Friday, April 27, 2007

Dan visited the ER Croup with asthma and a small airway

Well Dan did see a doctor today. He began to have breathing difficulty this eve. and we wound up in the ER via a mad dash drive.
He is resting now and I am coming down off the MY KID CANT BREATH!, roller coaster.
Now lets hope that Becca does not get it. I was in a room with him on a gurney within 3 minutes of our arrival.
He had to have a stronger breathing treatment that the one I gave him at home and a shot of steroids.
I am so grateful we have insurance and that America affords us quality health care.
Dans going to be alright. I have a few long night ahead.

Hello, out there is cyber space

Well how do you Begin a blog, or posting.
Friends of Jaye's hello, it is nice to meet you.
This morning had an adventure to it. I was mowing my lawn More like the deep jungles of Africa, scooping the mounds of my two beasts debree. When to my amazement I stirred up a Snake. Not the first on in my yard. Six years ago I caught a glimpse of its grandmother in my garage when we first moved here. A year or two ago I met its cousin almost frozen an the Dewey lawn one morning. Knowing that it was a endangered desert Senoran garter snake I was bold enough to grab it by the tail as the entire neighborhood at least anyone left at home may have wondered what that woman was screaming about. Well I managed to capture this terturous creature in all of its 12 inches or so knowing that even this little curly pencil was a threat to some poor rolly polly I had to scream to alert them. This Serengeti being as full of rolly pollies as any full of such great dung heaps might be. The porch was hosed off as the Golden RENA and my Choc. Lab danced into the water jet. Queen Rena always a Lady would sit and wait hopefully for my to spray her but Willy Wonka Bar , He just slid right on in for his jubilant fill. He was so funny catching the mighty spray and wrangling it into submission.

This all after my kids were dropped of at the curb of there new elementary school: it is now one month into public school. Toady was the fourth day of not having to hand deliver them to the office ( attatchment Def. Disorder) They feel safe!. I am so grateful to have passed the home school mantle and not have delayed the vocational process any longer with all my good intentions and neglected tasks. I am now such a better mom. I can enjoy them in a relaxed nonexhausted state.

I now find my self so greatly delighted that I can count the loads of laundry that were once simply mounds to be enjoyed by my Chocolate Lab. He of course is a bit miffed that the mounds now have been displaced into dressers and closets. I'm sure he awaits the return of the woman once so overwhelmed that the Idea of her even being able to get her head above the whitewater to get a breadth causes Him to retrieve a ball. Because as you must know any time free is a time for any thing (or body) else but me.

I have almost finished my first quilt in some time. A little baby quilt for a boy child of a now woman who was but an infant at my own wedding 25 years ago. The spinning wheel goes round and round. The shower is tomarrow I neet to finish the quilt today. We placed a wood laminate florr in the school romm now MY STUDIO! I have all my fabric inside now no longer in the garage bins. I even am able to do my beed work with ease. I feel like a roal woman so full of oppertunity and promise. I am turning foury-six next week-end and I have a Arizona Sewing Guild meeting to attend. I made a necklace to match the dress I have cut out and I am even going to sew a dress for me. I stoped sewing when My weight gain blurred the reflection of my true beauty. I made a stupid vow that I was not worth it untill I had a more acceptable reflection. I can see past that into her now and I am wonderful and beautiful and some day I may just pass that new dress on to another wonderful woman when it gets too big for me. I have lost seven pounds this month.

Dan my young son of 6 had an asthma attack last night and my dear daughter Becca show signs that perhaps her antibiotic for her urinary track infection may not have done the job. A mother heart weighs heavy when love rules the ruste. Becca 9, was moved because her puppy love said she was NICE! Her face so beautiful with all the magic and wonder of pure infatuation. I am thinking of removing them from school to go to the doctor.

I have a Posted. Never stop growing and stay interested in you own carreer no matter how humble it is a treasure in the changing fortunes on time.


Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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