Saturday, September 4, 2010

Turning two old ovens into one new one.

Time stopped!
Oh yes it did. 

While redecorating the kitchen wall time dropped from the sky and hit the stove top dead on to corner of the wall clock. It shattered the control panel. After much searching the panel is not only $250+ but is not even made any more. Feeling so sheepish that I would hammer a nail in leaving the clock on the other nail so as not to have to climb up and down a ladder any more than necessary the clock fell off of the nail. Now I knew the clock had broken hands. How that thing did not break the glass I do not know. I did not even realize the stove top shattered until lunch time and the face of it looked strange. Then after looking closer at it oh I realized quite clearly what had happened. I just felt sick about it.

Knowing me as many of you do you understand how beloved this convection oven is to me.
Shattered the integrated control was spent. No way to just remove the glass.
Funny thing is that we really sorta disliked this interface from day one.

Steve searched and searched and then found the same make, year model with the back splash knobs and a touch control without the integrated glass.

I was so sick to think of the loss of my beloved stove.

When we purchased the stove the kids were little and the idea of the burners set back was ideal.
The face however when leaned against would beep or turn on.
Many a time Steve would express disdain over the design.
The other day I wished that the left front burner might be smaller. For the small burner was all the way in the back. Note the new one. The double burner was to the back right on the old one.

Old One

New One
The new one has a double burner on the left front. Perfect!
It has a center warmer, and a simmer control to make precise the temp of the right front.

The old oven had this lower element for the self cleaning feature. We never use self cleaning for household safety reasons. It is just too hot of a technique to use. The lower element was also what made the oven hard to clean. The oven racks are exactly the same! Now I have 5 of them!

The new to me oven had a badly dented handle and the door was damaged.

We simply swapped the doors!
Our old one the exact as the new to me one!  

Look at that new gasket!
It is very apparent that this oven was not used.

 The old door on the new to me oven will need cleaning but it is a real sturdy door. Steve said that the other door broke when he took it out to the garage.
Note how used my old one is the gasket is in pretty bad shape. The oven is pretty dirty
All of the things I did not like about my old one was on the new to me one. 
Amazing thing is that it was only $229. no tax!

So the other funny thing is that the clock on the new oven does NOT work!
The timer does for the kids however.

Now is that just the strangest thing?

All in all the time I spent tormented over the dumb mistake I made...well it turned out to really be a good thing . The old oven was very well used. The new to me one was rarely even turned on I think. 

All the parts were interchangeable and between the old and new to me one well it is all fixed up.
Here I was belittling myself for being such a princess when it looked like I was about to down grade my favorite stove/oven.

I love how well cared for this princess of the living loving king of kings is tendered.

Who knows maybe
time did stand still 
long enough for the desires of our hearts to come into place.

The heart of the home is the oven.
At least this home.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well today is infusion day here. In two hours or so the nurse will be here. It has been a real trying week of errors. Mine and others. Gotta tell you this one though. My soul is beside itself over a ticket I earned the day I left the neurologist. I had a hunch that it was in error. I saw the flash of the camera. Indeed my error. Sickened by the error and the financial hit I was in a way. The VERY next envelope I opened...
Was an unexpected refund from the orthodontist for a few more dollars that the cost of the ticket. I still have to attend the class for it. There may additionally be a cost to that. When I saw that check though I began to just cry. As my shoulders let down and the impressed presence of provision hit me. It was as being held so I could just let go and not even give it another thought. Shame yes over error. Yet Mercy in the very next instant gave me pause to embrace my humanity.
The errors of others that influenced my week were lightly received. The mercy I felt opening the check and matching the recovery of funds over the ticket flowed to others who made error. Many errors. I am human as are they. Flawed.

surly mercy and loving kindness shall follow me all the days of my life. I shall live in the house of the Lord for ever and ever and ever...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fear closed minds

Hello My Dear Friends.
Lately my soul is pulled back within me trying to regroup around the house. See the things here are yet getting caught up after a year or two of illness setting me back. The master bedroom and bathroom have received a detailed decor rearrangement. The Feng Shui study of decor design has fascinated me for some time. I needed a study to burn off some mental energy and this hit the spot giving me some direction. The peaceful applications have made a HUGE difference here. With a mind that thirst for knowledge I have devoured the basic understanding. It is a blast!

This house sits almost perfect on the directional chart. Knowing of course that this may be an offense to some I have hushed it. I find that an open mind is a hard thing to find in church circles. The fear of the very elect being deceived is a blinding force that short changes us in this life time. I know of whom I belong. I love the passage about being ready in and out of season to give answer to what you believe in. Being ready removes the fear of the snake in the grass. So if the soil is sound and the grass nurtured just know that you will see if there is anything amiss. God would not allow it to slip our recognition.

That being said, truly Anglo Saxon Christianity is limited as well in this. We are told of man and tradition of what to think and speak to one another in such a way one might simply become silent to the joy's of life. This is not the act of God but of the thief of love. I have thought a lot of the indigenous peoples way of life being stripped in the name of Christianity. It must just make the prophets of old just roll over in their tombs. It just must make Abba curl up in sorrow to weep. The sweet name of Jesus being one again, as in the times of Israel, becoming a mockery to the masses who only see the limited view of the few. All the folk that might be willing to come into the fold if they just were not forced to sheer all of who and what they have known. If God is the creator of ALL then where can anyone of us get off rejecting without even understanding that a good soul might just be in that water we toss out.

