Saturday, December 5, 2009

A good day

So here I finally sit to say hello.
This last few hours spent creating a necklace for myself out of an old center finding my mother gave to me many many years ago. Tonight I took the time just for me to assemble something for it.

 While I was beading my cold toes were gifted a heater by sweet husband.

Well today was a full day.
Doves BFF and her mother came for the day.
It was so wonderful to see Dove so very happy.
I really enjoyed the relaxed company of her mother.
She has become a close friend.

We took a garden tour to take off the blankets in the warm of the day.
Look at those tomato!
 But alas by the end of day all was covered over again.
 Last nights freeze hit the basil the worst and got the cap of the blue lake green beans and a few of the leaves on the contender beans.
 I have had these long yardages for a long time even thought to discard them so glad I kept them they are just perfect to save the garden
Our golden loves oranges...she was so happy to get to play with the kids
 as was the chocolate
best friends for life
dove is 12 the other is 10
Oh how the kids played and had a wonderful time.

Her mom made a video of the brawl.
It was a lot of fun.

well off to visit all of you.

I know I am not real talky right now. I have a lot of deep thoughts steering and so I let the pot simmer as it were.

Please remember my sister in law
Her father was found dead on the floor by her younger adult sister this day.
It is a hard thing to be sure.

Thank you for your Kindness.

I will share these deep thoughts when they are better flushed out of what I choose to believe of them.

Friday, December 4, 2009

We have not because we ask not...(sometimes we ask amiss)

This time it was given so sweetly!
So here is an answer to build up my sweet man. He sometime ago rebuilt this computer I am on and it is more than twice as fast as his. Now he is the one who makes a living on His machine but as he is he always wants to give me the best and this was the slowest machine in the house before its rebuild.
My husband "grandfathers" the machines in the house. He is always giving his computer talents to others who are in crisis and yet he runs a dinosaur.
So having four house computers is because he salvages the old parts and we are often given the old parts of those who he helps.
He has longed to improve Dash's  computer because it is the real cripple of a computer that can take several seconds per image. He researched getting a new video card but the unit in so old that it is hard to get parts.

After a lot of research it was concluded that it would really be best to upgrade the parts in his machine (in the future we can get more memory and it could be added as finance allows)
I told Steve to list and research and price out the parts shopping as if...So he learned what he needed to fix his own computer and then pass his parts over to Dash.

Totals and items identified we then prayed.

The next day a man gave him an expensive part, another man at work sold him a part at a real low cost.
That evening a call came in and the fellow that he does part time work for needs some things done (income).
We do not spend income we have not received. Last night we felt impressed to go ahead before the parts are no longer available do to supply and demand. He ordered the parts. We had hopes for a Christmas bonus but expected nothing.
He came home yesterday and had been given his written review with the highest of complements the review was awesome.
Today...he got a bonus only $80. short of the parts order he made last night.
He has excitement in his belly and it is a real joy to see. With the discipline we have been under we have let go of those extra wants. This becoming a need was really important for with the Christmas break he will have several days he is forced to take off.
Time to rebuild the machines and to do the part time work being supplied us.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thankful Thrusday

This day has tested me.

I was able to get into the dentist directly after dropping off the kids at school.

While having the dental work done I began to have a bit of trouble breathing opened my eyes and there in my mouth LATEX!
"Latex! I exclaimed and she quickly pulled her hands out of my mouth, I grabbed my albuterol and gave myself a squirt. Wipes off my face then went and washed my face. Then she gave me a tooth brush and I brushed the latex off and out of my mouth. Took another squirt. Got out the epi pen in case.
She felt so awfeful for it is yes on my chart and all it was her error and oversight.

The think I am most thankful for is this.
Recently my thoughts have been on my selfhood.
Just who am I?
Once we got the latex off me we spoke.
Telling her that I make mistakes and that she should just see my dirty laundry.
Laughter came up in her as she sat really upset that she had put me in harms way.
A mistake.
I told her that the one time that I really ever got angry about it was when I had had the implant and that other doctor blew me off and did the surgery with latex gloves and I had to come out of anistia and have the double fitigue of the latex effect.
"I would be angry too" she said.
Yes, I told her but I chose to forgive him for if not the consequence would be worse than the latex.
A hard heart.
I told her the ship wreck of a hard heart as I witnessed so many times is so devastating.
I comforted her. She was saying NO I Should be apologizing to you.
I accept it and told her "it's alright , I will be alright and as many times as I have come to this practice it is amazing that it has not happened before. We all make mistakes.
There was no charge.

