Saturday, January 5, 2008

Would you like to try the New Mop?

Beloved made a point to go look for the new mop we needed today. We had to replace the old one. It was 10 yrs old and I can not get the replacement heads for it any more. When we got home I gave it a try It is really nice!(steel with roller ringer and scrub brush, we got it at a restaurant supply store)...When I asked Beloved if he would like to give it a try?...His reply..."No thanks Tom...with a coy smile..."
TOM SAWYER WHITEWASHED THE FENCE IN MARK TWAIN)...Made me laugh so hard. He is so quick!

Make it from Scratch Carnaval *croutons*

Our family eats whole grain breads. These breads are pricey.
No matter if you use them or cheep white bread waste not want not.
Save your heals. No one here wants to use them so I bag them as we go through loaf after loaf.
They add up fast.

Cut your heals on the horizontal then dice at the vertical.
Melt butter set aside.
Heat your oven 300* convection, 350* regular ovens.

With the motor and pestle I ground Italian seasoning with garlic salt. The salt is a wonderful natural abrasive. Use a sieve to separate the stems from your spices. It you do not have a pestle use a heavy spoon against a mixing bowl.

Add the dry mixture and toss first.
Then stir in the butter drizzling it evenly over the mixture.
Lay out single layer on a dark cookie sheet preferably.
The dark oven ware gives a crispier bake.

Bake and toss Oh every 10 minutes until crisp or soft crisp.
Move the outer to the center as you toss them. The outer will bake faster.
Do not leave these un-attended for long the cook fast!
Cool them and bag them.
I keep mine in the freezer. They also make a good snack for the kids.

Home made croƻtons are simple.

Oh! The rave comments from my husband, when he entered the house.
You would of thought he had a feast for the senses.

Photo Hunt *Delicious*

There is a restaurant locally that sells a spaghetti that my children love. I deciphered the ingredients . I made a delicious copy cat sauce.
The kids do not like chunks Nor do I do
Blending the sauce
add two tablespoons of sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon clove.

The family loves it. It is great to help time savings as well. I used to do my own sauce and can it but life is a bit too full right now so this is second best. Spoon over pasta. I use rice pasta for myself.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Aloha Friday

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday.

Today’s question is:

What "kindness" did you receive today?

If you’d like to participate in Aloha Friday, just post your own question on your blog your link to Island life. Remember to visit others.

The importance of a Mother's apology

This morning I lost my temper with my son.
I behaved badly. All day I have grieved it. A friend sent me a devotional about needing Jesus every moment about how When we are thinking we are standing we can so easily falter and error "Missing the Mark".
When I miss the mark I really get angry with myself. I tend to beat myself up a lot. I think that I love that definition of sin...It is an old archery term "missing the mark"= sin. We all miss the mark. Far more often than I wish. I wish every moment of every draw upon my bow I would pause to Measure and set sights, steady my hand and pull back with a strength that only the finest of archer would use. Exercised of arm and eye. Still in my spirit to be the arrow.
Today I just handled my bow and arrow like a sloppy careless bum.
I gave up for that instant in time and just pretty much threw the bow (so to speak) at the kid.
I spent the day ashamed and looking at the bow laying there on the (proverbial) floor. Miss used, disrespected and just dusty.
I need now to pick it up and dust it off. I must appreciate how weak my draw arm has become. How unsteady my wrist. I think I would do well to take the cross bow (literal) out and pull a few arrows and remember who I am. I know the finest archer the finest marksman in Jesus . His marksmanship is perfection.
I apologized to dash for losing it with him this morning. Yes he begged it on (seemingly) but I am the adult who needs to steady myself that a kids bad behavior is based in the kid having a problem, not being a problem. I also admitted my fault and spoke of his error. I apologized to his loving sister too. For my lack of marksmanship was witnessed by her too.
I tried to read the developmental book for a while to understand where he is at. His Exceedingly high IQ is a bitter sweet challenge. He is too smart at times for his own good. It must be very frustrating for the kid. His fine motor is not on line with what he knows he should be able to do. As if to will it should cause it to be able to happen. When he is unable he is just well...very angry temperamental and mouthy. I must set my sights on his abilities and find a way that when I have to draw and set my arrows the sights must be pre-set to be ready to act intentionally not react ill-prepared. The old "study to show yourself approved :)
I need understanding.

