Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thanks for your prayers

Up Date on my Golden
$122. later!!!!!!!!!!!!! arg!
$45. for pain killer anti inflammatory!
$ check
and another $30 something for ear gotta be kidding me.
I am not in a good place right now!!!!!!!!!!
They tried to charge me $5.95 for medical disposal!
The dog did not have a shot only a plastic cover on the thermometer
they took it off .
It would of slid by me if I were not paying attention.

I felt very Angry.

Even though the means are there just the idea of it being used up before we even got to use it for fun...
spoiled little brat I am at the moment :)
However The Daddy man is rolling with the punches much better than I.
I woke after a bad dream with a bad headache and that has been the whole day.

On the other note.
God Is our provision we had over time last week so the money is there... or was... for the vet. Her leg is not broken. Her health is alright with the exception of the allergic reaction. My husband is home.

This too shall pass...

I have another child over she came at noon.

Her family is moving today and the transportation was an issue because her ride was here 10 minutes before we got here so now she will be picked up at 6 p.m.
They moved very far away...
No real big deal...I am just tired. The kids were great at the vet yes Steve carried the dog in and the kids sat well on a bench for us.

Its all good, tired a little hungry and a little lonely for a moment of peace with my man.

He is fixing a fellows hard drive and doing the other extra side job.
All in all supportive of all the "life" going on.

The girls are sitting on the edge of the tub, hopefully washing of some of the terrible perfumed lotion that is attacking my allergies can you say IT STINKS REAL PRETTY!

growl *****snap *****growl

Now that it is washed off the headache is easing off.
They gave each other a high 5 for washing it off of their legs.

Our friend just came and got his computer hard drive.
See if you were here you would never be board

the girls just came in with three more eggs

IT IS A SIX EGG DAY!!!!!!!!!!!
see it's all good
coffee helps too
Daddy Man and the kids are having a rip roaring good game in the computer room

Urgent Please Pray For Amy

Please read this

This Young Woman and her family is in urgent need of prayer...

Please Pray

Good Morning

We had a bit of an impromptu sleep over of a little school friend (we have known her 2 1/2 years now) .This is a neglected child of a troubled single parent home with alcohol involved.
The girls stayed up until 1 a.m. where Dove tells me the child shared some pretty hard things. Nothing of direct abuse but just living in the way she has to live.
Please pray for L. and for the child's well being.
Please pray for the L's mom, there is an unwanted pregnancy involved.
Dove was such a good friend to her.
I told Dove that the child is welcome here to have a safe place to rest.
I am so grateful Dove was safe enough to share with me.
Please pray for the children.


Our Golden had a rabies vaccine Thursday and she has come up lame on the leg of the injection and in great pain. It appears a bad reaction to the shot.
We have to take her in at 2:30 $$$$$$$$$

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Praying Hands award

A gift from
Fairy Footprints In The Sand
Please pray for this family

The story behind the hands....

Back in the fifteenth century, in a tiny village near Nuremberg, lived a family with eighteen children. Eighteen! In order merely to keep food on the table for this mob, the father and head of the household, a goldsmith by profession, worked almost eighteen hours a day at his trade and any other paying chore he could find in the neighborhood.

Despite their seemingly hopeless condition, two of Albrecht Durer the Elder's children had a dream. They both wanted to pursue their talent for art, but they knew full well that their father would never be financially able to send either of them to Nuremberg to study at the academy.

After many long discussions at night in their crowded bed, the two boys finally worked out a pact. They would toss a coin. The loser would go down into the nearby mines and, with his earnings, support his brother while he attended the academy. Then, when that brother who won the toss completed his studies, in four years, he would support the other brother at the academy, either with sales of his artwork or, if necessary, also by laboring in the mines.

They tossed a coin on a Sunday morning after church. Albrecht Durer won the toss and went off to Nuremberg. Albert went down into the dangerous mines and, for the next four years, financed his brother, whose work at the academy was almost an immediate sensation. Albrecht's etchings, his woodcuts, and his oils were far better than those of most of his professors, and by the time he graduated, he was beginning to earn considerable fees for his commissioned works.

When the young artist returned to his village, the Durer family held a festive dinner on their lawn to celebrate Albrecht's triumphant homecoming. After a long and memorable meal, punctuated with music and laughter, Albrecht rose from his honored position at the head of the table to drink a toast to his beloved brother for the years of sacrifice that had enabled Albrecht to fulfill his ambition. His closing words were, "And now, Albert, blessed brother of mine, now it is your turn. Now you can go to Nuremberg to pursue your dream, and I will take care of you."

