Saturday, February 23, 2008

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1. I like Green tea (hot) with sugar in the raw. This is my new coffee. I love coffee and it does not like me. If I drink very much of it, it sends the PH off in my body and my joints hurt real bad. I then look like a much older woman when I try to rise from a seated position. So green tea! it has become the caffeine of choice.

2. When I dig in the dirt it is like I can feel the electricity of life surge into and out of my body. I just do not know how better to describe it. I am so looking forward to beloved having the raised beds made for me in the next home we have. I should never of let go of gardening so easy. When the endometriosis crippled ( I had end stage over 6 major surgeries. I tried for many years to wait it out so I would not have have the radical hysterectomy and be on hormones for as long a lifetime) me for so many years I had to stop. When I dig in the dirt it is one thing that can make me cry. I feel a huge release like pent up charge leaves me and I can rest in my emote.

3. Sometimes weird words will come out of my mouth like today I called Dove another name while speaking to Hubby about her, or I called a friend (a male) by a girlfriends name. I could not get his name to come to my mind. It is weird and a hassle that I am becoming better humored about.

4. I have not shopped for clothing for myself in a very long time. I just wore what I received except if I found an item on clearance. I now see that it needs to matter. I just never thought it did because it paled in the importance of everything else I had duty to do.

5. Every morning when I first gain awareness I say hi to God, My Papa God. I say "I love you". That is how I start my awake time and at night it is what I say before I sleep. When I am in a trial or good time. I center myself with "I love you, God" that is my center. It came from Psalm 91 ..."because I set my love upon God" is what I read in a Bible I found on my teller window on the eve of my 20th birthday. I was going to commit suicide the night I accepted Jesus as who he is John 3:16. My life turned around in a whirlwind of events.

6. I have a great deal of knowledge about wild North American birds. I was a birder before children. I fed and attracted many species in my garden at the other house before this one. I even had hawks. One day in a town named Cave Creek I had a little bat ( although not a bird) fly right into my hand and I held it. It was so cool! I have raised mice before and the bats feet felt like little mice feet. I have also held a wild humming bird in my hands, wild pigeons have landed so many abreast on my arms that they were hard to hold up, and have had the honor of a mother mallard sit beside me on the grass beside a lake and draw her clutch of a dozen yellow fledglings right up to my thigh. They all curled up with the sweet webbed feet tucked up under and slept until some untrained and un-restrained child came running up tho us. I really wish parents taught kids to respect nature. I teach this to every child I encounter. I do not like letting kids maltreat animals. I am ashamed of myself when I am unkind to my dogs.

7. In the almost 26 years ( March 20 the first day of spring) I have been married, I have never lusted after another man. I have kept my eye to my husband he is my best friend. Even during the hardest challenges that has never been an option to me by will and by choice. I have not really ever allowed the eye a chance for temptation. For this I am grateful because I cheated on a boyfriend when I was 19, and never got over how low I felt about myself. I vowed I would never fall in that again. I really respect that in others too. That shows me how much they hold value to their own Character. That shows me that they love them self enough to keep true to them self. To their vows. No judgment here just respect where it is due.

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Wheels removed :) A day of rest!

Tonight I am rested...
Thank you all for your loving prayerful consideration. I took the day off today ...on purpose!
We had a train wake me up at 6 a.m. I had not taken the medications the day before for the swelling thing and I neglected the hormones at night, so my head was begining to kill me. I repented the laziness of neglect got up ate, and took my medications. I fed the dogs (so the house could sleep), and went back to bed after a lovely visit with Dash who told me that when ever he sees someone ware polka dots or stripes they make his eyes wiggle and feel funny. I am careful not to make anything of these things to him just keep the conversation free and easy. We spoke for a while while I lay on his bed with him. He told me that all it seems I do is work "its like your a working machine Mom"...
Then a visit with Dove and I was off to bed again. I lay on my beloveds chest and just felt secure. After he got up I laid in bed until 9:30! Wow that felt great!
Dove and I sat together as I (suffered through youth t.v.) enjoyed her company and she curled up to me. It was my heart to stop and give each child intimate attention.
I got dressed and then we were off to Hockey! It was so fun to see the kids play and learned. The Phoenix Coyote (the mascot in costume ) came onto the ice and played with each child a little. The children were wanting to just stay home. Daddy Man and I felt strongly to have them complete the commitment to the program. Boy are we all glad we went.
We have the last day of the program tomorrow. They will have one last time on the ice.
We decided to play with the children after the hockey. We took them for taco's and then we went to a local pizza joint (food is expensive there) and just let them each have $4 to spend on the coin operated games. The tubes are free for them to play in. They were very disappointed when they learned we would not be getting the $9 each wrist bands for the rides. I read "Corey's post" N is for... MUST READ, and just let them know I understood it was hard not to get that privilege but that was the best we could offer. The children rallied and we all had a nice time. The game they played was a success and the were winners 4x's and finished out with over 500 tickets and choose to share their winnings. They were content and tired.

