Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Fresh Sewing Center

Good morning all. This is a quiet day for me so far. Dash at a sleep over. Dove has one here and the girls are yet asleep. Yesterday I set to getting my little corner cleaned and the sewing center followed next. Of course an image of the cutting table...well lets just say a few more hours to get this all clear and clean.
Lately clutter has been getting to me and so it was in me to remove things and take stuff of the walls around me. Feels so nice. The wall yet needs a attention. Inch by inch I will try to post the finished room. Then we can get some things sewn.

I know "the sign of a sick mind is a clean desk" HA!
Now I can begin to sew with the pleasure of a clean desk.
Several project s tend to.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Full days Summer with Children

We have had a wonderful time with my Great Niece and nephew.
They are not much younger than my two, how is that for perspective?
Wii play they had a wonderful Loud time :)
Goodness sakes they look like siblings!

The garden gave up some of the last of the spring crops.
Hot days here and the garden is at rest.
With these little onions and the parsnip (member of the carrot family a must in chicken soup) a batch of Beef barley stew.

Made up three main meals for the week ahead. The utilities are less in my morning so that is when the cooking is done. I try to turn everything off at 1 p.m.
Rice with chicken stock, tomato sauce and turmeric
Re-fry frijoles, Pintos with cumin, salsa, butter and water in the blender
Chili with pinto beans,tri-colored bell peppers,cumin,curry ect.
Beef Barley with root veggies, potato (three types), carrot, parsnip those onions garlic
The blinder grind up lg can of diced organic tomato use part in chili, stew and rice then add the pinto (no need to wash it) use for the frijoli add butter (melted in micro) jarred salsa and the washed canned pinto bean. (now the beans in the store bought are all white beans, read the labels)
Garlic press for stew and chili wash once

1: p.m. came around and we all left to go to a library and then a free swim.
Lego play was supposed to be 1-3p.m. but an error in the article it was not until 3:30-4:30!

As I told them that Dashes heart mattered and we would wait the two hours for it.
LOOK at the size of that novel Dove is devouring. She is half way through!
Dash is reading an encyclopedia.
I enjoyed a reference manual on cultures/societies of the world.
They had a typewriter and so I showed the kids the "way it was" :)
Although it was a fancy machine for my youth.
When I graduated high school My mom gave it to me as a graduation gift.
Don't see them too often now, Dash mentioned how when you made a mistake you had to start over, 
"no white out"
I said. We had to learn how to fix our mistakes...Sorta rings poetic don't ya think. Now a day kids don't LEARN HOW TO FIX mistakes but how to cover them up or to depend on other to cover it just like spell check does for us now.

Finally the time came and the play was had.

After some confusion and the burning off of the stress of sitting with a 12 year old banging her head against the table in frustration...
We left to go get the cash for the pool. The free swim dead line had come and gone.
We found a pack of day old buns, a pkg of lunch meat and a drink each. Supper under $6.
Steve met us at the pool. While we were changing he had walked in. When we came out of the changing room we were all happy to see each other and amazed once we realized that we each arrived within a minute of each other. Given the confusion a fore mentioned it was really something. 

Each day efforts are made to have some fun, home days relaxed and playing games and watching HULU on computer, sorta like TV you can pause.

They have a buddy over now playing the Wii.
I had my CAT scan with contrast this morning. so it is a low slow day for me. 
No big deal just a baseline on my lungs.
It will now be a yearly cancer screening all of you should remember the ones that you need to do.
Keep centered and enjoy life...
It's the only one we get.
Kids are young only a few short years.
Watch them thrive, show them the way by that example

A comment from a local reporter

Over at the other blog "A Place to create" I received a request to be interviewed.
Returned a call this morning and the whole thing is legitimate. Incidentally I am now in her contact lists. Wow that is one way to set your soul to getting things done. Ideas in place. Kindled a light that had dimmed a bit. Sorta clipped the wick. Peaked my interest in continuing on my creative expressions.