I left to go home and stopped to get some ribbon I needed and saw a calendar for $5 and I really need one.
The calendar is on praise.

INSIDE the calendar was the hard card stock
upon that cardboard that is usually a thing to be tossed...
was this

Just think, You're here not by chance, but by God's choosing.
His hand formed you and made you the person you are.
He compares you to no one else-
You are one of a kind.
You lack nothing that His grace can't give you.
He has allowed you to be here at this time in history to fulfill His special purpose for this generation.

Today was the perfect day to get a calendar

I visited my sweet friend over at Tea with Tiffany
This is what she posted today

We all face many giants.
I am so glad for the cheering sections along the way.
Blind folded.
The coach is there.
Don't give up he screams in my ear.
I have felt like I just cant keep going
It's too hard.
The weight is too heavy.
I thought to compare on the way to the dentist and thought of the shame of it for my life has so much ease when I think of so many others without the privilege.
This reminds me though that we all face different giants.

My lips are numb from the latex and I feel week.
The tasks are high.

I love the song that is the inspiration for this blog.

Don't worry mother, it'll be alright
And don't worry sister, say your prayers and sleep right
It'll be fine lover of mine
It'll be just fine
Lend your voices only to sounds of freedom
No longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from
Fill your lives with love and bravery
And you shall lead a live uncommon
I've heard you anguish
I've heard you hearts cry out
We are tired, we are weary, but we aren't worn out
Set down you chains, until only faith remains
Set down you chains
And lend your voices only to sounds of freedom
No longer lend your strength to that
Which you wish to be free from
Fill your lives with love and bravery
And we shall lead a life uncommon
There are plenty of people who pray for peace
But if praying were enough it would have come to be
Let your words enslave no one and the heavens will hush themselves
To hear our voices ring out clear
With sounds of freedom
Sounds of freedom
Come on you unbelievers, move out of the way
There is a new army coming and we are armed with faith
To live, we must give
To live
And lend our voices only to sounds of freedom
No longer lend our strength to that which we with to be free from
Fill your lives with love and bravery
And we shall lead...
Lend our voices only to sounds of freedom
No longer lend our strength to that which we with to be free from
Fill you lives with love and bravery
And we shall lead a life uncommon

Can you relate?

2 Corinthians 12:9-10 "But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong."

 Are you ever just a bit tired, overwhelmed and worn around the edges.
I needed this passage this morning. Last night the kids had skate night.
An hour or so before we left I hid my forehead on an oak piece of work with a sharp edge.
Thank God I did not lacerate my forehead. Then while enjoying a candy cane a broke the temporary crown on my tooth.
When sweet Dash came to me to help him get his skate off, he kicked me the knee... with the brake of his skate.

The principle is iffy and I mentioned to him that the nemesis of Dove forced Dash in the girls bathroom and felt blown off.

Then I saw Dash's old teacher from last year...well lets just say that relationship is lacking mutual respect.
My readership is so way off that I am surprised to see anyone still reading.

My husbands faith is shaky and so that covering feels week. Reality is becoming a daily factor where once I had an ideal that kept me "pie in the sky", now it is a sweet "this is MY life".

I have more laundry to catch up on than any of you could imagine.  The dishwasher did not work right yesterday. A good 3 cups of my home grown beans will be given to the dogs this morning and so the work of the garden was left unappreciated.

Kids are up now....

In all of this however....

I know that God is strong in me.
He makes me able.
He blesses me.
My faith is not iffy even if others doubts swirl around me.
It matters most what GOD thinks about me.
My reality if a GIFT from God.
The tooth well it will get fixed this morning and I can hope, hope for mercy that it will not become and expense.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Heads up New Virus attack

The newest virus circulating is
The UPS/FedEx/DHL Delivery Failure.

You will receive an email from UPS/Fed Ex Service along with a packet number.
It will say that they were unable to deliver
A package sent to you on such-and-such a date.

It then asks you to print out
The invoice copy attached.


Pass this warning on to all your PC operators
At work and home.

This virus has caused Millions of dollars

In damage in the past few days..

Snopes confirms that it is real.  

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

Today I had a Speech meeting at the school for Dash.
He will have a re eval on the IEP for services. Next year he may no longer qualify. We will get a 502 in place so that he is given special considerations.

My day started the day before for I was up all night with Dove. She finally began to open up. She was able to speak of her fear. She has this bad dream that she will fall asleep and wake up and I will be gone and she will not be able to get out of the house.
We talked about her birth mother leaving her and that I would not. That I chose her and give my life for and to her by my choice. I love her beyond measure. We spoke a lot about her adoption and about me adopting her.

