Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday repose.

 Yesterday I sewed all day.
It was so nice.
Above are the dinner napkins for Christmas Dinner
 I am doing a tea for us 5 core friends.
We have met together for 10? years at least four to five times a year.
This year it will be a Christmas tea at my house.
They turned out little purses.
Lace edged when opened.
I'll do a tutorial over at "A Place To Create"

Today we had the funeral for a Dear Man
Mr Joe Labriola
My SILove did a wonderful job speaking of her father and telling us about the dreams of so many a man who he prayed a quick prayer with as they died in his arms there on the beach of Normandy 

A Medic on the island of Okinawan in the invasion.
An American Hero.
A husband of one, whose wife passed this time of year four years ago.
Father of two daughter and two grand daughters.
He will be missed.

We all went out to lunch on his behalf and saluted the man.
Please remember the family in you prayers.
The sisters have just become the elders.

I came home and slept and hour and then we had a play date for an over night of a new child into our home. They go to school together she is also an adopted child. I think because we are adoptive parents it is often just assumed we are safe because we have gone through all the background checks and home studies..
I am known at the school and so I think that ease is afforded but it still astounds me.
I opened the door and the child was just standing there the mother just dropped her at the curb and drove off.

They have all played well together and are readying for bed.

 I harvested 4 pickling cucumbers and so my first time making pickles!
It was pretty easy.
It was a five minute bath and all three jars sealed ya!
They are sliced dills.

Almost burned the Santa cake.
Dash wanted a Santa for adoption day tomorrow.
 Hard crack candy was something of my youth that I held in fond remembrance. I wanted to repeat that old time feeling. I would make this when I came home from school. I am stunned that my mom let me do this it is pretty dangerous. I have cooked and baked and made candy from as early as 5th grade. That's around 10 or so. Almost always unattended. It must of been when I was able to see my mom was during the dinner breaks.
Watermelon has yet to be cut
 The grape and the raspberry set these will be gifts for neighbors.

I had a dud with some lemon oil was nasty!
So I still have another batch to make to finished the job.
However my bones are done for the day.

This has been a full day.
Dash's Adoption Day is tomorrow 7 years home to us.
We came home from Russia on the 13 th of December with our little Christmas Boy.
I need to decorate this in the morning the Lady is tired :)
 Some comment answers if I can recall them
No dash has blue eyes unlike Dove little miss Golden eyes.
I cant think or remember another question that was out there.
I do hope to do a better job keeping up with this blog and the others.
We have a new photo system and I dislike the hassle of it and it is time consuming as well.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A hoilday funeral tomorrow

Please pray for my Sister in Law and her sister.
Their father was found by her sister.
They had taken him to the ER the night before and they released him saying his complain was of no concern.
The girls took him back to his facility to his apartment.
When she went to him first thing in the morning he was found dead on the floor.
Needless to say these two sister have a hard painful time.
Their mother past away only a year or two ago at Christmas.

My sister in law has her birthday on December 25 th, Her sister on December 31.

Please please remember them.

I went and got a little suit for my son and a nice outfit for Dove.
Just home now.

I have not spoken much of this but my right knee is not responding as of yet to treatment.
Two pain pills in me now so relief is coming.
Wal-mart walk is long.
A hoodie jacket for Dash given to him just before the door failed as he zipped it and we had to walk all the way back to the boys department to exchange it.

Before the Wal-mart Costco was paid a visit for the Christmas ham.
I went there to get some white roses.
It has always been my tradition to give a single white rose at funerals.
I will tie ribbons on them for the two Ladies and the two nieces.

Hello to all of you sweet dear hearts that left comments.
I worked all day on a sewing project.
I'll show you soon.
Napkin sets for the Christmas meal and a set for the Formal Tea I am giving my little core group of five sisters in Christ. We meet for each others birthdays throughout the year.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday * the gift of protection

Perfect topic today
Thank you Laurie for hosting
Miss Golden Eyes my little Dove came home happy.
She played with the camera as you can see.
Too Cute!
She had a good day, not thrilled that she had to talk with the principle but satisfied so far with the outcome.
The bully absent of course the easiest way to try get away with it.

After a nice relaxing hour I started in on the Living Room
Almost finished the tree, my knee is hindering me from being on the ladder.
I will try to get some help with the top part of the tree from Steve later.
Several ornaments the kids put on could use a little fixing but that is done little by little to protect their creative heart.
If I tinker with what they did it would not be a good example of acceptance.
Yesterday the bows and ribbons on the packages were completed.
Today I was able to get the lights on the lower part of the tree.
 This year I was able to find new clothing the children needed at a greatly reduced cost.
Many of the packages are just that.
I just put one item in each box to make more packages to open.
We also got new bedding for them.
Few toys at all just one major gift for them to share.
TBA later
 The cresch set up on the center now.
Using batting I had the snow capped mantle of sorts was created to give a more holiday feel.