All heads turned in eager expectation to the far end of the table where Albert sat, tears streaming down his pale face, shaking his lowered head from side to side while he sobbed and repeated, over and over, "" Finally, Albert rose and wiped the tears from his cheeks. He glanced down the long table at the faces he loved, and then, holding his hands close to his right cheek, he said softly, "No, brother. I cannot go to Nuremberg. It is too late for me. Look ... look what four years in the mines have done to my hands!

One day, to pay homage to Albert for all that he had sacrificed, Albrecht Durer painstakingly drew his brother's abused hands with palms together and thin fingers stretched skyward. He called his powerful drawing simply "Hands," but the entire world almost immediately opened their hearts to his great masterpiece and renamed his tribute of love "The Praying Hands." The next time you see a copy of that touching creation, take a second look. Let it be your reminder, if you still need one, that no one - no one ever makes it alone!

More than 450 years have passed. By now, Albrecht Durer's hundreds of masterful portraits, pen and silver-point sketches, watercolors, charcoals, woodcuts, and copper engravings hang in every great museum in the world, but the odds are great that you, like most people, are familiar with only one of Albrecht Durer's works. More than merely being familiar with it, you very well may have a reproduction hanging in your home or office.

Thankful Thrusday

There is nothing like perfect timing... When the Goose flies and I follow into the formation that simply lets me rest in his lift. That has been the last few days for me. I love that lift that formation it was before the foundations of time. When created were all the birds of the air how he the foremost in flight set pattern. Migrations and safe havens for us to rest.

The peas and beans were set to soak over night ...
My research reveled that my crop could come up to 77% higher yield if I were to inoculate the legumes.
Study to show your self approved :)
Any how several hours later only to learn this is no longer found here locally for the old timers are all but gone and we the new generation are trailing them far behind.
It having a shelf life would die before being sold so most if not all have ceased to carry it. As the time passed the seeds laid out on wet cloth germinated and began to form roots...hours pasted and I of great hope trusted that if the inoculate could come in time my efforts at keeping the seedling alive would pay off.

It came last night via Fed Ex

I had to resort to ordering it on line

As you can see the peas are ready
they are called to earth in a weeks time via the moon phases.
Go over to Bee Bliss Gardens Blog...
I made those plates long ago.
The tuna can fits well to drain the pot with
reuse recycle conserve

Now my Blue Lake Beans almost jumped into the soil

Look at the root formation!
This afternoon...boy were they ready~

It rained last night but unfortunately the learning curve for the rain gutter catching and harvesting into the rain tank...caught us un prepared. We were not prepared because the gutter still needs to have the level tipped to the south a bit. All the rain left us to the front yard...arg!

See the trash bin...well that will be the second pick up
The driver told me one per house then we got to jawing over gardening and Denmark (his childhood home) and the way they have used solar power now for 20+ years!
We spoke of compost and shared our knowledge back and forth.
He gave me favor and took all the trimming the bin could hold.

Impromptu I cleared the East side yard outside the kitchen window, trimmed the tree and the bushed. The sunflowers are now planted too...a week or so late but I'll hope for the best.

Wow all the trash gone.
I gave the fellow some of my saved seed of Nasturtium

Just that little pile and another small one was all that was left.
The front yard got a good weeding and the bush trimmed too.

just had to cut these up
It is so wonderful that flight pattern I travel by...It is not about us you know ...It is the GOOSE (Holy Spirit) who loves to council and train us up.

This soil worked over the last couple days received the nasturtium too.
now outside the kitchen window the sunflowers planted the tree trimmed and the tall grain grasses pulled.
Mid day after a bite of lunch
Floor swept I proceeded with the next task
Last year we did the big patio door and it saved substantially on the cooling costs
This was $35 apx a box 15 ft by 36 inches
The lower widows done
See the difference
You can actually feel it.
The windows do have the shade screens but this will add to the insulating quality of the duel pane windows.
Stepping back you can see on the lower half the polarized film really made a nice clear view. It will reflect up to 77% of the heat. You can feel the difference up to a foot or so away. The radiant heat will be reduced and the a/c will have less work to do.
It is a little reflective

Oh! Mommy!
at 1:30 I arrived and waited for the vet clinic. At 3:15 I was rushing my way to load the dogs . I asked a sweet man named Wade if I could borrow his strength. It was in the parking lot. I was frantic the kids were off the bus. Even though I had mentioned to them (the kids) I really got very stressed out! It was the very fist time I was not home for them I do not like it and will not do this as a practice. My PTSD is out of whack.
The dogs weigh 90 pounds and 56 pounds
They knocked me over twice.
Once as I was exiting the Petsmart and once in the parking lot!
My whole body hurts!

