Saturday, February 16, 2008

Phot Hunt *Free*

The South wall in the living room is...
Free from Green.
It is 6:35 P.M. We just finished the wall that was our target for the day.
The children had a surprise to learn we had no Hockey today. When we arrived at the rink it came to our attention that the schedule skipped a week!
We all went out to Taco Bell be a family lunch out.
Then some very thoughtful and generous friends took the children for a play date for three hours and we hit the task full on.
I had purchased all the supplies except the paint on Friday. Beloved went up an acquired the 10 gallons of eggshell in "swiss coffee" for the walls, and 1 gallon of semi-gloss for the floor boards.
Dash has had a bath and is watching a movie in our bed. And Dove in on her way to her bath.
Mr Uncommon and I are uncommonly tired! Wow that was just one wall but it had the most detail work to do and the highest ceiling.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Spackle, prime, and let it roll!

I just got in here at noon. I left at 8 A.M. . Had a good few moments to center myself at therapy in the darkened room with the kindness of a young technician who tapped on the door with two warm towels from the dryer...too sweet or maybe just perfectly sweet. He even tucked in my feet. It just touched my heart with the kindness. I felt so much more calm afterward.
I had time to overcome the ainks of the morning. I was able to see myself into my day as to what path to follow in the tasks of the adventure I am on.
I had an awesome discussion of the things of the spirit and the tri- unity of our beings. We spoke of great things of the heart, deep and meaningful. He is a beautiful young man with a heart exiting religion and finding relationship with God, as his new adventure. He is searching. Having many times spoken with him and listening to him share without correction or judgment he is now more readily opening his heart up. He said he really enjoys our visits and always want to ask my take on things. What promise this young man has. To search ask quest after a relationship rather than a set of rules. He wants grace I think and just is learning more about it. I felt like I had some time in a garden scattering seed and trimming the hedge row.
I went to the Home Depot a large home improvement store for home owners. I was able to learn about a 20% off sale they are having on paint this weekend. So I got the samples of the various whites and some basic things. I got two 12" wide rollers and cheep pans for them for the faster coverage they offer. Perhaps another man may come to help roll it out. I will use the 9" rollers for they will not be too heavy. I'll just be doing the lower walls. With my knee I can't do the ladder any more. I was able to get the primer to knock out the deep rose in the master commode stall. I got all I need except the paint. We can choose what white to use tonight and I might go up and have it mixed tonight or early morning. We have a fellow coming over tonight with a son, and or maybe with his sweet wife and both children, I'm not sure yet just who is coming or how many so I have to get up from here and set to task.
I stopped by the stuff mart and got some painters tape on a clearance! Too cool!
For lunch I enjoyed that meat loaf...MAN! I'm a good cook! :) It really was enjoyable!

Our day is full of dark clouds ,
cumulus deep grays and powder silvers and a fair bit cooler that it was yesterday.
It is so pretty.
I trust it will dry up real soon so we can have a day or two to get some of the painting done.
Beloved and the children will both be off on Monday so we have a three day weekend to work.
I would love to take the children up to the snow country to play. Maybe Sunday? They have Ice Hockey on Saturday. We paint in the afternoon on Saturday and Monday. That will give our bodies a day of rest and the kids some needed attention.

We took the pictures down in the kitchen.
The nail heads look like flies on the wall.

Sorta funny the way things sometimes look so much different than they truly are.
Just got to pull the nails...
Sorta like the lies that flood ya
when you brave the battle fields you face.

Good Morning

Mental note...
Keep thinking about the things that I have heard and witnessed in Him. All of the amazing miracles that happen every moment of every day.
Do not be moved by the reports of fear and terror and dread among the nation. God id God!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just wanted to give
your heart a squeeze.

I love you!

Little Dove and Dash Hawk
I Love you

Out to you Shorty Bear

Have a wonderful time
under the umbrella of His raining love.

Love is kind!

Love is patient,kind, long suffering, gentle., and so wonderful!
Good Morning!

