Saturday, July 17, 2010

Spiritual Sunday

As the hot summer days are drawing faster again, there are many people who prefer to go the swimming pool and have their time of relaxation there. But, the customers should take some precautions about the dangers related to swimming especially when it comes to using the public swimming pools.
The Danger of Public Swimming Pools
There are some reports by the Center for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) that swimming pools that are being used by the public are not safe. They said that the bacteria in these places are high and could be risky to one’s health. As the CDC went around for some investigations, they have reported that 1 in 8 public swimming pools hold violations on the health and safety code. Some of these pools are too dirty that could threaten the public health, while others had other problems like missing safety equipments. According to the CDC, kiddie pools have the most disinfection problems where they found some bits of fecal matters.

I took the kids swimming yesterday in a public pool , he said he felt bad when we pulled into the driveway afterward. He said he swallowed water.
In the night he awoke in a night sweat (he never wakes in the night) this morning a low fever. Later he came into the room to get me again awake and Daddy man tended him.God is here no need to "invite Him" :) we did open our thanks and praise up to him that Dash can fight it off. He asked if this meant he had to have infusions. :(
I told him Nope that fever is your good guys fighting off the bad guys. The good guys are burning up the bad guys.

singing birds

Thanks for rejoicing in my life. Beauty helps me see that reflection from HIS eyes and reminds me that HE IS HERE, and to remember HE AWAITS ME

Praise HIM...always...  I am seeing the difference of praise for it or begging it of him strange to try to put into words though.

Join us for 
Spiritual Sundays 

Alex did here very poignantly

John 3:16 for God so loves us

It is he who is a waiting our presence. He is here all along. Come home to where our hearts belong.
In suffering we turn our heads to the wall. Stuffing all the hurt and fear trying to be brave. It was a good touch on the shoulder that Alex gave to me to remind me to roll over and to turn my face with all of the courage I had mustered and look at HIM with my eyes. Seeing my reflection in HIS eyes reminded me of who I am. Who HE is and how He is ever present. It is I who he is inviting to stay that way...
Far too easy to become removed face to the wall and suffer in a silent vigil of self mustered courage.
So he is here to tell all too, to speak the truth too, to trust the outcome from all the challenges we are blessed with. Those many trials that are more about HIM than anything we might be going through. I have known this in my mind but forgot it in my heart through becoming wherry in doing good. Wherry in the tough of the trial.
Growing up a bit more today. Turned my face from the wall as it were that I used to close my eyes in the fatigue of trials.
Now open my eye to the reality of HE IS PRESENT and I do not have to remove myself to be courageous.
HIS presence is the courage in me.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday

cuddly little boys bring frustration first and then so much joy
needing mom wanting to be a wee child again just for a few moments
no this can not be spoken it is all a hush
a secret world of a mothers healing touch

What does LOVE look like in your home?

What does LOVE look like in your home?
 Bread on the counter with meat and cheese slices placed, chips in a baggy and we embrace
Well wishes for a good day
A Quiet cup of tea
Stopping the world as a child awakes

Extending mutual efforts
delegation of tasks
bellies all fed up to health for the day
Dogs chickens and children
Children treated as one would another
as a friend or sister or brother.
respect given 
amends quickly offered

Green grass and it's cover 
Earth life and beauty waiting to be discovered.
Quiet alone time easily turning to company of one another
Expectation of pleasure 
Accepting dis pleasure as well
Self care and healths preservation
nurture soul body and spirit
welcoming others

Laughter love flows to those that come in from afar
a glass of water given freely when others think of me
as quickly as would each other is as self
poetry of living and giving 
and so much more
this only the beginning of what love looks like 
at my door.

this only now as the day just begins

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good Friends

A wonderful night out with some of my dearest friends
This to celibate 'L' and My own birthdays (mine belated)
The four(sometimes 5) of us meet several times a year for birthday times together.

This is so fun check it out.
Two of the girls gave me the set of perfection.
Every thing needed to have a pampering.
Now on the left 'T' got the foot care and a clipper with three polishes.

On the right 'L' got for me a foot file, nail file and toe spacers. 
Also gift card to get some magazines.

Now look at the colors of the polish.
Both of the light pinks are glitter transparent

How lovely on the mountains Are the feet of him who brings good news, Who announces peace And brings good news of happiness, Who announces salvation, And says to Zion, "Your God reigns!"
Isaiah 52:7
Now in three weeks when I have to sit for 6 hours getting the next infusion I can read a new magazine and tend my hands and feet.
We are all so connected to each other with those cords that can not be broken.

My sweet 'M' gave movie tickets and we had had a date the two of us (Steve and I) 
She is such a gift as are all of you.
Thank you Girls that was so very refreshing to be with you and get out of my self!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday *cleaning the wood floor

With a renewed energy that is still baffling the floors had just left me working on them. 
Just could not stand it another moment.
It was not hard today very easy.
Moving the sofas showed how very much my house missed me
The smaller dust mop is for the dry sweep. It also has a pad for washing.
The washing of the floor is done with the wide sweeper.
The pad is held on by velcro.
When soiled it comes right of and rinses out with water.
Water is all I use on these floors.
The smaller dust mop folds and the pad comes off for laundry.
It has 2 pads for dust mopping (this is a large house) and one to wash small spaces like the bathrooms.
Grab your chin...yes it really was this bad.
Oh what a difference this health is bringing to me and to my home.
Once the sofas cleaned an under them it was the kids set to task.
Yes I am learning to delegate and give them some opportunity to learn.
So Dove goes out to fill the blue pool for the dog and I see her fully dressed with long pants and a very nice shirt get into the pool and "slip" :) ya on purpose into the pool fracturing the sides of it. 
Daddy man epoxied it last night. 
Well so much for the pool.
It is so hard to maintain anger at these times. Having a special needs kid leaves questions like
"really? she did that and then tries to hide the act"
she chose to do it
Oh parenting, all of the laundry was done for  only 15 minutes!
Now dog jeans and a shirt and a special hand was for her b*a.!

