Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

The Kids are still up 11:11 here
I want to sleep soon :)

the last few days and my little artists

Tip here take pictures of any wiring before you undo it.
Life is made much easier when it is time to hook it all up again.

hold your breath when you dust too!

Pray for that little darling in the middle. She and her family really need it. The kids were sharing media in the back seat on the way across town.
 We took the old oak entertainment center over to my sister much to her glee.

Did you know that empty dishwashers make the best drain boards for large items?
 Holiday is coming to a close soon and the laundry is a mass. We did not want me to work over the  vacation so now it is time to make the needed laundry soap.
 We had temperatures in the mid 20's last night. This is a batch of grain and old pasta cooked up for the chickens.
 Thinned out the baby kale and harvested some broccoli and radish for salad.
 The room is so large here without the oak center. We have had that for so many years. Strange to have it out of here. It is so large and even louder in the room. The book shelf is loaded with all the media. That center held a lot of things in it. A home is now needed to place all the books off the shelf unit.
 This is the living room at this point. The tree came down yesterday. In spite of a 4 hour drive in the rain the HDTV got home dry. He got stuck in a 3 mile back up on the freeway due to an accident. Gratefully he was not in it. We were able to have a friend come and help get it out of the truck. The truck was backed up half way into the garage. That cart set near the tailgate and the men set it over onto it. The cart is a type of industrial strength shelf on wheels. Not too pretty but if you know me I'll figure out away to get it to flow. The area behind the TV will get metals and pastels for decor.
 See the difference in the size. The picture is just so pretty! For the first time in for ever I sat and watched a bit of TV last night. Felt sort of strange to just sit and watch. The WII was amazing on it. So clear. Some of the DVD's we have will show in high definition. If we ever are able to get a blue ray player it will work on this TV.
 My kids have found identity as artist. Now this is so cool to us. We are not sports folk, nor as many with interest as the masses. However we are both artist in our own right. Now we see the kids interested. It felt like we have this to offer them and they are both calling themselves artist now. Dove draws, Dash is a sketcher :)

shout out to all of you. Sorry my visits are brief and few. The family is yet on holiday. A 'stay-cation'. The kids are back to school on Monday and the Daddy Man, my beloved darling, he gets Monday off. We will have one day alone before he returns to work. Me...well my work is well over my head. No appointments so far next week.
The washer and dryer will know me well by weeks end. Ha!

I'll try to post soon

Taking Dash to mall to have mom son time. It is his turn today. Dove and I had time last week. We try to do alone time with each one.
have a great day.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Time is flying by! Prayer for a child Please

wow it is three days past Christmas already! I have an extra kid today and tomorrow. We were offered a gift of a new/used HDTV. Given to us by our BILove. We have been taking apart our living room. Today we took our entertainment apart. It is being passed on to my sister for her sewing studio.
When we were just ready to load the unit in the truck a gardener next door offered to help Steve lift it. Such a blessing.

It is now after midnight and the little girl just left with her mother. She was in a panic attack due to lack of security at home. PLEASE pray for this little one D. Oh Lord Lord this child knows things no child should ever have to live through. Please pray for my Dove as well. This kid shared what she is going through. Man I think intervention. There is no help for her except this safe house. I wish I could just take all this away for her.

Steve is off to Tucson in the early dawn to get the tv given to us. Dove is in our room tonight with us this is NOT going to happen again.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve Day

 Our little family has been busy with the pleasures of time together. So many activities here at home and out and about. Mostly here however. The kids had an early start on the 24th and caught two sleepy parents off guard and unprepared. the two presents they chose to open were opened in the morning. Normally it is an evening event. We realized that the day long would give more time to enjoy. It is so set that rules of Christmas are never modified. It is a challenging thing for me to be flexible. My husband is teaching me these things at times with some consternation.

 Unfortunately Dash opened a package that I somehow forgot to write no on. It was the case to his big gift. We saved up and were able to give each kid one big gift. His is a DSI. Well now he was so upset and we all had a bit of a melt down. I feeling that my error by not getting a 'no' on the right package, it took a while to let go of the idea I spoiled Christmas excitement. A good perspective is he was very excited for the morning. :)

 Here he is dragging the dog across the floor, the dog was loving it.

 Well Christmas eve means Lamb for me. Some traditions were really challenged and reconsidered this year. My lamb was not one of them. I thought to us a rub on the pan and roll it in it.

 We were blessed to get a leg a $48. leg for $21. It was so good.
However I must get it in the freezer for I am the only one who enjoys it.
I may not do this tradition next year.