Friday Feast

When was the last time you received a surprise in the mail, and what was it?
I had done an apron swap and the Woman gave me a hand made wash cloth. I had been desiring one and it was just a extra in the box. There was also a wonderful pad for a shopping list. Simple things that God knew my heart desired.

If you could have a summer and/or winter home, where would you want it to be?
Winter home here is good, I think in the mountains somewhere like the Pacific North West or in Co.
Of all the fruits rainier Cherry.

Main Course
Describe the nicest piece of clothing that you own.
Beyond my wedding gown that was hand made over 25 yrs ago. I was given a full length coat by my sister recently that belonged to her dear friend. Her friend had passed away and this coat had been altered. My sister had altered it for your friend. It was purchased in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and is amazing a coat that had to be purchased at well over $1000, It has a neck scarf as well. The scarf was made from the cut off fabric when it was altered. It has silver conchos and much embellishment. It is wool lined well.

If you could forget one whole day from your life, which day would you choose to wipe from your memory?
This is one for the other blog. What a question.
I almost answered this...I think that there is not only one day. For me it is a time span of many years. I would not be who I am. This question brings recall I would rather soon forget.
As my memory is leaving me and the lack of it is now the problem I would have to pass on this one.
Now every time I err as a parent these things haunt me more.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Eye update

I was able to keep my 2:45 appointment.
The normally one hour appointment took two hours!
He was intrigued by the unusual abnormalities of my eyes.
The prism I thought I was already wearing was in issue.
I misunderstood and Apparently we had held off doing the prism last time.
Now I am at a major cross road.
Today we opted for the path of no more progressive (line less) but keeping them thin (they would be like coke bottles if I did not buy the thin ones, the ani- glare is a requirement due to my visual anomalies. I have to have lines in my bifocals.
A new stronger Rx and new frames.
The frames can now be smaller so that was a perk.
After I have my glasses two weeks if the anomalies are still a problem I have to go with the prism.
The problem with the prism is that once I do it my vision will then
irreversibly deteriorate.
I thought of Denise "how courageous you are".
He thinks that vision therapy can help but it is not covered by insurance and it is 9 months work and expence.
I got the glasses ordered and all in all it was a very good deal.
I came away with a $580 glasses and office visit for $170.
Bless God for Insurance.
The frames were only $8. of that and the two hour office visit $35.!
It was all in the lenses.

The school secretary forgot to give the kids the garage opener and my friend had to drive them to her house (very far away). So I swung home and grabbed Beloved to drive me to go get them. The lights used to examine my retina and to do several other test I have not experienced before,were very tiering and very bright. I often get triggered into a migraine with bright lights so I thought it best to have him drive me.

I made some home made refried beans boy that was a hit for the boys for supper they were good for tortillas (burritos) . Little dove had a peanut butter and fruit spread on whole wheat.
I'm just chillin out.

Would you pay extra for Anti glare on your lenses?

Thought I would stop and take a break.
I found this great shopping list to print out on a blog(?) sometime back.
I have been using it to do inventory. I still have the deep freezer to do.
At my house no one will heat the heal of the loaf of bread, so I made crutons (for salads).
I'll do a "make it yourself" post later.
I also made a batch of refried beans. Did you know if you read your ingredients on the refried beans that they have stopped using the higher quality Pinto and are now using generic (usually white bean) to make the most common refried bean brands. They have now began to even use fillers in them. Check out the old brand of chili and such same thing. Generic low grade beans to make them and high fructose added to flavor it. Nasty oils as well.
I found one organic brand that still uses "Pinto beans".
Very expensive unless they are on reduced price.
So for very little money, a large can of "Pinto" beans , a blinder some salt cumin, cayenne pepper and sea salt. I can just make my own in under 5 minutes. Plus the time it take to wash the blinder :)
I'll do a post on that later too.
I have several loads of laundry done now.
My feet are rested. Back to tasks.

Wow I am going to get new glasses!
I am sorta excited. I have used these frames some time.
Any opinions on the anti glare coating.
I am trying to decide if I want to just save the money and not get it. Insurance covers half the cost (but only if I get it now).
I think it will help having coke bottle glasses.
Beloved said they make it harder to keep the lenses clean?
I'll get the other frames for the $8. I'd be silly not too plus I'll have these old ones as a stand by pair. I have to have glasses or I just can not see any more. That is so strange to shop for a frame when I can not even see my reflection well with them on me.

