Saturday, March 22, 2008

Every Good and Perfect Gift....

I love giving gifts to my children.
Making up the yearly Easter Baskets is no exception.
I love giving them gifts. The thought of that gave me pause. What parent does not love giving their children good gifts?...
My Abba Father God gives so many good gifts to me every day. I find myself annoyed by the plastic wrap or the security measures:)...but they are no less perfect gifts. Ha!
The easter baskets for the kids this year are full of gifts. The Daddy Man requested the concentration lean away from candy a bit, so this is what they get.

A sweet New Testament Bible (NIV). Pink for Dove and Blue for Dash.
A chick that chirps when you touch the sensors.
Dash got Patric and Dove got a Sponge Bob little window sticky toy.
A 3D sticker image that is a sweet cottage with bunny stickers.
(I love the innocence of it)

Dash got a giraffe (he was recently very pleased with a giraffe he drew), and Dove a fuzzy puppy coloring page with 4 little markers each.
They each got a whoopee cushion (they are both so full of good old silly humor).
A small chocolate bunny,
a roll of gum,
a tube of candy,
and 4 dipping candy that they love.
A few scattered jelly beans too.
On the bag is a wire form bunny toy.
They can use the baskets for the hunting of eggs later in the day.

Each bag was approximately $10. I find it so much better to create the bags for them with just what is good and perfect for our family. I am savvy to the Grand Parents giving them each a stuffed animal.

Eggs, Legs and a full day.

I can see you...

I can see you too...

The kids dyed the eggs while I sliced the strawberries for brunch at our friends tomorrow. This is such an answer to my hearts desire to share Easter morning with other children. Our kids are late in the scheme of things in our family dynamics. Most of our peers are begining to have grand kids so there are no cousins or extended family of children. So when an invitation came to join a family for Easter Morning it rang like a bell at sunrise, refreshing me.
A long time ago the home we had was just near a church and every Sunday morning we heard church bells chime. I loved that.... I wax into a sweet memory.

The fine motor difficulties left the two of them a bit frustrated. It is so hard for them to use their hands. Dove shakes a lot and Dash misses the target. So I have to stay right near to help and calm them. I gave them each a candle and we spoke of the "Light of the world" Dash gets it. We spoke of the dove of the Holy Spirit, and the tomb that was empty. We spoke of the love and the life. I enjoyed being with them.

If you were to look at my feet they never touch the floor in any chair I sit in and this always stresses my knees. Funny what being short legged can do to ya.

Ready for service tomorrow.

I have to shampoo the rug for this space. For some reason even though they have an entire house the dogs will puke on my rugs! ERRR it is both of the rugs too! So I have them to shampoo. I will set them at an angle. I'll need to work a bit more on the staging of this space.

Delight awaits me as I wake and come out of my bedroom to clear open space!
I will have Mr Un ") hang the mirror back up here I think it is good staging for light.

He will take these boxes out to the very full, garage tomorrow.

Laundry room DONE! (a few touch ups)
I get to go to service tomorrow!
The chores are done to the point of serving a supper to the Folks in the afternoon (in loves).
Happy Easter from the descendant of the Esterday's!

Happy Easter


FOUND: March 18, 2008

Please pray for this child is traumatized as is the Mother and the whole family.

Saturday in the life...

A good morning starts sleeping in :)
A game or two of "guess who" is the next thing and it came with an opportunity for lesson. Dash found the temptation too great and peaked (cheated) at the game. It was opportunity to tell him about what Jesus prayed at the last supper...about us resisting temptation.
I asked him how he felt when he "won" the game. He said not so good..."I'm sorry Mom"...
Then he went and raised the score and gave me credit for two games I did not win... I thanked him but told him "no thank you, because I really did not win them." I declined another game with him at that time but thanked him for owning his error.
He was humbled and thoughtful. I am working hard and teaching them not to bring temptation to another as well. I think this vital in a sound life.

We moved Dove into Dashes room so I can pack hers. She has a real phobia about closed doors (Willy goes in and jumps on the beds to sleep) so Daddy man spoke at length with her. Dash is so allergic we have to keep the dog off his bed. Neither Daddy Man or I allow animal in beds anyway.

So in order to keep Willy out they devised this alarm system last night,
This was in the doorway.. too cute!
We went to the Costco store to get fruit for the marrow and to get a few supplies. The Mr and Dove had pizza and Dash and I had sushi.

At 4:30 the living room is like this, better and better each day...

I have boxed a lot of the toys so far.

Mr Uncommon got the laundry room painted and we just have the trim to do.
I finished the laundry (well to a point anyway).

My eggs are boiled so we can color them soon.