All this to just be able to share the JOY of direction in reassembling this home after the attempted move of last year or so. Now It is so calm and serene. The rooms are much less cluttered. More color coordinated. The elements of earth wind fire metal balanced. Could it be that in the name of my sweet Christ Jesus that I would be so arrogant to walk into China or Tibet and tell them that the wisdom of old they have used to govern humility and character in their lives was all wrong just because our understanding be limited.  I remember dear Leslie who fed my hungry belly the avocado before she set that Bible in my lap. Suppose she would of made me eat something hard to swallow would I not of gagged on the word?

As an undiscovered Native American until my early 30's it was startling that over night literally, I was treated totally differently. One day a white woman embraced the next treated as a second class. It was a terrific gift to have discovered this. Since then my heart has kept in check to never refuse another culture and assume it evil just because it was strange or new to me. Suppose it is interesting to me that those experience of white woman turned second class and looked upon as a slide slipping downward slope. To understand now that to be raised up one must lower them self. That slide was a gift. Noses sloped are now a grief to me and not humiliation. It is such a pity when eye to eye we miss the wonder and the beauty of each culture. Each soul with all of the experiences and knowledge that is a vital part of understanding how to love.

So for the sake of dignity and self appreciation I declare! I love the wonder of Feng Shui. Now I am not fond of a into the mystic aspects but the color is awesome.
I am having a ball! My home is looking so awesome. My mind is thinking strongly. Ideas flowing, solutions resolved by and through relaxed reflection.

Open your mind. Simply know what you believe. Filter it with that, not rejecting out of fear. Fear is a torment. As is loneliness the greatest torture the human kind can ever know.  If you pull away from main stream Christianity it does not in any way make you less of a believer, a Christian. It is the fear reacted too, that makes Christianity so negative to those who so need to be drawn in.  Scriptures misused in such a way to exclude those who might think and respond to life differently than we do are being used to divide.

The enemy just loves to divide to concur.
Never let that happen.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Putting up corn to freeze

Yesterday was well spent putting up corn
 Set up is the best method for success and a smooth operation.
See the awesome new antique enameled pan. I love it!
It has NO rust. Must be a good 40 years old.

So after cleaning by husk and silk removal.
An ice bath and boiling pot set to go. 
4 minuted submerged with a heavy pan to hold them down.

 Iced cooled and dried in a cycle the whole job was done in less than a half an hour.

 Cooked dried was lifted to the cutting stage.
Cut half way deep then scrapped to hard ear.
The scrap produced cream corn with the hearts of the kernel

 By using the back of the knife scrape the cob hard in a down ward motion

 all off cob

 Into freezer bags
creamed corn ready for next menu
  Got the laundry soap done for the next few months.
By adding Tea Tree oil to it (just a few drops per bottle)

Monday I finished Doves new top
I am not to pleased.
she is

Monday was also a day of tag trying to work out a new schedule and getting over my nerve about having a new nurse doing the infusion. It was set for today but has to be moved.
Thursday will be the third infusion. Is was to be today but it was postpone. The pharmacy had not called to confirm. So I called and the woman I work with is on holiday. Good thing too. Although the MD ok'ed the 3 week interval this month, the insurance had not given pre authorization. I would of got hit for the $4000! God is looking after me. It has been a challenging week and it's only Tuesday. The new nurse called this evening after I called the agency back and they finally confirmed in time for the infusion to get overnight-ed for Thursday. The pharmacist was a temp and felt bad of the mix up. She even stayed after work to mix it set the kit and mail it off over night.

Monday the temporary buss driver threatened the kids, all of them. He had an error on his form and could not let the kids off. 12 kids were stuck walking way too far in this heat. I called the school after Dash running home in a panic called me to run to the bus for the man was threatening the children. Dash was particularly concerned about a little guy walking home so far. The buss driver would not hear of listen to the kids. Instead he threatened them and bad mouthed the regular driver (who we all adore) then threatened her job. It all came down to the man could of easily listened to the kids and then called in to confirm..I called the school to let them know that there would be many calls for the kids would get home late. Then I got transferred to the transportation supervisor.  I told him that my kids are not the kind of children who provoke a threat. That they are not accustomed to such behavior.

The Man was fired today.

I am sure I was not the only parent to call. However the supper was on the phone with the driver before I got back to the house. Telling the supper that he would be getting a call and trying to cover his actions. I stood ground on the phone and overheard the supper being told that there was an error on the form. If the driver would of just heard the kids. Instead he threatens them.

Tackle it Tuesday *something old into new*

remember that
and that

behold this
and this
The work is almost done. 
Free trunk and free left over paint.

There is still a bit of work to do. This paint was left over from Dove's room. Dash wanted green and was fine with it. I will have to use a blue in the front for the green is all most gone. Just about enough to get the outer parts and the inner lid done. A prime coat on the inside. It is pink and as the outside will take a good three coats. 

In addition to this project I am redecorating the whole house using some feng shi ideas and concepts.
I'll show you later on in the week. 

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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