With the front fractured a cat scan of the rear was ordered to see if it to were fractured, the orthopedic surgeon fell to his knees the fractures were vanished. He then admitted seeing a palm reader. Days later he quit his lucrative practice. I was called to go to Russia while in traction. It was my Labor 18 hour flight standing up 18 hour train ride too.
Not quite polished , but cleaner than it was the kids bath again has a hope and a promise.
Two dishwasher loads a hand batch of dishes, Clorox is my sanitizer, be sure to rence off after for if it kills germ what else might it do to my little life forms. :) All kitchen linens have been laundered in hot bleach waster folded and replaced. I change kitchen cloth and towels every day. Stay healthy!
I enjoy a clear island! This is always short lived. With a menu that is mostly from scratch This is a great work space, craft space for the kids and I family hub. We got this cute little kitchen set (it has 6 chairs ) two chairs await repair in the garage for $500. we shopped and were thilled to find it a few years ago.
Before all the gale force effort we had this to overwhelm us, yes this place needs a few pirates to share all this with it, is time to thin out. This however is the play room, resource room for home school run off, we have just neglected it far to long. After closing down the class room I have yet to re-organize in a way the kids can keep it up. Just too much stuff. My Dove is still in phases of early toddler hood in interest. I just cant see myself tossing away all that hard earned and gifted tools/toys of learning and exploring.It may become little Doves sanctuary once again. If she is ready to do so. Sweet baby had to just be held due to the thought of change. She really struggles with any thing out of norm. My kids love boxes and home made stuff, duct tape being beloved here.
We had a good sweep under the beds too, all the floor now clear.
Mercy the bounty! AM I GUTSY OR WHAT!
So now do you feel any better about your piles of laundry.
Remember what is said of those who compare them selfs .... To Whom much is given, much is required :)
Birthday and camping sleeping bag that was laundered, rain coats to be hung from camping.
Jeans washed need to be stowed.
Child abide in only clean room. This is my boundary this is my clean space and every night we have kept this deck ship shape. Otherwise I can not rest. I must have a place I can relax in. The couch is a very big purchase we made when we moved in here I prayed what can I do with pink the entire place was pink carpet. The rocker was the first thing Beloved gave me. He sanded it and finished it. That was over 25 yrs ago. You see it takes a life time then one day you look around and you have so much to be responcible and grateful for.
The maids seam to have open hands. They gather all the stray treasures
This space yet to be nurtured. I made the curtains. I asked God for the fabric I kept an eye our , received what he offered me. 22 yards of green and the master bedroom had another 22 yards of the rose corresponding design. $2.00 a yard! A lot of straight seams and many hours the old phaff humming and we had our selfs drapery's. Years ago we went shopping for that coffee table and while I was sitting in the store Beloved said "can I buy that for you?" I thought he was taking about the table it was a vanity that he was referring too. I did not take a photo of it though it feels sorta private. It is a matching piece to the master set. We were in our 10th year when we had saved up for the entertainment center.
The children's bath is always full of wonder and amazing little creations. I had the kids collect all the trash cans and they often clear the counter. I still find it amazing the fascination they have with hand prints on glass. I know that one day I will miss those little hand prints. You can tell how fast your children are growing as the hand prints climb up the walls. Reality is I no longer have to bend a knee to clean the wall prints. They are getting older faster and faster now.

The drawers are full of supplies for the creative arts for the children. They also have teaching tools for math, science and general exploration. Those are my cookbooks on shelf.
I keep a mirror by the pantry door, I can take a quick peek when I here beloved come in through the garage. I also look at myself sometimes just to remember who I am :) On day I'll do a pantry post but for today I have folded the sails secured the mast and Day is done.
The crew on hand, she yells" all hand on deck" they transfer their laundry and I have a boundary ... If it is not turned out I don't fold it. We place shirts to hang flat on a pile. Then without moving each shirt we insert a hanger and fold down the neck and insert another all the while the pile stays flat and in tack. (BIG TIME SAVER TIP) The table and hutch was a purchase at about our 22 year I think it is relatively new. Sorta frew frew, a nice addition that was the icing of furniture you know one of those. I keep many treasured gifts and memorabilia there. I have the children's Russian inheritance items. The city Dash was born in in world famous for crystal. I have my mommy figurines there of the mile stones. With a head injury I often fear forgetting the events I so treasure and hold dear. They are like pieces of my mind on the shelf.
browsing for "cookie" I check the lead in adds. this was done in the mid-day rest time. I let my body stop and just used my mind a while.
I look for item that I normally purchase ONLY
I keep an eye out for any regular items I purchase at 30% to 75% off and get those in bulk. I never know what will be stocked. I do not shop week to week> I shop sale to sale of REGULAR THING I ALWAYS BUY, ONLY the ones I would have chosen ! I made a list a long time ago of my favorites. I keep an eye for those and when the company changes the container design. I head to the dollar or the clearance rack. Pennies on the dollar.

Tenacious vivacious! Order has begun!
This post was a great motivator for the "gee I gotta get some chores done day"!

Good Morning!