I was able to get my Easter table set for the folks tomorrow. Mr Uncommon's parents will join us in the afternoon. We have a morning brunch at the Friends home. It will be such a joy to have other children for the kids to do an egg hunt with.

Doves room will be one of the last big jobs indoors to do.
Then the garage needs to be packed and the yard sale.
The floors and the entire house will need a good deep cleaning and we are on the market!
Our front door will need to be sanded and varnished and the back door frame.
We are almost set to go on the market!
I am hoping to attend service in the morning and just worship for a while with others.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Amazing Grace

Jaye was going to watch our children last night but...see her post here.
God had a plan to have her available to her own kids...
Two of her five kids were in two separate car accidents in the same evening!
If her car would have not broken down she would of been here with my children and they would of had a trauma of going to the accident that her 18 year old was in.
God protected her other daughters unborn child too.
Please pray for her girls as they recover.

Last day of Spring break

My lilies are beautiful in the front entry

These geraniums are really thriving as well

My Iris are blooming!

They are so beautiful!

The Pansie are also enjoying these warm days.

I am very pleased with the entry walk.

I have been enjoying my children this week. They have had their Spring break from school.
Today we will be joining another Mother for the Picture show.
Last night the children joined us for our date. Our kid sitter had a car break down on her last minute. The children were so upset not to get to see their Auntie Jaye.
They were both very low blood sugar so we took off and got a nice Mexican meal for us. Once they ate they were much better and the crying stopped.
Yesterday Beloved took off a half day and gifted me with two dozen beautiful pink roses a card,

and his physical labor doing all the base boards in Dash's room. We need to get him back in his room tomorrow.

I got most of these packed up and Dash chose several Lego's to have to play with. The toys are going to be packed up soon.
We looked into Creigs list for boxes. I found a treasure 102 moving boxes nice clean and broken down for $200., but then she took only $100. for them! It was a lot to spend and I have never purchased moving boxes. I have always dumpster dive and get them from the grocery and such. I just can't do it ! I need to have a break so we actually purchased them.
This will go down in our history our 26 wedding anniversary gift was moving boxes! :) ha!
Just as we were going to load up into both cars with the children the phone rang.
" would you like to get rid of the kids for a while?...I am only 5-10 minutes away.." Julie again came to the service. She was curb side just as I finished watering the front. I 'll need to take a picture of my Iris and Lilly other flowers. She pulled and and the children were so thrilled to get to be with their old friend. The children used to be home schooled and are in different schools now.
I spent some time fixing a bad tangle in Doves hair (she has refused my help for several days and I just put my foot down and said I am fixing your hair and thats it! I also painted her toes and nails
It was fun. She is trying a new part in her hair and really likes it. It is not the best photo of her but she is so pretty .
Today we are doing a Movie with friends and so we are off.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

26 Years of Marriage to my Beloved Today

I am my Beloved's and He is mine.
His banner over me is Love.
Happy First Day of Spring.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dash's Apointment at CRS

He again had a hearing test (it was unexpected), then we were to await the ENT (ear/nose/throat doctor.
I explained the anomalies and events of late with Dash...
The Doctor said..."That could be Ushers"...I felt like I was going to puke. Every event of CRS is no were alright but this time it was not. The Doctor asked if dash was born near Chernoble. I have no idea. I do not think so. I told him they said last week that they think not because his eyes are perfect and he said..."well something is wrong because it is not normal nor is it alright for him to be having these problems." He ordered a "Balance Test" to be done, and to come back in three MONTHS! No ear infections or fluid in the middle ear.

The blessed JUNK machines. This is the goal of the day for mom to say yes. A woman on the hospital staff (that had purchased one of my lanyards) said hello and ask how I was. I said "that I could use a hug". She said oh well I can offer that. She embraced me and I began to speak the truth God is God, Dash is his... I trust God.
God will be strong for me.
marbles tossed in my path...just marbles to make me slip and slide and obstruct my sure footing. I just got home from a long day.
I want to hug my pillow and hide under my blankets.
I ate my left over Chinese food. Sit here and have my children near me.
The flight fight is kicking in, yet...I don't have to be angry ...I don't have to run away from it .
Walk... face this life I am living and move one foot in front of the other..Dig my toes in the sand and hold on! Kick the marbles out of my path and remember that God is God and I am not.
Dash will have the testing done.
God is God.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wordless Wedensday