When I arrived home a dear friend ( Thank you Julie :) had called begging a play date with the kids. So I drove them over and after a short visit I decided I was not going to drive all the way home for an hour of work time and just stayed on that side of town.
YES ME>>>I took the late afternoon off!
I tried on clothing at a store...Yes I do really want to take better care of my I lovingly looked at my neglected reflection:) Then I found some shoes for the children, and then after I retrieved them I took them back and was able to get new shoes for them. 2 pair of shoes on clearance "stuff mart" and at Pay less shoes they have a buy one and get the other half off. The 1 pair was reduced and the other was1/2 off.
Dove had yet to have her prayer for a High School Musical jacket answered....God is not silent... as we were walking out of "stuff mart" with only a pair of shoes each. It was then that Dove saw a jacket no price on it..???$12.YES!! God answered her hearts desire! It was the only one and it was just hanging off a cart.
On the way back to the car I listened to my heart. I went back to the clothing store and got a new pair of lacy yellow panties to celebrate being (feeling) beautiful.
I took the children to supper and got a free supper for Beloved because they messed up my meal. COOL!
So I got them home. Daddy Man had 4 hours alone in his home! This was the first time he has been home alone ...well in as long as I can remember. He enjoyed the quiet too. He painted the hall, it looks beautiful. I gave him his supper to his delight. It is now story time. Children are falling fast asleep.
I did not work today.
My neck still feels like the wheel is on it though :)
The children have hockey tomorrow and then beloved and I get to have a late afternoon Date, as My Friend "Life in the Midst..." Michelle is watching the children so beloved and I can have a supper (that gift card that was given to beloved) and her children and our children (who have been begging a play date with each other for some time) will have a play date together.

"Connie" He is awesome... It was nice to be off the wheel for a few hours.
"Photo Daughter"and, "Cynthia" ..... Thank you your right there is other explanations too consider.
I will call the CRS doctors for Dash on Monday.
Photo daughter make contact with "Just a Mom" she wants some pampered chef

Friday, February 22, 2008

A gift from Jaye

Thanks for the encouragement

I am better tonight I went out to a party at a dear friends home. "Photo Daughter". I was met and encouraged by her and by Michelle "Life in the midst" and by Lisa B. It was good to be with you Lisa. Thank You Michelle for letting me vent today, and Trisha for getting all of us girls out to have some fun. I felt a bit not like myself tonight I hope that I did not cast a cloud or anything. Trisha your friend did a great job. If anyone needs Pampered Chef you can find "photo daughter" on my side bar.

Guys I gotta tell ya...
I have to get a hold of Dash's doctors at CRS. I am very stressed out over his reports of being dizzy and his room and his class room spinning. I am afraid (my trust is shaky). My dear Cynthia "walking on" has shown great courage and poise, her beauty is divinely inspired. I do not want to see my son in that light. I know it may be nothing yet with all the other stress with moving it feels too huge. I blew it off this week in denial and I must tend to it next week. Please pray for Cynthia and her children, and for my Dash. This is becoming re-recurrent for him. It is probably just fine.

