Friday, March 6, 2009

Sports theme Birthday cake

The ball is two 8 inch rounds one trimmed flat and the other over filled on purpose to then trim round after it cooled. The filling in between the layers is Lemon tofu pudding.

Using a basket tip wide flat I laid frosting then after laying it, I smoothed it out using and oiled long blade. The oiling kept the frosting from sticking to the blade.
Set the black lines with a number 7 round tip.

Frosted the football with a long blade and edged up to the basket ball with care.
Used a basket weave tip wide on reverse for a smooth line.
The string on the football is a narrow basket tip on reverse.
Lettering in done black with a number three and the highlight with a number 2 tip.

Happy Birthday son!

birthday and home days

Finished up all the frosting night before last so as to be able to take it a bit easier yesterday.

The children's bus driver was so thoughtful. She called me over to the bus and gifted me with a very thoughtful card.
I have yet to acknowledge Steve's brother and sister in law who were so kind as to call us and leave a sweet loving message of condolences.
My soul is calming and the process continuing in all of this.
I so faltered in keeping peace in all of this.
It can be so hard to consider others feeling when my own were so over powering in my grief.
I owe several folks an apology I am sure.

Steve's folks came yesterday for a brief birthday visit.
Dash was so thrilled to get a treasure that pleased him so.
They even thought to get a collection storage box.
It was really nice to see them.
MILove gifted me with two beautiful wash clothes in that sunflower yellow.
Thank you, I love them.
She gifted me with a few little things.
They are always very thoughtful that way.
I find myself using those as pot holders often now.
I think I will sew two of them together and make a few that way.

dove came home with her art treasures and this adorable little story teller she made.
It is so beautiful!
It was so strange when she handed it to me for I love the story teller, and here my daughter has made such a beautiful one. It is solid and very sound. Fired I think.

The cup cakes were baked last night and decorated this morning.
The kids found a sparrow in the coop.
They had captured it in a towel.
I was startled when they called me to come see.
Steve tried to capture the image , but the sparrow had another plan, exit stage left!

Dove had met and exceeded her reading goal, she received two free pizza tickets for Pizza Hut.
We took the kids, Dove shared one of them with Dash.
Steve and I each got one (personal pan).
We were able to get all four for $8.01.
Dove asked a soda and I told her that this was the budget and that we would have one at home.
The young mad who was so bright and cheerful at the register (I had made comment to him of such) was walking by and offered us all a soda on him!
Wow they are $2. each!
We were gifted with $8. worth of 4 sodas.

Dash shared his quarters with Dove and they each got a sticker.
It was really wonderful seeing them be open handed with each other.

In the middle of supper to my amazement!, Dove stood up and said that she needed to go use the rest room. she is 11 years old, that was the very first time she ever just went to the rest room without having to have me right there to be with her. She walked over to the door, and (it was in sight and a single stall) went in closed the door. Then she fast as lightening" was back out of the rest room saying that it was just a "little Pee". Too Cool! She had a moment of secure independence! This is huge for her! I know that to most of you this sounds strange. Remember though this is my sweet kid who has needs that most kids do not have.
It felt so good to see her feel free and safe and independent.

Sleep came earlier last last night and for a change I had a smile to offer my sweet heart this morning. How refreshing that felt. I have been forcing them of late.
Dove is still struggling with the post nasal drip that is causing an all night cough.
I took her to the doctors she is all right.

Another day at home yesterday yielded clean floors and laundry.
Many little nice corners as well. The kids bath excepting the tub too.
Steve told me who nice it was to have me home.
It really is so very nice to begin to come home in my heart and head.
Moving back in has been a real overwhelming thing.
Chickens call, gotta go get a gift for Dash so I am off.

Thank you all for the prayers for my family, and for me too.
Remember please my sweet sister and her loss.
She has set up a memorial fund
if any one would like more information on it please e-mail me or leave a comment.
I will get the information to you.
Also my niece (her daughter) who is to deliver any day now.

I'll take these to his class this afternoon.
For now I best go get some gas for the truck and eggs to bake cakes (the hens can not keep up when I make cakes), and a gift or two for my sweet son.

Remember to be gentle with yourself today.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today is another day at home.
It will be good to be home.
To tend to my tasks and dwelling.
It has been so many days away from my home.
So fond is the time here.
Time without the ticket of a clock to thrust me into hyper speed.
Just time to cherish, to treasure this day.
A day of repose and prayer.
A battle over the mind and flesh.
These things that are what I do.
Those things that define my days.
A couple of weeks ago I asked Him for Lemons.
Given to us with a said abundance that gave me laughter and joy.
A very tired sore wrist as well.
(from juicing)
A freezer full of luscious juice to see us through the summer months.
Months where lemon aide is a prescription of refreshment.

