Friday, September 26, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Iris is a beautiful soul...
You can find her at "sting my heart" come join us next week.

Our Dear hostess of "Thankful Thursday" is a gift to us all. Here it is her birthday and it is She who is the gift.

Yesterday I mentioned the trip I made to glean the garage of a couple. They had a friend who owned a fabric store. The man passed away and his widow turned the fabric store into a quilt shop. .
I had a $100. budget and got to go through the stuff and choose what I could make use of.
She was very generous.
We had a real nice visit. Two artist souls meeting over a common interest. We talked as I went through stuff for two hours. Very nice couple.
I had asked God for the things I found. A long time ago, after leaving my project to run to the store for another package of bias tape to finish my job (an annoyance at best), a wish for a variety of these was spoken.
Well I think I will not soon have that interruption....:)

Bias binding , Hem tape hem lace in every color that I normally use.

Enough for quilts and wide skirts so amazing! 10 for a $1. and then several more for good measure. Very generous.

I only took what I could make use of, and the bounty is so very evident!
The husband was very generous as well with some findings.
There is some drapery tape in the package.
Serger thread is new!

The cabochons too! They were a request of God when I was making the beaded cabs some time back. They are perfectly imperfect.

This is all "child size" knit collars and cuffs.
Now day clothing with cuffs and collars only sell in high end stores for they are costly for designers who don't even hem things that they might keep costs down.

Polyester satin ribbon and patterns for the kids and for myself.
Sizes to keep them in for a few years.
They are mostly all new.

This is the fabric. I was picky. There are several things that are very nice here. She would measure a yard at 1 1/2 or so very generous.

Buttons, a few zippers for coats, trims, fusible waist bands, terry cotton yarn several skeins, and so much more.
I got many necklaces for Dove and a watch for dash.
It all incorperated into the studio without too much displacemenet.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A day of delight

Hello, Yesterday I spent the day ( 9a.m.-2:30 p.m.)
Teaching four children to read more effectively.
I had a wonderful lunch with Dove and just really loved it.

The children had a recess and potty break while I delighted in the momentary silence.
This is Doves class room.

I worked one on one with each child . They had a 5 page story of letters written in 1930's by a little girl who had to go stay in the city with her Uncle. She had the gift of gardening. She lived in her beauty and made a dark city street bright with flowers and gave a man who never smiled a roof top garden.
The kids had on average a low 25% score on the comprehension tests. The first child got 90% and the other two got a 100% on the test (the other child did not finish the story for time ran out on the day).

We all had a nice lunch together as all the little girls were little fluttering butterfly's around me.
Dove was so proud to be my daughter that it warmed my heart.
Dash saw me in the cafeteria and ran to hug me and greet me. Many of the other children who knew me from last year also said hello.

At lunch break all the fourth graders played soccer and Dove's class won the game.
It was nice under the shade of the huge trees.

Dove in light pink after a goal was scored.
They all proved to be good sports.

I went on a gathering run last night. I saw on Creigs list a person who had a garage full of stuff from a fabric store that had closed down. I called on the things and made a late night scavengers hunt coming home with a great stash of tremendous bargans.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Good Morning!
Well My big tackle from Saturday on has been to "Matter to myself".
I did my hair Sunday and a manicure Sunday and Last night. They are not my own nails but they did turn out very natural looking. I did it myself.
It was very nice Sunday Beloved came in and read the Dave Ramsey book while I did my Beauty treatments.

My sewing center needs to have some attention. I have the bathroom window curtain to finish, also a pillow for the sofa. Dove has been awaiting her star wars cape too.

This is a necklace of a singe mom who had no matching earrings for . I am customizing a pair for her. I need to finish this and get it to her soon.

With a show upcoming in November I have a lot of work to do.
These layouts need to get completed.

As you can see The fourth vertical row has a lot of cards on it.
These are all earrings of fall colors.

All of the work is going onto my cards for display.
Everything being uniform will make for a professional look.

After the kids are off to school the morning chores of dishes and kitchen will get done before I take off to Bible study. Homework got done and so I will be off to fellowship,prayer and class.

By getting help from Mr U. I was able to get the decorations down from the attic. I look forward to getting them set up and festive.

Loving my clothes line yesterday the clothes were cleared after dark. I was tired so they will get folded and put away.
Phone calls to be made and a roast to be put in the oven.
I may offer hospitality to a young single Mother and her three year old, or the class teacher who also wanted to come over for tea.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Menu Plan Monday, and misc stuff

Home made taco's

I made a new column on the menu board for "I matter to me" plans.
This will remind me to fix myself a healthy meal for lunch and to think about before the last moment. I also want to remind myself to take good care of "me"!

Other stuff :)

I found the fabric used in my last home. It matched my china I picked out years ago. I have had the china in the hutch from when we were selling the house. So with it in there on display...and the drapery I made gone... I hung this this week end . I love it! The house feels so much warmer in character. I really have loved this print.

I also found these scraps of fabric from the old kitchen. I am going to make a pillow for the sofa.
This is a larger, bolder pattern than the drape. I love the colors and character of it. These are the flowers on my china dishes.

Science experiment tonight. Dash asked me to do this with him. We got Daddy man in on it too. Then Dove had her curiosity whetted and it was all fun!

We taught about air taking up volume.

Daddy poked a hole in it and the towel got soaked and fell out.
The laughter was a delight.

My Beloved came in on me giving Dash a breathing treatment this weekend, he said I looked so beautiful. He ran over and grabbed the camera. He said don't move! The photo was a little different than he saw. I felt so adored the way he did that.

Dash had to have two breathing treatments this week. I am somewhat concerned for him.
He is so dear to my heart. I just hate to see him suffer.

For days there has been an ongoing game of manoply on the table. I had it put away today and they got it back out tonight.

Well the garden is watered and the laundry all hung. I love the clothes line. I worked on the budget spread sheet for three hours today. We are getting closer to our goals. We are reading our Dave Ramsey again. It looks like we could have some fun next year if we work hard to conserve and plan. I am so happy to have the responsible attitude and the follow through happening jointly. We must stay determined and see our dream come true.

It s late and I need to rest a while.
I did my homework with the kids tonight so I am ready for Bible study tomorrow.
I hope to have a better attitude about the click stuff.
My sister is settled in the nursing home tonight and should be staying there untill next week or so.
She is in a bad way with pain. Please remember her in your prayers.
All of you who are still out there are dear to me. I have lost my momentum on the blog a bit.
I might do a tutorial soon or write something. Just been a full month. My head swims with all that is required of me right now.
I am so loving it.
I will be doing service work at the kids school on Wednesday. Two hours with each teacher.
I really like Doves teacher her and I get along well and she was really moved when I thanked her for all she did for ALL of the children....
she said "Wow appreciation, that felt nice..."

Remember to thank your kids teachers tomorrow.
You home schoolteachers remember to show your own self some appreciation.
You are making a difference!

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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