This was last night "daddy Man" rejoiced in the perfect tator tots :) He smiled at me calling me beautiful with his eyes. I rather like the view from his eyes better than my own. My eye sare far too critical of my own reflection. (new camera play time for Him.)

We have set the maids to task, The washing machine is hummin', the dryer sminning a song, dish washer is on acoustics while the poopy doop in the trash silently stalks the unsuspecting taker outer of the trash!
I with my mug "Mom your a wish come true" that was a gift from "just a mom" when the Dove first came home some 91/2 years ago now, sit amid some orchestrated sound tracks. Coffee warm and musings flushing my brain of the stress I drop like some out trash (stinks just as bad too) Yee know the old stinkin' thinkin'. I'll close the lid on that. we have a timer set for 30 minutes and so this day I will do several sprints with the children to set to task the respect our home is so desiring.
All you silent partners in this life uncommon , you who are as ghost ships in the midst knowing your there keeps me aware that I am not alone in this, This life uncommon. I like knowing your there. I see your numbers on the counter. I wonder often who you are and what the ships of your lives are like. Out there in the clouds of time. I see you and embrace you with the warmth of gratitude for your presence. The Sailor aware of such open seas. Yet we know that the global field is so small in all things from above. A satellite view. I see you and I care about your hearts and my own.
Set sail today cast the line and reach out if you are free too. I am here as are you. May you too have comfort in that , you are not alone either. We have a great cloud of witnesses before us those who have gone on who stand at the right hand of God interceding for us each one daily.
I must set sail today a line to the swab the deck and polish the mast. My ropes are tangled and the galley is a mess. Cookie needs supplies and I am at hand to Captain this crew. I much rather just do it, but the Captain must due the duty to the crew else wise there be no leader and they will learn not to follow.
I follow the GENERAL in this charge. Though it would be just fine to sit here. But alas no I must go and tend this fold.
Have an awesome ride this morning catch the breeze and ride this wild wave! Called the day.

My verse for this day Luke 2:13-14

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Random Thirteen

1. No man has ever been shot while doing the dishes

2. Printer ink stays on and on your fingers

3. My Son told me I'm the best Mom in the whole world!

4. My husband was touched by the post about him.

5. Motivation is a wonderful tribute to a rested body.

6. I love the beauty of all my fellow bloggers living in their glory.

7. I like who I am. oooo I said that...

8. I think it funny that folks like it when I cuss a word or two. Why does that make them more at ease? What, do I look that unreal?

9. Decorum is a lost art. Well at least I am begining to wonder.

10. My new clothing fits and I feel more comfortable in them. I am grateful for the gifts from beyond.

11. Everything (tasks and chores) sounds real overwhelming to me right now.

12. I quest balance. I sit here to force a rest. I don't like T.V. any more.

13. Blogging has gifted me with affiliation that is really wonderful!

Honor, Respect and Reverance for all Things

Growing up the last of Eight children to a single Mom. We were the working poor. White kids in the ghetto's of Tacoma WA. Well Gumbo Lilly made me think.
It just makes good sense!

I live with the principle in mind and it is my life style choice. It is a place of intentional humility.

I don't like to waste water or destroy things. Taking care of what we have is an important part of having belongings.
I know when I have to many things for I am not able to care for them.
They then begin to own me.
We do need a good through clearing out of the former things around here. It is at times hard to get rid of the things that are surplus. I often have a concern that we have few earning years left.
That is seldom considered in ones youth , but as you enter into the late 40's you too will begin to think of all that you have wasted and all the things once thought to be so important.
In our first 15 years of marriage we had never used a credit card, it was only when we took a cross country tip we obtained one. It also came in very handy when we went to Russia a couple of years later.
We have with gratitude enjoyed pre- owned clothing for our children, it is an honor to keep the flow going and mothers who know the kindness of such a flow will indeed pass things along. It is in the last few years that I have a bit of a bottle neck around here.
I was always the lady with the trunk full of the things I had no use of any longer. I would delight that further joy could be gained by another.

We are rich through what we receive.
We are poor only through what we refuse.

Reverence for all things.


So the little man says " Mom I'm going to invent an invention to pour Dads gater aides.
Explaining to me with great detail that the ball will roll down tip over the drink and pour it into the red cup (note the drink is staying sealed :) )
Trying several different balls He has determined that Pulling his bicycle into the house and to tie a string would be the best way to go.
As I turn I see him , pour the drink manually into the cup...
He said "This might just work best". I smiles and said" perhaps after working so hard on his invention He might like to just go ahead and drink this one".

With that His curiosity was quenched!

I just got home from the city ...

Wow it's 4:30
sooo I just got asked how I am today?

