Saturday, April 17, 2010

sleep Study

I am on my way.
I decided to go it alone. My girlfriend was going with me but I thought about it. If I go in fear it says"victim" If I go in courage it says vivacious courageous tenacious White Raven.
My new Name.
I am no longer a victim
Courage and dependency on the friendship and fellowship I have within the Spirit He an I as one.
See you with good news on the other side

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Oh life the simplicity and beauty , the wonder and excellence of waking to begin a day.
This was one of those surprising mornings, rested and refreshed into a routine sat I up in bed at or before the alarm. Equipped with the faculty of mind to proceed into washing my face with a warm cloth and smiling at the reflection of the day.Seeing my eyes looking back with a peace. That peace of  ."all is well with my soul". This day began today ready to walk into.
Posting on this job over at the "A place to create blog" I thought of the good life I am so honored to enjoy.
Time spent showing and discussing with my daughter the facts of life and the images that so explained the things she is so curious about. Openly speaking of the wonder and the holiness of procreation. The purity of what it was designed to be. Telling her of what ways it has become polluted with ignorance and selfishness. A really God gifted moment in time.

That beauty that each day finds simply under the wing, under the branch of time spent peacefully resting and walking under the shadow.

Outside in the garden were carrots and celery that was trimmed and washed for the children's lunches.
Herbs and flowers surrounding me.
The Iris now have said fare thee well until the new Easter of next year.
Remind me that even once risen how quickly the fading of remembrance once the holiday is gone.
 As the children depart and the flowers thirst I stop to give them drink knowing that rest is calling me to avoid the pain medications that lay aside for me if needed.
Better off not having need of them. My body saying "easy" slow and easy.
A neighbor sees me in robe and jams and said "you look tired today"?
Kindness and love notices these things, as I tell her of Tuesday having surgery.
Ease is coming on me about the bone graph. It is a cadaver graph, a gift from one who's spirit now gone on leaving a body to help and other , to help me.
I think it is due to now change my drivers license to be a donor.

The sad little bed for flowers hold only the dahlia promise for this year.
I am late to plant here and in the garden.
 The world spins in his control.
Today I heard of a fire ball in the night sky over the Midwest at 10 p.m. last night.
The signs and the wonders all at hand are unfolding.

This weekend we removed the old play structure and gave it away on Creigs list to a sweet woman who drove many many a mile to come for it.

Now the children were caught enjoying a chance to dig. It may just be taken advantage of for a lemon tree just begs to be planted there.
The whole is half dug:)
Oppertunity can be found in many different little life annoyances.
How wonderful that is really to see life through those eyes.
The seasons of childhood have entered a change. it will be my hope to offer a tether ball or some kind of thing for the kids to enjoy this summer.

Day before yesterday a visitor of a thrasher came up to me while I was in the shed out in the garden.
He spoke to me of safety and knowing how to trust just hours before the surgery.
A gift a treasure held now in fondness.
While the grandchildren once feared I would never see sit waiting here yesterday just for me.
The children call me their grandma.

So sweet and so dear
all I have need of and so much more and beauty envelops me.
Now I know I must rest a while.

May beauty be found in the simplest of things today for each one of you.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Red Skeltons Pledge of Alegence


I had oral surgery yesterday and so is a "hang in there" morning. My face and jaw is swollen...they cut open and went under a lower molar and cut off the roots and dug out the infection. It was the same tooth that had the re-do root canal, it just could not release the infection so it was growing again since November. I had to make a difficult decision and received a cadaver bone implant. I am not too sure how I am feeling about it. It was the best choice for the best prognosis.I guess I am growing and changing. I the one who is not a donor. I have always been afraid of the whole thing. . Being bone it is not like an organ the rejection is not at issue.  The kids will be off to school in an hour.
They will need to be much more independent this morning.
The surgery went well. He said that the "orange peel" when the tissue was peeled back was the easiest he had ever had. Thank God, less trauma to tissue less bruising.
The pain for a few hours in the after noon was to the edge! 10 of 10 baby! now it is doable I suppose that is the good thing about feeling how back it could be hurting ha ha

Well I need to direct the kids and have little voice to do so . I need to get up and walk around. As little as possible so I do not get a repeat of yesterday.

