Friday, August 7, 2009

bread, gardening and the BLT

Good Day to you all...
After the kneading of a loaf of daily bread for the kids lunch I headed out to the garden.

Began I this morning..
Three hours later...
corn, spaghetti squash and cosmos in.
The soil ready for the rest and the compost added , soil feed and hoed ...
9a.m. hot tired and ready to go in the house.

peas, bean, butternut and pumpkin seed soaking for tomorrow....

This almost the last day that the kids and I are home together before school starts
called for a fancy family lunch of Bacon lettuce and tomato on fresh baked bread.
I added 1/3 c of rice protein to the loaf and it was very tender and light.

Got some laundry done and the kitchen...just tired out for the afternoon...It calls for a siesta. Hope everyone is having a great day!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Neno's Award from Charlotte

Good Evening...
A gift sent my way found a perch on my front page tonight

neno award from Kat

She wrote...

This award is given to those who LOVE blogging, and who also encourage friendships through blogging and who help others seek the reasons why we all love blogging. These awards are so hard to choose because we all LOVE blogging and everyone is so encouraging! Since I couldn’t seem to decide who to pass the award on to, I decided to pass it to all those dear Arizona bloggers that I recently met and had lunch with. Here they are.


Debbie of Heart Choices

Mary at Piles of Smiles

Michele of Beelieve You Can

Sherry of Country Wings in Phoenix

Marty of A Stroll Thru Life

Charlotte of Charlotte's Weblog

If you are not familiar with these dear ladies and their blogs, I hope you will go and visit each one of them and say “hi” for me while you’re there.

Thank You Charlotte

WELL....I will need to ponder this so as to pass it on girls...

Thankful Thrusday~JOY

join us here
With a rake and hoe and a piece of fertile ground I am impressed that it is He who will bless the seeds I sew
See BEE BLISS GARDENS BLOG for posting of the process

After a two and a half hour morn of chore and prayer
The North bed is planted on time.

Even the stench of the dung has life within it.
That stench that is a fertile lesson.
We all have it .
We just gotta dig it in and loosed those hearts to it

A light thunder took me out of my solitude to remind me of the presence even in the midst of the task
That He is there...
Waiting to bless this soil with the kindness that makes all things living flourish.

The thunder was a prelude to the most tender reminder that all ...
this that we set (I set) my hand to is blessed.
It is God who makes it (us) grow

All those hardened lumps to chop up and soften with the efforts set forth
it will till the tender soil that will bring forth all that good "fruit".
Now I speak poetically that of the heart and of the soil it differs little.

How wonderful it is to learn from our children that even the obstacles set up around us are but to strengthen us to stratagem

strat·a·gem (strt-jm)n.
1. A military maneuver designed to deceive or surprise an enemy.
2. A clever, often underhanded scheme for achieving an objective.

that we would be foresighted in those battles meant to harm us.
How wonderful a day began for me.

(after this) Dash got his hair cut at my hand and is very happy! YA!!!!!!!!!
not that he needed it hahah

~ JOY ~
As I stepped onto the patio it began to rain.
That was all the rain there was.
Just enough to give me hope and promise.
An encouragement to trust.

This is a good thing too for the soils that have yet to get planted
must not become saturated as of yet.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Word Filled Wednseday

Mr Linky is over here
"And as for you, take for yourself some of all food WHICH IS EDIBLE,
gather it to yourself; and it shall be for food for you and for them."

Genesis chapter 6
, verse 21

A late lunch for the children and I with a focus on my commitment to better health.
The Black Cherey Concentrate is awesome for joint inflammation.
This is a day of rest for me for I had two days of hard physical labor in the garden.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle it Today I did!
After the early morning dentist appointment for Dash where...we were going in to have his molars sealed...we walked out with a silver crown...I was started when they led us back to the closed room for they only do procedures there but Dash being special needs and they knowing that did not think a lot of it until I looked over at the set up complete with injection...????/
Some misunderstanding...yes
So after clarifying it all decided to go with the flow. The baby tooth was going to stay until he is 10-12 we were awaiting news if the orthodontist would be pulling it or not for braces. Well it was his partner who had set up for us to come back and have the full scan x ray and the sealants. All else had not been set up or agreed too. And here I was dear in the headlights! So I listened to the calm within me only concerned of the possible betrayal that Dash might feel.
That dentist gave Dash shots and Dash did NOT EVEN KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!
It could not of really worked out any better!

At the end the front office a buzz with the dread and concern of an angry mom were startled to find that I was not angry with them. They were so relieved and approached with a
"well just have you pay for the nytrisoxside (laughing gas) and not bill you for the rest of the balance until after insurance covers it."
Dash was not angry with me either.
Gods way is higher than us. ?

Dash was calm and the procedure went off without a hitch.
Dove waited out front! She was calm and alright.
The front office was impressed with her.

Well on the way out they were a little upset and wanted for a treat a Mc Donalds...well I had two bucks in my purse and had to deposit a check for a necklace I had made ...I told them that I would get them a doughnut when I went to the bank (it was in the grocery store).
At the bank when I approached he was stunned to my reply when asked "how are you today"
My reply "happy"
Startled the teller ask "Well tell me what makes you so happy this morning that your this way?...."
So I told him and then change the slip to get a $5 cash back to get the kids doughnuts. He said to me..."your kids want a dough nut?...well we have way more of them than we could ever eat hold on..."
He came back with a plate for each kid and a Doughnut bigger than Dash's head! Dove chose the one with sprinkles.:)

We finished our transaction and he then paused me and asked me...
"would you like a dough nut too?"
Sheepishly I grinned and accepted my favorite maple glazed.
Dove wished for another for hers was small and was up set a little cuz Dash had a massive one. I gave Dove mine and she was so excited and thankful...