I fried the children a treat of breakfast sausage. Dash ate almost the whole plate!
It felt wonderful to make the morning special for them.
Did I ever get a thank you...Dove crawled up on my lap legs curled and just soaked up all the loving energy afforded her. Wow it was so wonderful. She is a quiet giver of thought and love. Very introspective. That was a real pouring out to me. I feel so warm and wonderful. It was like when I held her as a baby. I thought to treasure it deeply. They grow up so very fast.
Dash had a visit from the Tooth Fairy who left him and "I owe you" for $5. (Daddy Man said they are not getting an allowance and felt very generous). Dash was upset at first. Then after he understood and went back into his room to decipher the letter he returned a new man full of the character of a grateful heart.
Mr Uncommon and I are having a normal morning (except I got to sleep in a bit). I'll take the children to school.

I'll pack them a gift in the lunch of a beating flashing heart and a box of chocolates.

Dash loves those cherry tomatoes and Dove the blueberries. I treated them with a jar of sandwich pickles for the lunches. They do love pickles.
Beloved is working a morning and taking off at 11:a.m. to come and get me.
I'll doll up and make a card for him after the kids are off. He is going to take me my favorite lunch at Pai Wai (fresh stir fry). Then we shall have an afternoon alone.

I Made cupcakes for the kids.
This will have us rested for the evening...perhaps a game night or movie night together.

The kids will give their Teachers each a "keep pen" I made, and keep on hand for such occasions. They will have the carmel apples I made yesterday for movie night tonight.

I Made a supper last night that we all just barely touched. I'll amend it with some Jello hearts. these Jello molds are 75 years old or so they were the treasure of an elder who passed them on to me.

This is the meat loaf I spoke of. I use grated zucchini and my ground beef, sage sausage,egg and ground oats (I make a course flour from cut oat). At last half hour of baking a organic tomato ketchup is then baked on it. It will be served with baked russet and baked sweet potatoes.

The kids had a school skating partly last night.
Daddy man had overtime so he found his supper in the micro wave and met us there.

Dove won a pass for 9 of her friends to attend a skate for only $1 each on Saturday but it is not going to be able to work unless we do it in the evening due to the Ice hokey lessons in the morning. I am not sure her little legs can do both in the same day!
Well it is time to go pretend to be "Ester" preparing for my
Beloved King :)

See more Thankful Thursday's over at
"sting my heart"

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh Sweet Motherhood

Dove greeted me with this fine Valentine that she wrote out in cursive. It is so cute. The words on the candies make up part of the sentence. Her spelling is creative. I love this gift. She was so excited and vibrant of smile when she handed it to me.

Well there is dancing in the streets!
That old tooth finally gave up the root hold!
Dash came to me and asked me to try to pull it again with just my fingers. so I had a moist paper towel and it pulled right up and out. Sorta creepy feeling though.
He went off into his room to ask God to give the tooth fairy a message.
I told him I have it on good report that they are pretty close friend.
Now my kids know that I am the tooth fairy , but we still enjoy a little fiction. They know the difference between truth and fiction. We are pretending on purpose.
He really went into his room to pray.
He wrote and her letter.
"To the tooth fairy , Happy Valentines and have a good day ..Love Dash"
"By the way its going to rain tomorrow... there are cumulus clouds outside now, it was cerise "....says Dash

"You have made me a better therapist"