The vet wanted $103. for both dogs for Rabies shots.
The clinic was only $39 for both
I am so grateful for the savings.
I heard about a site called commonpaws .com that spays/neuters for free

but Goodness that was just so long to wait and the clinic opened at 2:00 so I got in line at 1:30 only three ahead of me!!!!!

I took two pain pills and am resting
the kids were fine even felt good about being able to do it without feeling scared.

I do not understand how folks can do it.
I am tired!

Thankful that all is good kids are safe and that I do not have to let them be home on their own. 8 and 12 this was the very first time They were ever home alone!
It was for about 15 minutes I thought it would just kill me to let another second go by.
I am so greatful that I can be here for my children.
Time to just rest
how wonderful it is to be made able...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First day of School...

Comes dash around the corner...

"mom it's 7:11 I think were doing real good on time"
Oh the joy of confident kids...
This morning the security and sense of self were so apparent in my two darlings.
They went off very easily to the new school year.
The sandwich center is a morning dream...LOVE IT!
Dash kept grabbing the lunch bag before I had it done.
He was READY! to go baby...
It was cool! No attachment issues no fears just lets do this thing!
My hens are not keeping up so I made some muffin to amend the breakfast.
Some cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on the tops

Last night Dove came in and said she was a little scared.
We spoke of how it was cool that yer last year teacher knew this years teach...I said "they must be friends" know if they are friends then the new one must be OK.
Her little face eased and she said that's cool that they know each other and she was off to bed happy.

I LOVE her little out fit choice.
She used her saved allowance to get the top and vest (good old WalMart)
I got the jeans and shoes. It is really wonderful when they use their own efforts to acquire. In our culture the advertising mecca has made it very difficult I think for parents to require a little shall we say buyers remorse out of the child as to help in their adulthood. It is at first hard to not just give them the moon but it is wisdom not too. They were so happy yet Dove still had a bit of a tummy.

She is so funny she puts her hand on her hip when she poses. I think she must of gotten that somewhere. One hip up.

Off they went.
With Joy the bus driver was last years driver!
I love this woman she is awesome.
Tell ya' when my babies even your babies for that matter are in someone else' care I worry about the driving abilities and character of them.
With her I have ease!

I went to the neurologist this morning.
He thinks that the stress disorder and the PTSD are the main issues causing the memory blank outs and the migraines are getting intensified from it.
He wants me to get into a therapy called
Rapid Eye something something...?????
Also he and I both think having the medication on hand to control the stress response at first sign might be a better way to address the migraine. He feel confident that I do not have Alzheimer at this time. No promises for tomorrow except for Gods now that is a good one, promise that is...:)
I gave him a few muffins at the end of the visit and he teared up a little.
It was dear to see the heart of a man touched by a simple kindness.

So I got some chicken feed on the way back home dropped it off and went to the home store for some potting mix for the starters. The window tenting for the heat control on west window. Last year we added it to the patio door and saw a huge difference of the electric bill. It will work out to be about $15. a window to do our self. We have the duel pane window and the shade screen too. Lets keep the heat out the rest of the way. It is 72% heat out rated.

I made Doves bed and looked in on Dash's room to feel compassion for the little dude.
He needed some help.
So I changed his bed and made it like The Beaver's.
He only uses a quilt loosely never really made.
He was ready to try it this way again.
With his sensory stuff this is a big step folks a big step!
He learned to tie hes shoes too!
He is 8 now and really thriving!

Oh he was touched and humbly thanked me.
Got out the army guys and if you were a butterfly on the wall you would just grin. There is a intense battle over here with mass casualties.
See them on the floor this not 10 minutes after walking in the room!

Another day

See the bottom shelf...
need I say more.
they are all nice now.

Well the day was fabulous for them and quiet for me.
I love these two.

Mr Man is doing overtime and supper is not even imagined yet
So I better go.
Good life to you all.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tackle it tuesday...a sucky sort a day...not what you might think

A wonderful day with the kids home. An unexpected extra day before school starts in the morning. Not a sucky day in the way you might think...

Nope today I suck air...asthma! Arg!

I had a wonderful visit with a dear old friend we go a way back like 18 years or so. We sat and visited and it was really nice to be with her. She has many beautiful candles just pretty, and these cute little oil burners...Two adorable cotton biting friendly purring babies...I love cats....they do not do my asthma well however.

