Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother of many

I had an adventuresome day. Dove had her
The 5th graders were having sex ed.
the girls got a bag including some deodorant but the boys did not for there was no funding for them. So I got the goose flying over head as it were and followed Him to a Wal-Mart got 21 of the deodorant and then had another store hold another 25 so I drove over and got them.
the boys are now set to not be embarrassed of BO
I felt better today than I have in some time. It was so wonderful to do the chase. The goose fly's over and the view! Riding on that breeze made me feel revived.

The call came in that there is a cancellation and so tonight I will the sleep study, I will get set up with the CPAP. This a week ahead of time. BLESS GOD!
I am sooooooo tired

ps just before departure here
could sure use you prayers
Dove caused me a bad fall. She did not intend it just forgot herself and got under my legs held on to my dress I fell hard againt the iron bed frame
i have need to really steep
pain pills not an option  oh trials
steve and i just can't believe it i hit my head on the dresser

god is good all will work out my sweet 12 turned 6 and for that instant in time I go in the mix

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Consider the Ant

A wonderful dream and awaken to start the day mid dream, tired my eyes open and I drag myself up and begin the day.
Last night I really so enjoyed saving Dove's project.  She had a map of the U.S to mark cut and assemble.

Sweet child got a hard lesson is pacing her homework. As diligent as she has been she did not give herself enough time. She was working so hard on it and had messed up the glue. Spending an hour or so we got the project saved. She is a good kid and learned a good lesson regarding time management.

Lethargy is the mode of late and it is really getting old.
She had asked me to read to her at bed time, requesting the scriptures. Blessed am I that she did so.
They spoke to me as well.

Dash had the need to get help with his room. Today I am home all day. We awoke with ANTS thousands of ants in Dash's room. It is my desire to help him with his room and has been for a while. Those ants were so much more diligent than I.

Today I will be doing his room in fazes. It looks like a killing field in there. WINDEX like "my Big Fat Greek Wedding" (movie) it really is good for everything. So every thing is shaken out and the critters spayed with it as they drop to the floor. I have yet to find the draw. I think he spilled some juice in there.

Inch by inch. Yet this lethargy is a pain! I think the high iron may be like lead in my pants HA!

I love my day, this life for the family. Lunches, ants and breakfasts. Vitamins dolled out and projects loaded onto the school bus. Steve left the sweetest card on the baking counter and a movie called "The Notebook".

It is my birthday today. I am 49 today. Oh where does the time go. Into the embrace of Love and the days of favor and mercy. A life time of trial to mature and refine me. All the dross a gift in itself.
I love my life. I am grateful to have been born, survive and thrive. To live the dream. Motherhood with an amazing mate at my side.

And ants underfoot to remind me of the diligence that has gained me such a reward as this. Debt free as of Tuesday. All medical paid off. The future is promise that despite and even because of  every challenge I will still have the mind to thank My God the Lord of all for all that He is in me and for me.

My birth a gift, my life a challenge to keep me striving for more character and humility.
I am blessed.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Urgent!!!!!! RECALL! Childrens motrin and tylenol

Motrin/tylenol site  click here to get refund
Original article click here

Here we go again dirty machines? lazy workers cutting corners? Greedy manufacturers...?
Ah who cares it is just kids right?

Wonder who will fight for the children.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Explination of absence on the computer

busy girl!

Setting my financial house in order.
The tackle post is not just so but I did my best to explain it.
On to the full day here
Enjoy the wonder of the day. It will never be here just like today again.

Tackle it Tuesday Yearly projection of budget

Tackle it Tuesday

My Sweet Girl gets her braces off today

 We (bless God) with a lot of hard work will be paying it off in full today!

 A freezer and deep freeze inventory as well as pantry sets me to know what lead in adds to keep watch for in order to use the grocery budget most wisely.

an inventory on all medications was also accomplished this week

By utilizing our insurance mail order plan we are able to get three months  (90 day with three refills) benefit. It is important to keep an eye here. I have over purchased before when a refill was made prematurely.

