Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yesterdays news and todays head lines

We Have had a lot of rain of late, wonderful for the desert water table. The water tank has over filled twice. I had to water the garden plots with about 25 gallons of the tank water not to have it flow out a third time
Lovely for an afternoon at the park.
Sunday we all went for a bit of refreshment.
Dash is all boy!
So strange to see him like this.
My first boyfriend of 4 years (some 29 years ago) was a stunt rider of motor cross.
He was killed when Steve and I were married only a few months (on a jet ski)
Now look at my own son. 
Don't it seam strange?
Dove was gifted a pair of roller blades that she had long hoped for thanks to Daddy man searching on Creigs List. Very nice like new for around a third of the costs. 
When you see something on there you have to jump on it or it will be gone.
She took right to them and only fell one time.
I had some wrist guards one from Doves infancy when I almost tore off my hand in a door handle (single handed diapering) then the left one ironically when Dash was an infant I tripped on a toy with him in my arms and in order to protect his head from impact I turned my wrist up at almost a 70% and tore it (single handed again I diapered Dash in toddler-hood).
Daddy man in the rainbow just where he lives, 
at the end of the rainbow.
A father living in the pot of gold.
Monday was full of morning tasks  phone calls and starting the week off 
Then it was time to get Dove to the ENT.
Taking her out of school again was a bummer.
Driving the 15 miles one way we had a nice visit, we were both starving from a hard start rushing them off to school. We got there and they complained they had been trying to reach me to cancel the appointment for the Dr had an emergency surgery, Well what do you do?
So I wished the victim recovery and rescheduled for Wednesday.
We got to enjoy a cotton tail bunny as we were driving away, we stopped and had a light heart of a visit together for a bite. These moments of mommy time are dealing with a lot of questions that make you all but blush. This is the time to give answers and I am very thankful that she is asking me. So I am as candid as can be within her ability to understand and share it with her friends. For you know that that is right where it is going. So the difference between *e* and love is being covered.

A joyful thing happened. 
We have refinanced the house from 22 years of a 30 year mortgage down to a 15 year mortgage.
I had a Fed ex to mail and a full morning of driving.
As Dove and I pulled into get a bite I looked up and in the middle of a side street was a Fed EX delivery man getting into his truck. He took the package and the mortgage company called me and hour and a half latter to confirm the package was in route.
Cool how everything is set up to help us.
God is for us, not against us.

A conversation 

I had a conversation with a friend who shared with courage that even though it is not "who" I am or what I intend to do I may come of as better than thou.
She said that 
We judge others by their actions 
and ourselves by our intentions

Funny thing is for me 
I judge myself by my actions 
and comfort myself by my intentions
Trying to understand others actions
I am looking for their intentions
Loving them, that is my intention

An after noon at my house Tuesday
Lots of asthma interventions with Dash call for many breathing treatment tools to be washed.
Now add a little vinegar to the R.O. water
let them sit for 20 minutes that is the way to sanitize them as to not reinfect the patient.

Egg shells to be ground for the hens sit aside as morning dishes accumulate.
Bread is rising for the second time an artisan loaf for the evening.
Pinto beans for the blender , add salsa, melted butter, cumin, a bit of cayenne pepper and frijole's for Dash's lunch been burros.
On any given afternoon you'll see flower on the counter from the bread
Bottles being re-used for lunch beverages.
This week the sewing is for Dash's curtins
another top for Dove
Clothing is something she is now finding a great appreciation for and really likes to have a say in what I make. 
I love having her opinion.
It is such a delight that she is receiving it from me.
This week a big challenge.

A few weeks ago my Dash found his cousins cell phone that was left on the sofa after he had left.
Instead of bringing it to us he held on to it. 
He then felt afraid to tell us and just kept it.
Well sweet Dove had a Guilty tummy ach.
She opened up to tell that she had taken mine (no minutes on it) to school to show the unbelieving kids that she had one. (daddy man promised she could have it) I am not renewing it. I just do not like having one until we can afford to have one, that and we do not sign contracts that involve money except the mortgage and such.
Dove then felt much better yet still was troubled, it was then she told of Dash and the phone he took.
My poor sister had been searching to give her grand son his phone.
I had to call her and ask of it. The kids mom had to cancel it and may have had cost incurred so I await to see what cost that Dash my have uncured as to replacing the mysterious missing phone. 
The big fear is what if he gave it away at school to get a friend or something.
It has been an opportunity to learn proper parental handling of thing. 
We bombed at first and have recouped the losses by building back trust and having good consequences. So the Dash man will be doing lots of extra chores.
Every couch has been pulled out and searched within without and under 
The bright side is the sofa are clean
laundry however that is another thing
see it is piled high at my house...
So mending toys after two of the new ones Dash got last week have broken already.
Yesterday a splurge... a pearl stringing tool.
It is there on the desk.
A set of cinnabar beads is a job for my sister that is in the Que to be done. Without the tool the job was not able to be accomplished as well.
That bread was turned into a monster 
bacon lettuce (from the garden) and tomato sub sandwich.
Much to the children s delighted glee.
Had no problem getting them to eat their supper last night.
Supper feast

Last night another batch sat over night to rise while I 
"listened to my instinct"
(Dove grabbed me by the cheeks last night as she was going to bed)
So I did at 8:30 p.m. and slept through
A much better mommy morning here.
Amazing what rest can do

So this was formed as the children had breakfast.