What to high light?
The exit from home was at the clocks limit. I was tying the knots on the chawawa lanyard. It was a special order challenge from two weeks ago. Blew her away. She bought it on the spot for 18. Good thing too the tank is on "E" as we pulled into the garage this the 4th day in a row of 20+ mile treks for Doc. apt.'s

I called Dashes therapist aside I had to address the Monday previous . I told her that as a professional she is doing a terrific job but had she even a clue as to what it takes to do my role . I explained the esteem issues that I am dealing with with Dash. This is my son who is wounded by the battles he has to face. I had to open her eyes to his heart. She asked if I felt that he was emotionally ready for therapy. We must help prepare him for school. If he can not be understood he will be a target and have greater wounds to his ego. I told her that he feels like dung (pg blog) about himself already knowing he has amplifiers and will be the only kid with hearing aides in the fall. He is fully aware that he sounds different. He has tried his best for you and finds it so difficult to hold the techniques during conversation. I shared how our loving correction just wedges away at his already weekending esteem. I told her how Dove is back in O.T. she is regressive and so is Dash. These kids are dealing with the panic disorder from the sensory dysfunction disorder stuff as well. I am getting to the wall with stress. I told her that when she said" that your getting away with to much to Dash " I took it personally, that because I had not gotten myself the hearing aides and could not delineate his speech I felt it was my fault.
I told her that Dash is a helper. When she threatened him with surgery if we can not get this worked out in three weeks he felt terrified.. to that she said "that I wanted to get through to him and thought a little fear might do it"....(A little rage here on my part as I breathed ) I said " it is my boundary that you NOT use fear to get through to my child. I expressed my appreciation for her professional expertise however I am the child's parent and I too have expertise here, and have found that FEAR is not a good motivator. I explained to her that this child is a helper. Ask him to help you too help him.
If he feels engaged he will give too you the help you request.
She needs delineation between,
"Dash you need to help your self speak well" He know he needs too he feel ill equipt -v- "Dash help "me" to help you". = I love to be helping.
I told her how I am an independent person receiving federal assistance with Dash and I take it a great responsibility too do everything I can to benefit his best prognosis. She spoke of me being one of her best parents never missing an appointment an that she did not intend to leave with a thought that I was not pushing him hard enough.

He worked great for her after she engaged this technique today.
The scope will be ordered. She called me aside after her generous extended session and told me that the center offers counseling for me or Dash, That they offer three free sessions but it has to be tied too the (Dash) medical condition. She suggested some 'teasing' counseling and then that I might like some , I felt slightly miffed after I walked away. You know lets let her try doing what I'm doing. What you think how would she last! :)
I suppose I might benefit but I was not in a good place to receive the suggestion.

My head is down to a 4 out of a scale of 1-10. I am tired. I just found out for sure that I need to prep my sweet Dash about the scope, also we have Doves panic to consider.
I need to rearrange the bedrooms before school. They have been sharing a room for some time and they are both ready now for some independence. Sounds EASY don't it ... A ha don't be fooled! It can be nights of panic for Dove as can be anything out of the normal constant of life.

We drove home to the roar of childhood untill Monster Mom called for silence the umpteenth time with a bit of verbal force.
What gets me was she was so relieved that I had a few verbal explitives she said" I am so glad to hear it, I could not get over how patient you are with the kids so soft spoken and all. Well that, I told her is my role to equip them with the most productive peaceful time before he walks into your door. I have to be calm to help him and you succeed. I told her she had no idea what I go through to prep them.
They will put a camera scope up Dash's nose to see if when he speaks his anatomy is functioning. Well its about bloody time!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course as in my dignified role I simply concurred.

So how am I , I am Woman who roars, saddened at the needs of my kids, delighted that the scope will at least tell if this is something He can or can not help , with just therapy.
My head is so-so. My laundry is very high as is the task list at hand and my energy is low.
I feel good about how I handled it today. Glad the lady purchase the lanyard. Hoping that I remember to get gas before I get on the road at 8 a.m. tomorrow. But I don't think thats what you really meant.. is it? I am appreciative of you thoughtful care of me, us. hugs!
5:15 I better pull it up and cook supper :)
Supper, funny, all things freezer, Dad had tamales with cheese and tater tots, Dove sliced hot dogs and tater tots, Dash and I had pot stickers and tater tots. Can you say yuk with a full tummy.

Some Homemaker helps.

I had a request for some help from young home makers desiring instruction. I have not had a lot of extra energies as of yet to answer your request but I have two sites that would be helpful until I can get to the task myself. These two Ladies have done a great job here go check them out

Pantry List at....?? well I just saw it on one of your posts and can not locate it. If your out the leave me a comment and I will link everyone over to you.

Homemaking helps series at Homemaker at heart

My Dear gracious is doing a wonderful series on Home decor at Gracious Hospitality

I will also be doing posts on the list of requests. I just saw these and wanted to encourage these Ladies for their hard work.

You gotta go check out what Gumbo Lilly said about "green"

Honor Your Husband #15,16.


So after resting again last night I awoke before alarm sounded.
There beside me he lay, peaceful resting his last few moments. As I awoke I must of been dreaming he was speaking to me and his voice in my sleep drew me to him. I am drawn to him,
like a thirsty soul to water, he refreshes me. It thrills me to hear him speak my name.
I arose and came in to make his lunch the thought of his day going well compels me , draws me into action, the thought of the look of pleasure on his face thrills me.
When he did come into the kitchen he stood there so handsome. He is so vital and wonderful toward me. Encouraging me to stay on top of my physical needs with this migraine, this is one of the worse I have had. he reminds me again of everything I need to do just for "me" to take care of myself. He knows that the needs of my charges can often just usurp my own. He reminded me to make use of my new camera and shows me how it works again. My new camera, he is so thrilled to give it to me. He was so excited when he got home from work and it had come in the mail. He spent a long time down loading and learning how it functions. He was so patient with me because my enthusiasm wained due to the nausea and weekend stamina. He was sweet and understanding and did not take offense.
He has left now for the day. I wish I could just hold him rest in his embrace, yet if I close my eyes I am there.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Monsoons, let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.