To slay the dragon...
This morning I had to give a confrontation to a fellow who really said something hurtful on Monday. So I have this pain in my neck due to a sprained muscle. Attending therapy 3 time a week is a time consuming thing. Yet I see so many suffering and not just of body , but more importantly of spirit. That is a rabbit trail all it's own worthy of exploration, yet not my point here. Perhaps it ultimately is...
On Monday I was in attendance of therapy and the fellow working my case was busy so I just filled the lull time with exercises for my knee as well (old wound). I waited a good 35 minutes or so when A lovely young woman entered the area. She was nicely matched for her wardrobe was a great color for her and I complimented her. We struck up a conversation and I edified her hard works with well earned praise. She said that she believed the most important jobs are as Teacher and Mother and I up heartily said well than I'm pretty well covered.
She was beautiful, young and well educated. She was obviously intelligent, thoughtful and well mannered.
The therapist then walked up and said" Do you mind if I work on her first ...? She has very important work, you know she is a lawyer."
I deferred, But felt hurt.
I have attended this facility many times over the years and this fellow knows me to be someone who would defer to a person suffering or one who is in an emergent time frame, but to defer because someone was more important than I because of status floored me.
These opportunities for lessons to be learned. Well I made it to my car still a bit startled and hurt not really offended yet. :) I looked into my mirror and said some thing to my soul regarding how I used to have the looks, I guess I'm in a new passage of life.
Well all of Monday afternoon I was a bit down on myself. The foothold of my enemy had wedged in the door of my mind and heart. I started to look pretty down on myself and the flood of lies demising my dignity came a flooding in. Wave after wave, sorrow then filled in the gaps and I began to grieve the education that was robbed from me because of my youth, and the lack of personal value to my community came on in then . Lie after lie. I became weakened by it.
Of course this happened when my covering (husband) was busy with a mens meeting and was not available to talk to. It was really a hurtful thing I was asked to do.
To step aside because the other person has more value...???
Well I finally let it out of the shell of what was left of my dignity after the enemy had worked on me for a few hours. My sister called and I told her what had happened...She was outraged and said that she would of handled it ...well differently.
I had not until that time realized how truly offensive a comment it was. I was determined not to be offended but to take my dignity back. It took two more conversations with people to help me get back to center. Beloved was rather angry that his bride was spoken to in such a way. My friends were not at all pleased with it either. They even reminded me of who I am. You see sometimes I forget. I fall into that old well worn rut. Grooved into me from early on and often much like a cliff to fall over.
Well today I determined I needed to tell him, When you...I felt...
So I did!
I took great courage and told him.
I said " I have deferred to those suffering, I really do not mind. I have deferred to those who my have an urgency. I give freely but to be asked to defer to someone because they are more important than I am...Well that was hurtful"...
At first he was defensive and said" well, that is your interpretation of what happened"... I just held fast to my peace and did not deter it. I spoke that It was what he had said and that I needed to just let him know that it really hurt.
I then had the recline to have him massage my neck. (that took some courage) I determined not to rage over his comment of "my interpretation".
Then he spoke" you know your right. That was not o.k., but she...he paused and then continued no I am not going to defend myself I was wrong and I am sorry"
I told him that my husband supported me and reminded me of my value but it was a real painful thing to me. He said that by my telling him that...
"You have made me a better therapist"
He continued I know I have had to have done that before.
I told him that my husband and I spoke about loving him enough
to say something to him about it.
He said "that He is not surprised that I would care enough to do so, knowing me and how he appreciated my courage to do so, He continued...not many folks would say anything.
He thanked me! He then helped me sit up, reached out and hugged me over the shoulder. Then bent down and placed my shoes before me and reached down for my purse and handed it to me.
I did not get a great neck massage but I was a courageous kind warrior woman!

Wordless Wedensday

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Consume verses being Consumed

consume consumed
Yesterday at the grocery store I had a wonderful epiphany. Now the thought had occurred to me many times and had even escaped my lips from time to time, but on that day it really jelled deeply within me.
I was looking at cards for the upcoming Valentines day. It was a cute card that had caught my eye. It read...
"I have for you the Intimate passionate love of a much younger woman with far fewer children"... I got a chuckle out of it and then turned it over to see they were asking $5 for it. Startled I looked at it again and the card went from some trinket I thought to consume to give to Beloved to something that would consume $5 of our hard earned income. I pause and chuckled as I put it down all but gleefully free from the desire of it. I thought wow I am getting free. I told my sweet heart about it and much joy came to him over both the thought of the line in the card but even more how it meant more to him to receive it from my heart than as a paper document to be tossed a few moments later (well days). I walked the whole of the store as advertisement after advertisement reached out to me as if leaches awaiting my blood to suck. I felt powerful!
Now this is coming from a woman who has been the best of home maker and the best of bargain shopper for many a year. I have been freed in part for years but that day I got down right cocky and took back the rest of my power! The marketers are doing everything they can to get the hand into our pocket, purse and bank account. Through credit cards they have even now began to raise interest rates on folks retroactively. Did you know that? That means that if you have an old balance against you on a credit card they can bump up the rates on even the old balance.
Now we are free of credit card debt for we have never really kept any balance. We were able to use it and pay it in full at the end of the month. Our nation, you we are being consumed.
We are told we are consumers....well who is really being all used up?
Even though what we are doing is a hard thing (selling out and getting a starter house that we can shortly own outright,) it is free of the hand of "the man" reaching deep into our pocket through usury.
Now the banks are going to give a 30 day grace for those souls going into foreclosure (We are not among them, we do this now by choice. ) so that they can work things out with their banks. I have heard that a family of 4 will be receiving a $1600? tax refund incentive in mid summer... this is because no one has any money to spend and they are trying to give it out in hopes that it will stimulate the economy. Our country is hurting.
Our very life is being robed at our invitation. Sure come on in and we might even let you have our first born if... we get a new car a big house and all the stuff we could ever want. Do not fall for it dear ones. It is all vanity.
If it is that you own it, it is free to you. I am so trusting in freedom. Humility is found in it.
I think that our happiness will be there too. I am speaking of true happiness that which is lasting and sure. Joy well that is a different type of constant.
Oh my I hope I didn't get soap on ya all. Just have to get it out. It is what is driving me. Empowering me in this quest.

