Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our Wedding Day

Twenty six years ago this young woman cried out to God.
She said..."All I want is a home of my own, and a man who Loves you. Please God, I do not want a religious man, but a man who loves you."
A young man cried out with a broken heart.. He said..." Dear God...Please bring me a wife"

This young woman had braved with great courage the escape from an abusive relationship. She had fled to a church for refuge. Sheltered by a Deacon and his family she was homeless. With only a back pack and the roof over her head.

The young man had recently lost the love of a five year relationship. A future that had shattered his tender heart.

That great day....
Across the crowded Bible Study class I sat . Frightened and clinging to Christ my solace and salvation. I was a young believer who had joined the choir. Rail and gentle. Forgiving of life I joined and belonging to those who attended this mega baptist church. It was a neighbor who had helped me escape. She had brought me to this place. A place that I had watched often on the television. A body of Christians who offered me a chance at life.
The young man who had approached me spent several weeks trying to meet up with me. He had found my name on an announcement.
We had met at last for he was still amazed at how he had fallen of of his chair during that bible study. It was then he knew I was her. He pursued me. A dove broken, guarded by many.

This young man saw her and marveled at the innocence and wondered if she were for real. He had never met anyone like her. When I had stooped down to smell the flowers on the walk on our first date...well he was stunned. He had determined after that first meeting he would sell his motorcycle to take her to the dentist. He did so and more. He set me up in a little apartment along side a private home. It was a little place of safety. It was the only time I had ever lived alone. Perhaps all of 300 square feet of a place to rest. We spent so many hours talking and then one day we almost became intimate. Instead we opened the scripture and decided to wed directly and to save that for our wedding day. He respected me.

"We are now to be together at the calling of our hearts.
Rest assured this troubadour is acting out his part.
Is it love that brings us here or is it love that brings us life?
so then whats to be the reason for becoming man and wife.
Do you believing in miracle's.
Oh there is love
There is love..... " (Paul stooky)

He played out his heart for me, my man that he would call me wife. He has forever change for me the meaning of my life.

We interred into our wedding day Worshipfully.

My wedding gift from him was an act of great courage for he played for me at the wedding.

Beloveds brother helped us by loaning us a suit.
My Mother in Love made my wedding gown. We wed just 30 days after we met.
We set the date for two weeks once we had Beloveds parents blessings.
They said "son if you love her than we accept her".

We held the ceremony in their back yard. I flew my mother who I had not seen in a few years, and my father (I later learned he was not really my birth father). I had only met him twice in my life at that point. I did not choose to have my step dad attend.

My Mother helped me with my veil.
It was the first time alone with her for many many years

She gave me the necklace from my youth as something old.

This was taken in Beloveds folks living room just before I was walked down the isle.

I felt like I was free floating.
I made Doves dedication gown from the left over fabric. I also used some of the left over fabric for the trim on our first quilt for our marriage bed.

The fellow in the beard was the man who ,He and his wife had taken me in.
He gave a lengthly sermon about the vows.

We exchange simple gold bands.
The whole of the wedding was no more than $500. for flowers, rings and the cake. The punch and snacks were a gift from the cousins.

The birds were singing so loud that I sorta got distracted and the question was posed twice because I was just so happy I was a bit above it all.
My face hurt from smiling it was so big a grin that I strained my cheeks.
The birds were eating the piracanthra berries from the bush behind us. Their song was amazing.

The woman in yellow was my Maid of Honor, She lived next door to the house that I had left.
It was she who helped me get away from an abusive 6 month relationship.
She helped me to get to the church to escape and begin new.
My wedding colors were set from her dress. I received what was offered.

My "dad" name sake (Don) was there. He and my mother had not seen each other since I was an infant just after they divorced. This was a very courages thing to do and so very generous. For he threw my mom down a flight of stairs kicking her in the tummy the day I was born. I forgave him in act.

We signed our licence, as did our witnesses, on the folks table.

