Friday, October 17, 2008

Gleaning the grocery store.

Hello, Good Day to all of you!
there is an old saying "kill them with kindness"
Well yesterday in my anger about the melon vine , I found myself cleaning Doves room.
I had the melon vine at the table how it was around the vase roses.
When the children were in a few moments I asked mine to come to the table once there, I sat silent.
They wondered why they were to sit, Dove asked if I was sick.
After a few silent naturally emotionless moments ...I asked them if they had anything to tell me.
Dismayed it took them some time to catch on. Pointing to the vine helped.
They shared they did not want anything to spoil my (our) morning and Dove owned the fact that it was her idea. I asked them if my anger was that scary? They said yes it was. Lots of food for thought about my own behavior course change.

Busy day today.
I got groceries and then went to the school to take Dash some soy ice dream for his class party. They were having root beer floats.
Dove won honors of her art work being chosen for the wall at the school.
Grandma Look at your talented bedding artist. That composition is amazing for a 4th grader (even if I do say so my self).

I was so happy for her Esteem is flourishing like a flower!

That's my kid!
Personally I am impressed at her composition and dimension.
Look at the depth in the back ground green and the foreground with the lighter tone.
The creature looks like he is sitting on a limb and awaiting a treat.

I just got off the phone with the Vice President of the PTA.
(It happens that she was the sweet woman who covered me yesterday when I left the kids in the art room when Mrs. "T" was still doing her conference.)
She was surprised when she realized it was me. She was happy to have me. Some of the ideas I have pleased her. I will bring my own easel to show the posters on, as to intrigue the kids more than it just being clipped up on the white board.

She has asked me to be one of the Art Master Piece instructors for the Elementary School.
I have a good friend ( Hi Trisha) who serve in this volunteer capacity in the East Valley and she has told me a lot about it. I signed a sheet saying I was interested at the first of the year.
I will begin my three part training class on 10-23.
I will be assigned to my kids two class rooms for the first year. If I am interested in the position next year I will be picking up more classes. It is a 15-20 minute (twice monthly) presentation of art, the classics, to expose kids to the beauty and wonder.

I gleened the box of scrap for the chickens that the produce man gave me.
I found all this in it. The cost of these items alone is well over $5.
Kind is'nt he?
I have been thinking of myself as an old Character in a Book.
Her name was Ruth.

She married a guy who died and so did her brother in law. She stayed with her mother in law. She had moved to her part of the globe and just decided that she would stick with her and not re-marry.
What a friend.
Well this Ruth would go out into the nearby fields and follow the pickers.
The guy who owned the land saw her and had heard about her from the neighborhood gossip.

He thought it so cool, how she took care of the widowed mother in law. She was young enough to marry again but the two widows just hung out togeather.
Ruth took it upon herself to risk life and limb to grab the fallen food off the ground. Of course she would'nt think of pushing her luck by acually taking the good stuff of the crop itself. The owner told the crew to bug off, and leave her alone To be a little sloppy as to leave her a little extra of the good stuff on the ground. She gleened all day in the heat just so the two widows could have enough to eat.

Well that land owner eventually made a wife of her and gave her a lot of honor
for her heart was good.
She kept herself and her friend alive during some pretty hard times.

Well I been thinking about how I do that...I glean. It is hard times , but I have gleaned most my life. Grateful for what falls my way. Content in it seeing that there is so often a little extra laying there to stock up the pantry.
Gleaning the grocery store is now a pleasant art form of worship for me.
Today I came home with well over $600. worth of goods for $363.06
Gleaning the shelves (Fry's has some case goods sale on staples).
I have been hankering for some coleslaw again.
I saw the pre-sheaded and thought ,I'll just shread my own and save the dollar.

I walked a few more steps...Organic dated 10-16-08...Four bags of shreaded coleslaw veggies normally 3.99 a bag $1.69 (Just left for me on the field, it was even in the Air Conditioned store).

It is hard times now.
So be a good friend and go out a gleaning. Be grateful for what falls. See the wonder in it. The character you practice will not go un-noticed.

Just think of my produce guy.
I grow chickens and keep vigilant, and he notices.
Like Ruth... I have favor because I am grateful.
Lets all practice a little more gratitude.
Love Ya!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Friendship Rose

My Dear Friend sent me a rose.

A friendship rose.