Day before yesterday a dear friend arrived unexpected at my door.
She said I had been heavy in her prayers.
She did not know of the death of my nephew.
She had six or seven Myer lemons in her hands.
We laughed so when I showed her all the lemons I had to juice.
I was over joyed at those beautiful Myer lemons.
she said "these are very sweet lemons"...

Like... life with the bitter is the sweet and for that I am thankful.

Sprouted seed from the soil so full of life and promise.
This keeps me going on into the trust of a new day.
A better way.

I falter and try to stand.
Neglecting so many others I see my focus askew onto my own "I".
There is a time for everything.
For this I am thankful too.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A day

lemon juice and simple syrup for the party on Saturday. The water will be hauled into the park. It will be mixed on sight with ice.
The orange topped are for beloved lunch.
the other two jugs are for drinking over the weekend.
Of course You did not think it was going to say clean for long?????did you???

Cupcakes for friday and a cake for Dash's party on Saturday...
oh life is so full...
Frosting tonight.
the hens need to get to work on some eggs for me.
This is the cake decorating center.
It has been sometime that I have done a cake.
These are the disposable bags here within reach.
Lemon frosting is the choice between us.
so that will get prepared
1 cup solid vegetable shortening
1 cup soften butter (1/2 pound)
4 pounds of sifted powder sugar
8 table spoons soy milk
4 teaspoons flavoring (vanilla or other) today lemon is the choice.

cream butter and shortening , add vanilla, gradually add sugar one cup at a time, Beat on medium speed until light and fluffy.
Cover with a moist towel or I store mine to decorate later when I am fresh and the cake is baked and cooled

This was a fun car for Dash.

A good laugh for you,

Now you know your dishes could not be this bad..
So you go get them done !
dishwasher is clean dishes run this morning!
to whom much is given!
note the black sign
I guess I better relocate it HAHAHAH
Click to enlarge if you dare
send help and a bottle of lotion

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Adoption Day #11

Breaking down all rules and expectations upon myself...
I bought a cake :) Ha Ha
Racing fast the table got decorated as I finished just in time to run out the door.

When in Russia I purchased a gift for each year of her life to 21.
So long ago...They each were wrapped back then in baby shower wrapping paper scraps.

This is a porcelain doll made by artist there in St. Petersburg.

See the layers under the skirt.
Pantaloons and real fur slippers, and mink hat and sleeves.
All simple sewing machine zigzag and hand stitched .
She is so pretty.
She had to be rescued from the slide moments later when out doors the kid went to burn off all that sugar from the cake.

The center dark blue on the dress is velvet.
Fired hands , feet and face.

Why wernt you ready?

That was a good question. Asked my warrior sister who just gave me a good butt whoopin' :)
I just got back from a quick trip to the prayer meeting before bible study.
Got a good dose of fight!
A powerful tenacious woman held me accountable. She helped me get my focus back.
Dang to easy did I get off course.
Get myself straight to focus on praise and set my suit of armor on. Must of set it down along the road. Of course you know who took full advantage of that.!

I got to focus on the darkness.

Grabbed HIS arm reached out so today

Praise only my lip. caught myself within the first 15 minutes speaking about the darkness. Wow it is a slippery slope!

I got dove a cake for today to celebrate her.

How refreshed I am to have had somebody love me so hard. Hard as in she did not give a lovin inch! funny how easy it has to get loved so hard as to fight for me.

Alright get these feet shod with some peace
this chest right
tighten up some truth around me
protect this head with the reality of my salvation
this Sword got a dull edge there. Gotta get that edge honed.

striken' against that stone done dented the blade a bit

here I go !

This is my daughters adoption day by golly! I am gonna celebrate her!!!!!!

Why was I not ready? He showed me this, indecision, fear of choosing wrong, waiting, wondering.
Gotta ask the one who knows the beginning from the end.
forgot who the real enemy was there.
That is the best tactical defense to make em forget who the real enemy really is. The enemy got "me" all turned around.


off to do Bible Study and the Art Masters presentations.
Hope you all have a great day.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Grieving a suicide is so hard!