A  morning on the side yard weeding was a real peaceful start to the day.
The appointment I had at 9:40 was able to be changed to the afternoon. 
Now I only have to drive there (10 mile round trip) one time today and then onto the north for Doves rescheduled appointment.
I may find out if she needs surgery today.

These just came out of the oven.
   Wish you were a butter fly on the wall
just think garlic salt, Italian herbs and ground caraway it was added over a drizzling of olive oil.

it smells so good in here
Spaghetti and salad with these wonderful little tid bits for supper.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Never thought of party problems

Ally ally ally out come free!

Surprise it's me!

Goodness what a roll.

On Wednesday I had the cakes to make for both adoption day and the birthday. No eggs!
So knowing that dash had already brought in the one egg from the day before I went out to see if there may be a few I could use with some powdered egg white. SEVEN! plus the one I had = 4 regular eggs!
Now Dash either must have missed some or at least one...and all 6 birds laid.
All I have need of :)

Dash is doing better today. He turned 9 yesterday and was so sweet about his disappointments. We opened his gifts in the morning and the appreciation that boy spoke was astonishing more than once. So dear a child he is. Sissy gave him a little guy on a magnetic skate board and a toy ramp for it to play on.
He received a Avitar horse and the lead character with the wolf type creatures. 
Great Movie!

His asthma along with a cold and an allergy shot hit him all at once and I had to bring him home from school.  Being such an active soul we had a hard time keeping him slowed, his peak flow meter (a testing devise) hit 140 and I almost began to panic. We were able to avert the going to ER. A mother of one of the guest even called the next day. Really touched me that she cared so, she was on the phone when I tested and heard the panic tone I was trying to hide in my voice.
From one extreme to another...
We got a call at 7 p.m. last night from a father of another kid.
Wanting to know what the deal was about the party...
These folks never confirmed, I called the teacher of the boys on Friday because I had n way to call his parents. Did all I thought I could to let him know. Never met these folks.
He drove up to the business and gave his son money and pulled away. 
The child had NO WAY TO CONTACT him or his mother.
apparently divorced
The father said that his wife is over protective and he is not, "well I told him I can understand that".
Thinking something so strongly that I do not figure I need to even say it ")
This a lesson that could of been so much worse, Steve too was peeved and we both just could not imagine such negligence.
That kid was at the place of business from 4-7 p.m.!
I guess he never approached an employee (who could of called us).
This is something we did not even think could of been done.

The kid is 8 yrs old and was just dropped off at a curb.
I was up most the night with bad dreams and just almost in tears for the little guy.
I know who he is from my service work in the classroom.
I think if I would of just drove over there to check on all things. Knowing however it is not my error. Still a kid suffered and a tender heart like me is just tore up over it.
Last night Dove held my thumb just like when she was an infant on that train ride home from Russia.
We watched an old star trek show and it had about a planet of people who could have no children.  Really touched the kids. WOW are they endeared to us today. I love holding them because I know all to well this is a flash in time to treasure. I held Dash in my arms at bed time he fell asleep after the show. Came over for a hug and just relaxed himself into my lap and arms. Steve was calling to brush teeth and I just let him sleep there.
I could feel the pour of Love that flame of fire that roars through the soul. I felt it flow through to each of them as I held them. As when the whole of the universe stops for the moment and nothing else exists.
 It was so lovely and peaceful for all of us.

Yesterdays harvest.
Picked a whole bowl full of peas (once hulled)
Broccoli and turnips too, Stir fry tonight.
I got the dahlias in the new flower bed.

 This week I created a bit of art work for a physician as a thank you.
A Gods Eye
Sewed a top for Dove but the little man has the camera making movies all yesterday and this morning. It keeps his busy little mind occupied and his recovering busy body on the slow.
I'll try to do some posts over
here at A Place to Create
Yesterday I attended the American Sewers Guild and renewed my membership.
It was nice to have the motivation to sew.
Seeing my sister is nice. She is not feeling well of now and could use your prayers joined with ours.
I have been giving this some real good use of late.

Today it is raining again and the water tank full up to the brim!
So Steve just put the kiddie pool over there.
Our neighbor behind us removed the beautiful big tree. We are as a lost soul with it gone. We will miss the shade of it terribly came the summer. They have removed almost all of the 10 or so trees in the yard. We are just appalled and grieved too, at the loss of such good life.
My table is still stacked with medical forms for all of the specialist for Dove.
All of the 2009 tax stuff too.
Every moment is so busy right now. Being sick for the 7 weeks at the start of the year really set me back and each day I get a little closet to having my head above water.

Steve's mom had a cataract surgery and all went well.
Steve had an MRI and we have yet to get the results.

Dove goes to the ENT who specializes in pediatric sleep apnea and we will know more there. She may need her tonsils out soon. It that is the solve we do not know as of yet.
Dash and are undergoing allergy injections twice a week as health permits.
Well I have an invitation from my son to have a movie time.
He is making himself some eggs so mom time gotta get over to the stove.

Good day to all of you.
Many more details of provision and interventions.
Got to run

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Please pray for her parents and family
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