It was such a day of joy for me to have stood for my children at the school.
To see all the bounty of Christmas we have been able to come up with for them blesses my soul.
The gifts under the tree were things that they needed.
It is my hope that by receiving them in this way that gratitude will be instilled within their hearts.
Many Children just take for granted having nice clothing or linens.
They will not be left disappointed, the big gift they will share will bring the family together.

Well now that the living room is so beautiful, the kitchen and hall is a mess!
like a big balloon getting squeezed

Bully my kid I DON"T THINK SO


A child under the umbrella of the group headed up by Doves nemesis approached Dove as if to loving hug her. Dove was startled receiving the embrace then felt (said child) "A".  rub her hand on her back.
As "A".did this the other two girls stood by and when the action had taken place laughed at Dove amongst them selves.
Dove then asked a child standing by if  "A"  had whiped something on her.
The child then exclaimed that she had wiped snot all over the back of Dove's shirt.

This reported to me

I will be keeping written records of any future action and supply a copy to the school as well.

I spent two hours with the principle this morning 45 minutes of it with Dove in there we were empowering her to feel safe to stand up for herself and to get help.
It was awesome.
I gave written notice on the event and a copy of the AZ state laws on bullying.
I think we shall have some action and I think that my girl will make a change in the way she responds.
She will become a STRONG woman, just like her Mother.

I discussed with great character and poise my position and the next steps I will be taking in the event this is not addressed.

Gentle as a Dove but strong within the Lion
Joshua fought the battle of Jericho and the wall come a tumbling down

I found this site Stop Bullying NOW
very helpful as I was struggling with the anger of the Momma bear in the wee hours of the night. I circled those walls until I was able to just blow that horn and watch God knock em down!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A touching morning

I was talking to Dash earlier in the morning. He shared that his friend had so many presents that it took his parents four hours to tell him all of the different sizes...I told him that the boy is very fortunate.
We were later sitting at the table eating breakfast...speaking of water I told him how fortunate we are that many places on the earth they do not have water that comes out of the tap clean. That it is the kids job in the morning to go and fetch the water often walking great distance. I told him that once daddy and I shared our money to help drill a well for a community.
He asked me if he was born in Moscow. I told him no, Penza Russia. He asked me for a jar.
He got paper and tape.
" Mom I want to fill this jar and send it to the orphanage that I came from. We have enough stuff."
You just know we made that jar. I sent him into my room to get my change dish. He asked if he could have a dollar of my change. I gave him the dollar and he was putting it in the jar. I was putting all of the rest of it in the jar..."Oh mom it's alright that is enough you do not have to give all of it." I told him I wanted to. I told him I will contact the folks that helped us adopt him to find a way to get the money to the orphanage. I told him I would take him to the neighbors to ask if they might like to contribute.

While signing Doves homework binder I read the paper she wrote on MLK I have a Dream.

This was the topic of her paper...I have a dream, it is a three part dream. 1. to build places for old folks to live where it will be nice 2. To talk to Obama and tell him to stop making our taxes bigger cause it is hurting people, I know cause it is hurting me. 3. to make it where no kids ever have to be hungry.
That is what she wrote...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Gift to be Simple

Today I practiced some new things in my morning schedule, that daily thing we do from when we open our eyes.

Sometimes I just forget who I am.
Do you ever feel that way?

I was refreshed today as this wonderfully awkward process is chugging along.
I have learned so many liberating things that have continued to build my character and stance in Becoming.

I think some misunderstanding and even perhaps a bit of religious judgments made. Well I am right where I am supposed to be. Healing those very deep lies that few practice the courage to heal. Makes it sound so dark and gloomy but ya all tell me that you don't hide some wounds that have an impact on who your heart tells you you really are.

The garden is all tucked away for the night.
A wonderful supper of Spanish rice with home grown zucchini diced fine and left a bit crunchy added in.
Some basil also. That is cut back for the frost bit it hard. I had to hang all of the cloth on line to dry.
We lost the rain water for a pipe came apart in the system, I think it was just and oversight on Steve's part.

I have had an absolutely lovely day.
That tending me first in the morning really set the stage for a progressive morning of parenting.
We had extra time to even do a bit of the Esteem Booster questions on security.
The kids opened up and shared their minds a bit.

So many accomplishments around here inside and out.
The master bedroom with all clean linens.
Pictures hung more to my liking and candles at the tub.

You know that called for a hot bath this evening.
ME>>>taking time to just take a slow bath?
Mercy! this could really catch on

Today as I was ...I danced

I am going to do my best to explain the things I am learning and just hope that folk don't misunderstand and think I am far from God.
Oh No we are just walking this thing out together.

