Friday, March 4, 2011

Love never fails.

We had Doves 13th adoption day this week. she is so beautiful. recently she has worked so very hard and turned a 'c' in math around to a 'b/b+' . We are so impressed that she took such great pride in her education.

this week I posted a post met with total silence. It has been removed. Sorta left me naked and alone to do so.

spending time in the front yard is so favored now. It is so beautiful. the whole of it is pristine. It feels like that little piece of the estate that is just mine to have clean and unadulterated. It is a thing of beauty. Sunflower seeds were planted two days ago. Now I wait for the knees to absorb yesterdays injections.

Annuals are due in moon phase between the 4-12 of March so once the knees stop the fuss I'll get out and plant some more flowers. I love my flowers. Once a dream was to live in the forest and walk the dirt roads tossing wild flower seeds. Like a legacy was the vision. So now they are here in my yard. A legacy left where I am. the forest is within my heart here where it is warm.

A wonderful gift appeared at my door today. My best friend! She spoke and as if a dream it was her. She and I seldom get to speak or visit. Her life is full with work and 5 kids, a stay at home husband, dog and a cat. She is a Jewel, a prized dear friend. One that a six month span can be as if just a day ago. People like that in my life hold me embrace me. It is a belonging to a whole.

My heart is silence of some recent events that have hurt me to the core. To the core. Silenced. We forgive and forebear. We breath in and out and do the best we are able to believe in humanity. To believe the best in humanity. No matter the wounds we must not let it defuse the compassion's we chose to set forth in our lives.

Sweet Dash got a really BIG HUGE lesson is tough love today. So much so that his birthday must be postponed to get the lesson across. Really tears me up to do what must be done. Love is that way you know it can just tear us up.

Love never fails though.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jacob Lusk - God Bless the Child, American Idol 2011 Hollywood Week

Word Filled Wednesday

Hello Hope the day has given you an opportunity to enjoy some beauty. Sewing and catching up on the many repairer jobs in my Que kept and is keeping me busy in a pleasant way.

Monday dash's quilt received the last stitches of a long line of threads. It was a real privileged and pleasure to give a little love not and the date. His 10th birthday is Sunday so we are holding buck until then. I want to just to give it too him, but the gifts he will received are limited this year.
 So you think he needed a new one?

 Front of the old one lasted well but the back was torn to bit.
 Little or should I now say medium boy blue is very hard on his jeans. So I sew...the process will get posted over at my other blog 'a place to create'. This was completed today.
We have an ironing board that Steve gave me as a birthday gift years ago. It is in the Master closet. One of the fold up into the wall type. It is worn out! so I sew... A new cover for it. The heat resistant fabric a real find. hot pads will use up the scraps once I get to them.

My flowers are really coming up now. The spring seeds ready to get into ground. Both Veggie and flower. Most all of the seeds were either harvested or already purchased last year. It is nice to avoid the added costs. Most of the flowers from the seed swap failed. The ones I harvested off of the poppies are now in full force green as the forest in spring. Color is increasing daily. I am loving it! Now it takes a couple of weeks with the neighbors thinking
' when are they going to pull all those weeds'? 

It is my joy to bring forth a little beauty on my street. So after a long day of work perhaps the change of mood in my neighbors might even spark a better evening for families on my street.

"bloom Where your planted" a light upon a hill not easily hidden. 
Folks perhaps might give up on a light till it blooms...but once it shines dear Lord has mercy!

Enjoy your day.
I am going out to run over an apple. Dash asked what it would be like. :) Why not satiate his curiosity.
back up
pull forward
 hadn't thought about apple juice

Now some might say that is a perfectly waste of an apple
to me the mind is a terrible thing to waste

that was fun
He was sure surprised I took him up on his question
yes...he cleaned it up and I hosed off the juice
Bringing up the children in the way they should go.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A New Knee

Well hello all of you dear hearts out there.
Today was an interesting and educational day.

After the children were off to school and the morning rest I went to visit my sister in the hospital.
She had her second knee replacement surgery Yesterday. The hospital is 25 miles one way. A beautiful drive where the surrounding mountains are close and the vast desert valley open to view. 
This hospital was more like a 4 star hotel. The public toilet even had the toilet paper roll folded to a point! Beautiful place only 60 beds all set for knee replacements. This doctor is the number one in the nation for the procedure. She and I have the same insurer only my benefits are better even than hers. We are so blessed.

This morning I had a flush of a reality hit me while standing in my master closet. I groaned out a "I'm not wanting this Lord"...then the flush was pass and the fear gone. Folks last Thursday my x ray showed that the right knee is now bone on bone. For the last four years I have been receiving synvisc injections, the first time only in the right knee. The goal has been to hold out as long as I can for the kids to get older and more self sufficient.
Standing there I knew within me 'it is time'. What a strange place I am in. My spirit has complete peace even a bit of excitement at the thought of living pain free in my knee. I understand that knee replacement is one of the worst pain producing surgeries one can have. My heart does flutter with the apprehension of what I will be up for . It is great courage that I will earn this knee :)
We are thinking of June after we take the kids to Disneyland (Lord and finance willing). That will give me time to heal before Doves first year of Jr. High. Up and able (hopefully) by July or so to take the kids to a pool.

The time to lose weight is NOW! so I must bring in all diligence and discipline.
The times or in His hands. There is a time for everything. Knee replacement will be coming soon it appears.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

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Good evening, it looks like life is becoming a bit more of a good pace for me now. My immune system is getting stronger as my numbers continue to increase. My lymphatic system is healing so that it can create more mature lymph.

 Were just sitting down the two of us at our own computers to chill out. The kids are asleep and the dishwasher hums in the back ground.

Recently several lemons were gifted me. 
This is the process used to get the most out of them.
 Be sure to avoid the white it is bitter. 
These are diced or added and then removed from a sauce or recipe.
 Nothing wasted this is the great way to clean a sink and garbage disposal
 Now for the fine scrape it is used for dishes that keep the rind in them.

Juice is then squeezed for lemon aid by adding a simple syrup.
Wedges of lemon added to make the flavor rise.
Juice is saved for other uses. Rinds are frozen.
All from a few lemons and a little simple sryup.
Simple syrup add sugar to boiling water and dissolve store for various uses.
This is great for drinks or things that need a sweet without a spoon to stir it.

How to make a cover for CPAP Machine

Today the issue of the condensation on the tubing is addressed. 
Tonight I will not get water up my nose in the middle of the night. 
I posted over at A Place to Create the process.
come over and check it out
My hopes are that every one is having a restful pleasant Sunday.
Be Blessed.

Garden progress

Visit over here at Bee Bliss Gardens Blog for a tour of what is up.
 bachelor buttons are making a show too
The poppy's are coming soon.

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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