We then left to go get some free MULCH...saw it on craigslist
the elder came out and told me of how he needed some and had way too much delivered. He told me of how he had hoped to cover the area around the mound a few inches thick to stop the weeds. I filled the bed of the truck and the kids were in the running truck with the A/C on. Then I decided two shovels for the old mans area one shovel to the truck bed and covered his front. He came out to leave in his car....It was then I saw the handicap tag...
He told me "You don't have to do that"

I told him
"I do not do it because I have to, I choose too"
... and thanked him for the mulch.

We then drove up to a town north of us to get several bags of horse manure for free curb side. All bagged :) the bed of the truck is full and I am now beginning to cool.

I am just all tackled out!
It is 1:00 p.m.
time to chill and rest before supper preparations.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Marriage Monday

Marriage Plan

Recently I have been studying the seven habits of effective people and considering a life plan.

This made me think

What is my Marriage Plan?

Living intentionally what is it that I want the epitaph (only through a physical death) of my marriage to say?

That last day I live here with him. That day when all he might have of me is a memory?

Oh this is not to me morose Oh No but to intentionally consider what it is I wish for this life to be from a far reaching future tense. So that I might implement actions where any neglect might existent.

Now this is to consider for every role of my life but here I am focused on my marriage to Steve our history yet to be created...

These things so far I have pondered.

*That there would continue never ever be a doubt within him of my Love and devotion to our unity deeper than a friendship. Of my unconditional love, all effort to understand and walk knowledgeably into wisdom as his help in this life.

*To NEVER do him harm or evil all the days of my life.To co-parent with wisdom and courage. By being prudent and wise in our funds, relationships, and roles. To make a priority of self care.

*I desire to support him in our interdependence to become the all of who we are created to become. In word and in action speaking life and uplifting him in doing what is right and honorable.

* To be HIS Beauty to come to and to think of and dwell on in the harshness of this present day world reality. By taking better care of my physical health do what I am able to do as not to add worry or fear of the future to his days. A hiding place and a fortress to look forward to coming home to. When he thinks of a woman that My image in his mind (both spiritual, mental and physical) cause his heart to race.

To pursue wholeness of my being in all aspects.

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today... Monday, August 3, 2009

Outside My Window...It is HOT, The yard is calling for the morning next to come that I might continue to nurture it.

I am thinking... I will miss that little race car, battle guy and buzz of the sweet little boy who never stops.

From the learning rooms…The seven habits of effective people, Life Plan Study, Affiliation study for the kids. Some Family way time with the children. Flash card review daily.

I am thankful ... The possibility of travel! Stunned !!!We have been offered the chance to go to DC and stay in a guest apartment in my nieces complex. Take the kids to the museums for free! Visit the battle grounds and such. We have just been given a lot of overtime. We have also received a part time employ that will be done at home.
We are prayerfully considering doing such a thing. We do not want to be over zealous and jump the gun on our goals. What I think I am most thankful about is is that my husbands eyes are bright with anticipation for this is something he so desired to do.
With Dove in the 5th grade it would be perfect timing this fall to do so, We would really have to keep up the diligence and hard work to afford to do it and yet keep to goal.

From the kitchen...Clean counters and a box of pears. Bread to make later today. Salad to be had for lunch. Very few dishes to do. My husband caught us up and so I can relax a bit.

I am wearing...A summer gauze dress it is black and earth tones of browns and vague blues it is very cool and comfortable

I am reading... The book Eldala by my dear friend Michelle Gregory

I am hoping...To equip Dove for her school year . There are so many dysfunctional little girls who have already begun to call and stage themselves in a pecking order that clearly shows how un affiliated they are, even in their own homes. It is a real stressful thing for my dear daughter.

I am creating... My fall/winter garden making the earth and tending it to be planted within two weeks.

I am hearing...
Shirley Temple's Good ship lollipop Dove is watching in the other room and the hum of my son as he is playing throughout the house with his cars and guys.

I am going... To mail two letters...need to go to the bank and to the pediatric dentist to get Dash's permanent teeth sealed and a full panorama x ray of his mouth to watch for the process and see when the timing for braces will occur. We had good news NO PERMANENT Teeth will have to be removed. YA!

Around the house... Laundry to hang. Floors to sweep and a study center in the living room to create this week. A place where the kids will do homework and art.

One of my favorite things... Gecko's climbing on the walls. When gardening this morning I must of disturbed a family of them. At least 10 of them and plane lizard too.
I love seeing them flourish in the garden. They were FAT too. Wow did I make their day stirring up all that compost.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week: Lots of time with the kids, Meals and bake goods. Setting to task a LIFE PLAN...covering all of my different roles. Sewing some pants for Dash and cloths for me.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing…

My gazebo entry is so nice.
I am so looking forward to the nasturtiums growing on the gazebo and fence.

Time to walk away 3 hour work out this morning!
See Bee Bliss Gardens For the Details.
(later today I want to go play with my son)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Gazebo part 2

How fun it is to play
As we were unloading the gazebo we made the children shut off the TV and come out to play.
The sun was setting and the afternoon temperatures were fair.

Even the Lab played with his ball.
Nothing like a family together in there own yard.

Now the jailer captured her prisoner in the garden extension.
He tried to find a hiding place the jailer protected me.
She captured him and drug him off to jail!

He paid his fines and was released
We stopped after dark to finish another day.
It is our staycation this week end so we rest.
More images posted over at Bee Bliss Gardens

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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Thank you Michelle

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