For those of you desert souls
Yes those are clouds
Yes the heat will pass one day,
and oh yes it will rain!

Wordless Wedensday

Hello, I'm home. 12:45 just pulled in.

I made it to the appointment, two minutes to spare. Signed in and she said"your appointment is at 11:00) {:[ ! ,not 9.
With my head weighing oh about as much as a mens bowling ball, I head it up with dignity told them that my husband must of looked at the wrong date last night telling me 9 a.m. in error. "gotta just smile" I said too them, with a migraine that is just about the best response I can come up with.

Having taken one of my secret short cuts through the town I flashed on the Rail Road Park I had just passed. With the check for the jewelery I sold cashed on Monday I had $ in purse.
I Stopped and got the kids a second breakfast and drove back to the park.
May I say how lovely, the monsoons have us here, with early morning cloud cover God gave a breeze. A ride on a train with two little delightful, grateful children, held me up like a sail in the wind. Tylenol is pretty good too.
Then I sat and watched them on the outdoor carasill while the song "feed the birds" ..."all around the cathedral you know they are watching the to see if any one cares", from the movie "Mary Poppins" played. I shed a tear or two of Gratitude, it was like a loving embrace.
I gifted the two with a critter in a can. They freed them (a panda and bear). Played delightfully with them as they walked the tracks then loaded up into the car to go to therapy.
Dash had a checkers lesson and cought on fast ( I keep small travel games in a basket in my trunk).
We came home to the sweet sound of silence for the most part via "train" suckers. :) A sucker is a marvel of Motherhood. Yes I know the sugar thing, but it sure is better than the monster mom thing. Thank you for your prayerful thoughtful loving kindness.

Honor Your Husband #14

[Challenge.jpg]Beloved found me awaiting his arrival yesterday. I was in the throws of a bad migraine. I have lesions in my brain that can cause a pretty bad storm. Unable to walk without holding the walls, nauseous with the pain of an electric storm on my intieror cranial dome. I sat just tending the home from my rocking chair thrown.
I sit still this morning praying for relief trying to keep my neck and shoulder mussels from lock up. Stress has a pretty powerful effect on the vessel.

He darkened the room immediately right where I sat, He then got me a drink. When I say crippling I do mean literally. I get partial porralisis on my face and my gate is halted. He helped me to get to our bedroom, darkened the room. Got me into the rest room then into the bed. He got the walkie talkie and a phone too. Hushed the kids sweetly and then took them to Costcos fed them. Gifted them a movie to keep them through the evening and this morning quiet.
BUT get this! He was gone a while i got to sleep in quit some. (our sweet ones are LOUD, happy but LOUD). When he returned they all came in to check me and then helped me to the rest room upon my return to the bed pillows all a fluff, and PEI WEI Asian food! They went several miles out of the way to get me my favorite dinner!
He help me to recline and was right there via walkie talkie. I slept through the night.
I am still very shaky this morning , he was at my bedside helping to rub my back and reminding me to eat and medicate ASAP.
I have Dove to drive 23 miles for Occupational Therapy at 8 that is in 10 minutes. They have not eaten I must go.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lovely Award from Shorty Bears Place

My precious friend Denise from Shorty Bears Place has blessed me with a lovely award today.

Here are the rules:For those who answer blog comments, emails and make their visitors feel at home on their blog. For the people who take others people's feelings into consideration before speaking out, and who are kind and courteous. Also for all those bloggers who spend so much of their time helping other bloggers design, improve and fix there sites. This award is for those generous bloggers who think of others.
So, know it is my turn to pick out five bloggers that I feel are deserving of this award.
My choices are:
1 Island Life kindness has ruled this woman each interaction I have had with her. She is vital and full of life. I really am grateful for her vibrancy is sparking a light in this blog spier.

2 Photo Daughter of the King My dear friend of many years, she is fresh to our blogging realm. But this woman has an amazing heart. You will see at first glance the radiant beauty of a soft spoken gentle heart. She is finding her voice and I think you will agree she is a lovely voice. Always ready to support and be kind with you.

3 Living in the Midst of Writing This is a dear friend who personifies the definition of the award , She and I have walked together through the roadways of the heart, her , faith,and dignity are a thing to behold.

4 Autism Smatism Well sometimes others help us in ways that might not be as obvious. When we watch another blogger walk with character a road less often traversed we are helped. Kindness is observed in the response to the real battles of life. It is my privilege to acknowledge this Woman. Look and see her beauty will amaze you too.