Vision care

Good Morning.
Over the last several days I have been noticing my vision is not right. We went to the movies over the Christmas break. My eyes are seeing sorta like a bad 3d effect, and my right eye is going up to the ceiling. Yesterday I had a real bad eye twitch in my right eye. When I told my girl friend about it she said ..."do you feel it right now?" then she told me that my right eye was moving rapidly back and forth and had been during most of our visit.
I could not remember the name of the place (another humbling challenge of it's own ) so I drove around and then found the place. I found out that the last exam I had was in November of 2005!
They would be able to get me in around the 10th of January, then she realized that there was a cancellation of a 2:45 appointment. My friend yesterday made me promise( ! ) that I would call if I needed her help. I called her and the appointment was mine. She will fetch the children from school. I stayed and looked at frames. I have to have my glasses so if I must I could go to a place in a near by town and wait to have my new lenses cut or for $8. more get a whole new frame and have these glasses as a stand by. My new lenses are expensive. I have bifocals called progressives they have no line. At 46 I really do not want to have a line in my lenses. So I found a frame that will fit my wide eyed face. It was within the range of my Insurance coverage so I got a $140 frame for $8.
I also got an appointment for today!
Well it is 10:30 and I just got home better get to work around here

Remember to make your annual eye appointment.
I always do for the kids...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Thankful Thursday

An Attitude of Gratitude has many Benefits.

I noticed that I am not upset that Christmas was less or different than it was because of expectations. It was what it was... both Wonderful and trying at times.
I like that.
You know life is both hard and extravagant.
I am really a glass half full kind of girl...but...
Get me to hungry, too angry...too lonely or too tired...
All that can change.
or at least the perspective can alter drastically!
That perspective can sure help resilience.

There are four awesome men in the other room studying to help them selfs to be better men, husbands and fathers. That is cool.

I spent a day with a wonderful friend, a woman who I am at ease with. We visited as in the days of old when women did the chores and visited and just really lived!

My Children are ready to go back to class tomorrow and see the friends that hey so love to socialize with. They both have amazing teachers. Great schools to attend and I have the privilege to be only minutes away if they need me and When they have the days end I get to see them again refreshed for the time together.

I have tasks to set my hands too, I have friendship to set my spirit too and interests to pursue with my mind. My health is good and I have legs to walk on that hold me up.

There are ingredients to make lunches with and eggs for Dash in the morning. Hair gel to spike his sweet head... Little Dove has a warm coat and pants too. My kitchen is not undone. I have menus to write and responsibilities to master. I am essential (as are you).

I am loved. As are you.
It is so good to know that God does love me that it is only unmerited favor that keeps me. It is only that yet that is all that is needed.
Because I set my love upon Him.

Keep interested in your own career however humble for it is a real treasure in the changing fortunes of time.:)

Wordless Wedensday*gifted with organic preserves*

Thank you Julie!

Thursday (Wednesday )Thirteen

1. My "Pay it Forward" Ladies, I will be tending to those tasks soon. Thank you for your patience and forbearance as I too have full tasks tended too over this busy season.
2. It is a wonderful thing to be rested. We flipped our mattress and also stripped the linens to mattress. Then replaced the allergen sack and made the bed a fresh. We had fun as we shook the down comforter so the feathers are more even. Wow I had a great sleep
3. I sit in the early morning quiet hour. I got into the word I Corinthians it was good to think about all that I am and have to offer in this life is because God choose to confound the world with the simple .
4. My husband is off to work. We have a month with "forced" no overtime. (the CRS thing). I have a regular shift today. It is a delight to see that my Beloved has to tell his boss (who has not given him a raise in 3 years!) that he has to slow the O. T. for 4 weeks, because he has a son who has special medical needs and we are losing our medical access for those needs if we do overtime right now. I hope that the fellow does not penalize Beloved. Maybe this man might just be startled to see what my husband has been doing all these years as he has been giving such good service to the company.
5. No overtime for Beloved for 4 weeks! That means he will be home 2 1/2 hours sooner. Meal times in the evenings and a break from all the heavy lifting because he will be here to help more. I have been pulling 14 hour days all last quarter. Today will be nice to get tasks done with some help at the end of my day. This will be a way to get caught up around the estate in the next few weeks. Maybe I can get things off from over my head. A great way to start the new year.
6. Without the OT I will have to really use what I have in freezer. This is a great motivator to get the inventory done!
7. Dash wants a full length brown coat. Well I have a hoodie cut out for him, but I see there is a large fold of some nice brown and I have a fusible brown lining. So maybe I might be making a coat. I thought I could use a rob pattern. I think it is a star wars LUKE coat he is wanting.
8. I have such wonderful abundance of fabrics that have been given to me. I invested in a lot too when the fabric store shut down. It is so cool to not need to go buy anything.
9. I told Beloved that God has ways of meeting our needs that are different than just using money. His watch battery died. With his watch being over 10 years old I think...I told him to ask God for a watch you never know how he might just have someone walk up to you with a watch.
10. It is so quiet and peaceful right now.7:15 a.m. silent house. Except for the maid (the clothes washer) is working.
11. It really is so important for us to get good rest.
12. I just realized it is not Thursday ! ha!
13. I have a lot of clean laundry to fold and a lot of dirty laundry to go though the machines.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New day New Year full of wonderful times.