So what do you think?

Tackle It Tuesday

Good Morning!
As I type this tackle my hands reak of pesticide. I was preparing the early morning tasks of making the lunches. had purchased a large container of green seedless grapes from Costco and was washing them as is my custom. They smelled strong when I opened the container. It wafted up at me and I searched for any other source only to find it was indeed the food (grapes) that I was preparing to feed my children!
It concerns me the package said rinse well sulphide dioxide use as a fungicide. Well It may be used but in this case well over my hands smell of it and it is making me breathless.

My tackles today include packing the hutch.
A good friend called and we talked of greater things in all this and it helped me through the process of packing the hutch. At one point I almost began to cry. I was a wave of emote. I have known so many things in my life. So many wonderful people who have passed on. We spoke for a wonderfully long time of deeper things. Trisha that was really a treat. If you read this ...I really love WHO you are!
We were at a close with the ring of the door bell...It was my FILove.

This is the before...

These were the things I was easily able to let go of...(plus a few others)
The stem ware were a wedding gift but they only have 7 and we never used them.
I made the white guardian angle, the angle with the little girl is me as a child , but I am no longer a child I am an amazing powerful woman! I teared up at that line but it is true.
The angle with the kids on the slide was what I got to fill the collection of figurines in time line, but I never really liked it a lot. The Lords supper is an old piece I let go. As you may see I love bisk. The hummer was just a little pretty I got to recall the gift once given of a hummer in hand during a very hard time. I walked up to a hummer in his last hours and was able to hold it living in my hand while I had to undergo a meeting that was more difficult than most face. God was there for me in that hummer that day. I have another hummer over my kitchen sink hanging on a fishing line. It will hold that memory for me. The floral bowl was given years ago by a neighbor who was agnostic and yet thought so much of me as to give it to me because of the example of my walk. She saw my belief in my life and gave it to me as an acknowledgment of that. The flowers were my old kitchen. I still have that fabric. Maybe I can start to imagine how I can decorate the next home.

This is after the bottom is also cleared except the table cloths. I'll hold onto them until I know whether I will be able to keep the dining room set in the next place. I got four boxes of keeper and two boxes of give/sell.

My FILove came by and gave me two wonderful huge boxes that are perfect for textiles. I thought I would use it for kids toys , but the fabric out of the hall cupboard fit perfectly!
Well its noon and I feel tired. I will be still a while to hear whats next.
I think I will make the children some cup cakes.

My big tackle is...Rapping my brain around my husbands deep desire to do this with no mortgage that may mean a 1400 square foot house. We are leaving a 2300 sq foot house. I have to choose to trust Gods provision! So please help me in my tackle by joining me in celebration of praising God for HIS provision for us. I do trust HIM and do desire to have a home that is one we can enjoy living in. I have witnessed so many amazing things that I know it will all be O.K.. It does take some effort not to get overwhelmed with the thought of it. I really admire my husbands heart to be free. To be secure in our shelter in such a way we can live life fully. The added knowledge that I will never need to be concerned of shelter for the children and myself is also a big benefit. It is a real huge choice in this consuming society.
As I pack today I need to listen carefully to what I keep and what I let go of. It is truely a great big tackle.
I have had some real deep realizations in this process. I am letting go People who gave me gifts...Memories of many who have passed...I will sort things into keep give/sell and hold onto untill my heart choice of letting go of. those will be the fillers if it is given enough room to keep once we move into a house that we might find. You know I have helped clear estates of elders who have passed on it is cool that I am doing this for myself.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Awards fun.