The beautiful woman in pink is Beloved's Mother. She made my dress within the two weeks notice by cutting out a pattern from a porcelain figurine of a senorita I had had from childhood.

This is Beloved's Paternal Grandmother Doves namesake. She was the first woman who ever showed me kindness and a gentle touch. She is my favorite person of old times. The man is her son Beloveds Uncle. Dash is named after her husband.

Our last name means , Dove of peace.
The doves on the cake are still in my possession. Old and yellowed they are a treasure of how God brought me under the wing of my dear husband.

This was the very favorite thing of my wedding day.
He sang "We are no to be together" Don Francisco
It was somewhat private for he was painfully shy to share his music with others.
I so miss his guitar playing.

He was so brave.
On our first date beside a creek he played "He's alive" by Don Francisco

We were gentle and respectful of each other.
We did not smear or cram the cake. Tenderness was just who we were.

These dear ladies are some of Beloveds cousins who served us that day. The girls all just set it up. Many of these women wished that Beloved was not a cousin. He is very well beloved by them for good reason.
He is a kind man.

So many of these have now passed on.
Only my Mother and Dad were there. Non of my other family.

I still use this cook book some 26 years later. I felt like a princess with so many gifts. When only a month before I was homeless. All of my possessions were in a garage somewhere. Pilfered through by others. Everything has so many times over been given back to me.

These two girl were new friends of only a month or two.


I always hated what they wrote on the car. It cheapened my day. When I married my Beloved I was his virgin.

I am my beloveds and he is mine.

His banner over me is Love.

We left and went to his home that was now...Our home.
Beloved moved out of his parents home at 18 years of age. He fixed cars and saved up enough money to buy a small house. He owned it for four years before we met. It was all of 900 square feet of heaven on earth.
My own home and a man who loved God..

The next day we took my parents to the air port.
It was the first time in my life that I had them side by side of me. It was the last.
They are both dead now, but I did my best to show them the respect of my wedding day.


I had my Indian wedding and all the dreams that were not met so many years before were met then. I am still my Beloved's and He is Mine. We have Gods banner over us.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Mommy Dentist

Dash has had a tooth needing to fall out for two months. It was loose (very) but just would not come out. Mommy dentist to the rescue. Beading pliers have many uses :)
The tooth to replace it is already in.
He was really scared .
Now he is ecstatic!
Looks like I might have two in braces.
Dove is better but has not "moved yet". Her pain is reduced.
Thank you for your prayers folks.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good report "We Think"

It appears to be constipation due to the viral infection putting her colon to sleep for three days of not eating. We will still run the c-dif but the urinary thing appears to be clear. The c-dif will be a week in reporting. I am stopping the anti biotic because she has only three- four days left and the Doctor said that she thought it would be fine. I just gave her a laxative and though it is tearing me up a bit to see her cry ...I am practicing a little tough love and just turned off the TV and sent her outside to play a little to see if the movement might get her moving Oh man I hope that the c-dif is negative other wise I fear I am being tough on her.
The doctor said c-dif normally presents with diarrhea not constipation. The blood counts were raised slightly on the lumph that shows viral infection. So I am putting the confidence in the doctor. I told Dove she was not sick any more and that she just needed to go poop so to move around and see if it help. She is crying and it is so stressful. I think It is the right thing. Man, motherhood can be hard!
If it is NOT c-dif ( as the doctor suspects) then that is wonderful news!

My Sweet Little Dove Said Thank You

I Told Dove that you are all Praying for her.
She said "tell them thanks..."
She is moaning and gowning and it is just tearing me up!
I feel like crying...I have a 3:00 pm appointment at the pediatric doctor in N. Scottsdale. 45 minute drive. I took a nap and am doing lunches for the kids well for Dash.
Mr U is having a really hard day at work.
Wow! it is hitting hard and furious.
I began to wonder if I or we are separated or doing something wrong to bring this all on. Then I remember that there is one heavy battle above us, around us.