I feel so angry that I could just split my skin.
I am so furious!
I cant even speak!
Oh I hope this tones down inside of me before I have to parent again in a few minutes.
This process with it's steps of
anger and

I accepted this happened long before I started getting angry about it!
I cant help but make mistakes left and right.
There is no remedy.
I am just so livid!
How do you support and help someone through grieving when your just wrecked yourself.
Just got to tend to my own charge.
Function and get through it.
I am just shaking, I am just so angry.
I am disgusted and repulsed at the way this world just rings people out and then just throws them away.
Conditioning them to failure and then just watching it all fall out.
I watch the legacy of my family of origin wreck havoc on these young
and I am incensed!
amazing thing is ...
its like I am the only one of them who sees it.

So after about three hours of total exasperated anger I have talked it out with my husband and a good friend.
Thanks SJ, It is so hard to hurt so bad.
I think I just needed to own this anger and walk through the hurt of it.
We each have the innate right of freedom of choice.
Jason had that...
It is however very hard to see choices that are made based on the lives of those who make them
Had we all the perfect world, great opportunities, healthy environments and extended support we all might fair well.
That is rarely the case however for many of us.
Error upon error and extenuating circumstances can lead a life to end and has done so here.
I can not remove any of it.
No one could have made those choices for him.
We do influence however the outcome by offering hope.
I can not change a day of it.
All I could do was watch as it all played out over time.
That lack of control is what God must feel over us.
If he could just steer us into the right.
With all of Gods efforts ...
those subtleties are often so still that the clanging of temptations and trickery become all far more familiar and alluring.
Then the thief wins and another soul is lost to it.

"gotta plant corn if that's what you want to harvest"
His uncle gifted me with that thought.
I have been (literally) picking weeds all week, poetic.

It was really upsetting today to realize that my Mom died to the week few years back.
At the memorial my former sister in law found it necessary to give me an obituary of my step Dads (who I stayed estranged from) wife who died on the 2-25-09.
It was just a bit more than I could take.
Mary Margrett took her life in early March 11 years ago.

The Simple Woman's Daybook~March 2nd Edition

For Today...

Outside my window... The sun is shining and the air is calm. It is warm and begs of an early summer.

I am thinking... How life must continue...The duty of home and hearth, family and marriage. Supporting those around me who grieve. How frustrating it is to try so hard to do and say the right thing and have my words and actions misunderstood. All the while my heart hurts. How odd to have such peace. How merciful.

From the learning rooms...Art Masterpiece Prints are not available and I have four presentations tomorrow. I will get on line to study
The Green Parasol by Sargent
She-Ba by Vearden
Water Lilies by Monete
The Spinner by Meas
This will be the study for the next four eight weeks.

I am thankful for... understanding, vision and peace.

From the kitchen... Menus from the end of the last week awaits tending with several meat cuts needing to be cooked and plans to be clarified on menu for this week. Just somewhat overwhelmed.

I am wearing...A wine colored three quarter sleeve cotton top and capre jeans, my Merrels webbed hiking shoes. No earrings on that is unusual for me.

I am reading...research, a few blogs and just not much.

I am hoping... That my children can recieve and kindness offered around them while they heal from the loss of their cusin whom they so loved. That Dove does not have to put up with snoty little fourth grade girls today.

I am creating... this post. a moments breath at a time.

I am hearing... The Lab scratching at the back door.

Around the house... It calls to me to come tend it's corners, nuture the absence of my attentions. yet to rest and trust it will all get done in it's due time. The garden thirst and the chickens hunger for me to hurry.

One of my favorite things... The quiet of the morning. I let the kids have a slow start and let Dash stay with me untill mid morning to he could feel nurtured. I love having the freedom to put hearts befor schedules.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Art Master presentaions for the four class rooms tomorrow, Wednesday service work in the fourth grade class and then the big party on Saturday for Dashes eigth birday. I still need to get a gift and plan the event , make the cake. On Sunday We have a early aniversary date we bought tickets to a bluegrass concert on Sunday afternoon. Our 27th wedding aniversary is on the 20th this was the only event we both were interested in and we decided a week ago to get the tickets. This is the first concert we have gone to in years.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Imagine this...
Hold every child you know tell them each how special they are.
Now each young adult you know think of how much it might mean to them to hear you tell them your proud of them.
Go to a mirror and look that soul in they eye and accept them for who they are.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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When I say... 'I am a Christian' I don't speak of this with pride.
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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
Amy has clicked her heals and flown to her real home. There is no place like home.

This was given to me for the third time in just a few weeks.

Zephaniah 3:17 NLT
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