Those of you dear ones who I care so deeply for. So many of you come to mind. Care oh lyn, Denise, Amrita, Jaye, Michelle, Trisha, Angie, Corey all of you and so many more I am dull of mind to mention. You have all uplifted me with your kindness. It has been a bit trying for me lately as I know it has for so many of you, and yet your comments extend a selflessness that touches my heart and lifts my burden so the weight does not crush me at times.

My Beloved gave me two dozen roses today and his kindness took me to weeping big healthy healing tears. So many times your comments help me feel, heal and buck up to journey on.

Bren wrote...

Donetta...I hesitate to tell you this, but feel led to just the same. You know how God will use something bad and make it something good???...He use you in that last night. My children are NOT get me wrong, but my daughter is unattached and wounded. She was rejected and often time lashes me. I had a quilt made of my own hands. HOURS AND HOURS of hand quilting on it. All hand appliqued...1/4" cross hatch. It was one of my best pieces and was wrought with blood, sweat, and love. My daughter cut it up. Not big, but little snips into fabric here and there. I was devastated. I found later she was only trying to "be a sewer like you, Mommy" by clipping the basting threads...she caught fabric in the scissors. I half believed that...I always wonder at the intent and motive in the destruction that follows her choices. I still have this hangs over my bed, clipped fabrics and all.
My insecurities have been full. I read your blog...every post. I SEE the bond you have with your children. I SEE the love you have for them unconditionally. You have helped me privately in my parenting, for which I am grateful. I have still always "known" in my knowing that my daughter will never love me the way Dove loves you. Dash, too. When I saw what those "naughty children" did, God said, "See...your children can love you and still hurt you. Donetta, DOES know." I recognized your pain, but also I felt a healing at the expense of it. Thank you for being willing to share this.

Two dozen roses for the loss of my melons

I am drawn to tears my Love.
Mr U. My friend and lover arrived unexpectedly a moment ago with these.
I am weeping .
Oh how your kindness touches me to the quick.
All those hard hours of digging in clay, by hand turning and amending that earth.
To have such a great loss as this today be acknowledged ...
I am snoty nosed , wet checks blessed in you my friend.
Your love heals me.

I will take it easy on the kids, I will think the best of them and let them explain.
For them to see these roses Love,
They will also be touched as only a Fathers Love for His Wife can touch a child.
I love you Mr. U.

Gleaning all the beauty from the ashes.
Entwined in Love.

Children risk life and limb

Naughty children!

VERY naughty children!
I went to toss out the trash and in the bottom of the recycle can I found this!
So was it the kids or the dog?
I am just on nails and thorns!
(pins and needles gone array!)
Oh I am so mad and sad and frustrated with all the hard work I do being torn up by others.
Oh a mothers rant!

Sounds like fun at my house after school.
Once I get home from the Parent/Teacher conferences...
Oh,...another stressful afternoon.
I want to go on strike!

In home child care issues.

I thought this would be a pretty thing...
To help out a Hard working single Mom by watching her little darling.
Put two forth graders in the same room in class all day then bring them home and have them spend another several hours together....Oh mercy it is not working out.
I have been doing my best to equip the girls with life skills and conflict resolution skills...
Oh I am tired of this daily battle of hurt feeling.
Dove comes home daily all bent out of shape.
I do not know who is playing who against each other.
We Moms stuck in the middle.
One Mom single with an adult son at home helping out and a 9 yr old who is so scared and troubled trying to make her way through the maze. She keeps a stressful employ and carries all the load on her.No other care giver, no hot water and a lot of pressure.
Another Mom with two special needs kids. One is an 11 year old who trying to find her way through. Hindered by her developmental challenges. Confused by all the mixed signals and little girl ploys.
I am tired of the everyday fuss and strife and stress.
Two little girls becoming young ladies with all the developing hormones and the emotional ride they are on.
This is like a made dog by the ears...
Now I am feeling threatened that the mom will retaliate.

Two mothers played against each other by two little girls who are each laming the other.
Now you know why homeschooling sounds so good.
I believe that we have to go through these social lessons.
I stopped homeschooling in part so that my children could learn these lessons.
Oh! the stress of the strife.
My notice given this is not long term in the best interest of the children not just my little family.
Just processing...
Would I be willing to take another child?..
The child is easy it is the baggage and challenges of interpersonal stuff that has been so very hard.