Steve and I had our evening communion and well into the midnight hours before our hearts and minds were ready. We spoke out all within us. Talked of all and or any ought we had against each other as we admitted our sin and fault to God and each other. This was a great time of healing and restoration in our friendship. It was very cathartic and yet courageously difficult to walk through. When a family is young as in the kids, it is so easy to neglect each others hearts. It is far too easy to leave things unsaid and misunderstood.  We were so open and transparent with each other. Our ties strengthened and secured. Our love deeply knit.

Then and only then we were ready to join each other in one spirit and had our time of communion together. We fell asleep sound and slept peacefully.

It was a wonderful Christmas eve.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day of pleasure and rest 3 days till Christmas

 This was so much fun to sit and bead on this. 
Some day a family heirloom.
click to enlarge

 These are the two beaded tops we got for Dove the other night 12.99 for one the other for a penny.
 For the Christmas table I thought to make these little boxes of sweets.
 I wanted to see if I liked using the while daily plates on the Dinner table. Now the dishes are undone and set aside till Christmas
 I have loved this Roses fabric and so simply used it for the table over the table pad. The napkins were made on my surger. I am so proud of myself. I sat and figured that machine out and was able to do cover stitch and make the napkins out of this sweet dot. These two fabrics have sat beside each other on my shelf for 6 months. Now look at it. It is the perfect table to have for this vibrant year. The edge of the fish bowl was beaded with crystal drops. Inside the bowl is cut acrylic beads that reflect.
 We took off mid day and took the family out to What a Burger, Steve's favorite.

Then we were off to a far away 5 star resort called the Marriott, to see the giant ginger bread house. This thing was 20 foot long and over 300 pounds of ginger bread let alone all of the beautiful candy.
 It is modeled after the movie 'Willy and the Chocolate factory.
That is a chocolate waterfall in the center below.
 The log cabin looking house had saltine crackers for a roof.

 This is all candy

 We walked the grounds and had some fun adventures.
Oh the flowers were so beautiful!
 Something is going on with Dash. He visited a friend and came home in a strange way. Rather distant. Pray for him. Steve and he had a movie time (war stuff) and Dove and I watched a comedy set for teens.
We all had some time, now the kids are with each other playing on the WII (a game station on the TV)

 This place had gardens that so refreshed my soul.

 There is a little cotton tail rabbit in the image center
any image will enlarge if you click on it.

 There were a few of these trees made out of geraniums. Oh it was so colorful there. Dove is so pretty in her new top. She looked so grown up. She is using one of my necklaces. It was neat to see her so confident.

Then we were off to the next resort. The Phoenician, This is the area of the great ball rooms where some 15 years ago Steve was given an award by the company that we worked for 25 years before we were laid off 6 (?) years ago. 

 They also had a huge ginger bread house but somehow we did not get the image of it.
 Except for the lunch and a bit of fuel cost it was all free
Oh my this has just been such a healing time for my little family. 
We were all so worn around out by the beginning of the holiday break that everyone was a bit irritable. Now it is nice. Everyone has the shoulders down so to speak and we are just enjoying each other.

Now for the best news of all

My Doctor called with the lab results while I was out and wanted me to call him right back.
I did so and the nurse spoke with me. It is regarding the infusions and the levels of the IGg imune functions. 
When we began 6 months ago one of the numbers was 24, three months ago 
up to 700's. 
This Saturday BEFORE infusion the test results  
1000  !

This is real good news. I am holding counts during three month intervals. I'll find out more about what this will mean to us on the 30th. This last infusion we are speaking about having to have a port surgically inserted into my collar bone area. My veins are not letting the catheter enter. Saturday left my hand in a black mess of bruise. Now to get this good news! We are anticipating what is in store with more hope and less overwhelm. I know to many this is not a big deal to have CVIG and to get the Inter venous Gamma treatments. For us it has been hard. The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the culprit that is making the vein shut off every iv start.
Nothing we can control, not some mind over matter thing. It is a literal physical response.

Oh if this could just mean and end to it, or even fewer and farther between infusions, that would be so cool! Oh if it might mean no port inserted. A port is a left in vein device that the IV just goes right into.

rejoice with me 
my God 
is so 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday free fun

Doing a search for local free activities is a wonderful way to have fun without the stress or excuse of no funding. I say excuse for it is far too easy to just give into to 'not being able to afford' entertainment.  We had a nice time.

first off we packed up all the jackets and the hats. Snacks, drinks and the camera. We stopped and got some 'C' batteries and with some old battery operated lights on the dash's we were set.
Our neighborhood has one of the very best lighted streets complete with a back yard set up in a nativity/911 theme. It is a quite walk there, but fun around the rest of the caldesac (sp). Lots of lights.