5 Fruit in Season When I think of a blog that has been a supportive help I think of the brain child of this blogger. How many Marriages must be improved and children assured a more peaceful home. Countless I'm sure. Thank you for your nudge to regain a focus on all that is good and holy and righteous!

"These fellow bloggers always make me feel blessed by their kind comments they leave on my blog. Their own blogs make you feel at home, and you want to stay there awhile. It is with a heart of gratitude to all of you all. I pass on this award.

Denise, how loving, how kind and supportive.
I will pass this on when the storm called migraine passes away from "My" roof :)
Thank You sweet heart.

Browned Baby Portabella Mushrooms

Baby Portebella Mushrooms
Fresh Real Butter (maybe half a stick)
Garlic salt
Garlic Powder

Run cold water over mushrooms gently in a colander under cool water, rub the foot of each fungus and remove all soil.
Pat dry in a paper towel (towel should be a pure white towel now ink or print on paper when used for food). When they are dry they slice best and will not crush and mush up.

With the slicing blade of your "Handi Dandi" food processor (save up for one it is a great investment) or use a very sharp dry knife slice thin. Place all in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap ( I like "cling free"). With the mushrooms in a bowl you can take your processor bowl right over to the sink wash it in hot water now before they sit and dry, makes it easier in the long run and clean up is done.

Heat pan (my pans are Ceffalons Commercial Grade Aluminum Cookware, I saved and prayed for years for them then one day a "Broadway" store went out of business and I got them 50%-70% off!) They are heavy but they cook the foods wonderfully and have a very long life*like for ever*! Get the best tools you can afford One at a time if you need too, or wait until you can. Pray too . We have not because we ask not and when we do ask we ask ....
Hot pan , cold butter
Note my butter dish , when I open a stick of butter I slice it down the center then I slice it into teaspoon width (see the paper on the butter) . That will give you pre-measured 1/2 teaspoon pieces that when cold are easily handled when placed as in image.
melt butter, remove rue ( that is the whey in the melted butter, it looks white and bubbly ) It will burn and leave an after taste. Your butter should run clear in pan.
When rue is removed add the mushrooms cover with a lid , ?3 minutes.
Mushrooms will begin to rest or release their juices, Shake the garlic salts and powers over the mushrooms.
You'll begin to smell them.
I cook like "Rattatouille" So you'll have to bear with me.
Remove lid and let the juices evaporate.
This will concentrate the flavors, continue until the mushrooms are no longer real juicy, but yet not dry.
Now grab a big steak! We made this batch for Christine over at "Are we there yet Mom?"

Home from the Denist

Dash did well the Dentist was awesome. I reminded the dentist about Dash and the sensory stuff. Dash feels everything much more intensely than we do. Dash did not want a shot so the dentist numbed the cheek with a paste. Then he said "just lets take a look see at it here, Dash "no shot" Dentist "O.K. I hear ya ,you don't want a shot. Dash "oh you pinched me" "oh sorry said the dentist. This happened reputedly "breath through your nose I hear you don't want a shot.. so if you just keep breathing through the nose , I hear ya ... Mean while he is giving him little shot after shot Dash does not even realize it! The time was a lot more Stressful with the Dove she would not remain in the waiting area, Had to be with us. Her neuro problems present with a panic disorder. She was freaking out on me. "you don't love me" stuff cause Dash needed me. So I had her in the room about 2 minutes NO WAY, So I sat on the floor in the hall rocking my sweet 60 pound 10 yr old going on 4, she was afraid for her brother. I got up and down to comfort Dash. I used my words with Dash and my hands with Dove. All the while thanking the dentist for his wisdom and help. I praised him and Dash both for the good job they were doing.
The dentist finished and he thanked me teared up and smiled at me.
I was so sore from Dove being on my knee on the floor.
Dash freaked at the numb. I praised him telling him how he must feel so good about himself for showing such courage.
I stopped and got three Mc D Egg sausage Mc muffins he ate the egg and sausage of two of them. I ate the other.
Dove just wanted some water.
I'm home with a cup of coffee and the kids are doing some work in their sketch pads with stencils . I'll do some laundry and rest some. I'll post a little later.
Thanks for your warm thoughts and prayers.
Man! It is amazing how much energy that uses up. I'm sorta tuckered!

On Jealousy.

Jealousy, Yesterday morning I had a thought first thing that I longed for a teaching moment about this with my kids...

On the way out of the parking lot at the Hospital yesterday Little Dove spoke up....
"I kinda feel like I don't like Dash having surgery"...
"how come" say I
"Well" she said, "he'll get all the toys and gifts and stuff and I wont get anything"
To this Dash reply s " I don't care about all that.. I just want to know I"ll be alright"
I say "You know that feeling you feel... That is called jealousy, Its like what you (Dash) felt after the b-day party... Well, that feeling is sorta like fear in that you just gotta push it away...You know how I tell you not to let fear push you around but you gotta push it right back well. Jealousy is like that. I continued that feeling "what about me..." well it can cause a lot of consequences for folks bad ones"
To this dash adds..."oh like fights and arguments?"...
"Yes I add and WARS!"
Dove adds "Ya I don't like it"
Say I " there will always be enough, look Dove at all the gifts you just received"
Dash add "ya I got to play with them too, cause Dove shared"
"Yep" I smile.
Dash " I just want to know I'm gonna be alright"
Say I " thats what really matters".
"thats true" Dove adds

Have a grate day! off to the Dentist with the Dash and Dove, I desire your prayerful support! Donetta

Monday, July 23, 2007

Honor Your Husband #13


He is gonna help me make the bed at 9:40 p.m.
He has spent his little free time tying to back up my blog.