How I chose her. She was sleep deprived yet more at peace today.

 I began the paint job on her room Today.

I tackled all the things that came my way to stand for the children.
I tackled a sleepless night of dear and tender conversation with my Dove.

Thanksgiving Day and Week End

Thanksgiving gave way to Mother Daughter time for I did not have to do the house and the meal.
My MILove hosted this year and I took full advantage of time with my kids.
As I was getting ready Dove came in on me getting my make up on.
We took a moment of time and Allowed her her first experience at a little mascara.
You all know as moms it was one of those priceless moments in time.
Daddy man knew it too and ran for the camera.
 After a little coxing she let him take her picture.
By the way she does not like mascara...
Wow gives me some more time  :) love that she loves being a kid.
Too many kids want to grow up so fast.
She did however really feel good and pretty.
It was so fun watching her see herself in the mirror.
She loved her reflection.
Oh if we all just could gain that one.
 Steve's Brother was so kind as to load us an IPOD to help Dove to listen to books on tape to help her relax with her insomnia. These two brothers see each other twice a year. Steve is the youngest.
The eldest brother spends holidays with his wife's family and the two young ladies daughters.

My MILove thought to get a wonderful pecan pie
my favorite
She made soy milk pumpkin pie too
 She is so beautiful.
Wish she could see her reflection like her granddaughter did.
True to her beauty.

She had set up a puzzle, It was intoxicating and I had so much pleasure in working that puzzle.
I had to finish it before we left.
Dash and Steve came over and got hooked in too.
I had Dash place the final piece and boy was he proud.
"I finished it"!
It was reality satisfying to give him that.
 Father and son...
My FILove was so generous too host this year it really helped us out a lot with having the small kids and the role at our time in life. We have two passages going at the same time. Strange to be parents when your older.
The Grandparents are older too and the grandchildren well they just want to go to their grandparents like any child would.
They have the traditions of Dove whipping the cream with her Grandmother.
This is the big thing she looks forward to doing every year.
The highlight of Thanksgiving to Dove.
That and the wonderful left overs.
The rolls that Steve's brother brings are a tradition.
The kids just go gaga over them.
Left overs the delight of the days after.
 So with the sugar energy worn off with a bit of wrestling
we were off for a very long drive.
These two are best friends.
The kids rested and may have even slept a little .
It was a nice transition time.

The hospitality was so sweet at my nieces.
She did such a nice job on the meal and we all brought somethings.
This was her first time hosting.
Her kind spirit was a real treat to be around.
The meal was a buffet style
Humor offered by my Mr Nice Guy.
The air was a little thick of pink elephants.
 Dove got hold of the camera and the images of a child tell a lot.
Conversations and all were pleasant.

My kids had there first experience at a "kids" table in the kitchen over the linoleum floor.
I remember the kids table growing up and I am sure most do.
My two have never really been seperated from the main table for we normally serve the elders and there are no other kids in the history of our Thanksgiving or Christmas events.
The kids were all much younger than ours and they were really just spending time with them that was a brief getting to know them time.
We missed having my sisters grand kids but they had one with a flu so were unable to attend.
Across from me are two sisters the third is out of view.
They are my brothers Daughters.
Really wonderful young women.
A nephew in law then my sister and a BIL remarried to the girls mom

 Dash's shirt says
"This is my dress shirt"
I got it for him for a Christmas gift but gave it to him to use.
He felt so happy with it.
 After a wonderful meal the deserts were so ample that the children were in heaven.
I was so full that I for the first time in my life I think passed on any desert!
With so many choices even. I had a first:)

The children were a hoot though.
So fun to capture the delighted little faces and they indulged
My SIL (mother to my nieces)once married to my brother was there and it was nice to see her and her husband. She has some wonderful events in her live . A new home will be purchased after the holidays. I am so happy for her and her husband. The home is so pretty and it is wonderful to see her so happy.
Divorce is so strange a mix to families.

These are two of my my great nephews.
 Their sister soft spoken sweet child.
Her Mother my niece is as pretty as her daughter a wonderful young woman.