"Three peas in a pod" is hosting

Tackle It Tuesday

Today was a strange day.
I awoke at 6 a.m. and did lunch for The Mr. then went back to bed. With the TV in the far room I slept through the morning until 9:30Rested!
The children had eaten and I got the pick nick ready for our 10 am park play date. When we arrived we had our chips and mayonnaise from a quick stop at the store, but after 40 minutes we decided to go back to the house and call the Mom who was a no show. She and I had a mis communication. She was then to come and get my kids bikes and we would all attend after all. I trimmed the palm tree while the kids rode the bikes and she was a no show ,but then the phone rang she was delayed by a flat tire on the kids bike. A neighbor fixed it. Then after a strange morning she arrived. We all went to a park and spread out quilts and had a nice time .
As I arrived I looked up to see a familiar face greet me with surprise. It was the Mom we are going to do a play date with tomorrow and have Easter together. Well I invited her to join us. The three of us had so much more in common then the other two knew about. (adoption) children or the first Mother who all were adopted. It was a very nice time. Dash and I even got to play a game of "go fish" he won.
I had made the decision to stop kicking against the bricks and let go of the day. The weather was perfect. I was refreshed.
Upon arriving home at 2:30, I began the painting of the bedroom.
I am taking a rest for I am so tired and it is 4:30 now

Now you see it...

This was so hard to paint over.

Oh boo hoo:(

Now you see it better :)

7 p.m
I am woman I am tired:)
8 p.m. I had the touch up in the master bath.
The Mr. got me some Pei Wei (Chinese) for supper.
To the shower!


Monday, March 17, 2008

"Pray for them to come..."She said

The Children are on Spring break this week. I awoke and made Beloveds lunch and wished him a happy St Patric's Day with a card.
Dash awoke shortly there after. then Dove . With breakfast and dogs fed., I began the day with pleas of desire for a certain friend to come over and play. Moments later that Mother my Dear Friend Julie called. Can we come to play, I welcomed her telling her I will have to do chores as we visit. She then astounded me ..."shall I ware my painting clothes?"...I am tearing up even now to tell you of such a great love she showed me.
We stripped the wall paper boarder and used about a 1/2 cup! of Spackle to fix "little boy walls".
I had purchased a spray can of texture for the wall repair that just about asphyxiated both of us. I had a migraine hit hard shortly after. We just closed the door with the fan on and the window open. After resting a bit I recovered.

Yes the walls were that bad.
After shelves were removed (I want to keep them) and all the dings and divots were fixed.

Julie asked me if I had prayed for help to come. I told her that I had not thought too. I was just doing what I saw to do each day. However...
This evening I do recall...That in the shower last night I was almost in tears and told the Lord how I was so tired and that I needed help. I had asked. Wow. I asked and she came and helped. She offered. I almost really cried twice in her presence...for it felt so loving as she stood there dressed in paint stained jeans and a t shirt. Greater Love...

The white spray is the texture.
This room will be ready for paint now.

Also today we had two calls for an invitation to go to a play date at a park on Wednesday and for a Easter party with other children Easter Morning. I have so longed to have our children join other kids for an egg hunt and celebration with like minded folks. Easter is my favorite holiday. My Mothers people were Esterdosh= Easterday.
Then we got a call from the mother of the party that Dove and I attended on Sunday. She has asked me to come with the kids to the park to meet other Mothers of kids who attend the school my kids do.
She also invited me to join the group on Thursday and a movie time at a $1 theater on Friday. What a warm welcome.
At Doves time of Sunday's party. This young Mothers neiphew was there with two siblings and both parents. The younger neiphew had Downs Syndrome and I was enjoying stimulating him. The little boy came to me and sat beside me engaging me much to his Fathers surprise. I told the parents that I have a gift with kids and have worked with the special need kids since I was in Jr High School. It was really cool how the boy came to me and pursued interaction with me.
These are Mothers who may just be my neighbors in the near future. God is preparing a path before me. He has showed me the way He is setting out. You see I have always been a Mother of many. Before I adopted my two I always had a yard and a house full of "latch key kids". That is a politically incorrect term now.

The neighborhood I am moving to has children all around. It is time for my home to hum again with the lives of children in addition to my own two. Now that my children are well and congruent I guess there is a season of being available to other kids too.
Young Mothers for tea and friendship.
I am letting go of all that is in the way, of being who
I am intended to be.

Monday magic

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Margarita "Magui" Martinez
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MISSING: 3-10-2008
2 scratches on left arm, just above the wrist; scar from a burn as a child on right index finger.
5'2", 120 lbs., hispanic
Magui has Retinitis Pigmentosa, an eye disease. Due to this, she has nightblindness, photophobia and tunnel vision.
May be accompanied by hispanic male.
Possibly in the Yuma, AZ area/ El Cajon, CA/San Diego, CA area.
If spotted, please call your local police department.

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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