Long walk long talk, a time listening too.

After mens group a Dear friend and I walked and talked and just listened to each other Mother of special needs kids woe's. It is a high calling to parent kids and with the attachment and developmental stuff we both know each others language and experience. We as friends, women and Mothers can understand the difference between the things we experience and the hearts that we touch and our own hearts desires for them.
I feel refreshed tired, and I gotta go get my clean sheets out of the dryer so We can make the big bed and shower and SLEEP! For tomorrow it is the dentist for Dash with nitris oxide and a cavity to fill. A Little Dove to hold gently (she does not do well with the stress of them working on little brother) while the Dash Hawk needs my strength too. I'm a little pulled in the morning I better rest the bones good tonight. Dash is amazingly strong for a little boy.
Please pray for his peace during the procedure. It is hard for him even if they explane as they go because he cant ware the hearing aides when they have all that other stuff going on. His sensory Integration is real bad regarding his mouth he hates anything near it, His mouth is very tiny and so they have a bit of a hard time working on him too.

How do you say "strangle me a therapist"

We drove the threat way=freeway. I had enough time to stop by the bank on the corner and The traffic was CLEAR I WAS ABLE TO TURN LEFT, that saved me from a major middle of the city go around a block of one ways and supper sky scrapers. A little stressed we arrived to await our turn.
Dash's Therapist began his session like this...
"Well, 'd' how many weeks do you have until school starts?"..."three" "well, 'd' we have three weeks to work really hard to see if you can really improve otherwise we are going to have to do a test where they put a tube up your nose and down your throat so that we can see if we are going to need to do an operation"....
(Now Dash and I are very open about what is going on in his life . He understands that this could be a possibility in his near future. I was just caught so off guard! Twice this month Dash made it out of the house without his hearing aides on for therapy I felt frustrated and embarrassed that I did not catch it. A six year old has a way of not waring something when he does not want too. Not today, I cried on my way out to the car with the stress of the pre-city sibling squabbles that can effect the day badly. They have there own stressers too.)
I, quick as a Mom could , I interject.." now honey you know that even if you do work really hard and it still needs to happen it's not a punishment sweetie. but it would be something we would need to have done to help you."
Dear God! Stress! Stress, stress! Now wide eyed he begins his session when she continues to say that "you have been getting away with a lot"...
GUILT! STRESS! Shame! on me for due to my hearing loss and my letting it slip that I was supposed to see about getting some financial aide to get myself some hearing aides, I LET HIM SLIP BECAUSE I CAN NOT HERE HIS VOICE THAT CLEARLY!
Now with his sensory stuff all a tish he sits twisting a rubber band on his wrist trying to self comfort. I see it and remove the distraction. Sis is just a little distracting I remove us to just outside the door. STRESS! Dash Stress too. "I'm right here honey " I reassure him.
Little Dove Sensory Stuff lights off in the midst of her little brother being in the "HOSPITAL" "Where will I stay Mom?"
I comfort her and watch through the glass window. Thinking I gotta just BREATH. I wanted to just hold Dash . I just had to breath.

I took the kids to the junk machine and was trying to get Dasha snack He wanted a 3.50 chicken no candy please Mom, The machine only took bills no coin . I got my 3.50 back all in coin?
Dove was a waiting her turn patiently and then a... rush for the machine a woman who has 6 in tow buys each something and I overwhelmed stepped back out of the little room assuring my kids that we will have our turn. Dash sharp as a tack, says "hay they should of waited it was our turn", I agree with him then I try to silence his tone and with a soft hand on his mouth accidentally caused his head to gently bump the wall. Sorry Son, "but"... he continues "hold your silence I told Him. Defer, trust me"
I stood there awaiting the chance to gift my well behaved kids. When it was almost over I asked Dove "honey what was it that you were awaiting?" she told me. Dash said "is it our turn now?" "soon son".
The woman turned around and then she did the most surprising thing. She handed me two dollars apologized and said she had a very sick child. I handed the funds back to her she deferred them back to me . I thanked her and then again in Spanish for I heard her speakin to her kids in Spanish. She said" denada" tis nothing.
I drove home watching the largest most amazing monsoon storm encroaching in the direction of our travel. After our 23 miles we pulled into our community and I stopped at our curb community mail box to get the mail just as we pulled up to the house the dust storm pushed us into the garage I shut the garage door. The kids went into the house and I lagged behind.
Tired Stressed Saddened for Dash, tired of the volume of my playful kids who won't quiet down. After that long of a sit still it is all they can do not to pop!
I cried.
Then pulled it up and came in and made tacos.
At supper Dove ran from the table upset that she will be having to have braces soon and that she should not have had the popcorn Daddy gave to her because of her retainer.
I love these little ones so young to have to face such big character lessons. The battle is the Lords and They are His. I am only the custodian of such a important life's charge . They are HIS. I am His. I am sad and very tired.