This little fellow just gave me such a thrill in that cute walk with his mommy's shoes one it was too cute.
His sister is so funny, this one has a fiery spirit.
feisty girl.
My other niece their mother is a wonderful young woman.
It was so funny I spoke up to call to her daughter and called her by my nieces name, that's how much they look alike. Had to laugh it took me back in time. I hope her momma got a kick out of it.
 Dove loved the two story house and looking down the wall as the most fun to her.
The children played up and down the steps.
My two kids the eldest.
The nice long belly filling day of family company gave way to a long drive home
My sweet niece gave us wonderful left overs
My sister made the best stuffing with apples and pine nuts.
This year was particularly hard for her due to the absence of our beloved Jason.
It was a real shadow on the day.
We all enjoyed each other though I think.
It was so nice to get to know these young women and their families a little better.

We four had a nice week end, Friday off work was here with a play date for Dash and a nice long visit with a new neighbor who was the boys mom. We had a long visit while the boys played.
Daddy man took Dove to the mall and got Dash a gift to give him at Christmas.

Saturday a family day of tasks.
I pieled the rest of the wall paper off of Doves room so as to get ready to paint it soon.

 The spackle that room took!

Time at home and rest with an added child at mid day.
Daddy man took Dash to the store with him and he got a toy with his ASU earnings and I think Dove a gift.
With a sleep over the kids played all and slept better.
The little girl stayed until late afternoon Sunday and we took her back to her grandparents home.

We just rested.
We stopped by a store and got two things totally $6.
That was all the shopping we cared to do.
A sleep over with a friend of Dove's

I started to get the tree up and have been working on it.
That paper became a chain instead for it was not really what I liked that way
So at this point Dove and I are making paper chain of silver and the $6 purchase was two
emergency camping blankets.
They are the foil type and that was my big idea for a tree skirt.
This year I want to design a different thiem.
Every year before the kids I had a thiem tree.
This is the first time I am going to do one in many years.
I want simplicity and silver and white.
Themed creativity.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Making Veggie Trays

Fill your basin with cold water that will bathe the veggies as you clean them.
celery cauliflower broccoli tomato carrots onion radish

Now the carrots will sink to the bottom.
The things with more air float at there own level so they are so easy to seperate.
Trim down those things into bite size and set aside to drain on cookie sheets before assembly.
The only thing to cut then is the dedicates of cucumber and peppers.

reserve the bell peppers and the cucumbers to do alone.
Home grown radish
This is a tray for a smaller party
The larger one
In center is the fresh home grown basil
Curl onions by cutting them the long way to within an inch of the bulb part.
Cut twice so there is quarters soak in a bit of water a few moments and they will curl.
This was one of the other  dishes I offered to the meals of Thanksgiving.

a bit busy here

everything and everyone is fine
I will effort to catch up soon

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Roasted Garlic Mashed Yucatan Gold Potato

 15 pounds made for Thanksgiving meals this year.
Four large bulbs of garlic with heads topped off and olive oil drizzedle.
Wrapped in foil they baked for an hour at 300*.
 Tools of the task.
Gloves are a must here.
The nut pick really works well for the cloves that were not cut.
For the the job pull back the layers of the bulb exposing all the cloves.
Any clove uncut set aside, then just turn the bulb over a bowel and squeeze out the cloves.
They will be mushy and soft squeeze all out and your left with this shell.
Those cloves set aside are simply squeezed if open on one end.
Note the baked clove at the tip is a nice little tube if your to use this on toast.
Garlic mellows and is rich and sweet at this stage.
 Mash with a gloved hand by just using your fingers.
Then store in a GLASS jar until ready to use.

15 pounds of Yucatan gold potato
A glass of chocolate/soy milk/coffee a treat for the labor.
These are naturally buttery and mellow they mash with ease.
 Dice in uniform small 1 inch cubes to evenly and timely boil.
The small size will cook fast.
Here a citric acid water (R/O or filtered, if tap let the tap water rest an hour before using to air out the chlorine that is in it or it will spoil the spuds flavor)  bath  is used to retain color.
 My Glass top is not suited to use the big caner pot on it.
So out on the camp stove they cooked.
 Here they are ready to drain after cooling slightly they were mashed easily REALLY these things just melt when mashed, very naturally buttery I used 2 sticks of butter for a 15 pound bag of spuds.
Salt and then add the garlic.
They were placed in three chafing dishes to be heated in a 300* oven for an hour before taken to the events.
They were still warm.

Nothing wasted
The peals were boiled in the citric water bath
then they were removed and the water bath used to boil rice for the dogs.

 They were thankful too.
 The compost had the garlic shells and the foil recycled.

It was a real treat for all.
We saved a portion for the family and I made sausage mushroom gravy for lunch today
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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