We loaded the bikes up and after and trip
to Jaye's we were off for a long bike ride.
We went way north and then road to the Town Lake.
Just as we made it to an In-n-Out burger shop and decided to finish up this long week off with a burger. Beloved looked down to discover a tire going flat fast.
I stayed with the kids and fed them and played games (rock/paper/scissors) with them while he rode my bike the 3-5 miles back to the truck.
When he returned I went in to get him some supper while he loaded the bikes back onto the truck. As I drove home (so he could have his meal) He told me that he had a bad head wind the entire way back to the truck so bad that he had to peddle hard even on the down hills. That was mercy for me, my knee could not have taken it. God took care of me again. I had a wonderful time with my family. We road two a breast for some part of the trail. It was so fun!

We parked these at the curb with a for free sign on them.
They were very well worn.

I was able to get the breakfast cookies made (and bagged for the freezer) for Beloved while he stripped the big bed and threw the linens into the washer. We are going to turn the mattress and go to bed with clean sheets.

I was then able this evening to finish the coat for Dove.

I had this patch that my sister embroidered on the machine.
( I need to learn how to use my machine, it will make these)

I sewed it on her coat.
Oh!, she is so happy and offered "I will care of it you can be sure Mom! I will ware it to school and out to dinner and where ever we go Mom!"

I have a garage full of Christmas stuff to pack away properly.

Beloved and I stocked the outside refrigerator for the Men Group (class) here tomorrow night. I will have a full house. I have the refrigerator for fellowship and guests and they can just make them selfs at home. The main house fridge stays closed (it had the perishable foods in it)


Story time is in process right now.
The children will have the last day home.

They have had a nice time together. They are best friends.
That is one of my greatest desires for my children.

Tackle It Tuesday* new year inventory and Goals*

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

The New Year has always been "inventory time".
Growing up in a family business we had to tend to affairs or go without necessities.

2008 started for me late with an inventory of the things in the sewing cue.

warm jackets,

I have pajamas,pants for Dash, to make and gifts for others and a few projects for the home. I closed my day with the staging table ready for the coming month.

My Kitchen chores are caught up and the Dishwasher is running as is the clothes washer and dryer too.

However my refrigerator needs attention.
We my have the privileged of hosting a mens get together tomorrow , so I would like to prepare the house for them (cleaning Beloved office) and maybe a nice desert.
I have breakfast cookies to make later this evening.

We may be loading us the bikes to all go to a campus for a family bike ride.

I break my life into a pie graph. I then consider the goals, needs and desires in those categories. I do this yearly, quarterly and often Monthly. Weekly for some items like menu under homemaking. This is the great mystery that so many of you have expressed query of. Today as I do the daily tasks I stop as the family is on the last day of rest before our schedule begins again in earnest. I pause and do inventory. Having this done gives me a rest that is afforded me because I can just lay it down to effort ,prayer and daily discipline. The beginnings of my life balance graph looks like this.
Oh this is about balance as well as doing. For I am a human being not just a human doing. I am a triune being...Spirit, Mind and when I do my balance wheel I consider this. This balance wheel was implemented into a major recovery program for survivors of abuse at a instate recovery hospital.