On a wonderful note.
The surgery went so well that the procedures were less than thought and it went from $1300+ to just over $700 out of pocket. YA! Of course that was after the insurance kicked out just over $1000. The nitrous really helped me. The ins. does not cover it and I am so glad Steve insisted we use it. I do not think I could have done it without it. It is soft foods for a week an then limited for another week.

I started of the surgery by praying out loud...and the staff joined in!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Your Government at Work WAIT FOR IT! @1:15 into it

Tackle it Tuesday

Monday after baking a large ham and a larger turkey (due to child and a power switch)
Then sliced both, cooked down the carcass and the ham bone.
Turkey and stars broth With seasoning of dried vegatable powders, onion, celery salt, the bay that was in the boil down.
Beans and ham. BBQ seasons, molasses, crushed tomato, onion, sage and corn starch to thicken.
All is cooling on the stove as of just now turning them off.
Dishes anyone?
I know those will be happy dogs with that ham bone.
A 1/2 gallon of turkey gravy also.
Gotta have that for the mashed potato that will be a main part of my sustenance this week for no solid food for a week.

Oh I am dead on my feet!
Time tonight to sit and get relaxed and tired. 
Tuesday tackle
Oral surgery 10 a.m.
Laying down to offer myself up as a vessel to be available for those who are doing the procedure. Rather than focusing on my self.
Calling my will to intercede for them as under nitrous I will be listening to their hearts expressed in the small talk that goes on. 
Listening and talking with Abba Papa staying in The Palm of His hand.
Letting go of the funds that were set aside in hope to have a long long due holiday this summer.
Knowing God made those funds available so this can be paid in full. 
No debt as our heart so longs to live. 
Doves braces come off in two weeks and we will be able to pay off the debt at that time.
Focus focus focus that is my biggest task tomorrow. 
Calling my nerve into submission toward trusting that God has only His best in mind for me.
I am blessed.
To lend my voice only to sounds of freedom, no longer giving my strength to those things that I wish to be free from. 
To live my life with love and bravery and I shall live a life uncommon.

Meal Plan Monday Spices/Herbs

   click image to enlarge
This is the BIG BOARD 
My brain on the wall.
Tomorrow I have to have an unexpected oral surgery and will not be able to eat solid food for a week.
It will be protein shakes for meals.
My sweet boy had a hard day of terra nova testing
The freezer being shut of by accident this week end left me baking a ham yesterday and a turkey first thing this morning

Morning harvest
NOTHING like a home grown carrot!
The kids left Makotoo and Bear at home with grandma. (me)
This is the sweetest thing innocence yet lingers and I love it.
Turkey carcass for soup this week.

Herb/Spice of the Week

Bay Leaves

This herb comes from the European laurel, whose dark green, shiny leaves are dried before use as an almost indispensable seasoning. Some color is lost in the drying process, but the greenest leaves are best. Bay leaves grown in California have the most powerful flavor and should not be used in excess. 

When a recipe calls for a bouquet garni, a bay leaf will always be a part of the flavor blend. This is a combination of herbs tied together with a string or put into a cotton bag and used to flavor many soups, sauces, meat or fish dishes. This gets discarded before the dish is served. 

Some herbs, such as bay leaves, are used as a decoration for properly served dishes. Try one on top of meatloaf!

Another great use that is an old favorite of this organic woman 
Place bay leave in the pantry and under the kitchen sink, bathroom sinks and behind the washer to repel roaches and silver fish they hate it! Remember once a year to replace them.

This is a ham shank for ham and beans

Sliced lunch meat for the week.
The thick slices (in another container to be used to make meals.
Yes I am tired but content.
A little scared about tomorrow.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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