Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunday Smiles

Picture day and Garden tour

I took a few shots of the kids yesterday morning.
I did not tell them or let on, but I was trying to give them a chance to practice the image that they might want to use for picture day. This was first pose...

She critiqued the images and them came up with this pose as the favored look.
She is so grown up!
She borrowed some pearls to match her top.
She wanted to look feminine like her friend.
It is wonderful to see her enjoy her beauty.

Dash got in on the act and I was please to see his interest.
He tried this pose and I said if you open your smile you might be able to see your teeth.

Tricky Mommy, He did and loved the look (as did I).

"I come to the garden alone...."

This is growing by the compost bin. The golden (dog) loves it.
Does anyone know what it is?

The green beens are really loving the compost tea they get. These are more than twice the size of the other ones.

Arguable the prettiest most delicate flower I have here.
If you even barely touch them they fall (as does the fruit they become)

Yellow crook necked summer squash!
Too cute!

The cantaloup is thriving and I have now found a few maverick plants around the garden.

The radish sprouted. So tiny if you click on the image it will enlarge.

This straw bed method is really good for the tender young plants.

The peas will need to be trellised soon. I had a wonderful time last night giving my beloved a garden tour. I was as giddy as a school girl showing him all the joy of each plant and flower.

These are the peas they are slow growers

This is the last of the tomatoes outdoors, but I have a few yet to re-plant at the kitchen sink. I thought I would give it some time to have the straw bail rot a little bit more.

This is Angle and she is wondering what's going on.
She gave me a pose ...

Is this a better pose...?

Maybe you'd like me to scratch and pick.
The hens are going well and will lay pretty soon I hope. They are so cool to have.
I think that they make good pets.
pearly is in the back ground she is the dark gray one (I love Tahitian pearls)

The kids have been exercising the use of hammer and nails. They built these signs and then placed them on each corner of the lot.

See the freezer box in the back ground? The kids are loving it! I placed a compost bin over the place the pomegranate tree will someday be planted. There are a couple of tomatoes still over here on the bails but this spot gets too hot I think, and I made an error in judgment by placing clay mud on the bails. It did not allow the water to get in well enough. I thought that it might hold it in. It was also sorta fun to rub the mud all over the bail. It needs to have just potting soil on top of the bails. Good lesson. I will replant these also.

Untill I find the box with my clothes pin bag...I have recycled this old laundry jug to hold them. Leaving them in the sun is not the best way to treat wood here in the desert.

This is the bottom of the freezer box. We are going to make a garden gate out of it with the screen that the folks shared with us.

The garden at the front door is thriving. I spend a lot of time here when I come back from walking the kids to the bus in the morning. Notice the hanging pots...They came from the dollar store as did the ferns in them.

See my pretty little rose that my dear friend gave me.
The flowers are so happy. I have wonderful orange flowers for fall!
The little plant was in a six pack last spring look at him now! Over 20 flowers await in bud.

The perfect fall flower!

This is doing so well and the hanging plants will hopefully overflow as well!

Look at the lamp...A hard hike...

This is too cute. The conqust of the lamp! Tackleing the light...

This guy lost.

I pulled this out of the garage and Dash has it hung now in his room. He has a schedule like mom.
It is cool to see him copy me in the organization. He had a note on his report card that he had a problem with organization, maybe this will be a good help.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A shout out to you Mr U.

When that 5 o'clock hour rolls around ...

Knowing this

Will help make it all

Worth while.

Thank you for all your doing for all of us Beloved.
We are so grateful to have you as ours. Darling ...are Loved.


Has anyone heard from Denise "shorty bear"?

I am speaking on the phone to her now.
She said " I love you all and miss you all very all very much."

She also said " That she very much appreciate their love and their prayers."
Denise lost her computer on Saturday night. Then in the middle of the night she fell ill.
Eddie took her to the E.R. She was suffering from the flu and was on the verge of pneumonia. They kept her in the hospital until Tuesday .

She is home now with a fever , but is feeling better. She said to leave any comments for her here and I will call her to deliver them to her.
She is awaiting her computer to be fixed or replaced.

Feel free folks to contact her through me.

Please join us in intercession for them.