My whole self got too tired. The old wheel on the hamster...ha I meant hamster on the wheel but that fits too. Dyslexics untie!

gardening woes...on moving

I dug in the earth at the side yard and tapped into the deep soil that I am made off.

gardening woes...Wow I am in a hard place emotionally today.
I am in the grieving of moving in that season of grief where anger is stirred. I am mad that I need to take time out in my life to box all of my life up too wait for the next home to live again. I am going to have to break down the kids art stuff and it is hard for me to do. It is a job that I have had challenges with all along. I have tried all the tricks I know of and no matter what it is just a hassle and a mess. These drawers are the bane of my husbands existence. Mine also, in some ways. Who ever designed these drawers made junk! they do not stay in the slots and all alteration and repair proves futile. I have to let go or store the things I do keep some how. The kids just destroy all the organization I effort. I have just thrown up my hands in frustration. I hate not having it the way I like. Organized. Kids do not organize, mine don't.
each drawer is labeled!

I went out to the side yard and pulled weeds. I am so angry that I stopped gardening too. I am just a mess today! I turned the soil and was just empowered with my hands in the dirt. I felt so much frustration at ignoring the very core of who I am in this. I NEED to garden and have my hands int the dirt! This is a priority in the next house! I must have some raised beds. I am angry that the stinosis (narrowing of my spine) in my low spine will not allow me to work the earth the way I want too! I can not kneel either because of my knee!
I must have earth to dig in and grow flowers in. It felt so good in my hands that it stirred up anger that I had neglected this part of who I am for so so long.

I packed all my cook books today with the echoes of my husbands voice telling me I could find all I need on line (he really did not say this I just thought it) . I love the possessions of book! I am nuts! I rarely pick one up but I am crazed at putting them in boxes. I am addicted to my stuff, Lord help me. I know He is teaching me, but it is not comfortable and I am imperfect and venting!

My Son is wanting a party and I know I'll have to do it at a park because it will be the easiest way to do it. I am going to miss the house and all the crazy social stuff it brings. I have pride living here. It is a pride that comes with ownership of a large fancy house. It is a real thorn right now. I saw the kids on the sidewalk when I pulled in and thought how much I liked giving my kids such a fancy neighbor hood. I have to let go of that and my flesh is riled up and angry about it. I know that it is folly it is just a real thing I have to face.

Dove is a reporter posed for her picture. How much of her life am I missing out on just to get to a place of freedom financially. This is not going to be easy people. I the fore runner will forge a trail and it will be seared with hot ash today this is hard! I have no idea how long this will take , if it will sell, or even if we can find a decent place for what we can buy outright. Man my faith is shaking today. I listened to a tape about the sell of our first home 22 years ago and the stupid thing stopped before the house sold and I was really let down. I wanted to hear about Gods wonders in it. I was really disappointed.
In the scriptures it says that we are to think on and speak of the things that you have seen and heard in Him... I NEED That right now from all of you!
So if you can tell me about the things the wonders you have seen Him do it would really help me...Please

Aloha Friday

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday.

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing heavy or too thought-provoking.

If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your linkat her site. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!

Her question is:

What was your favorite toy as a child?

O.K. this is going to sound very strange to some but…Well here it is. When I was a child we were VERY poor. I was the last of eight children. I loved nature and still do. So my very favorite toy… was bug races. Cute little garden beetles lined up, or as my Beloved husband recently told the children …You make a large circle and then a small circle in the center. Then you place the little critters in the center of the smaller center circle and see who’s critter gets out of the large circle first. You asked! :) I love gardening to…I guess that figures. :) I do not remember many toys that were manufactured.

My Question is:

What is your favorite type of weather and why?

I Love a cloudy rainy day, it is so easy on the eyes and temperate to the skin. I just feel cozy.

How about you?

Turning Seven!

My Sweet Dash Hawk is turning SEVEN!...Wow how did that happen.
He and I have decided to have his party at the park. He wants to invite 23? of his closest friends...You see the Dash is a very popular kid. The Teacher he is under said it from the start. He is a magnet of kindness and both fellow first graders as well as those of other grades are just drawn to him. It is a little hard to turn him down because of the old cloud of Ushers over head.
I know that I should not be moved by that but it is a weight that I constantly pass over to God for it is far too heavy for me.
So I have a Birthday Party to get prepared for in under two weeks!
I'll see if I can get the ramadas (plural) at the local park...Yikes!!!!
I will tell the parents that many of them will need to stay.
I big ol' cake. He wants 1/2 Lego and half Hulk.:) (because his sister wants a hulk cake).