I awoke to the choke...ARG! I went out to garden a little and to do the waters for the birds and the dogs...I got so dizzy I had to hold the swing set...HELLO!!!! said the bones time to chill and take a real easy day. So I have.

Years ago I was poisoned by stripping kitchen cabinets, smoking from 9-17 years of age and just a lot of bad cases of bronchitis....and get me in perfume and cats well I just had not been around it and forgot. That is what happens when your enjoying a friend. I had just ignored the moment. Today it caught up with me. Well it slowed me down anyhow...LOL

My chest is a hurting like a big stone is on my chest. arg arg and dubble arg!
So I will take it easy. I go to see the neoroligist after the kids leave to the bus stop.
Wonder what he might do? The stress of the interactive new school year is annoying. I know I am in for the usual dose of embracing my dignity when my mind fails me.
Well God will never fail me :) My Darling beloved husband is doing some work on a job that he does at home for a few extra extentions to the budget Ha!

I do hope your all well. I will rest no choice and study the phases of the moon as pertains to gardening some life plan stuff and loving on the kids after a while to make sure they are set for the morrow and the new path before them.

Thrusday on I will till the last bed in the main plot to get ready for the tomato and root crops. The lament for the south bed and the build up and filling in of it. Then to plant the week of the 20th the other crops. Homework will begin soon so the study table and center job needs to get done. The dogs need the shots this week for licencing too.
Full days this week will slow some and tomorro will be the first day I have had alone well the last time the kids we in school was at the second week of May. It will take a little getting used to. That trial I was called to testify at has been postponed another month. After the gardens are established I will look into the yearly injections for my knees. All the IEP individual education plans ... and such to get the kids special needs tended too. Hearing aid services up and running for we lost the bennefets at the clinic. I need to line up services private sector and find out the costs and proceedures and such. The puplic school may still have the temporary loaner set up if I have to get any repairs. Dash will also need the amplifyer and micraphone set up. His teacher has him front of the class. I do so love this teacher and I will be able to give dash a lot of time in service this year with field trips. Not sure if much time will be there for Dove her being in 5th grade now she has asked to have space and I will respect that. Yet here I am if she shows desire for me to do so.

I am week a bit so I will close and rest. I think it is time to pull out the big guns and do a breathing treatment.

"Before I was a mom . . I was a Mother of Many...

Before I was a mom...
MamaBlogga Group Writing Project
Before I was a mom was a long life ago...a life of


Month after month I was deferred to hope for the next cycle...
Year after year longing...
Imagining a child in my arms.
Dreaming of toys I could make
Quilts I could sew...
Things I would teach...tenderness I would share.

Hope Deferred makes the heart sick...
After a blur of months turned years a decade had passed.
Proficiency at every endeavor became my child.
Keeping my life full and never giving up or giving in...
Before I was a Mom I was a child in a safe haven adored by my man.
Life was about those goals based in becoming the best of who I could become and supporting my husband in the same.

Year after year after year.... drawn out 16 years gave way to
a hope so long deferred that all time had stopped.

Dream like a rainbow in the sky that had become overpowered with a lack of humidity diminished. All I could do was not to let bitterness or hardness inter.

Him do I was long a wait.
Never holding or having the privilege that all around me parents were squandering and abusing.

Before I was a Mom...
I was
The Mother of Many.

Children from all around found way to my yard as I gardened and tended the earth. They would come and find a place to rest. To chatter and look into the eyes of a tender another.

Before I was a mom I was the 8th of siblings who had but become strangers to me of my own necessity.
An Aunt and then a great Aunt many times over.
Most strangers even now.
Their lives I missed out on to gain recovery of my own.

Before I was a Mom in our first home the two children from next door who are now grown women would come and rest at my house the sweet child the younger girl I even named my daughter after. She really was my favorite and drove her momma nuts so she could come and color at my table and let her big sister have a lone time at home.

Before I was a mom a held a Navajo boy in a Sunday school class who refused to look into my eye...only to learn later that it was his cultures greatest show of respect toward me.

Before I was a Mom I was a
Mother of Many...

Two doors down a sweet child named Heather came to find a safe haven as her mother (a neighbor) lay helpless intoxicated in her shower stall after her own mothers death. This child who came and never ceased to chatter had kittens in her upturned t shirt. She sang to me and showed me her one else was able to take time for her. This child was driven off of a cliff and I mourned her death and the loss of her sweet life.