I want to consider my spirit by giving myself time often to be still, to study and to fellowship with others who are like minded as well as opportunities to get together with those who offer me strength. Yes I believe in extending myself (my strength to others) . I need those in my life who offer to help fill up my "cup" so to speak. I have to be prepared to feed my children the answers that come up to the questions of life. I am often lifted up by fellow bloggers.

I think keeping interested in my own career is essential. Knowledge is power or the lack of weakness without it folks perish just because of ignorance and nothing else. If I can gain understanding, knowledge and implement it into wisdom I gain in all areas. I have roles as; Friend to God, Wife, Mother and friend, fellow on the path to others. If I cause others to be hindered by my own ignorance I am convicted in my own heart. I never want to cause other to stumble, however I know it will happen I just really want to avoid it. Blogging is a part of sharing knowledge that helps keep me balanced too. I also learn a lot from all of you.
Developmental studies for the children, and so one.

This is a real weak pie piece for me at least for myself so I must exercise in so many ways. I am an example walking and living . I have to tend to my family medical appointments and check ups, nutrition and so on. Of both family and pets. Prescriptions, supplements and educating myself on health needs of family members. Exposing the kids to sports and such.

This is a corner stone. Covering the foods, clothing and shelter care. Food stuffs and stores. Home maintained that is also delegation of task and tending to them being accomplished. This includes properties like vehicle's as well. These things are kept on the "big board". Tackle it Tuesdays and Meal Plan Monday really helps me.

Educating and keeping a wheel on them watching for their trinity of Spirit, Mind and Body to see that the needs are met.

This is important and often overlooked when consumed by business. I have relationships with my God ,my spouse, My Children and friends extended family. Also there are the relationships of all the players involved in our lives like educators, interventionists, doctors, teachers and those who are employed at various services such as those who interact with me over services and anything billed (utilities and such). You may not think it important to consider your mail carrier but they matter too. They need kindness too. Of course there are all of you sweet blogging friends and acquaintances.
Blogging is a large part of this too.

Creative Arts:
Being an artist this is very important to me. I is something that most people ignore. Beloved is working on a Web Page for me to begin to sell my work on line. This may be a way for me to bring in some income to assist my husband. I am very good at conserving income yet I do desire and outlet that will save me the loss of time away (craft shows and such). I desire to express my creativity. I have always made many gifts for friends for birthdays and holidays. I think that as I get caught up more I may be able to keep up with a nice inventory to cover both a small business as well as the inventory here for gifts. I have clothing to create as well as things for my home. Some things JUST FOR ME TOO :) Being a writter I am often refreshed by stopping life and doing a post or a carnival. It helps me to keep writing and enjoying that venue. My life is far to busy to do the novels right now.

I find that this is one of the things that gets most neglected. We are needing to care more now to getting out. We are limited by income in many ways. Now we have my physical limitations addressed (my knee) we have opened more windows of opportunity. We invested in a inexpensive 4 bike carrier for the truck this weekend. Now we will be able to travel with the four bikes! That is just gas money to a destination! I still am a little limited as far as bumpy paths but I will do my best to strengthen my leg and this gives me a goal to keep my sights on when I get discouraged. We find that we have to do this intentionally! Camping trips.
Blogging is a part of this in between the sprints that I do all day long, I come here to rest and catch my breath. I find it a relaxing pleasure. I often blog while I am on a lunch break or just a time out to rest and reflect

This is a focus to be improved upon. Budget and intentional investing ,saving and debt reduction in this over the years saved our hides when we lost the lucrative job three years ago. Before we had the kids we paid down our mortgage every month with extra principal payments. The mortgage we have is mostly due to the expensive adoptions. Nothing better to invest in that LIFE! It is well worth the payments, I do so however hope one day to again be able to pay extra principle payments. We have the CRS involvement and the care for Dash keeps our income being at a low a real blessing. We are covered for his extensive Care. So this is kept in focus as keep very little going out :) The Web Page and future sales of my jewelry might help as will the possible raise that might becoming beloved way. Filing and budget sheets need to be implemented better too. The support on the other blogs for information on menu, homemaking, crafting and even parenting tips are a huge savings.

