Saturday, July 26, 2008

Please Pray with me for my heart is full toward so many.

My dear Long time (19 years) friend is challenged right now with health issues. Yesterday she had to ingest radioactive iodine. She is doing well. I love her so much! Will you hold her up in your thoughts and prayers with me. She has an eight day isolation of sorts (from infants and pregnant women).

Her blog is "Just a Mom" on my side bar. Your encouragement would also go a long way. It has been so quiet out there. I hope your all doing well.
There are many who I care so much about who are suffering right now. I find myself thinking and praying a lot.

There is a young man who I have known all his life. He has made another mistake that might land him in prison (again), a foolish mistake. This child has poor impulse control and now, a young man. I am broken over the loss of his productive life. I had a vision of this when he was small. To see this unfold is heart breaking. I long that his soul at least may be freed. I have watched this last year as he (in my opinion) has been set up to fail.

My dear Friend Michel has been challenged with a terrible illness that leaves her incapacitated and worn. Her suffering is taxing her so hard. I miss her warm smiling heart. Suffering is hard. I MISS YOU SIS> Please pray for her that this heath issue , this terrible mystery become solved. Medical testing is hard she needs strength and encouragement. She is a mother with three kids to raise and a husband who loves her and needs her. Please pray

Please pray for Trisha "Photo Daughter of the King" my sweet friend. She has a very serious inner (to the brain) I think ear infection that is very rare. She is responding well to anti biotic. My desire for her it to be free of this infection. She is a beautiful soul with young children.

Please remember "shorty bear" Denise. She bravely faces diabetes and all of the many challenges that is faced with this life long illness. Encouraging her is a blessing.

My sister is moving next week and today she is having a tag sale. Her husband and English citizen is facing deportation. Her home sold, they are temporarily going into an apartment. They have lost almost everything. The dollar has little value to the euro they have lost so much. She is walking on a knee that is all bone on bone and is having a total knee replacement. She is 2000 miles away and I can not help her either. Well not physically. So I pray. I pray for her souls freedom as well. Think about the pain she is suffering with the knee lifting boxes and selling every last thing. I grieve. Her moving to Europe with her husband means that I may never see her again.

These are only a few of the reasons I have been so quiet. Don't you just fill up inside with grief when those you love suffer? I just want to weep. I keep a silent vigil of thoughts of compassion and Yet, my life goes on and there is so much to rejoice about. So many tasks undone. The beauty of children to teach and lives to tend to. So little I can physically do for these. So I pray I hold them all in my heart like so many tightly squeezed teddy bears. Hugging until my arms ache.

This morning I am asking for you to join me in prayer.
As I go about my day this has been my heart

Oh thank you...
I just need to share the load and ask for the prayers that avail much.
I hope you are all well and filled with the sights and smells the sounds that bring beauty into your day.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Chook, chickens or hens, they are home!

(very tame and likes to be pet and held) His back is so Petty but he is a camera Ham...
(this is the one Dove named) Road Island Red?
(My favorite, she is so tame and likes me to hold her. She is also the largest.
(In fond memory of my Mom) Ruby Marie, "she will be comin' round the mountain when she comes. We'll all have chicken and dumplings when she comes" The song I sang to her at her death bed. I found joy in that today as the children and I sang the whole song. (killing the old red rooster got a big shout of disagreement and a big "Hay!".
(Timid and shy I think of "Alice's Restaurant") cause you can get most anything you want at ....
( I love the color of black pearls this sweetie is that color, dark pewter) Her back is so shiny.
(she has feathered feet)
Huck (as in huckleberry Finn.
We think this one may be a rooster. It has feathered feet.
(this is the one Dash Named) This bird sounds like a canary No joke! it sings so pretty.

If any of you know the breads leave me a comment please.
They are all supposed to be mixed bantoms.

chicken coop for the birds they come home today.

We worked until dusk. It was just too dark to see. I'll clip the wire today.
I was in the garden this morning at 5:45 a.m. after my sweet boy came in to get me. He wanted to work in the garden with me.

We have this... so far. We worked on the side and one end.
The end to the left will have four nesting boxes and we will build doors on this side and the one end with the nesting boxes. Much work yet to do.

I love my red chicken steps!
This was a gift of scrap lumber from the folks.

We are using washers and screws to gaurd and keep the dogs out just in case. This is a much more secure way to attatch it. The stapels can be dug at by dogs and I do not want ot chance it with the Willy Lab.
Pictures of the chicks by evening.
I am sorry I have not been around to visit everyone. Many of you I have I just have not been very talky. I have been a little down lately.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday...Chicken Coop, Volley Ball and friendship

I am thankful!

This is how I have spent my mornings this week.
The church gifted us with Volley Ball lessons for the 5 days. The kids are running hard and are very tired by the end of a Day.

They do drills and have them establish skills that pertain to the game.

They have improved much from day one.

There are several levels and skills represented in the 10 different kids.
The coaches are professional and the children even do a devotional.