I just called them and there was no answer. This is strange at her place. Lets agree together right now.
"Lord please comfort Eddie, Help them right now where ever they are at to overcome. Please comfort Denise in her suffering. Give her help from kind hearten folks. Meet her needs as we know only you can. Please give us word on her. Father We thank you for the fellowship of such an awesome woman warrior. She has held you ground and her own with such dignity and grace. May all those around her who may not know you come aware of her love for them in such a way that they are moved to repentance and salvation.
Your Name is wonderful and to rejoice in your assurance for her we find comfort. Our hearts flow with great compassion toward her and Eddie. we thank you for loving them and bringing them comfort and rest.
It is in agreement and within the covering of your Holy Name Lord Jesus that we stand in the gap for them now.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

A Problem with my Mammogram... it was as I thought, a benign cyst.
It measured 2+ by 1 inch. I may need to have it aspirated. It was, last year, 4 smaller cysts and they all merged. Now it is my hope that I can just stay home a while. I have to go to consult about changing my medications.s however. I have gained a tremendous amount of weight (20 pounds in a couple of months) on this drug and I just cant afford it on my knee. I do hope I have no withdrawal to go through.

I went and got snacks for the children and had them all unload the truck when I got home. Wow talk about great incentive! :) I have an extra kid today. I will have on Thursday's to help out a single Mom. So blogging has fallen off due to other things pulling on me. This is a child who feels at home. Mother of many...I am.

I had two new squash blossoms in the garden this morning and I told Dash we should look into getting a garden snake. We have a lot of crickets. I have witnessed a few other insects and the lizard population is growing. We need these good insects to pollinate. Dash said " Mom , I just love nature it is so beautiful to watch"... I have succeeded in opening his eyes to it YA!

Kids are watching Nim's Island, a movie about adventure and fiction verses reality and courage overcomes timidity. Good Movie.They are happy peaceful. Full tummies. Soon to do the homework. How rich they are to be here in America, here in this home with a Mother attending to them.

I resisted temptation to over eat sweets today twice., It may not sound like much , but for me this was a huge start. ..."so you want to change ...Do you really want to change?" Asked HE ...softly tenderly. I left the store purchasing nothing. I passed up the Taco Bell and drove to the store for healthy snacks and lunch. I ate a healthy late lunch and a healthy smack.

I heard a scripture that said that God sings songs over us. It really touched my heart because many times it will be a lyric of a song that will give me the need strength or comfort for the moment. Gave me pause thinking about it. Makes me want to sing right back to him...

Did I ever tell you your my hero?
Everything I wish I could be...
I could fly higher than an eagle...
Because you (God) are the wind beneath my wings.
Everything to me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordless Wendsday

My life timefriend Jaye became a Grandmother last night!

The spinning wheel goes round and round.

Tackle It Tuesday


My tackle was a bit different this week.
I went to Bible Study. Where I encounter opportunities to reach out to make another more at ease. In Arizona Mexican looking folks are even now encountering a racism that is alarming. I was the new woman and no one was sitting with me or even reached out to me. I saw a woman who came and sat by me. She was Hispanic and spoke with a very strong accent. Girls she sat by me because she thought I was a Hispanic person. Not one other person welcomed her! I notified the woman who was leading that this lady was new to help get her seated in group. The fact that I reached out started another. How sad is that??!

Last week a young woman was hindered by my request to share our kids names so we could pray for each others families, she "is very private". Well with some mild tension she disclosed that after all was said and done that during the week her teenager had her first minor encounter with the police. She said that she knew we were all praying for her daughter. Then she actually thanked me for asking if I might do so. I am angering folks and not even knowing it.