Oh girls I am wherry and I am tired, but I am not worn out.
Thank you for your loving encouraging comments. I felt better emotionally after a little nap and re focus.
Dash helped Dove while I napped. He is a good boy.He must be board out of his gourd!
There is a part of me that just wants to complain and bemoan this trial after trial.
God has always met our provision. This dream of living debt free is one that I so want to honor Beloved with. I just do not see how unless we have a buyer. It is up to God. The buyer has not come. It is up to the buyer to obey God and come if this is Gods plan for us. If it is not then it must have some other gain that I have packed up this house and painted out the walls and stripped out the draperies I hand made. It must then be for some other greater glory some lesson some purpose. The thought of unpacking and sorting out and letting go of stuff is a great effort to do. I would have to sort out anyway if we sell and move. To stay on such meager means is not either of our desire. It is however that I know that the means would be met. I do not think HE has changed in that unless I have sinned and fallen short some how. My children being ill is a hard one.
I think all of that, the latter thought just must be the enemy of my heart accusing me. Assaulting my fatigued mind and heart. Hearing my child suffer with this cramping is almost more than my heart can stand.
It must be so very painful for her.

Thankful Thursday

Sleep , what a marvelous thing.
I actually made it into my own bed (not the couch or sitting up rocking a child) last night.
I went to Trader Joe's and was able to get soy yogurts, pro biotic and kiefer for Dove. I made it their just before they closed. I unloaded and just chilled for an hour slipping under (my own) covers just after 10 p.m. and slept.
Dove is still suffering the abdominal pain of what may be C-Dif. It is a type of colitis of the colon and bowel. It can turn into ulcerations of the colon. May it NOT!
Please pray for my girl if is a real painful thing she is experiencing.
I studied it a bit and do hope it will not be the chronic type.
she had that bad sinus infection a week or two ago and had to take a second round of anti biotic for it. They killed off all her "good bacteria". Now she is suffering.
My stress is pretty intense right now.
Mr U said that it just may be that we wind up unpacking all our belonging from the garage. We could be a lot more selective of what we bring back in. We have a couple more weeks on our real estate contract. We may be just staying here. Perhaps I can take in a child care or sell crafts or something. I may need to get employment at the end of summer. When the kids go back to school. We can try to sell again next year. We will get a life insurance policy on Beloved and live. I have a small one on me.
Jaye does in home care for the elderly. I have thought about it. The kids are still young I was hoping to stay at home with them.
Mr Uncommon has been working 10 hours a day to keep budget. I hate to see him working so hard. I suppose though that it is really not that uncommon these days.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pay it Forward Came yesterday

This is so BEAUTIFUL!
"Beadin' Grams" sent me this act of kindness.
Flowing me over with loving generosity.

Thank you:)
I really appreciate the time and the heart you invested in her.

Little Dove went to the Emergency Room

It is 1 a.m. now Wednesday, and we just returned from the emergency room.
My Sweet Dove took a bit of a turn for the worse. Without much fever she developed abdominal cramps that became severe. I took her in around 10 p.m. and I was called right into a bed for her. They set and IV and began a drip. They sent blood work to the lab. The medication for the pain and nausea was also given. She was such a trooper. It was a wonderful team of women who helped me with her. The nurse tended to the IV while her aide helped her and a psychologists helped me with Dove emotionally avoiding a panic attack. It was the best Sensory Integration Dysfunction care we have received. They were aware of the condition and the needs that it posed and it was startling .They were great! They used a book to distract and explained everything as they went. We were a well oiled team. I as the Mother was a player and a part of the whole. Great job they did.
Dove has a possibility of a condition that caused all her intestinal "good bacteria" to die off and so we need a stool sample and to take it to the Pediatrician tomorrow asap. She may of had the virus that Dash had but we are not sure. She may have a urinary tract infection and they are running a 72 hour culture and will contact me. She really perked up with the IV and the Medication that eased the nausea and pain. I have an Rx to fill for that medication in the morning.
Wow I am so wound up.
She was so brave.
God is so good to us to be able to get her the help she needed.