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. My children are home from school :) They are eating cookies and sitting so cute at the counter watching afternoon t.v.
2. My dogs just had a snack and they are happy too.
3. My beloved is coming home in an half an hour, I am so excited to be in his presence and to see his smile.
4. Four more boxes are packed.

5. I have been listening to "the house Story" of 1986 It began on February 22 nd. It is so interesting to hear my voice and language of 22 years ago tell of how we experienced the sell of our first home together. Sorta like a audio post. So fun to hear the scriptures I quoted and the life events surrounding us in those day. I love the passion I had for my husband. I even read a letter he had written to me. I have not heard the end of it yet for I had to go get the kids home.
6. My son is playing Lego's and having all the sound effects fitting a battle. So cute!
7. My courage is not faltering, and will not halt.
8. Lost is on tonight. Did you know I really like that show. The writers are mature and creative. Intelligently written, yet I still can guess some of the outcomes. I love it that often I am surprised by it. I like that I do not have to cringe either at the things before me.
9. I shined my shoes! Yes I shined my leather shoes. I stopped the world and just did that for me. I took care of my favorite soft leather comfy shoes. The before and after look very pronounced in person. I could not get the black polish open so I washed them off and then used mink oil on them then (after the photo) I buffed them with a buffing cloth. I heard that it can take 100 yrs to decompose a leather shoe in a land fill. Made me think if it takes that long to decompose I am sure they have a lot of good ware left in them. I have been thinking "consume less keep more funds for fun!"

10. I have the opportunity to go through my art supplies and let go of things...This is going to make me grow. :)
11. I weeded the front yard and it was very easy because it rained last night. I had a conversation with a friend and the time passed as did the task quickly. I have a good friend who I do not speak to very often and it is always just like yesterday every time we talk.
12. I was able to get two door frames washed off in the kids hall. I also taped them so the will be ready for cut in. That hall should go quickly!
13. I have my only T.V. show I really like "Lost" tonight a fellowship with good friends tomorrow night. Maybe a date with beloved to go to a steak house on Saturday? Maybe? Oh man a char-broiled steak backed potatoes... this is going to be a real treat. Maybe we will do it for lunch if we take the children. We will be better able to cover four meals with the gift card.
Life is good

Thankful Thursday

Join all of us over at over at "Sting My Heart"

Good Morning!
Recently my heart has been grieved by the business of my life at this time. It is effecting my family in some stressful ways. Recently, after reading a wonderful devotional sent to me by a friend, I was reminded that try as I might my efforts were limited to be and do the very things that I desired. I was reminded that it is in asking God to cause me to be and to do that success would be had.
This morning much to my hearts delight I saw such occur.
My heart is grieved at the time lost with the children due to the efforts at hand. I also miss the home school life style I have been called out of. I miss terribly, being their teacher, and the wonder of the "light bulbs" moments I got to create. Oh I miss that,... but I also know that I am doing what is required of me in all the ways that surround me.
This morning my desire was met so sweetly. My dear Dash Hawk was here at my feet petting the dog and he saw a wonderful book of flowers. He was encouraged to open it and we spoke about zones and the reasons behind them and the global locations and such. It was so wonderful to share something that I love so much with him. Now it has been several years now that the gardening that was once a true passion of mine was forced to pass due to my health as well as the years spent regaining the health of both of the children. Gardening pales to special needs children having the intervention they need. I thought recently as well with this upcoming move that perhaps I might yet once again tend the earth with the resources being more readily available to purchased the things needed to tend the earth and nurture the soil. It is expensive to garden in the desert. :) Then, I also had the privilege of a child interested in my Bible, and I read him Psalm 91 and explained it to him, telling him of how it is my favorite text.
Moments later I was able to have wonderful time as the children willingly without fuss left the TV off and we visited over such matters in history as the nazi ( I do not capitalize under intent of disrespect) and WWII issues. we discussed why it was such a terrible time in history and how we must always speak about the truth with courage. How the reporters were the first attacked in the German society as to silence them for hitlers (I do not capitalize under intent of disrespect) benefit. It was an awesome relaxed conversation about the Walton's show we watched on DVD the night before.
So I am Thankful that God heard my heart and made the hearts of my children open to me. To knowledge. It is my desire, my vision that I would be a Mother who taught her children the more important things that are often left untaught. He heard the desire of my heart and I am encouraged that all is not lost. That is a root of rage for me that fear of the loss of my children. I often feel angry and ashamed that I am not able to home school due to the brain injury I sustained, and well just due to the plain letting go of it and obeying what God wants for the kids rather than my will in it. I want His will even if I struggle with it.
I am so thankful that to obey is better than sacrifice. My children are thriving and so well rounded. How wonderful it is that we have them in one of the top schools in our district. I do enjoy being their Mother.
I have so many duties as Dash recently pointed out. They understand it, better than I do :) I place so many expectations on myself. I am thankful that God is not some ogar, that he cares about how I desire to raise my children.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fifteen days in from onset of decision to Sell out and Move