Well in class (a study for Mothers) we had several young women who had become Mothers before they were wives. I see the judgmental receptions they encounter and tackled the afternoon by offering hospitality to one such a young impoverished woman and her three year old. Her boyfriend ( soon to be husband) who works nights sleeps days and she has to keep a small child silent as possible (in a one bedroom apartment)(ha!). I gave her transport here and home and just hung out and rested while her daughter could hang out and just play. She is being wed in three weeks and so I told her I would be delighted to make her a wedding necklace. She has only raggedy jeans to wear on her day! I am praying for a way to get her a baby blue dress or nice top or something that will give her beauty to remember and treasure. The woman who brings her is not a very kind person (a missionary ???) she is a distant relative. Pride? The young woman (22 yr old) was rejected by her family because her American Indian boyfriend of four years looks Mexican! He has been a good father and provider. Her family will have nothing to do with her or her beautiful child! STUPID IGNORANT BIGOTS! ...ahum excuse me I get riled up! The three year old child is disowned by the maternal grandma (dis-respect intended!). She owns two t shirts and the relitive (the missionary) corrected her for not wearing a different nicer outfit?? She was so ashamed that she did not look nicer and appoligized to ME? She said noone will interact with her at the church???? She just moved here 2 months ago. I know only half of it yes...but really how risky is it to offer love, kindness. If I am being taken advantage off I am free to risk it. I think in this the risk was very low.
I shared my clothing and food with them. No, she had no motive to "taking" anything from me.
Sweet thing refused a glass for her soda as to not make me wash one.
I told he I would delight in washing her glass:)

Made me think I wish I had a bag of stones to pass out...Wonder if anyone might have one lefft to put in their pocket to reflect upon....:)
These girls have an abortion they murder their young, they keep the kids they encounter fundamentalism. How much harder this makes it for them to chose life. We as Believers ought make a way to be safe to do the right thing. Repentance does not excuse us from the consequences, but it does offer us unmerited favor with God. If God be for them so should we!

I am a mother of many. Now I see that the group I have joined has a root in Mothering these very young moms.

The class instructor was so started by my reaching out that she called to thank me! Wow this fellowship makes me wonder what I am getting into. This was just the second womens Bible study. I really only have met a few of them, not very open rather click like.
I think of Jesus torquing off the pharisees. I am just a nice wrench...hahah
Sorta makes me want to tip some tables. :)

I was exhausted by the days end.
I made breakfast cookies and called it a day.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hanging laundry on the line *the science*

To my great Joy My U. got the new clothes line hung up this weekend. I have been using a single line for 8-9 years now and never have enough room or never as much as I wished I had. . You see I love to spoil the fun of the electric company!
They find great fun in the humor of us paying to dry our clothes in a dryer and then paying more to cool the house down after the dryer is emptied. Then all those hot clothes gust heats up the room and the poor soul hanging them even more.
So I in my great wisdom (cocky aren't I) have been hanging my clothing for years!
Trying to sell the house this year and doing away with a clothes line for several months really showed up on the electric bill.
I saw this multi line clothes line at a dolor type store for $25.
Well My Time is a valuable commodity.
You may ask well hanging clothing is time consuming...Oh really?

Lets count the costs. After I go hang out this next load...
Well it is now 9:30 p.m. hee hee hee
I hang the t shirts and such upside down and put in a hanger.
When dry they gust go right into the closets.

Pull the placket and botton top botton

I worked on Laundry all day!

The white jug is a recycled laundry jug cut open on one side for the clothes pens. I have 200 and use them all up when sox and undies are on the lines.

I am so happy with the lines.

every 15 minutes I had another double load to hang and put away.
It was awesome. The weather was balmy and the breeze through the wet cloth was nice.
I wore a nice big hat.

Off the line right into the closet!

This was such fast work of it. The shirts dried in less than 15 minutes.
Done by the time the washer stopped and the dishes were loaded.
The delicates were almost dry by the time I had the whole load hung, and I work fast!

Load by load. I had a months laundry to do because of all the health issues.
The childrens clothing has been washed twice but our things were all in a huge mound!
I think I did 12 double loads (front loader Neptune washer) and a quilt that was hanging in the master bedroom.

The house was cool.
I used the dryer for 5 minutes to soften the jeans with a wet towel.
Don't let the things dry hard. Remove them from the line just when dry.
I did not pay the cost of unning the dryer all day and having all the wet clothes add up waiting the turn to go into the dryer. I only dried the dress shirts in the dryer and that after 8 p.m.
I think I paid for the clothes line and clothes pens in one day! :)
This was so wonderful to have a day outside. The breeze was so sweet a gift and the job finished a big relief.
I rested and iced after the dinner meal.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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