Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last of the year harvest

Leg of lamb for supper
Communion together was wonderful.
Daddy Man made sure they understood.
This has been
Dash's desire.

Apple crumble with carmel for desert

Turkey carcus cooked down for dumplings for lunch tomorrow.

Late night Go Fish!

Time on computers...
Two Minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They did it~

Almost time to change the date....

Happy New Year, Children with Numbers Art Print
The children are up yet 11:11 2008

Will they make it???????

Happy New Year, Children with Snowman


In November we celebrated the first 14 eggs from the chickens by having a family omelet.
It was such an exciting thing for me...a dream and longing from childhood come true. Raising my own chickens.

Then there was the jewelry show.

The trim on the cutting table skirt.

It adds a nice weight to the bottom of the cloth

Doves long awaited cloak. I was going to make this for Christmas last year and had just fallen behind that far, before it came up on the list.
During the last month we made many things.

Beloved Daddy Man got the tree House frame up on a nice platform.
It has been too cold of yet to work on it in the garage.

Most of my sewing time was used on Doves coat. She received it before Christmas. I just can not fathom her waiting for the 25th and being cold in the interim.
Add ImageOnce upon a time a dear friend received an apron at my hand.
She spoke of how fond she was of it often.
These may not function for her kids :) to use in the pizza oven ...
they are intended just for her to have something of creative beauty that is pure decadence.
That is how her love is displayed toward me...pure decadence.
I love you too my friend.
This is a pair of oven mitts I stitched the beaded trim on for my long friend.
You are greatly beloved Michelle.

Dove painted this for the door wreath.

This was my big project for my sister 50th birthday (12-21).

Dash calculated it had over 10,000 beads stitched on it.
I used a simple whip stitch, by pinching the edge I used my fingers as the gauge of stitch length.

It is a deep red velvet stuffed with poly/cotton batting.

You may be able to see the varied needles that have become part of a valued collection over the years. The hoop with a nice cloth (velvet like) holds beads so that I can whip up the count, with a fine long beading needle.

Using a large carpet needed with button thread the center of the cushion was tightly stitched and drawn into a firm center that left large threads in the center.

To that thread I used this hooked needle to sew the antique glass buttons on.
Heavy carpet/button thread again was used and the stitches were set into the others
(not through the cushion)
Then tied off under the button with several whip knots.
Pulled very tight.

Onto the other side I also stitched the button. First anchoring the tread by stitching though then before you pull all the way pull your needle through the tail treads.
That knot will hold it fast , as the tension will keep it in a knotted way.

Beauty becomes tool (a pin cushions).
She too is a seamstress (by profession).
A wonderful simple tool is the sticky roller.

I have had the pillow sham blocks for two years now...
Trisha my long time friend has a wonderful forest theme in her master bedroom.
These were finished at last!

I loved the vibrant color.

Another long time friend received a little heart shaped pillow made as a decorative or as a broach pad. It was wrought because of a fond memory of her and her husband coming and gifting Dash when he was very little with a little bear and a prayer...
He is a little older than their son.
They had longed for a son also.
The kindness they showed that day (we had only just met) was all heart.
Full heart so beautiful and this was what I had to make them.
It is how I see them.

A side view.

This three dimensional tree is becoming a beaded family heirloom.
Several other things have been sewn onto it.
I made the tree last year.

Wordless Wedensday

Skype, your it!

My Sister (elder x1) was so sweet to send several little gift.
She lives on the East coast now.
That is her "live, real time"on my monitor.
Is that cool or what?~!
She was able to watch the family open gifts.
This is the first year for her to not be with her son here.
That is the camera on top of the monitor.

So she sent a gift box to our home with some gifts for my nephew (her son) and some of our gifts to his home.
He came with the Elf bag she sent him this year.
It had been the tradition they had had during his youth.
He is a young single father.

Cousin "call him Sun" is a very strong vibrant young man now.
My Mr and I watched this young man grow from early childhood.
We often took him on outings.
Amazing to watch children grow into adult hood.

My kids can not get enough hard play.
In therapy they call it heavy proprioceptive play.
My little ones have sensory integration dysfunction and they can just suck up any heavy play they can get.
I wish I could of had my nephew around when they were little , but he was off getting an education of sorts.

Look at dove it is just almost to exciting for her.
She does that funny fidgeting thing when she gets very excited.
Too cute!
She rubs her fingers all over her face and through her hair.
I think it helps her manage the mixed up sensory signals.
Sometimes just on her face and hides her face in it with the biggest grin.

Her feet!
Look at the strength of that young man!
He has the sweetest heart.
He knew us in our glory years when we took him on hikes and dune buggy trips.
That was many years ago in our early marriage.
He is my nephew from my sister one older than I.
(I am the youngest of eight, 7 living)

The fan was off,but I was watching them closely. It is a very high ceiling in there.
Daddy man walked around the corner and nearly had a heart attack!
I think Sun slept well that night, I know the kids slept in the next morning.