Before I was a Mom
I was the mother of many.

As a Mother of Many being a Mom of my own two is a great honor and a responsibility. It is in this my role to balance those hats. Those children who circle my own have my compassion. Those children who circle my own have often soaked as would a dry sponge all that they thirst for that I might have at the ready.
In field trips and art presentations all for no pay of dollar I stand rich at the ready.

It is strange to support so many friends of my children...
But before I was a mom ...I was who I still am only now...busy busy busy...

Before I was a mom I watched with great desire to gain understanding and to hope to learn how to equip the children (others) and my own... with all they have need of to be dependent first, independent then that they would be able one day to gain interdependence throughout all their lives.

I am a Mother
16 year hope deferred taught me to not squander...
at 20 year hope showed me healing and a step into surrender...

Yet Still It is that I am a Mother of Many
A woman of a barren womb.

Becomes one of a open full heart availability to all children.
I am as my sweet sister calls me
the pied piper of children (not the bad guy piper but the one who is beloved)
Children are drawn to me like a magical magnetic field...
It is my balm for those many years wanting.
It gave me an infinity to care more about them than many others.

Before I was a mom I was available
now as the new school year starts...
it is still that the children are the priory...
that is the service work of my lifetime.

What is so totally awesome a wonder is the joy of the role I call
Being ...
My own Childrens' Mother.

Even still
I am
The Mother of Many

The theme this time around will be (drum roll please!): "Before I was a mom . . ." As always, feel free to take this in any direction that strikes you.

The submission form (not yet updated) will still be at

Also, just FYI, I'm going to allow entries to be submitted through next Friday, I think.

Thank you again for participating and I hope to see your entry soon!
Jordan McCollum
MamaBlogga: mom's search for meaning

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pass it forward

neno award from Kat

Oh Girls I just can't get this done the way I wish I could but I did not want to neglect it either. All of you dear readers gift with the kindness of just knowing your out there. You all make a difference. I began this list and see I can never end it and need to do so to go to bed. :)

This award is given to those who LOVE blogging, and who also encourage friendships through blogging and who help others seek the reasons why we all love blogging.

Care' oh Lynn
Peggy at The Simple Woman
Mrs Keeling
Iris at Grace alone Thankfulness is a wonderful
Lynn at Unequal Marriage
Denise at Samaritan Women
Organizing Junkie
Susie of Susie's homemade

The lives you live bring the lives of others together in a sense of affilication that inate need to belong. Community is established.
Your all heros in my heart for this. I will try to step out and tell you as soon as I can.
I must get to bed now.
your friend...
For you and with you I stand.

12 bandana days...

Wow I started this post at 10 a.m.!

It has been a full week long /week end Landscaping Gardening
spending time with the kids before they are back to school kinda time.

Trimmings from the big tree out front re-cycle into perfect pea poles.
just need to defoliate them.

We moved the coop over into the shade of the play structure.
I could not stand them on this beautiful porch.

We worked hard Sunday cleaning it off and also doing a big project that has really left me inspired and thrilled!

Now you need to look with the eyes of completion.
The black fence once posted will be the only thing there along the line of the corner of the house.
The shed is now within better reach of the garden plots for ease of tool use.

The lab loves pool!

ya my porch is back

The front of the house got a little attention. The old spent plants taken up and the soil tilled. The folks gave us a cable dish and we were able to sell it mid morning. That was good too for the battery in the car died this morning. My Love he took to changing it out at lunch and then took the car back to his job site.
full day

We strung a new clothes line over the weekend

I did some beading

So this morning was a 12 bandannas on the line each time in the garden I use one on my hair and one around my neck to dry the sweat off my face. Oh yes it is hot!
I went on a free list run and came away empty then thought that the kids might like a choice about spending their allowance on a happy meal. Indeed they choose to do so so I took the kids for a happy meal drive through they came a way with >50 cents change. Then we came home and finished up the laundry and shut the house down for the heat of the day.
I gave them a huge treat and took them to the mall to spend the saved allowance they had on the toys they wanted and was so fortunate to fine one each for a low price. Bennie Baby 2.0. They knew a candy store that had them at $5. but when we got there...another store closing the doors...we found two at a book store.
We stopped at a Walgreen for the candy was real cheep compared and they are catching on...:) My kids were sorta stunned that a weeks earnings bought a happy meal with a lousy toy...oh such good lessons. Would that I could spare them now the difficulty but to spare them later is much more a gain to them. To see a small suffer of lesson that will give them skill...oh that is the gem.
Met Steve at the school to do the meet the teacher and had a really nice time. Oh so funny in a way...well I just have to laugh at myself...
I thought school began is Wednesday it begins...could you just see me standing at the bus stop in the morning for the first day of school and the bus never coming.!
Well I had to just kid about myself and keep dignity.
I let the kids go with the daddy man and took off to go see a dear friend and to wish her happy birthday

Her now grown daughter was there and the three of us went out for a burger some good talk and then I stayed and hung out with my friend.
It was the first time I have been with her all summer our schedules just never met and it was to happen in Gods time.