I have been working on this while I wait. The last two days and then yesterday here when a friend came to visit.
I have had this set up to do for years. I just fell in love with it. I thought I better finish it before the kids are grown.

I have been a bit blue lately. several small occurrences have wounded my tender ego. I was almost in tears yesterday. Just feeling so lonely. I reached out for that is the gift of loneliness. I had a few nice little encounters. I was sitting in the church lobby while the children played Volley Ball. I normally sit in the gym on the bleachers. I am the only Mother who ever stays.
It was nice to have a few little fellowship type moments. Loneliness can hurt when lies from the enemy flood in. Having memory problems from the brain injury makes socializing very threatening sometimes. It happens so very often that I do not know who I am speaking with or I am not sure. That just makes me want to isolate. If you notice anything about me . I am a gregarious soul. Isolation is far from healthy for me. So I keep trying to reach out. Sorrow over swept me of late for so many many lives around me are in crisis. It grieves me so to see folks suffer and struggle. I want to help and so intercede. It is a prayer of whole heart ed compassion and of late I have felt drained to see so much suffering and so many consequences from poor choices.
A friend had a message on my voice mail when I returned home. She wanted to come over and did so. We had a real good mutual support and heart pouring that we each needed. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. I was able to finish my dishes while we visited and get a lot done on the pocket dolls as we sat at the table and fellowship ed. It was real nice. She feels safe here and comes to my home to rest. I am so warmed that she is safe and can rest here. It is a real delight and a touching tribute to the peace in my home.
After supper....We went to work on the coop!
This saw is failing (after 30 year) so he took it apart and it is still going. We are using earplugs for it is VERY noisy and squeals like a banchie.

It has been a very full last couple of days. Last night the kids took turns using the hammer to nail on the red steps. We think it good to give them experiences like that. It did however slow us down a bit. We must have ready the habitat by Saturday at the very latest. Friday night in actuality. We have been working on it every night. Knowing Mr U as many of you do , I am sure you know how beautiful it is. I keep having to remind him that it is just a coop it is alright if it is not perfect. I'll tell these chickens are going to be living the good life.

"Delight yourselves in the Lord; yes, find your joy in Him at all times. Have a reputation for gentleness, and NEVER forget the nearness of your Lord. ... DON'T WORRY OVER ANYTHING WHATEVER; tell God every detail of your needs in earnest and thankful prayer, and the PEACE of God, which transcends human understanding, will keep constant guard over your hearts and minds as they rest in Christ Jesus.* ... Fix your thoughts on what is true and good and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely, and dwell on the fine, good things in others. THINK ABOUT ALL YOU CAN PRAISE GOD FOR AND BE GLAD ABOUT. Keep putting into practice all you have learned from me and saw me doing, and the God of peace will be with you."** ...
I have been having a lot of nightmares the last several nights. I have to be much more thoughtful and careful of what I put before my eyes. Reading too many current events and watching too much late night T.V.

I have a very full day today! I must take the kids to VB and then we have a treat. I get to take them to a place called "Bounce You" it is a place full of inflatables. It will be the church group. Perhaps the children might meet a friend and consider Sunday school. As of now they sit through church with us. That does not bother me. It would just be neat to see them with kids. I like being the spiritual educator, bout it might be cool to have a back up Sunday school teacher to confirm what we teach.
I have lunches for all of us packed. The dishwasher humming. I need to put supper in the oven so that it is cool enough to refrigerate before I have to leave for VB. Meat loaf!
I am a tired girl and it is not even 7:30 yet!
My sweet Beloved sat bed side and patiently asked me about my day. He was tired and yet he kept talking with me.Until was talked out. Often the sweet man just passes out of exhaustion. Last night he made himself totally available to just listen. It was really touching. I have a big weeping in my soul. I am not sure but I think it is over the suffering around me in the lives of those I care so deeply for. When I love others it is to the core of who I am. Perhaps faulty to the outsider but deeply from my core. I weep. Without tears, silently.
It was so good to have the fellowship of my friend and my dear beloved. It comforted my heart to be un- alone yesterday.
I am thankful for the fellowship of the Christ Minded who love me.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Good Morning!
It is an early start for me today. I have risen with the dawn. The house is quiet....

This guy has been fed and is resting now with Rena at my feet.
He is a good companion.
Mr U took the new mixer apart to find that it has been dropped on the motor end, the housing is shattered as is the switching mechanism. He is looking into the cost of replacing that part of it. The mixer is new and sells for $180. so it may be worth it to fix.

The kitchen reflects a wonderful meal last night.
I have it to clean.
Meat to cook for the suppers tonight and so on.

I have a ton of laundry to fold and store.

Wash and dry.

This is laundered and I need to fold it , and return it to the owner. It has been on loan to us for the house staging.
It is the bed spread that was on the big bed in our room.
The chicken coop tractor is coming along. We found a lot of free wood this weekend. The folks also came on Sunday (for Doves Birthday) they came with several peaces of scrap lumber (actually just what we needed!)
Mr U. worked some on it last night .
Our weather has been so hot here it is hard to work on it.
He has a class again this morning so he will be home a while and then home a bit earlier tonight. I love when his employment gives him free education. It is such a blessing.