The over flow was also inventoried.
These are the lead ins that with coupons were pennies on the dollar.
We will not need any shampoo that's for sure for the rest of the year.

 Last night four hours were invested into our budget for the full year. In order to fully know where we will stand. On months with extra months that were lean or under the funds were held to cover the following month. The grocery budget reduced (a real discipline here to cook more and more) a menu weekly does truly make a difference.
I have tried to make a copy of the type of spreed sheet I use being a bit computer knowledge limited I did my best
Our budget has now been projected out through December. This way we have placed every cent to a designed place. If one month is short we use the prior month to cover it by cutting out expenses or cutting them down asap.This my friends is a great discipline and it has great rewards.
We are out of debt!
Except the mortgage.
This year we tightened the boot strings even more by taking a 22 year mortage down to a 15 year.
We are forced to find an extra $150 to cover the increased pmt.
Rather than adding $150 to the principal we were able to refinance for almost 1% point under (in our case for free). With a refund due to escrow overage.

 PLAN  Goals / Due by  actual/debit   actual/cash  Date pd. / Chk #
cash on hand #DIV/0! #DIV/0!
child one savings

child two savings

Pay Pal chking online purchases  $                    -  
 $                   -  


 $                                -  


 $                   -  


Deposit Date
Paycheck 1 Paycheck 1 lowest average
Paycheck 2
Paycheck 2

Paycheck 3
(May, Oct) Paycheck 3

Non taxed - Other pay 1
Other pay 1

Non taxed - Other pay 2
Other pay 2

Deposits from envelopes
Deposits from envelopes

overage from prio month to cover shortfall
Deposits from envelopes

Pay pal Checking (Auto deposit from paychk) Pay pal Checking

Refunds / reimbursements
Refunds / reimbursements

Federal Tax Refund
Federal Tax Refund

State Tax Refund
State Tax Refund

TOTAL INCOME  $                    -   TOTAL INCOME  $                   -  

CHARITABLE GIFTS (10-15%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0  $                   -  

SAVINGS (5-10%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0  $                   -  

HOUSING (25-35%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0

UTILITIES (5-10%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0

TRANSPORTATION (10-15%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0

MEDICAL / HEALTH (5-10%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0

FOOD (5-15%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0

PERSONAL (5-10%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0

CLOTHING (2-7%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0  $                   -  

RECREATION (5-10%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0

cash on hand

 $                   -  

TOTAL  $                   -  







remainder end of month goal? 3 mo. Fund

Lay off fund expences for 3 months
HOUSING (25-35%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0 #DIV/0!

Mortgage Late Fees

Additional Principle

Repairs to house / Furnishings

Home maintenance

Replace Furn/Appliances/Decor

Yard / Garden Maintenance

Yard / Garden Purchase

Bedroom Carpet / kitchen flooring

TOTAL  $                    -  
 $                   -  

ALLOCATION REMAINING  $                                 -  
 $                                -  

UTILITIES (5-10%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0 #DIV/0!
SRP electricity

City of Mesa Water / Trash

Cox Phone / Internet

Easy news
Auto debit

TOTAL  $                    -  
 $                   -  

ALLOCATION REMAINING  $                                 -  
 $                                -  

FOOD (5-15%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0 #DIV/0!
Grocery ($200 cash on hand)










Dog Food

Chicken Food

School Lunches

Steve's Lunches
petty cash



TOTAL  $                    -  
 $                   -  

ALLOCATION REMAINING  $                                 -  
 $                                -  

PERSONAL (5-10%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0 #DIV/0!
Life Ins -wife chk $? yr. due 00/00/10
to envelope $/12  ???   To Envelopes 
LIFE Ins Co. Pmt

 To Envelopes 
Life Ins - husbands yr. due ?00/00/10
to envelope $?/12 = $?  ??? 