Care o' lynn over at "talk to Grahms" just passed on these cute offerings to us on her blog role. She is so thoughtful that way.

I pass this on to all of you over on my side blog role too. Just high light and and hit ctrl "c" then open a post and hit ctrl "v" and post it up. Have fun.

Menu Plan Monday

Amazingly I accomplished this this morning!
The acorn squash is baked with maple syrup and brown sugar.
I insert a long aluminum nail in my baked potatoes then cover them with foil to bake. the bake in half the time and thus energy is saved. Think use less pay less for utilities and conserve the resources for our next generation.
I have a full week so I thought I would try to keep it simple by baking the meals all together. I'll bake the meat loaf and chicken dish with the sweet potatoes maybe.
Happy Valentines on Thursday. Beloved is going to take a long lunch to be with me. He will have to work overtime on Tuesday,Wednesday's and Friday to make up for it. I have his supper plated to our Wednesday evening is at a roller rink for the children's school has an event. I'll have to plate his food tonight also for he has mens meeting. Oh! he has mens meeting on Wednesday too oh drats! Thursday we plan to go out with friends yet it is still tentative.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A full weekend.

Friday night we took the Kids out to pizza.
Saturday we worked hard on the house. Hubby worked on the master shower scraping out old grout. While we also had time to make a check list of things we have to do.

Saturday, after some research we Moved the trailer to a storage lot.
It opened up the garage bay.
This is all the Sell and/or give away stuff I have collected so far. I need to box it or set it up better. Those bags are full of the toys that Daddy man tossed out of the house so they need to be sorted to match up the parts if I try to sell them. It must get done while the kids are at school.

We have since then moved out the big shelving units off the living room wall and the many boxed books and knick knacks, wall art and such. I have now moved into the living room. We have cleared the hall by the master room. All the wall art is down in the master and living room up to the laundry room. We will begin prepping the walls with Spackle as I move forward toward painting out the green walls to a neutral. The garage will be ready to pack up as well. I Will start on the hutch soon and it too will go into the garage.

The master bathroom is just "plain". I removed everything.
The Roses over the mirror made this room so cozy. Now it feels vast.
Hubby re-caulked the master shower and scraped the hard water off the glass. We still have t use some C.L.R. to remove the residue. I'll clean that carpet just before we put the place the house on the market.

We may paint the pink wall the cappuccino brown color,
and remove the pink valance and the bedroom draperies.

The Mr. and I Moved more stuff to the garage and also fed the children and had a family movie time. It is so hard to give them all the attention the need. They have been doing pretty well with all of this and are very excited about moving. They are very happy.
Please pray for those angles and all those divine opportunities to come together for us as we walk forward into the things before us. It is so wonderful to know His hand is for us.

We get to the rink at 3:20 practice started 3:40
It was great to see them doing so well.
The children are really getting the skating thing down. Dove watches over her brother so lovingly. He has a hard time because He can not hear. I want to go help him. I have to just let go...He must make it on his own. Man that is so hard as a Mom to give them the independence to function on their own. He can not ware his hearing aides on the ice. They do not fit in his helmet.
Dove has the orange leggings and Dash has the hood and blue helmet.

We came home to a tired couple of children. Oat meal supper and a Walton's movie might.
I had gone off to get more boxes while Daddy Man made the oatmeal. The experience was very upsetting. I drove behind a store to see if there was any there and saw some. So I was loading them had all of them in the truck and two men came out and were verbally violent towards me saying"those don't belong to you!" I said that I though them to be trash and apologized and unloaded them I spoke of the nice day to one man and he was startled and then softened his tone. The other man was glaring at me and I had had enough. I said "Hay I am not a "*itch", I am unloading them without attitude and acknowledged my error" Then the other man showed me a small sign that was mostly covered up that it was a crime to remove anything. I said that No I had not seen the sign then he continued to be rude to me. I finished unloading then bid them both a nice evening...They softened and looked sheepish. I was upset by the whole thing. So I have been all evening. It was so unpleasant to be treated like a criminal. I really thought that they we trash. I thought of it later and I suppose I can see that they were a recycled box perhaps. I still feel riled up. The way that young man was looking at me with such HATE and violence angers me. At least it did not frighten me. I was so cocky to tell him off for it. It felt real good to stand up for myself to such insolence.
Beloved has called me to him.
Good night!

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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