So I keep this a fluid list and a thought filled Pie covered in the wripped cream of prayer to speak. It is not a law for me just a guide. It helps me see to the needs of my life in a balanced way. With it also I do not feel so forgetful.

Goal Sheet
I also like to have a goal sheet. This however has become a bit stressful for our family in resent years do to financial stress. Beloved and I kept this for many years the last few it has just been more of a survival mode and a prayer request sheet. We have to really take time for it but it really stressed him out. It depresses Him too.

Daily/ weekly
This is kept on the big board just off the kitchen.

1 month:

Medical co-pays
Clothing Sewing
Christmas put away
Beloved Birthday
shampoo bath/bedroom carpet
Dog training
Freezer Inventory
Pantry Inventory
Clothing weeding out
weight goal

3 month:
I need a $3000 implant tooth
Dash birthday
My birthday
Yard sale? E-bay sales?
Sewing for summer clothing

6 month:
Little dove needs $5000 braces
A vacation trip (the first in 11 years)
Doves birthday
rotate tires

1 year:

3 year:
Our trucks need to possibly be replaced?
House really needs to be painted!

5 year:
College for Dove

10 year:
College for Dash
Retirement for beloved

See what I mean...This is where the finance comes in. I just got to get a better budget and such. We really do not want to let go of the house. It is the ONLY debt we have. Prayer really does make all the difference. So I ask specifically for the things we need. We have asked about all these things and so we will see how it will come about.
These list grow and ebb and flow. But this is what I have done for 25 plus years to manage our estate and lives.
It is as my role of CEO of the Uncommon Family :)
This is my Employment.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Call to Prayer Please

~Pat's Father has passed away~

Pat of The Urban Chic Father passed away. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Just a few months ago her Mother passed away too. How my heart goes out to her and her family.

To you New years Eve Night Owls

Dash Hawk is over and out at 9:15 p.m.
My sweet, sweet Son asleep.

New Year Transistions... 2008, full of Imagination.

My New Year Thoughts for you.
Do you have your imagination Box?
What is an imagination Box you ask...

Beloved and I had a date last night (it was wonderful).
When we retrieved the children they were asking about an imagination box.
They wanted a box that could fit both of them.
Little Dove declared a wish for one, but then Dash Hawk replied that "it is not wishes that you make but prayers that are asked to God that will meet the needs that you have".
So I told them if that box is a desire then they need to prayed and ask God for it.
We were just returning from a Wonderful play date this afternoon, when again they declared Now Mom it is time that we need our imagination box...
"so did you pray for it I confirmed...well lets just see it happen then..."
It is trash day here for the recycled trash and so I asked Daddy Man to keep an eye out. The Daddy needed to get home and was not willing to drive the streets looking.
Just before we were to turn on out street down several houses I saw "it" curb side. I said "there it is"!

Daddy Man pulled forward the few houses the kids and I loaded it. We were home maybe 5 minutes with it and Dove just told me as they were getting into it and looked up just as the trash truck was pulling up to the curb where we had just gotten it from.
They are now playing in it and creating pure imagination.
Adding amenities to it as they go.

This new year ahead I think I will take a cue from the mouths of babes and pursue the "Will to Imagine".
Too ask for God to give me an "imagination box".
To trust in Him for His timing in the answers to my requests.
What happiness that will bring for the coming year.
A New Year full of possibilities.

So Have you asked for your Box?
What is it you desire to be able to imagine?
Have you asked or are you wishing on luck.
May your New Year be full of imagination and request made known.
May you be able to Trust in His perfect timing.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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When I say... 'I am a Christian' I don't speak of this with pride.
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When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not trying to be strong.
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  • "O Lord help my words to be gracious and tender today, for tomarrow I may have to eat them."
  • "No man has ever been shot while doing the dishes"

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e patterns My sister told me of this site

Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
Amy has clicked her heals and flown to her real home. There is no place like home.

This was given to me for the third time in just a few weeks.

Zephaniah 3:17 NLT
"For the LORD your God has arrived to live among you. He is a mighty savior. He will rejoice over you with great gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will exult over you by singing a happy song."

Thank You Ross

Getting to know Me

What warm hearts you all offer

Thank you all for the kindness you have shown me with every Award. I am embraced. You Are a blessing.

Thank you Michelle

Thank you Michelle

Thank you Annette they are beautiful
Thank You Annette
Autism Awareness