Dear Donetta,

My name is Laura, and I am a reporter for the Arizona Republic.

I am working on an article about DIY home decorating projects.
I happened upon your blog, and I was very impressed by your decorating skills.

If you are located near the Phoenix area and if you have two simple home projects that you could easily explain,

I would be happy to feature you and your design ideas.

My article is slotted for next Friday, so we would need to find a time within the next week that I could interview you quickly and have some photographs taken.

I hope you are well,

Laura Gottesdiener

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When life gets tough...

Well it is an amazing thing when the tough get going. We had a wonderful service last Sunday despite the ear cracking volume of the service, no joke. There was an Epiphany for my darlin' and I. The Pastures story went like this...

He was in his car with a growing teenage boy who could eat his house his appetite was so intense. Not uncommon for the age spurt that gives them inches a day on their height. So every hour practically the child was STARVING! So Dad (the Pasture) pulls into a McD. to get the boy some (2) burger meals.
The father (pasture) reaches over for a french fry and the boy clutches the lunch and declares MINE!

Now the father could still of gotten the boy more if needed not a big deal understanding the calorie demand of the boy, yet the boy clutched to it as if it were HIS!

Like we do with our pile. Everyone has a pile called MINE> We do all we can to hold onto it. We figure it is up to us to maintain and micro manage it. MINE! my house,car, life.

Ya, but whose is it really? Who has the power over the elements really? Who is it that holds all of our PILES together and is responsible for it? This is where the choice comes in.

I can KEEP my pile and have all the burden of it or I can entrust God with it. This the epiphany that it is GOD who we will give charge over our pile. Everything we own is his. Every breadth. Not out of fear but out of release. Who really wants the stress and anxiety of clutching onto all with white knuckle desperation. Wondering where every dime and every need is going to come from.

Lately every time I turn around a dime and a penny appear. A whimsical game God and I have played for a good 20+ years. We have given our lives to Christ but have we ever given him our pile. A long time ago I lived in fear that the pile would be taken away. We had a differing belief between us in our finance over the tithe. The DREADED finally trusting I let go and kept an attitude of generosity for years. I came about after years of this fear that the pile would be taken for the lack of the practice of the tithe that I became fearful so much so that white knuckled I changed. ME! the girl with the trunk full of clothes and things we no longer needed and every visit to a friend to the trunk they were taken and we saw the amazing provisions shared and there was never a lack. There is still never a lack.

8 years ago we went down 2/3's in income at the same time adopting our second international adoption. A very scary time for we had began the adoption as the plant that Steve worked at shut down and he was not absorbed a 27 year career gone.  Low man on the pole he began again. It was then that the trunk dried up. " better hold onto the things for never know I may just need them." The pile grew. Stagnant oppressively grew. We began a budget a year or so ago. We became out of debt. WE DID IT  har har...Who? OH WE>>> Who? who? made us able when bills hit unexpectedly? Who?

Our intentions blessed and efforts made yes. For the first time this message has changed hearts so...hands open we are now budgeted for the tithe just as the house payment or utility a priority.
Somehow all the slack in the budget will be covered I know this from a life time of seeing the measure met. The jar of oil never dry or flour pot never empty.

OH THE Peace! of this being out of recognizing that we no longer control but have given control over our pile to God. We will continue to do due diligence. From there?   It will be so fun to see how it will all come around and the pile will balance out to a blessing and not a big old oppressive mess to deal with. I am so happy, so proud of the unity that is now provided on this topic in our marriage and it being out of release and not fear.The leader leading. Put a fire under me that warms me to get a few things sold on Creigs list and clear out some of this accumulation. A warmth to bake bread and set menu, to cut out the fat of the excess.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Inherited Common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) first visit

What an afternoon! Being an American is the most prized gifts in life.
I have health care and the best technology to help me.
Steve met us there and Dash and I had allergy shots and Dash had his asthma check up. He is doing great!
God is so Good to see my boy so wonderfully healthy.
Dash went to lobby with Dove and Steve stayed with me.