The freshly mopped floor? 
The garage was opened up and she removed the wet things in there.
The floor had not even dried yet! 
I had to re-mop  it!

Good thing it was easy to do. 
I did get in a huff over it. 
Dash had unplugged the vacuum I was using and plugged his in 
and I over reacted.
Anger got the better of me when he walked in and announced
"I'm hungry and ready for lunch!"

"oh well that's nice... do you just want to snap your fingers then or perhaps ask nicely with a please added in there."

Deep breadth and here I bow to balance eating crow for the anger and dispensing of the anger.
Dash coming to me to apologize helped.
Dove came to apologize that helped even more.
lunch time

Monday, July 12, 2010

What a difference a few hours can bring

Amazed at the return of my stamina! Today for the first time in so very very long this was a very profitable day of duty. Almost all the laundry got done and put away! Spending several hours in my master closet it is actually clean! clothing sorted. A big garbage bag of things passed on even! It was so amazing to feel energy again! My temper was not lost even once!

Tired feet those tired feet that say I was up on them. Yes up on my feet giving the day the what for with peace. It is working guys. The infusion is working...
I think I would just cry with the relief of energy if I were not just so stunned. My body is so out of shape but it is working.

Bless God it is working. The hamster on the wheel is back! It is so surprising that it is just three days out from the infusion and this big of a difference. Even on Sunday this blip of a sensation of well being kept coming and going. Sorry for the wine. I should of served up some cheese too.

So today my right ear was numb, with a loss of hearing it was a bit disconcerting. Even told Steve about it when he came home. Ya know we are needing to get me the hearing aides. Well it was a concern so I just went to use a q-tip and check it gently. It hurt when I did so I sat down on my vanity chair only to look over and see the ear  plug used last night was broken. Yep, It was in my ear. I carefully got it out with tweezers. Goodness what a strange thing to have happen. I was straining to hear the kids all day! :)

Thank you for your kind thoughts and words. Wow I am actually tired from working and not just sitting lethargic wishing I could.

On life and the living of it.

Good Morning all
It is a fine morning here. Daddy Mans off with lunch and on his way. He took Friday last off and I had the infusion. I do not remember most of it. They had given me bennadryl and IV medication for nausea before the infusion began. Only two pokes for the needle painful but doable. All was a blur for the drugs really knocked me out. At one point Steve came in with a lunch but one bite of a burger, one bite of a french fry and a delayed injection of nausea medication...well it hit me hard and I vomited pretty bad. We know now not to delay the nausea drug even though it sedates me pretty heavily. The Doctor is going to withhold the bennadryl next time. I tolerated the infusion without much issue. A sore back and a little headache not to bad. When the globulin and the nausea medication met the vein at the same time oh it really burned that I remember:)

The neighbor boy needed tending on Saturday and with his parents watching our two the day before we felt obligated to do so.  I remember little of Saturday as well. The kids went with those folks to a baseball game. They were invited for a $5 seat. The mom purchased $25 tickets each without telling us until we were in for the costs, then by days end we had spent (they had spent for us) $80 on it because of snacks and drinks. I was a bit stunned. Glad the kids had a good time but a bit miffed how easy it is for folks to spend our money without even a say. I would never think to do that without checking in.
Oh well. 
The budget a shambles. We had the car in and that was another $1000! The problem not solved. Then Steve had a crown break. WOW we were really hit hard this weekend.
The assault on our resolve is on. 
We are not wavering on our commitment to do what we know is the right thing. 
That old line in the song...
"We are tired we are wherry but were not worn out"

Sunday church was a good service on serving one master or the other. God or Money cant serve both. So we trust and test it out just like in the instruction manual. We then drove over to the Grandparents. We had a real nice visit. We had a supper and then had to run out catch the store (Costco) before it closed.  At the folks we looked at an image of the great depression. It was striking how desperation of the masses calls a country to its knee. Our country is changing. Me thinks that the days are beginning to come at hand. Those days when consequence comes upon a land well abused by greed and wanton pleasures without thought as to what the true costs are.

I am so far over my head! 
Chores tasks and the summer days of a real messy house well lived in by my little family. It is a bit much. I do feel more strenght returning to me . Little by little I can feel it. So many many things to catch up on. The kids have only a few weeks left of summer and it is my hope to fill it with good memories.
The garden will be returning to glory soon. Once the heat breaks and the rains come. Oh the rains dear Lord let them come.

It is my hope that this old blog gets a wake up. Sorta abandoned it of late. Lost my direction. This was started to share my knowledge with the kids once I was gone. That they might have it and others might benefit as well. It morphed into something else and has gone down hill from there. When I can I will try to pull it up. It is as I have become more introverted somehow. Hushed by treasure of the pearls hidden under protection. I have lost my joy. Do not grow wherry in doing good. I have. That endurance through the testing has faltered. Guess I need God to carry me on the path because foot by food it seems my efforts are making little progress. Just keeping my chin above water here. Lord help me I am just worn out. Yet I just gotta shake it and keep pressing on.

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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This was given to me for the third time in just a few weeks.

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