Thursday, July 25, 2013

Life at my house

Before we went to California on vacation at the end of June, Steve and I got together and trimmed the tree. We took a few hours each night for a week. He did all the climbing. We cut it up into small pieces and disposed of it over two week. He worked so hard. We saved the $400 and used it to buy the puppy.
Good Morning
Just as the alarm went off the clap of thunder greeted us awake.
 Welcome home, come sit a spell it has been a long time.

 You would be rushed at the door by the labs. This is Olivia, Livy for short. She is our new addition. Busy Little girl. Our dear Willy has Valley Fever so he is is a bit under the weather. He is also going blind. Livy we hope will become a seeing eye dog for the dog.

Grandma had a birthday and we got together for a photo op recently.
 Dove and her best friend, these two are very good friends. We took her to Disneyland with us last month for Doves 16th birthday gift.
 Grandma had her work cut out for her trying to get these two goof balls to pose.
 O.k. seriously now.
 Daddy's little girl.
 In love after all these years.

 We see the years in our faces. 
We don't mind it though.
 We caught them being sweet.
 The folks came over to gift Dove her $$$gift. She is setting it to savings in hope of getting a truck one day. She wants an old 1970's or 1980's truck lifted. She will be working of her drivers permit soon.
 Livy sat at Grandpa's feet with her bone.
 Dove loves Arial. She got a dinglehopper brush from her brother. 
We picked it up at Disneyland when we were there.
 She loved her new dress Steve and I got for her.
So grown up.
 The pretty flower for her hair was from her friend.
 I made her a bracelet of wire worked sea glass and charms of the sea.
The girls both want to become Marine Biologist.
 "sixteen candles"
After a $5 movie and lunch out we came home to ice cream cake.
 Livy is so proud to sit now.
This is while awaiting breakfast this morning. They both sit so pretty.

 The rainy morning was the perfect start to my new day.
"I know how to sit"
"look at me, sitting"
 We lost one of the apple trees. A bunny enjoyed the bark and killed it.

 Livy was distressed by the rain. She went and told Willy about it and he took her out to the yard. He is such a good dog.

 That is our big success achievement. A New Train Air Conditioner paid for in cash. We saved up and made the goal. The bill is lowered almost a fifth.
My place really missed me this year. Everywhere it is neglected. Three major surgeries on three different limbs, in a year and a half, will do it.
 All the critters are getting along well. They tend to hang in the chicken run. Livy runs after them a bit.
 I have been working here the last two weeks or so making things to give and to sell.

 I have also been doing a lot of couponing to makes ends meet better in the budget. Food bills are 35-75% covered in coupons and lead in adds for us. It is a part time job that pays very well.
 Today will be the final visit on my shoulders. The left was reattached in Aug '12 and the right arm in Feb. '13. The long haul of it gave me better results than the surgeon expected. God restores everything the locus eats. Even if the restoration is not easy. The sewing center is long neglected. I can just now sew some.
 I made a dress last month. Still have the hem to do. 
Infusion is this Saturday and perhaps I will hem it next week.
I decided to get off the pain and muscle medications for the fibro and study how to help myself holistically. After a good bit of knowledge this is now my morning start and the days end. I am doing better. Lost three pounds this week. The cortisol connection is huge for me with having P.T.S.D.. I wrote about it in the recovery blog.

Life is good here. My health is slowly improving. I felt well and energized enough to actually do a post today. This is an encouraging sign. Everyone is still asleep. We have an extra child almost every night.
School starts soon. Both children are registered. Dove in 9th grade will be doing online studies. Dash is in 7th grade he will be going to the local public Jr. High. They are both healthy.
Steve is wonderful. We are in the parenting trenches but very little war time. We are having Steve do cataract surgery soon. He really needs to have some relief but he is healthy and happy.
I am showing my work at a nail salon and keeping my nails done with acrylics so as to stop biting them. It is a good option for me. Keeps me healthy. My IVIG numbers are doing well and staying in the good range so well as to labs only need to be drawn every 3 months now.

I hope love comes in and overpowers you with kindness and peace.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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