Update after Parent teacher conference. Once again my instincts are right. Dove is the little "Pet" of these two vying classmates. Hurt children , hurt children, and in this case my special Little Dove. She is a compassionate child who is easily made to comply. This has been a big growing season for Dove. Now it is time for her to become "Wise as the serpent".
I gave her the example of each of my index fingers being one of the girls who are waring over controlling her. Then she automatically raised her little finger In the middle I showed her how one saw the other using her as a "pet" and then the other came in and tried to make Dove their pet.
I told her each of the girls are hurt, they saw you r gentleness and were drawn to it.
I never want her to stop being a
"Little Dove",...

but it is now time to be wise and see the snakes in the grass.
When she asked what to do, I told her listen to your heart and stay out of your head. Her thoughts fled to fear and then I drew her heart in and she wants to play soccer at recess. I told her "play soccer". Follow her heart listen when she feels used and controlled remove herself from their grip. Do not stop being kind but do not be used.
She asked " what if I do not want to be wise...?"
Then I told her you will become a fool.

God blessed me with the wisdom today that I needed for this day.
I sought understanding and it came to me. The teacher and I spent well over and hour together when usually it is a 15 minute to the second conference.
The teacher appreciates that I see every kid as a treasure.
As Doves Mother she is my first duty and priority.
I can not save the other children.
I can only offer them Love.

Chocolate Lab Risks own life...

Remember the wonderful cantaloupe...


The children went into the garden and closed the garden gate.
Guess who is too smart for his (my ) own good!
I am angry, lucky , very lucky for him I have a little bit of a sense of humor!
Apparently after the children admired it, he thought he would give this cook and gardener the biggest complement.

It's Eggman....

My Mom makes these better than Mc D's

Oh ya!
Mr Wonderful made these stainless steel rings for me many years back

Keeping the girls working overtime. They have yet to lay an egg.
Eggman is in the wings.
Eat girls eat!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Decorated the garden.

I figured if my garden can be decorated with this awesome cantaloupe, I should give back to it and spend some time making the garden mine.

Also were found these beautiful tiny white flowers that look so much like miniature sweet Pea flowers. They are the "Blue Lake" green beans. To cool!

See how pretty they are and one day they will be a feast at my table.

Untill then grow baby grow!

This little fellow is so cute!
I found 5 of them out there today.

There are several zucchini and a few crook neck yellow squash. I thought they were a summer squash but they must be a baking squash.
I had harvested the first one and went to put it into a salad for My Sweet Heart and I when wow! It was hard like a baking squash. I had cut it part way and was sad to toss it out. Beloved Husband of mine said ...
"Wait, don't waist it, lets give it back and put it in the compost"...
Oh! touch my heart.

The gate latch, a simple copper wire.
My free gate is so cool. It was a desire of my heart to have a gate for free...
So it is my gate. A simple garden gate.

I dressed up my simple gate . For anyone who knows me knows it has to have beads on it.
My dear MILove gave me that garden gate blessing. Cute little sign that just goes so well.

I believe it is blessed.

The beads help the wire to lift the gate to open it.

This is my new handle. It is so me...

Of course if you need any weeds...
They are free.
I have only had less than ten all total. The straw bedding really keeps them down.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bread Baking with ancient grains.

Down to Earth has a wonderful post on Bread baking. It is my desire and goal to learn a new skill every month (at least) . Bread baking has finally bubbled up to the top of my priority list. Several months ago a gift of a bread machine was given to me. It is running now testing out the kneading feature. For tomorrow (?) I may just try my hand at it. I have to get so *Gluten* this is the missing key. I do not want to make just wheat bread. The other grains are a problem because the lack gluten. Now the mystery is solved thanks to a wonderful woman who shares her wisdom. She and I are often on the same page. I love all different types of grains. I use many old grains and a few ancient ones. Millet, barley, oat and several others like amaranth and rye. Spelt is a preferred wheat for my family. I am allergic to wheat. Not the family but I am. Some grains find their history back to the tumbs of Egypt. It has always puzzeled me how to perfect the breat when useing thes gluten free or low gluten grains. I now have the answer I was looking for.

exploding peanut butter jar!