Now ya know it is 10 p.m.

The kids are asleep after a long time conversing with each independently when I got home. Daddy man let them watch the Choice awards...It was really exciting evidently to them of course the fact that the JONAS BROTHERS were on was the thrill!

I best go rest ....another wonderful day awaits.
I missed out on a few posts I had to do but it is the living that is a priority at the moment.

Life is very full right now.

I do hope all of you are well.
I have had little to no time to come visit.
I care about you all and fondly say a prayer for your good hearts to sty soft and the peace to come overtake you and make you praise God for your life.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Evening

Hello all
This is a nice evening here.
Coming in from the yard and gardens only a few moments ago and really need a shower.
I thought I should let you know "It's all good".
With the kids starting school and the gardens being planted time is a valued commodity and just been sorta enjoying some other avenues of interest.
I got the pumpkin and the acorn squash planted.
Cleaned the yard up adn the porch.
Saturday during the heat of the day I rested and beaded. Making a necklace and earring set and bracelet just for me to match the top I had's that for taking it easy.
We went over to Steve's folks and I took stuff for a meal and a loaf of bread I had rising, made a supper for all of us.
Steve worked on MILoves computer for her.

We finished the porch adn the yard clean up and extended the Bee Bliss Garden into a really beautiful concept garden that will have a simple old school outdoor kitchen set up under the gazebo in time. This to can out doors at harvest.

Today Christmas gifts were on my mind and so I was able to accomplish a layout for a gift.
Im the shade of evening we went back out there to do a rearange on the garden and switched the shed out with the gazebo . We will be moving the gate to the edge of the house, there by increasing the gardens thrice.

It will not all be gardens but a secreate garden little oasis.
I am very happy about it.

So it's all good just sorta quiet and refeltive on life a bit.
Pleasantly so.
Yard work has created a marvel that I am so excited about

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

Blog Archive

By Maya Angelou

'A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ
That a man should have to seek Him first to find her.'

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not shouting 'I'm clean living,'
I'm whispering 'I was lost, Now I'm found and forgiven.'

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I don't speak of this with pride.
I'm confessing that I stumble and need Christ to be my guide.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not trying to be strong.
I'm professing that I'm weak and need His strength to carry on.

When I say.. 'I am a Christian' I'm not bragging of success.
I'm admitting I have failed and need God to clean my mess.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not claiming to be perfect,
My flaws are far too visible, but God believes I am worth it.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I still feel the sting of pain...
I have my share of heartaches, so I call upon His name.

When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not holier than thou,
I'm just a simple sinner Who received God's good grace, somehow!

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  • A warm cup of tea is like a cuddle with a friend.
  • The North American Indians have a more eloquent word for ‘friend’ than we do in English. In their language, the word for friend literally means, “the one who carries my sorrows on his back.”
  • Return with Honor
  • The sage anticipates things that are difficult while they are easy, and does things that would become great while they are small. All difficult things in the world are sure to arise from a previous state in which they were easy, and all great things from one in which they were small. Therefore the sage, while he never does what is great, is able on that account to accomplish the greatest things."
  • “Live so that when your children hear these words they think of you… Fairness Caring Integrity Honesty Love Trust.”
  • "O Lord help my words to be gracious and tender today, for tomarrow I may have to eat them."
  • "No man has ever been shot while doing the dishes"

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e patterns My sister told me of this site

Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
Amy has clicked her heals and flown to her real home. There is no place like home.

This was given to me for the third time in just a few weeks.

Zephaniah 3:17 NLT
"For the LORD your God has arrived to live among you. He is a mighty savior. He will rejoice over you with great gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will exult over you by singing a happy song."

Thank You Ross

Getting to know Me

What warm hearts you all offer

Thank you all for the kindness you have shown me with every Award. I am embraced. You Are a blessing.

Thank you Michelle

Thank you Michelle

Thank you Annette they are beautiful
Thank You Annette
Autism Awareness