Gods ways are higher than ours.
I have lived with some pretty non scriptural religious ideas of what I should be like or able to do.
Lord knows I did my very best to follow those ideas to the letter, trying to be a good believer.
Those Pharisee things that just don't much lift a finger to help really.
They become more of a thumb pressing down to keep you in check all the while that heart of yours is saying I'm a faking it tell I make it...I must be doing something wrong is the lie.
NO maybe ya just need some practical help to understand what stops your ability to do so.

It is my hope that the honesty and transparency will remove stigmas and assumptions from the "church" community as to what it might look like to become.
It is not by pure belief
Now if your working it out and ya think that folks...
other believers, might think your faith weak or less than do not let that stop you.
There are so many who lift that finger and add the hand reaching out to lift ya up.

You who do not know Christ
know this His love is not like those rulers who set lots of rules on folks and then sit back and condemn them when they do not think or pray or believe themselves out of their chains.
Loving Christians truly do add a heart not only full of prayer but also practical solutions that just perhaps nobody ever bothered to tell ya.
You speak up ask and if there is any shame placed on ya for doing so Dear Hearts just you shake it off.

His peace is within the storm.
This life is a storm that only He can calm the waters of.
When your strength gains up and the next gale blows know you did not cause it, there is a battle going on.
It has been against you from your first breadth, satan-evil-darkness- the war began a long time before the beginning of time as we know it.
God wins, that's the good news the hard news is that you been on one side or the other.
Those folks who raised you were one one side or the other.
Even when on Gods side the trickster can so easily circumvent lives by simply twisting truth, lying so folk don't even know whats right from wrong.
So many casualties of childhood walking around in grown bodies just really trying to make folks proud.
Can't even find a safe place to risk being humble.
Left not even knowing who they were intended to be.
Feeling like you just really never belonged anywhere.
Stumbling at every misson you set your heart too because your wounds sabatage your efforts.
Leaving you feeling incompitent at life.
That is the intent, the mortal wound.

Hope this is always a safe place to be...
Hope that you can be yourself, unashamed, unabashed, true heart even if wrong willing to turn round right and come on down to where ya ought to be.

I am becoming free from battle scares of my childhood.
That does not make me a victim, a weak unbelieving Christian but a warrior for Christ.

tis' a gift to be simple tis' a gift to be free
tis' a gift to climb down where we ought to be
and when we find ourselves in the place just right
twill be in the valley of love and delight

ya know...?

Good Morning

good morning I have posted over at A Life Restored this morning and am off to tend the garden and the chickens Hope you all have a good day

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sweet Sunday

Hello Dear ones
Did you have a good weekend?

Today was both a wonderful day and a tough day.
Upon awaking I spend several hours on the floor in the bathroom.
This happens sometimes when allergies hit hard.
My belly swelled up so that I looked pregnant.
Too much wheat and the latex thing weekend me too.
After sleeping a while on the floor a shower and a tearful prayer refreshed me.
I had to get up
for there was a birthday party Dash was invited too and I was going to take Dove with me and pay for her entry. Inch by inch with coaching from Steve too I made it.
This was a big deal to everyone and I was iffy if I could do it.
I listened for the coach in my ear to press on and on.

The children were so happy to go for it was at a very wonderful place called Amazing Jakes.
Oh they have everything! Rides an open extensive buffet, games go carts, bumper cars.
Only Dash tried rock wall, there is also black light paint ball, goofy gulf, carousel and the list could just go on and on.
It is a very expensive place to go. With Dash being a paid for guest it was right and doable to take Dove.
It was $9.99 for just the open buffet and $18. for buffet and all the rides you can for three hours it also included $5. on the card for the token games..
They had a ball. Dove got to drive little brother in the go carts.  It was wonderful, Dove did a pass in a driver maneuver passed a teenager! I wish you all could of seen it.
I was able to relax and let the children do the buddy system.
This is a bit new for me so I am relaxing and letting them have space.

A sweet lady did a post about a fearful mothers effect on her blog and the issue with the kids at the school pointed out that I must pull back more to let them develop more of a sense of safety and self.
I am doing it. That was the tearful prayer.
I see all these parents who do not even check up on them and so a balance,
they need to have a touch stone. I will never tend to ignore them but I was not panicked the whole time either.

We made it home at 4:30 I went straight in and got some soft clothing on and went to bed and slept up until 7p.m.
I am a wrung sponge made able to get through the day with pleasure in motherhood.

It was a wonderful day.
That latex thing really set me up.
Man I need to chill for a few day.

My deep thoughts lately have been a real treasure in the progress of becoming.
They are very humbling and tender.
So if I seem distant in my blog it is that tenderness guarded until my feet are firm in what I am learning.

Above all standing firm in the faith, in His Love.

Steve was able to get a quiet four hours of work done for the job that cam in last week.
He actually had the house alone.

I would appreciate any kindness of prayer for I am not feeling too well yet and it really was a lot to ask of my body. I did not give up though.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
Amy has clicked her heals and flown to her real home. There is no place like home.

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Zephaniah 3:17 NLT
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