It is 7:15 P.M.
The children are now in bed. Beloved is now on the ladder painting out the last of the green. We are almost finished with the great room, foyer and dining room. We started this paint job last Saturday. We are both tired and yet excited about the future.

The painting will continue for a few more days and into next week end.

It is a chapter closed in the Appellation green. That color was chosen in fond remembrance of the hike on the Appellation trail. Over 10 years ago now...We took our first trip , a "back Easter". It was so lovely green and beautiful!
So many things have been learned already on this our first 15 days into the decision to sell out and buy a family room more suitable to our means. I am looking forward to the future. We both find it a bit unsettling to not know where we are going. We are going to set a time aside to prayerfully approach the issue of where. We do not just want to assume or limit our selfs to one area. Yet it is surprising the safety that is secured in having even an imaginary home to go to.
The things that we have packed are not much missed at this point. However the rooms that are coming into the cue are more tender. The art studio is breath taking to dismantle. I find my resolve and faith more tested there, even though I have created very little art in some time.
I found myself pulled to the yard this afternoon to be close to my son. He was playing on the gym set. I weeding the walkway and enjoyed the warm sun. I think it was in the mid 60*'s f. He came and helped me and we enjoyed each other. I had grocery shopped today and set Dove up to prepare Dinner. She was startled. I had her open the boxed and pour the things on a sheet to bake. She had pre-heated the oven and even put some water on the frozen corn she had potted. It is hard to be torn between two children when both desire your attention.
The question of the last hour so lovingly posed was...
When the kids are excited and silly does it bother us because "we" wish we were too?
8:10 P.M.
I just got done with a hot shower for these tired mussels.

The wall is all but done now as is the trim. Brushes are washed and we both retreat to the computers and just rest a bit.
I dream of a time when we will be in our next home. I have visions of being different as a family. Much closer and intimate. Of times together forced perhaps by space. Funny thing we humans... space is our quest; then the truth sets in on us that togetherness is accomplished in a home that keeps its members together. I hope this is all the dream that is a pleasant future. We may be trading the stress of finance for the stress of environment to some extent. All I can and choose to do is trust that this is in line with what is right.
We deeply desire to owe no man except to love him. What a strange concept to this world.
It will be our 26th year of this union in March.
We have worked so hard to be at this time where we could imagine a deed in hand. it has been our life long goal and desire. We have waisted so much over the years that now we regret. If all the young marrieds could hear. Do not by what you are told you can afford. We are saved because of this wisdom. For we have been able to choose to stay here for 5 years or so at the change in income. Now we are relieved to let go. Everything is vanity and there is a time for all things. I have had such a vacation of sorts in this home. But it came at a price we are now not willing to pay any further. Free choice! Wow it takes gut to make choices.
It is so much easier to just keep the status quo.
I desire your intercession please. For we get week from the fatigue. The deep inner healing we are gaining in this quest are very real. I have boxes to pack, paint to lay and personal items to stow for an unknown time. It is a very real struggle of the flesh.
I must have courage define me not "My stuff".
I must find it cozy to be embraced in His presence and not surrounded by my stuff.
Oooo, It is a good thing to grow up. It just does not feel so good :)

Works for Me Wedensday *feeding the dogs*

WfmwsmallEvery morning I am greeted by Willy Wonka the Chocolate Lab who is so full of glee that he finds himself confused with a gazelle. Now this is very charming how ever when it is 6 a.m. and the house is still and the wood laminate floor noisy with the click and clack of the dogs nails...well Willy is noisy. So as quickly as I can I usher him and his Golden retriever pal (who is very much a Lady ) out the door.
I then take Willy a big scoop of kibbles as "Rena, The Queen" slips in and has her moment of morning attention. I fill her bowl with her kibbles. Now by the time I am done with that Willy is fed and calmed enough that when I let him in ( before he barks and disturbs my husband last few seconds of sleep) Rena will then eat as Willy leaves her food alone. By feeding the boomerang dog quickly I get a few moments to start fixing the lunches for the family.
Works for me.

