Monday, July 28, 2014

Home from the UK

Hello all
We are home just over a week now. It was a wonderful trip. So many adventures. I still have my young guest here so we are yet busy with school set to start for my teens in a week or so.
I made it through all my adventures and just two hours away from home it all unraveled. We had been on flight for almost seven hours and my health failed. I had to get oxygen in flight. The flight ended with the medivac team coming inboard to remove me. I never inconvenienced so many people at one time. I had to be taken my ambulance to hospital. I spent the night there. We proved out no heart attack and blood clots. Possibly altitude illness and or possibly my pressure bottomed out. NO one knows yet why. I have to follow up with the cardiac doc on the 6th.
I was so mad that my goal was interrupted.
My ivig Saturday went well.
All in all I really did do it. I took a trip that sent me over 5000 miles from home. I was loved and favored all the way. I spent time helping others and seeing a reflection that reminded me who I am. Even getting to see that I really like who I am.
If I do fly again it has to be for shorter distance to work up to long flights. Now I have a mess of a house to work on. Getting kids ready for school and bills to pay.
Life is good and the grass is greener but the weeds still hide among every lawn. :) There are however a few things that I want to implement here.
Thank you Jaye and Lisa for the hugs.
I was hard to tell of how it all ended but I still succeeded in overcoming my fear. I am living with NOT dying of cvid. I do hope that my husband can see me now as powerful.
We took the teens all up to the Grand Canyon last week. I rented a wheel chair for the altitude still did not agree with me. We also took them to the Meteor Crater. Little trips and resting a lot. My energy was still good after almost five week interval.
So after four years of ivig I am so much more able. Still getting faced with limits but I will continue my education of learning to live within them.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Trusting the walk by Spirit not just by sight.

It is really happening. In six days my daughter and I will be boarding to fly to England!
This trip started out as an opportunity to build a lasting memory with my daughter. It was so exciting to think of all the teaching moments with her. It is an opportunity to try to instill all the things that time may not permit me. My time may be shorter that other mothers get. It is a thrill to have this chance to get to really know her heart too. She is amazingly kind and a delightful innocence not burned by prejudice, she delights in life.

I have my ivig on Monday. Most everything is done except a few things around here.

I told my daughter four months ago to dream and not to just dismiss her heart. We are invited to stay in a home for three weeks. Wow her heart heard and her faith in hope built.
My health is strong and I resting and preparing.
Listen to your heart. All around me the rules and fears and doubts almost lost my joy over the trip.
My sweet daughter does high school on line at home. She met and befriended a medically bed bound teen who also did school at home. The group of friends shared hopes and after a few months my daughter became closer to this dear young man. We skyped his parents and grandmother. It is his grandmother who is so dearly grateful to my daughter for bringing her grandson back to health. Their friendship gave the kids a future mindset. They both finished the grade yr and the young man was even able to do his testing.
My daughters heart healed another and gave a hope for a future.

It is the kindness of her heart, not the fears of evil that is to be witnessed here. Yet those who are so afraid of error made me second guess my own heart to a state of torment. I was and have been so afraid that I was a horrible mother to take her to England. That I was putting her in danger or harms way. That is the farthest thing from my heart. I have a release seeing that I as mother to this amazing young woman am due some credit for following the spirit above the seeming rules of fear.

We are blessed to go to England and stay for three weeks as guest. I trust in my heart that this is an adventure of faith and beauty. Opening ones life to the wonders of opportunity God sets before us.
Whether for a moment a reason or a lifetime these two teens will meet in person. My daughter will be celebrated for the wonderful friendship and kindness that gained another back his strength to hope again.
Both of the young adults are looking to the future, to education and employment one day. Someday perhaps to become engaged to marriage. It may be a moment or it could be a lifetime. I have witnessed an amazing relationship where they build each other up. They encourage each other to follow what is right within their own hearts. He plans another four years education as does she hope to attend college.

After six months of daily skype they will meet face to face.

 I am highly thought of by his people yet it seems our own doubt and fear leaving me to even doubt my own heart. They are so very excited that we are coming. There are celebrations and events that they are tending to for us.
My daughter grieves that when Tom flys home with us for the three weeks that all he will encounter is suspension and assumptions that sex is involved. How hurtful and sad that that is for my daughter that she is thought so little of. These are people who deserve LOVE not petty judgements. I will do my best to example that love to them.

We are excited to take the family to the Grand Canyon and all. Toms health now is good, his family is very grateful that we will show him a little bit of America. It is Toms hope to one day have a good education and come to the US and have a good job to take care of his duties well. We have a separate bedroom for him and I will be here with them.
When we look upon another life and see evil perhaps it is the evil within us that is the true enemy to be faced. That we might face it all and learn to love our own self to become better able to truly love others.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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