Life Ins Co. pmt

IRA National Finance annual fee (retirement mgmt) ?/yr, due Dec

Allowance 4x$5 -child 1

when fund are able
Allowance 4x$5 -child 2

when fund are able
Pocket Cash (Petty Cash)

Educational Expenses

School Supplies & Expenses

School Photos / Field Trips

Adult Education

Library fines

Gifts (Aniv,Hol,Christmas) SAVE FOR CHRISTMAS

Gifts (our birthdays,adopt day)

Gifts (to give, bday,wedding,etc)
make gifts

Hobby / Crafts / Sewing

Postage / Shipping & Handling

Computer fund hrdwr/sftwr

Hair Care / Cosmetics


Pet Supplies

Chicken (pine shavings)
Wal mart $7 lg bag

Dogs (license)
Chk $52 yrly due Aug '10


Subscriptions - Magazines

Financial Purchases

TOTAL  $                    -  
 $                   -  

ALLOCATION REMAINING  $                                 -  
 $                                -  

CLOTHING (2-7%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0 #DIV/0!


TOTAL  $                    -  
 $                   -  

ALLOCATION REMAINING  $                                 -  
 $                                -  

SAVINGS (5-10%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0 #DIV/0!
Emergency Fund (12k/3mo)
savings (cush) in bank
Emergency Fund ($1000)

child 1 Savings

child 2 Savings

TOTAL  $                    -  
 $                   -  

ALLOCATION REMAINING  $                                 -  
 $                                -  

CHARITABLE GIFTS (10-15%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0 #DIV/0!

Non deductible


TOTAL  $                    -  
 $                   -  

ALLOCATION REMAINING  $                                 -  
 $                                -  

TRANSPORTATION (10-15%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0 #DIV/0!
Car Ins ($? yr $? Qty) / monthly
to env

auto ins Pmt 
due Oct, Jan, Apr, Jul

Deductible ($1000)

in case of acciden have enough to cover it 
License and Registration

vehicle one ?/ 12)
due Apr 2011

Vehicle two ?/12
due Jan

 due Jun 2010

Emissions Test
Chk $30 yr approx

vehicle one ?/ 12)

Vehicle two ?/12


wk1 Honda

wk2 Honda

wk3 Honda

wk4 Honda

wk5 Honda

wk1 Chevy

wk2 Chevy

wk3 Chevy

wk4 Chevy

wk5 Chevy


Trip 1

Trip 2







Additional Purchase for




TOTAL  $                    -  
 $                   -  

ALLOCATION REMAINING  $                                 -  
 $                                -  

RECREATION (5-10%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0 #DIV/0!


Media, Movies, Games


Pet / Estate care

TOTAL  $                    -  
 $                   -  

ALLOCATION REMAINING  $                                 -  
 $                                -  

MEDICAL / HEALTH (5-10%) #DIV/0! Range:$0 - $0 #DIV/0!
 copay for an er visit

1 husband

2 wife

3 child one

4 child two


1 husband

2 wife

3 child one

4 child two

$15 copay?

1 husband

2 wife

3 child one

4 child two


husband rx
debit $? every 3 mo.

wife rx
debit $? every 3 mo.

child one rx
mail ord $? every 3 mo.

child two rx
mail ord$?every 3 mo.

mail ord$?every 3 mo.

mail ord $? every 3 mo.

mail ord $? Every 3 mo.

mail ord $? every 3 mo.

mail ord$?every 3 mo.

mail ord$?every 3 mo.

mail ord$?every 3 mo.

mail ord$?every 3 mo.


Non-mail order

Tylenol, cold misc

Vet Exams

Shots/med, nail trim $15 ea

shots ($18 ea, due 12/9,rabies due 8/9) shots due Nov,rabies 3yr

TOTAL  $                    -  
 $                   -  

ALLOCATION REMAINING  $                                 -  
 $                                -  


unpaid medical 

I can not get rid of this color!

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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