We did stop and get the kids a $1 McD. We had drinks from home.

Oh we had so much fun. Kids were a bit over the top for the back seat :)

We next went to a local mall where Mrs Clause read a story and the ceiling was 'snowing foam'. Well it was then obvious that our two are no longer little. Oh mercy on those two. They were so humored at how the little kids were too cute. We soon left there after using the facilities. I accidentally fell down a couple of steps onto my knees. Goodness I am a klutz.

We drove far south and found a wonderful opportunity. At 9 p.m. was the last of the free rides on a 'horse and buggy'!  Dove and I found a tshirt on a clearence rack and got a second for a penny. It was a $7 night, plus two tops for dove for $12. She needs clothing so it was a wonderful mom/daughter time while the boys held the line.

It was our turn on the buggy, we got off at 8:53 p.m. second to the last group. It was so cool. Some how there was a $5 bill in my billfold. I have no idea where it came from. So cool we had a tip to give. We all walled around and really enjoyed each other. It was really fun.

We then drove for ever to try to find a light show without ever finding it. We all had so many laughs.

We have a list for tomorrow...
ginger bread houses
light shows

Look into your local area events and search for free opportunities. Have some fun.

The Dog fish

Stories of our lives enrich the minds of our children. 

One such story was the dog fish. I lived on the coast as a child (Pacific). One memory that is as fresh as the moment it occurred was when a girl of 8 or 9 , I caught a dog fish of the pier at Puget Sound. Got a real good view of that this as I reeled up those many feet from the waters surface up to that dock. Seams to me a crowd came round too. We tossed it back. If your not gonna eat it use care and let the hook out my dad taught me. These creatures are very rare in the ocean. Now there are dog faced puffer fish, that is not what I am speaking of however.
Dash asked what the strangest thing I ever caught out of the ocean was. Well this was it. There is only the one image so far on line of it. This is true not a false image. I really did see one of these amazing fish on the end of my line.
It was on a visit to my 'dad' in Washington state. That whole trip was strange for it was the first time that I had gone to a visitation and did not really know him well. My sister and I rode up on a greyhound bus to visit him. She sat in the back with some strangers and I alone in the center or front. It was a long journey from Utah to Washington. A very scary thing for a kid. She was his biological daughter, my elder siblings tell me of my Inuit paternal. My children there are so many stories untold to you.
God had a way though of making a memorable marvel of nature for me.

This is not a picture of the one I caught.

It looked just like this. 

 This is my sister 2 years my elder and I as kids.

 Dash and I have a same mind that wild things best left wild. For food it is good to know how to gain but never for a sport. Life is too precious. I have not fished now a many a year.

I told him of a time when fishing in an upper lake in Woods Canyon Arizona. As I cast line (hook and worm) a German Brown Trout
JUMPED up out of the water 
in plain view of all the fishers standing round the small lake. It Jumped onto my hook. To the applause of all. That was one of the coolest moments of my young adult life. Steve and I were center lake in a rental boat.

Steve always would marvel when he saw me clean a fish. It was second nature to me. Suppose that's why to this day meat prep is no big deal to me. It is a part of sustaining life.

The water ways here are non to supportive of clean life that I might want to partake of. Had some fresh caught cat fish given to me once. The last fish I ever gutted. They would not die. Some thing in me did though for that fight those fish gave for life stopped me from ever fishing again.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wonderful family fun Building Ginger Bread Houses

 At Walgreen's I found these kits for $10 each and decided a good gathering could come out of this special treat. Oh we had a wonderful time together doing them. It is nice to take a short cut. The work if I were to make the bread would of been just too much. This was worth every penny.
They were set up most of the day. We had too many things going today. Daddy man gave Dash a HUGE Christmas gift.
Daddy Man cleaned Dash's room!
 Once we all got together and watched a sweet Charlie Brown show we went in to play. Dash and Dad and Dove and I on hers. We had  a good time. Creative and talkative.
 Dash's front door
 Dash's side house (card board to prop it up until all is dry and set)
 Dash's back door
 Dove's front door
Dove's side house
Dove's back door

Christmas Eve Morning with coffee and hot cocoa
Yes we are Crazy...
It is a fun crazy though.
cheese sticks or yogurt first

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Please pray for her parents and family
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