Wordless Wedensday

click on the images to enlarge

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bill Johnsons Steak House For the Family

Wow how nice.
Mr uncommon gave a kindness to a fellow with some hardware problems, he also assisted him with some software issues as well. The drop off place/pick up of the gift beloved made him was at the IL's house. Well I got a call that he left us a $50. gift certificate to a steak house dinner for the family as a thank you.
Wow a nice dinner out (maybe we will make it a date).

Tackle It Tuesday

Good Morning...
Oh the toll of a long weekend Painting...
Well here is a part of the mess I have in the morning.


I had therapy on my neck, I was laying there in the dark and the timer went off...
I thought Lord I would just love to lay here on this heat for a few moments I just don't want to ring that bell...
the door opened...
The fellow said I'll be with you in 5-10 minutes after I get this other fellow set up if you don't mint! HA!

Trust me.. I did not mind a bit! :)
Then I dropped by "Just a Moms" for a pasty (a sorta baked meat pie). We had a great visit. She is making baby quilts and we played with some color for the layout of one of them. You should go check out her work.
I came home to two wonderful messages from wonderful women.
Friends I love.
My heart felt so warm at the thought of them thinking about me. It is so good to be LOVED!
Got the dishes done and a nice rest I better get back to work.
The studio and kitchen have become the catch all for the left over stuff yet to be packed up. We cleared the living and dining rooms. The upper foyer is now empty and I will most likely place a silk plant or two back once the painting is finished.
The tackle here is boxing things and clearing the clutter.
I have to close down the home school supplies and decide what to
keep, sell or give.
This as you know is a bit , bitter sweet for me.

So much to do here.


Its 3:30 the kids are home and put their laundry away!
Daddy Man is due home at 4P.M. No more overtime!
Beloveds Job site shut the overtime off, just in time to paint... :)
So Mr was home at 4 P.M. and we had homemade hamburgers and organic apples. We all hovered together and watched the second half of Dash's movie choice. The high action thriller, "Transformers".
Oh they were so cute after movie time we went to paint while they played out the movie in the back yard.

The children...

Helping :)
There is joy here!

The living room and dining room have both been painted.
We have yet the second arch,
and the great foyer and walls of the hallway leading to the master bedroom suite.
The center arch is finished and the main entry detailed in. The front door is cut in and the only thing is a second coat above the door.
We have this small section now near the master bedroom door.
It is now 7:45 and story time with Uncommon Daddy.

The laundry has once again piled up,
I have this to wash.

This to fold.
A load or two of clean kids clothing on the sofa to fold.
The sofa is clear and the living room clean :)
I had to have a least one clean room to keep sanity :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Painting a home is a lot of work!

A cup of tea,
and the weekend review...

We began this area with this...

Beloved removed all of the art work and plants....
He washed it down a bit and paining commenced...

I did all the lower work , tapping of and such.

We have yet to do the great hall into the master bedroom.

We have all of this done now

Things were moving along well.
He and I worked a good 8 hours on it today.

The living room and dining room is all but finished.
Now to fold all that laundry for the kids.

I have never showed you this before. These are my ear ring frames that beloved made me. Now remember I am a jeweler so most of these are hand made by me.
I love ear rings. Some women collect shoe, purses or what ever...Me it's ear rings!
I have to use an under coat and paint this commode space.

This wall that is matching in a lighter pink and...

This door to the Master bath.
We had pink carpet in the house when we purchased and so I did this to make due.