That child weighs 75 pounds and Dash just over 50 pounds.
I was concerned for Suns shoulders.
He is a ray of light, such a beautiful young man.
Our Lab was right in there watching them and seeing that Sun was not hurting the kids.
What a good dog.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

After another morning of homemade breakfast

It was a day of errands...

This morning a wonderful man called.
It was the produce fellow that I have befriended.
He called to tell us that he had some scraps for the chickens.
I had Dash come along for some alone time with him.
We stopped at Wal-mart for some pine shavings for the coop.
I had remembered a gift card I had with a few dollars on it.
We walked out of the store spending only .44 cents...

We went over to the bank and I started my envelope system for saving.
We are doing the Dave Ramsey thing.
After the withdraws I was thrilled to see
that at years end we met our half way goal to the tree months of income emergency savings.

Saying no, pays off!
We went over and Dash and I met the fellow holding the lettuce scraps for us.
Two large boxes enough to feed the chickens all week!

We came home only spending .44 cents and the tasks done.

After a lunch of various left overs of everyone's preferences...

We took all the boxes of give away to the "Good Will". Dash stayed with the Daddy Man, and then Dove hopped into the car with me.
It was nice to have some alone time with her. She is growing up so fast.

I followed Mr U too one auto center (that had closed down and was vacant) then to another.
We were off to go tend to the Recall notice (FREE REPAIR)on the truck.
When we dropped it off the fellow asked if we might like the truck washed
He did it for FREE!
We left it there for an hour or so.

We then went to Wal-mart on that side of town (I had followed in the car).
With the two coupons we got in the mail at $40. each we found the converter boxes for $49.00
each including the remotes! Out the door with over $108.. in goods for $27.77 (taxes!) : {
Now we have the converter boxes in hand and ready for the switch come February .

P.S. don't wait until the last minute folks they were few on the shelf.

So when we went to get the truck we were hit with some news...
The truck might need some work to the tune of $500.!
We will get another opinion to make sure it is on the up and up.
Steering arms are shot.

We followed each other home and then I took off with the kids to a book store that they had been given gift card too.
Thank you Uncle.
They made the purchases as I did my best to let them take their time.

Home by 6 p.m. and starving a menu change was in the works.
A quick prayer and a faster image place in my mind.
It was awesome!
Turkey on multi-grain with mayo. and home grown lettuce and canned cranberry sauce! WOW!
Plates were clean! A large mellon was also sliced up on the side.
We all wathed a movie on the computer and had a nice family night.

Enough erronds?
It felt nice to get out the weather was perfect!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning part 1 (2008)

Christmas Morning

My sister Elder 2x's made these for us.
This is Dash's stocking that his Grandmother made him.
It is so amazingly detailed and just beautiful. I am so grateful to her for these.

She made this for Dove when she was very little.
She made cute "Tellitubbie" one when she was itty bitty girl.
I always had an orange in my Christmas stocking no matter how poor we were.
It is my tradition to pass on to the children.
The Children awoke us sweetly on Christmas Morning.
They gave us a moment to dress and gleefully anticipated the party for Jesus!
We set the table.
Then the hunt began!
With a clue by clue race of giggly glee the went here and there.

Searching for Jesus.

Searching they longed to find him...

Of course reading was involved :)

Alas! the nest the closest thing to a manger.
Funny thing Daddy man hid the kids baby and I hid the real creche one. They were both out there and we each... did not know the other hid it.
I did it and he did it too.
They each had one to find

They seamed a little lost when they had Him in hand.
Like now what...?
They had a blast searching for him.
We all came in for the Party, by now they had been up a while patiently waiting.

While we ate Daddy Man read the story and Dove told the rest about The hunt that cause so many lives lost to save the baby Jesus.

They were ready for gift time and we joked with them...

Silly guys!

Dove showed us how her friend begs with her mom...

begging to open presents Dash style tongue in cheek.
We were just all having fun being silly.
The pups got an apple in their stocking and out side they went so we could open in peace.

Dog bliss

Santa had wrapped in foil and it was a hit!

This was the very thing they each desired.

I think they were surprised that they received them.

Dash was pleased but the wires were crossed that he longed for a different one,
but boy did he rally.
"That's alright...I love it!"

It thrilled my heart when they each really loved the hats and gloves.

I found Daddy man a place to put his CD's in the car.
He listens to books on tape on his drive to work.
He down loads them and makes cd's .

I was stunned to get this camera.
Tonight we used it to skipe with my sister while we all got together with her grown son. We opened the gifts that had come late due to the storms in the Eastern United States.

At this point I had to go start cooking and the kids started the Lego sets.
Daddy Man Helped them.
It was a wonderful morning.
How nice it was to enjoy each other and to play with the kids more.

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Please pray for her parents and family
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