Please pray for Our Little Dove.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Good Morning!

This is my main tackle today
...Keeping this little one hydrated and resting.
She is coloring and eating some shaved ice.


Kitchen duties are light. Beloved helped in the kitchen this weekend so the morning begins with a doable load to empty and a few hand dishes.

Dash is building pipe cleaner guys. He and I went to wal-mart and got a bunch of craft items. I so miss my art studio this time of year. My kids do projects all day long. We use a lot of recycled things and cardboard from the recycle bin. Markers,crayons and such. Dash just learned about how when you color with crayon it clogs the pour of the board and marker has nothing to absorb into. It is so cool to teach Dash. He is a fun kid, always eager to have questions answered and queries addressed. At times it is tiering, but all and all it is a real joy to be here to answer him. He is water coloring, and using up the art supplies faster than I can tell him to ease up. His mind is so fast and active. He is now planning a summer party for the first day of summer 6-21-08 He said that we can tend to the activities and make a food stand . He is drawing it all out and planning, making invitations. Wow! this boy is so busy!


I need to back beloved breakfast cookies. I made the dough on Sunday. Sweet man found me asleep on the couch with Dove. I awoke as he was covering me with blankets. he is so sweet to me. I did not get the lunch packed or the breakfast cookies for him today. Holding Dove all night long I could not wake up this morning.


I got the master bedroom cleaned up. This laundry need folding and putting away and the children's room straightened up. I don't know that we will be showing the house but I need to keep ready as I can. Dove being ill I don't want to show or leave at all! I just want to take care of my kids. I feel a bit over whelmed. It is a time of waiting and a time of trusting in Gods divine provision and wisdom. Oh these days are long without our normal life and property. How challenging it is yet I stop and think about the measure of our trial. It is so minuscule in a comparison with what is happening in the lives of so many. In so many country's there are great suffering occurring. Starvation, disease and death. Hopelessness.
Yet...I have a hope. My children have health and we are housed and well with the unity of our family. It is not a terrible thing to wait. It is wondering that makes it harder.. It is in the "what's, ifs and the wondering of the whys and when" ???...

Dash made a skeleton with play dough.
He wants me to find one and print it out so he can cut it out and put it on a card board.
Now he is painting a plaster cast bee. Now he is water coloring! Now he is building Lego's, Oh wait now he is building pipe cleaner men. Opps.... now he is ....setting up the pipe cleaner men into a scenario ...Wow! counter top to counter top the men are swinging from the refrigerator. I would love a window into his imagination.

Dove is making velvet coloring boards. She love those.

I should in invest in them :)

On Saturday
I purchased new plants for the walkway.
The little yellow flower smells wonderful like tea.

I had to remove the purple pansy because the heat got them. They were there sense last November so I sure got my monies worth in them.
I replanted with some white robe, marigolds and a few others.

This is perhaps going to need to be placed in deeper shade. It gets sun in the early morning. The sun here is intense.

I found this fox tail fern for $12. and the planter was mis marked for $10. I splurged on it for myself. I can take it with me when /if ;) we sell/move. I have always wanted one.
They are so beautiful to me.

This is thyme under the flowering plant.
"If I could just find the thyme"
Now I have a lot of time little monies and all my supplies are packed up in the garage and it is not able to be dug in to . My house needs to stay very clean.
This is a very strange time of minimalist days. I have a few bead and my tools. A bit of findings so I'll play a bit. I think I can get to my novel. I think maybe I'll put some time and effort into that drawer'ed dream.
Yes a wrote a novel and then just abandoned it.
It is in the edit stages. Maybe it is what I need to be doing...
Michelle I see you smiling coyly. Funny! it is the only box I can reach! :) Ha Ha Ha...Alright I will pull it out.
But...It might turn out...I might succeed at it...I cant have that!:)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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