This is the hall near the kitchen to the kids rooms.
See the difference in the wall.
The old paint is original to the house.
12 years old.
I will paint this hall the bright "Swiss Coffee".
With the low ceilings I may be able to do this alone during the week when the kids are at school.
Then the kids "pepto pink" bathroom and it will be done! ...I Think.
We invested $300 in paint and supplies and have saved over $2000. in seller discounts for paint.

Well, my cup is empty and my beloved awaits my arrival.
Good Night!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Smiles * Snow time*

If you click on the image it will enlarge.
Sunday we rested!
We decided to take our little family on a short holiday to the snow Country.
Living in Arizona in the winter we have a 2 1/2 hour drive in the winter to the pine and fur forest of Coconino forest. There we can play like a real soul in the woods. We are normally surrounded in the desert but wide open sky's that are surrounded as in a bowl by lovely mountains. Every so often we escape the city and head up to the woods. Northern Arizona is a spectacular wide open sky vista as far as the eye can see. Traveling up the highway to Payson Arizona is a flood of beauty. Canyons full of magnificent boulders and views to die for. It is like stretching your eves as far as one can see.
We traveled a few mile north of Payson passing through Pine, then a small community of Strawberry (that was where the Gallery is where my jewelry was). & and 1/2 miles north of Strawberry Arizona on highway 87 is a cozy spot off the major highway where they have made a nice area to sled. Only plastic sleds or inner tubes are allowed No steel sleds or the like.
We made a grocery stop at a local store and loaded up with snacks for the family and drinks. We had prepared a pick nick of peanut butter and strawberry preserves on whole wheat.
We gave our dear Dove the Bennidrill to put her out of the target of motion sickness and she slept up most of the way. Once her belly was full of snacks.
When we arrived we were greeted by hundred or so folks attending as we turned around we discovered a parking spot just right their! We rejoiced as not to have to park on the highway with the kids. It was the perfect parking spot.
We opened the tail gate and dressed out the kids in the snow gear.
It was so warm that in no time we disrobed a layer and took them back to the truck. It was 60* or so and beautiful!
We hiked the tall hill and we all had a turn going down it Yes! even me! It was a ball!
Fast! Wow that tall hill was a fast down fall.
It was a 60-80 ft tall hill with a 250-350 yard hike up to the top.
I was able to hike it with a bit of care for my knee.
I loved the first run I took! It was so fast. I really had fun. Yes I was careful. :)

Thats me!
Hair in the breeze and courage in the fun of play.

This felt so good to do something fun with my body.
I love it!
I felt so strong and able.

Dash carried the sled up for us several times, He is such a gentle man.

Daddy Man and Dove started off a few hards below the top.
Off they went

This is a little perspective ...

and... as in each run Dash Hawk would fly down afterward to tow the sled up.
The sweet little boy drove us a bit nuts with chatter and attitude.

It was some distance from the top.

We took a lunch break, and had a nice rest.

The kids warmed up and ate inside. Dash had a melt down.
He has sensory issues and was absolutely f reeked out by cold feet.
Now mind you we spoke several time to him about keeping his feet dry but he had to learn the hard way. We put dry socks on him and a second pair of shoes. He was just not able to deal with feeling cold at all. He just was very overwhelmed by it.
Now Dove was the opposite too warm.

We had our lunch.
I made the sandwiches on the tail gate.
We had several folks walking by with comments, about being well prepared.

There was an vendor selling hot dogs for a hefty price.
All the hungry souls were either paying it or leaving earlier to eat. We were able to stay longer and have more fun due to the pick nick lunch we packed.

I had a visit from this raven who came to have a hot dog or some chips...
I was only 10 feet from him at one point he was beautiful!

Dove again proves to be very athletic.

Dash was "Foot Boarding" as he called it.
Then he would pull the sled up for his sister.

I tried the slope they were using it was a shorter less steep slope,but...
It had a bump that jarred my low spine hard. I did not like that slope but...
it was fun for the kids.

Dove and her Daddy

The snow was getting a bit sloppy.

This is a cross view of the high slope that I went down twice.
I did three runs total, Daddy Man did 5 or 6 runs and the kids 12-15.
A lot of climbing and fun!

This is a view of the parking lot.
Off to the far left is the highway with maybe 5 cars on each side of the entry road. Ours we were grateful to say was one of them.
God is good!

The last run of the day.
I flew like the wind!

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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