Indeed I have CVID the moderate in degree. At my age I will need a 4 week interval of Infusions.
Each infusion is a 6 hour process for the administration must be given very slowly as to avoid side effects as much as possible. The first to be done at the clinic then I will be given a homehealth care nurse. She is there to moniter the anifalatic concerns and the reactions I might have. My IgG is half of a normal person. There are a couple worse than me in the practice. This is a rare disorder Genetic in nature. In the large practice there are 5 of us. My case is not severe however I will have to have the infusions the rest of my life every four weeks. Because of my age it is very unlikely to ever rebuild my own immunity so I will be dependent upon infusion to guard me from infections for the rest of my days here. This to protect me from life threatening respitory things as well.

As it stands...
The coverage is being confirmed, the infusions will be ordered as too my specific need.

There are two cells types as I understand it. The  "T" cell protects against virus, mine is intack. Thank God! Then there is the "B" cell this is where my big problem is. The "B" cells (that I do not have or have a very little of) are to attack the bacterial infection.

I need to use great care as to not get exposed as much as possible until after the first infusion. Each infusion will provide a varied type of immune cells. This will give a broader range of protection.
The risks very minamal as for the new techniques used = hep C, AIDS. VERY RARE

I will have to set up a CAT scan with contrast (injected die) for a base line on my lungs. To be repeated every two years. I will need to keep up on collonoscopy, mammo and other rutien cancer screening. That should be done by all of us anyway. With this there is a bit higher chance of "C" then in the common of society.

Watch there might even just be some kind of mirical some day that somehow my immun system will show us all! There will always be hope. Even so 6 hours and possible yucky every 4 weeks and I have a healthy normal life that is good news!

test results apointment

In an hour I will be with my husband learning more about what CVID is all about for me and the degree of what we will be facing. I have no lack of confidence in the battle I am facing . My courage will not halt or falter. I have utter confidence in the love that God has for us.
These words are processing within my result to bone me up to walk I hope with grace.

I must somehow follow an example of result not to focus on dieing but on living determined to fight a good fight. All I am and have is only but by the grace and is a gift form God. I deserve nothing yet have been given everything I have NEED of and a lot of icing on that cake too.

Thank you for your support. I must keep composed for the sake of the children. Pray for us about that please.
I heard HIM say today to practice the ministry to the medical folks that it is God not them who is in the authority of my health. It is HIS ultimate hand in the outcome. NOT THEM< THEY ARE NOT THE HEALERS God is! I am impressed that that is what this is all about.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Being a Parent

This is hard stuff being a parent. Asking over and over to confirm my dear birds had water was not enough I must now check every day that the tasks are done. I normally do, being sick lately the fatigue has cause me to have to let go more. I do feel so terrible that I thought Dove would handle her task. Diligence diligence diligence this parenting stuff is hard.

5 A.M. saw be awake and in the yard and garden. Watering in my pajamas for the house was still. Breathing was not to fun so instead of sitting reclined I just got up and went outside. The ball thrown for the dogs and the coop top cleaned with new shavings...
Hearts meeting with my dogs just loving on them. Finally the sweet Lab (no name for safety) is calmed. We are trying to be the first at the door of the humane society for a voucher to snip him. The cost will go down from $250 to $85 for it. I am not going to breed him and his libido is out of the park. This is  to mellow him and perhaps stop the leg lifting on the wall. Then the dogs can be house dogs again.
I just got to be the first on at the door at 7 a.m. with kids in tow or Daddy man to cover me.

 I am left thinking your feeling may be of me doing the pet thing wrong. This parenting thing is hard. Dash did so well and tended to task sometimes it is hard to remember that Dove is a different child and has some special considerations. She is 12 on one day and 6 on another oh I am so to blame yes...Even though I asked twice my instincts should have been listened too.
This parenting stuff is hard.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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