I was Challenged!

O.K. folks I was challenged to include more things on homemaking here.
I'll start that work (photos )on the pantry
and the Pantry Storage.
Some more recipes of things I make for my family
Cleaning and chores tips
Laundry tips
Basic home set up
Basic Wish Lists for a Home
Nutrition, Supplements
Pet care
Yard care
Automotive Care
Jewelery Creations
Sewing, Clothing Maintainability
Parenting tips, Developmental studies.

If I have the knowledge it would be my honor to share it with you. You know this will compel me to clean up the pantry, I cant take the photo or can I....? :) Maybe I just should show you the in-between times when I don't have it all just so. I'll do it!
I love a good challenge!
Now laundry who wants to feel really good about their laundry I could show you images of my own! HA!
Closet storage is another one.
Play rooms lets all share the stuff that makes us so busy and such wonderful homemakers.

So what else would you like to learn about homemaking?
Ask me your questions.

A New Wardrobe

I went over to answer a call for me to come on Thursday...

I went and received a wonderful fellowship of a young woman who had just lost her Mother. She honored me with a new wardrobe and a great appreciation for the woman who they once belonged too. This woman and I have very similar taste and our size too. This morning I had a few moments to open all the bags of garments and do an inventory.
This is my New wardrobe...

3 jeans
10 caprices: jean, danskin knit
5 sleeveless tanks
15 T Shirts with wolves, hummingbirds, Native American designs, feathers and Wolves!
5 3/4 sleeve tops all my colors
7 denim shirt sets with matching t shirts , BE HAPPY set, bird houses, beaded set
1 formal dress
1 casual dress
4 jammie sets, leopard and night dress
1 summer robe (that I had prayed for)
1 maroon leather jacket with matching hat
1 knit jacket adorned Native American style with fringe
1 pant set in gauze
3 skirts gauze
1 BIG cozy sweater knee length


I was also blessed with

1 shower (new in package) curtain
(I prayed for this last week for the camper)
A bread machine (hubby helped me down load a manual for it and post it to my desk top)
1 pillow with a NEW cover for the kids. (they had just asked and prayed for)

I recently started to diet. I was refusing to hit our budget for clothing in my present size because of all the clothing I have. I did not feel good about the size I am.
God had another Idea...
I have an entire wardrobe to feel beautiful in during the process of dropping the weight.
I can just see My own Mother who had nothing but two little crosses to leave me when she passed, and this precious Gay speaking up in heaven. "Oh I have just the thing for that girl"!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Honor Your Husband days 10,11, and 12,

[Challenge.jpg] I was very tired today..."I wonder why?" :)
"Daddy Man" took "The Dove" and I took Dash out on Saturday. "Daddy Man" came home just as fast as he could on Friday he caught the tail end of the party.
Today, Sunday, he built a Lego Sponge Bob with the kids 450 pieces and three hours later( his patience amazes me!) , I had finished my posts, that he is VERY supportive of me completing, I took a nice long shower and pedicure and shaved my sloughed legs after setting them up for the hot dogs and fruit on the plates.
He just loved me.
Helped me, played with his children and asked me if I had a nice shower and if I felt a little more rested. Now he is playing computer with Dash, while Dove is watching a movie.
He mentioned that he wanted to support me in getting the play house tarp mounted today. ( I too desire it off off my ironing board so I can start the fall dresses Little Dove will need for school.)
Seeing how I use a camera that is taped together he ordered me a new cannon out of our meager funds. Because he wants me to have a camera that is worthy of the work I am doing...

How can I say anymore than His actions say about himself...

Saturday: 33 pounds of Homemade Hamburger.

We call it "Meat Order". On Thursday when the party was being prepared there it was. London Broil and Tip Roast 1.99 pound Less than half Price, however if one stops to consider that 85%-90% fat content burger can range from $5-$7. a pound just think of how much I am saving. I also will point out that ground beef in the store can in one pound represent as many as 200 cow, you think about the risk reduction represented here. E. Coli and other food contaminates are becoming a great health hazard in our food supply.
Every quarter or so I put up hamburger for the family. We were out and only had one London Broil left in the deep freeze. I had told God that I would need meat soon. He apparently had the confidence in me I would get it ground quickly! I often shop at our local Safe way for "Angus beef". Now to make 33 (approximate pounds of fine grade home ground burger and put it up in the deep freeze.) This is a job that is time sensitive and must be done well and with utmost care for cleanliness and efficiency. Lay out paper bags, knives (sharpened) , knife sharpener (resharpen often), gallon zip bags (open each bag for later convenience) cutting boards (I never use wood boards the can cause illness).
If you can click on the photo you can see the first savings.
Now get the largest ones on the shelf. You too can reduce the cow count by grinding and packaging as you go. I have recycled my garbage bags (paper) they will be absorbing all blood that will spill from the package. Use plastic to place packaging in as you remove the mess. I have allowed my meat to rest in my garage refrigerator all day Friday (I had the party) and this helps it to age. (NEVER BEYOND THE PACKAGE DATE) .
Slice into width proper for your grinder. Good family investment ( I waited 16 yrs for mine) but I own it! Not on debt :)