Oh yes...
Good Morning. The sweet kids awoke at 6 a.m. for they had a mission planned. The door to Dash's room was shut when I entered the hall...giggles and glee were to music of the morning. So Happy! These two siblings were calling Bat Man on Doves play phone, they also called several others to play jokes on them.
Hey..."it was not the real phone".
Although Daddy man and I played along and pretended they were in big trouble for it. Laughter and glee.
I left them outdoors (that sounds funny they were playing outside) in the cool morning air and as they played I took a fast shower. ...
I was getting dressed when I heard ...
MOM! know the high pitched one, with the alarmed questioning tone inflected at the end..."Mommmmmmmmmmm''
I sped to the kitchen.
Dove standing in front of the micro wave,with a frightened expression... said...
"it exploded!".
"What exploded?" I asked as I grabbed a frighted kid into an embrace, and took in my first wafts of plastic .
She pointed at the microwave...."The peanut butter"...
"what? " asked I, to open the door, and find a smoking jar of peanut butter with the lid attached, and fumes evading our space.
It was time to hug her, and explain about pressure.
You know the kind that explodes.
Oh! thank the merciful heavens, that the jar was very low and the contents kept in, and did not paint the interior of the microwave.
The jar was thrown out to rid the room of the plastic butter...

We had a delightful start to our morning .
Those two played with abandon, and had the most delightful time with each other.
They sang "put the lion in the coconut" over and over as they pretended to jump off high things
( I stopped them from actually doing that . I told them that I did not want to have to really "call the doctor").

Off to the buss stop. Happy kids. I am blessed.

The Lab is now howling like a lost pup. I never heard him do that . It was awesome! He looked like a wolf. He was low and long of tone with his neck out stretched. I went out and gave him a love.

I am feeling a fair bit better this morning I slept from 6:30 through the night. Tender and a little weak yet but better.
Look what I grew.

The kids and Daddy man hiked Saturday while I slept.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I went in to the doc

Hi, I called the doc and they wanted me in. I get to drive up there . I was so sick with nausea and dizzy I thought ..."how am I going to do this?"...
Well no purse, no keys! I had left it in the trunk of the car that my Beloved has. I called him he came to give my purse. I just told him he needed to drive me I was just too sick.
We both thanked God for the purse in the trunk or I would of tried to drive and not had to much fun at it. He will have to work extra to cover the time. Pray he has wisdom and his time bight be redeemed with me will ya...?
She checked my urine and no blood. She said my abdomen is just very swollen from the trauma.
She faxed in a Rx and we got it on the way home. I took it. For nausea and constipation.
I have 3 1/2 hours to rest before the kids are out early!
God give me your strength.
Thanks girls :)

I am not sure but I think I need to get into the doctor this morning. I am so nausea and now my belly is so full, My bowel just seems asleep. I am still in pain so perhaps I better get in. Mr U thinks that I may just be constipated from the medications. I fear that it is due to the blows. I am really hurting still. The ER guy said three days and better. This is the third day The pain is still there.
Oh I need wisdom and not to freak out or over react.
I have the kids to get off to school.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Smiles

Good Morning
Our sweet little family is rebounding. Dove and I talked and cuddled. The children are at peace and very happy and playful. After my ride through all my emotions my peace has returned.
Abdominal blunt force (link) injury could of been so much worse.
I am blessed that I am alright. The pain is better on my low pelvis, my kidneys the areas are still pretty sore as is my back. It looks like I am healing well.
Thank you for your prayers.
I might try to go on our date if I can. We would just go to the movies. I want to go see "fireproof" it sounds like a great date movie. I might get some lunch to go I am not sure I am up to going out. I want to be adored and look into my beloveds eyes without reflecting pain. I am still to take it easy , but the weakness pretty much maintains that.
I want to tell you how wonderful it was to be able to call my dear friend Jewel (nick name I call her for she is far more precious) she came at that instant and Mr U. came right home. My sister told me I needed to get to the hospital. The doctors office then told me the same thing. They were wonderful at the hospital. It was so good to know that the children were secure, playing with j. daughter and in J. care and all. My Mr U . was at my side. I was so thirsty and they could not give me anything to drink not even an I.V. for fear of internal bleeding. We were both so relieved that it was not happening. My kidneys really hurt this morning but I am mending. God is so good and has once again provided all I have need of.

Mr and I slept in while the young happily ones... played indoor and outdoor,... and indoor and get the idea. The dogs being started at the fall cool this morning wined to get in. I will have to get on crags list for a igloo or dog house for them.
This will keep them warm, of course you know 60* is just freezing Ha! My dogs don't know how to be dogs. Poor things.

I'll tell you though it has been a wonderful thing having outside dogs. I make sure that they get lots of loving and ball throwing.

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Please pray for her parents and family
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