I have to leave here for Volley Ball lessons mid morning so I better take advantage of this quiet house and go fold clothes.
some prayer time first though...

Monday, July 21, 2008

The giving tree....

The kids and I went to the front of the house to see the storm clouded sky. The kids noticed a box on the side of the house.
It has happened again...
I have a hand held mixer and of course my big kitchen aide mixer. Now we have a stand mixer like a hand mixer but for hands free.
Beloved insisted I call the police. Just encase it is stolen and left at our house to be picked up later. There have been no reports of stolen items in our neighborhood.

Well after speaking with the police we were told to post it on the blog encase any of you sweet dears left it for us. This is an expensive mixer!
Upon close examination it has a broken dial. Of course knowing Mr U it is sure to be reparable.

It may have been a display model it show a little use but I am not too sure that it was used it is clean.
Thank you who ever left this fine tool.
The officer asked to request a bow or note in the future so that we could be at ease in receiving it. If it is stolen someone is missing a nice mixer.
We may send it to the lost and found for 90 days but the officer said with it being new that there is little reasoning in it for any owner would not have an ID number or anything for it.
I guess we keep it.
The giving tree has offered many things over the years.
Plastic container (I had prayed for)
a dress (that was my size)
yard table and chairs
a mop
a rug sweeper

Now a very nice hand mixer replacement. I will be able to do two jobs at once.
Yes...I can just hear your giggling now...
"Only me:)"

The sunglass test

What Your Sunglasses Say About You

You are competent, direct, and powerful.

You are focused on success in all aspects of your life.

You need to be shaded from moochers and parasitic people.

You feel sunniest when you're around people as driven and and brilliant as you are.

The Sunglasses Test

My goodness who knew:)

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: I have a loaf of bread that got the edges slightly freezer burned, I will make an egg and soy milk soak with cinnamon and clove with a little vanilla. French toast tonight with home made syrup of pomegranate.

Dry or day old bread is great for french toast. I use many egg, cinnamon cardomon and clove. Soy milk and water. The bread soaked up for aroun an hour.

That is honey butter.
Home made from 3/4 honey and 1/4 butter whipped to submission.
Bacon broiled in the oven (this is a quick trick).

Now some folks think this is a big mess of an oven
Think about it when you fry bacon stove does your stove top, walls and under your cabinet look. Verses the oven and it being contained and most of it just burns off the nest time you use it. It is safer too, I do not get splattered. My time is a valuable commodity. I put it on the pan turn it once and it is done.

lay it out on pure white toweling

Now, after you pat it out...Plate the bacon set aside. Use the toweling to absorb the bacon grease, while it is still warm.

Then walla! toss the oiled towel and the pan is almost clean. A little hot water and away is the mess.
Today I need to grind meat. I got three nice roasts at the end of the week. I will grind and cook up the burger (some of it) for easy meals.

Make and bake a meatloaf for later in the week.

The kids have Volley ball lessons this week.

I made McOmmy's (Relatively) Happy Meals for lunch.
Kids said "They are a "Little" better then McD" no toy *a lot cheaper*:) WELL!
Organic grapes and crisp fresh apples. Whole Wheat bread organic romaine lettuce and fresh ground burger.

Bake a corn bread for tomorrow while the oven is hot.

Tuesday: Chili con carne" (with meat) from the grind yesterday. It will of been precooked. I will have bell peppers and onion in it. Cumin and curry with cayenne. Corn bread with cardamon for its wonderful sweet flavor.
Dice up onion and cut up celery and carrots for snacks.Cut up beppers as well. By dicing up all the vegies I can at one time I make one mess to clean and have it all ready to use as I need it for a day or two. Some things do not cut too early. They tend to loose the nutrients or quality.

Wednesday: Rice and chicken tenders, yet to be determined.

Thursday: Tacos, ground beef precooked with taco seasonins, lettus and cheese, tomaotes.
Homemade beans.
Friday: Meatloaf (sheded carrot, zucinni, egg and oatmeal) prebaked just heat and searve. with baked sweet potatoes.

Saturday: Chicken poppers (baked chicken tender bites that are coated with a breading, with tater tots, fresh fruit.

Sunday: Left over day

Snacks: carrot,celery sticks with peanut butter ,grapes apples, fresh blue berries, muffins and cookies.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Smiles

Lets see...about this high

We begin with foundations inline...

The second end is a copy of the first and ease begins as the form is being established.
I am going to have chickens for eggs.
The $10 each birds I was looking at...Well after praying for birds!
Someone else is holding 10 young mixed Bantoms for $20 total!
It is a woman who does bird rescue.
Gods Provision!
Several folks want to purchase my extra eggs. I just might be able to keep them for free as the extra may just pay for the feed and the coop.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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