When slicing roast cut in half then in strips if the edges of the ends don't seperate all the way it is ok because the first into shoot will pull the next slice into the grider.
Ready a pan for first double grind ,I use the large blade then grind again with the fine blade this is the meat I use for sauces and casserole, It is however not suggestible for hamburger patties it will fall apart. I will cook the first run while I am grinding. Note toweling on the floor I replace all cloth every morning and toss the day before or any contaminated cloth to the corner of the floor and then I take then to the laundry to be bleached.
Do not trim the marble off your meat, it is needed to cook properly. Your grinder will stop any Grissel.
Slice all, stow half in refideration. Work fast here
Double grind goes right onto stove to cook. I then will package it into one pound bags there will be no oil in the pan here this meat is VERY lean.

Time is so important! Work hard and fast here! Cover a scale with a baggie and the baggie save a mess!
I stand on a stool for better leverage. Oh man I look haggard. I am awake only a few moments here. I tied my hair up and got to work. Beloved came around the corner and snapped a shot during a "yuk" moment. Don't get me wrong this is hard gross work! When I first start I have to get my mind around the matter here. I am grateful to the animal for the loss of life will sustain our lives. This can be a reflective time for me too. You know it is a dead animal that your working with.
I have a hot date at noon with Dash Hawk. The "Daddy Man" has a pizza date with the "Dove". So I just work hard knowing I will shower very soon.

After first grind get rid of all setting blood. Bags into trash and counter sanitized all of this done in under an hour. Time is so important! I use a marble rolling pin the weight works for me so I don't have to.
Weigh and bag set aside.
Now using the heal of your hand press the meat into the corners of the bag , role out half seal the bag roll out air and seal, set aside next... Work fast! Meat must remain cold!

Left =roast 85% lean/fat best for burgers
Right bag= London Broil 90% lean/fat content

See bags done meat in pan cooling awaiting bags

Catch your breadth, wash bowls out with soapy water, now again we begin all counter tops have been sanitized! The maid had a nice rest and cool down, Her and I both.
I transfer cooled cooked meat into weighed bags. Now the first batch again a double grind goes right into the pan don't even need to wash the pan (save energy be efficent) so it will cook while I grind and bag.
Cooked meat bagged into one pound packages. All meat ground and bagging in process the grinder at rest is cooling down. This is all the Grissel and waist you have out of 33 pounds of meat, Don't think about what you eat in the store bought grind (yuk). The cuts of meat I use are a high quality off the beef. You can use other cuts of beef but I use only the best I can afford for the family. Other cuts are not as high a lean/fat %.

With bowls and grinder parts soaking in hot soapy water I then weigh out pound packages, and 1/4 pound patties. Roll out the pounds as above turn off the stove so the meat can cool.

Roll out the cooked meat after it too has cooled the rest of the way. And place in deep freezer.
With all the 1/4 pound balls I form patties by this method. Squeeze with the left hand as you turn it with the right.
Cut Parchment or wax paper squares.
With paper on top and paper under you guard against freezer burn. Zip part way use your rolling pin gently and roll out a little thinner. (this helps defrost time) Seal all and freeze. This is under the second hour.
At just under two hours I have 33 pounds of high quality grade burger. Note that it is stacked in about a one cubic foot space. This has many benefits. If the monsoons cut my power a frozen block will stay frozen longer, It takes up much less freezer room, and I also can thaw out a bag in just 15 minuets .
I use the flash freeze feature on the freezer. This freezer was one of my first goals for home efficiency. I got it when we were together about four years. It has so paid for itself over and over.
The meat in the pan will go indoors to use this week in my menu.
Counter will need a final sanitizing
trash is contained in a plastic lined can and will go out, dishes soaking to be washed
Counter and grinder sanitized as is floor around work space.
2 1/2 hours passed dishes done all meat put up at the 1 hour time window, two times over.

Time to shower for a Mother/Son date with a "Dashing" young man!

Now lets do the math!
meat $1.99 pound x 33 =$65.67 plus tax

If I purchased it all made similar grade at $5.00 a pound (knowing full well it is more like $6.99)
so $5.00 x 33 pounds $165.00

$165.00 -$65.67= $99.33
$99.33 * 2 hours = $49.66 per hour

so tell me is it worth it to work for "the man" or "your Man" :)
If we used the $6.99 per pound we would be earning a $82.5 per hour! (but we'll be modest):)

We Homemakers are a very valuable , good thing. A wife can cause so much good. If the man who is able to support the family will support the homemaker in her career choice, he does a good thing. If she chooses to be at home working she works hard and earns every bit of the $49.66 and hour she gets (in all of her modesty)! She gets the benefits that far out weight the so called $5 a pound because we all know that it cost a lot more like the $6.99 with all the many "sacred cows" represented out there in the work force :)

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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