Friday, June 6, 2008

Aloha Friday

What fun are you having today?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dripping! It is hot!

before (the other day)

Dripping... and not from a pool:)
I swept the floor and cleaned up the mess.
I swept the door step and made it nice to enter.
I was able to get all the home school books and manipulative's together.
They are all on the shelf now. I can take the inventory and start to sell them lots of valuable books here.
I think I will do a little home schooling during the summer. Today I read them Psalm 3. I told them that I need to teach them because the do not want to attend the Sunday school classes they still need the lessons.
They sat attentively. It was cool.
We may go see a movie tomorrow but, All the ones we were looking at start Friday. I told them I might just take them to Mckotoos. It is an indoor play ground with tubes and such $$$.

The friends never called about going swimming today. I left a message with with the Mr. but the Mrs. was asleep, she never called back. Dove was real disappointed. I cleaned the attic and the garage up. Gotta go do more. I need to take them to get a gift for a child's' bday party. It is Saturday. Dove rallied she came to me and said that at least they have that to look forward to.

Half of our garage (the two bays) is/are full of our boxed belongings and additional furnishings.

I cleaned up the attic so there is an isle as well.
I was just dripping! It is around 110* up there.

Provision for everyones need

Tomorrow I have over 30 local Realtors from the office near us coming to tour our home. My Realtor set it up. I have to have it all ready for show. It is a long dusty road of trial and endurance this house selling. I do appreciate your prayers. Perhaps this will induce a sale.

Little Dove has a 9 am orthodontics appointment. She will need two teeth pulled out soon. I am sad to pull good teeth , but the option is her having head gear for two years every night. With her Sensory issues I think that would not work out. It is hard enough for any kid to have to sleep in head gear. Let alone a child like Dove. We had to have the surgery on her 2 years ago for that maverick tooth in the upper palate. It pushed the front center teeth out so far.

I'll put the dogs across the street. I think I will take the children to the movies to use the time in the cool of a theater. It will be 100 * and so I have to get creative.

Dove is better now as is Dash. Willy the Lab is now doing well again too. He has been very sick for two or three days . We think he ingested ant powder. He had a real mess two nights in a row at 3 a.m. Poor Beloved knelt to clean it all up. My knee disability came in handy those two night HA! That dog tried to run from himself and it was ALL over! Try to sell a house with dog all over! I have been giving him rice to eat. He is blowing me out of the house with his gas! Mercy!

I had another visit from M yesterday and Jewels was here and got to talk with her also while I was tending the children. M is so troubled. Her body is dying on her and her spirit is searching out. She brought me some supplements for the dogs and a few "swiffer" cloths to gather the dog hair. I need to tend to hemming the pants for her.
I dreamed of visiting someone in the hospital and them saying "why are you being so nice to me" and I answered "because that is just what you do" thats the right thing. Then in my dream I was then being admitted as the other patient. My helping the other patient made me forget I was being admitted. :) funny dream , but I think true to life. It is so good in deep trial to help others and to reach outside of myself. The suffering I have become intimate with is making me able to empathize with M on a very deep level that I think may be uncommon for her.

Well I got a house to clean and prep. Pants to hem. sleepy eyes to open ( or nap) I wish :).
Children to feed and dogs to give gas x to and throw balls for. Ha!
List to make and thoughts to think, Prayers to fellowship with my Pappa God. A kitchen to clean and a meal to plan and prepare for tonight. Cooking in the cool of the day I just reheat in the late afternoon.

Welcome all you new readers.
Your kind words were a loving embrace.
Grab the day by the tail and hold on.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June begins

Saturday We took the kids to see the new Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Movie . We missed the historical base of the Jones sagas. They introduced the UFO type thing. We would of so loved more of a archaeological base. Who else thinks one on Noah's ark would be cool.
Sunday Memorial Day found Dove ill and Grandpa's plans postponed... So as this new month began we found our selfs at the grand parents on the first. Grandpa had the heart to share an experience with the children that to me is a great treasure. He had the children raise our precious Flag. They have a very tall flag pole.

Grandpa told them the technical details of hooking onto the grommets.

The children split the duties to raise and lower of the banner.

I impressed upon the importance of not letting the standard touch the ground. It is one single thing that I was strongly gifted with as a child to respect my country. When my mother was a girl in the 1930's the natzi 's were in the U.S.A. recruiting teenagers. As a poor girl in the east she found herself one day at one of the rally's. Folks this stuff really happened here in our country. She was frightened and found herself trapped in a group of peers who bore the hatred of white supremacy's. They got the foot in through the KKK. It happened here in our country. She escaped to another state and set within her children a very strong patriotism that last within me to this day. Hatred grows like wild fire and the best weapon of an enemy is to make you believe that he does not exist.

I am very much a stickler not to let the flag touch the ground. Then I was asked WHY? At first it was a bit of a challenge to explained. After a second time the flag touched the ground I was a bit riled up over it. Again the question was posted to me why does it matter? This is why ...I told them of how in a battle the banner is raised high to keep the focus on the reason why we fight. If we have our eyes on the blood and guts the slaughter around us then we loose the focus. The flag is the banner the symbol of what we stand for . The reason We believe what we believe and the willingness to fight for it.To stand up for it. To not just remember those who paid the supreme price but to remember why they paid it! They had a character a value system that held their beliefs so strongly that they laid down all to fight for the generation after them that it might be kept. This is sore missing in my sweet country. We so easily profane those who stand for the beliefs they have that we do not agree with. Are we willing though to to take a stand for our own character, values or have our country's character and values so become a thing of shame that our descendants are embarrassed? May we bend back that sapling into an oak that might grow by that living water.

As this Elder tends this little sapling...may he understand.

I will do my best to pass on the character and values of a country that was once (may it still become again) the treasure that can bring pride of ownership. for the citizenship that Beloved and I gave our internationally adopted children is second only to the teaching of the Gospel of Christ.

May they raise their eyes to a banner that is held in good standing with the character that holds freedom in body mind and spirit as the real treasure.

It was a joy Sunday to fold the flag with beloved and triangle of trinity Father Son and Spirit. So I may get a bit sappy but this is MY Country I am speaking about. My children's

It is a mummy...

Wrapped and secured to be found in some future dig.

They really were so very creative

Well on Monday... I had a wonderful quiet house! They had loss of all video/ computer and any Media as a consequence to some poor behavior that Daddy Man was not about to allow to go on un-addressed. The kids played and came out with this...
The kids wrote comic books. They make cells and then illustrate stories and tell the stories in short word form. Dash did Roman numerals and learned how they worked (by the way is it funny that 40 in Roman numerals is XL) ha!

Dash was thrilled to do addition flashcards! Yes , I did say that! Then we did dino flash cards. The pronunciation on the back of the card was a challenge that he just devoured!

Then I got a call from a woman who came here way back when I had the yard sale. So she wants to hire me to do some sewing for her. Well....It had little to do with that as you all know Gods way's (higher than ours) . It was so cool! She was raised by an atheist and she actually heard about the car wreck and the way that I could identify with her physical challenges. You see her life is tenuous. She has migraines and a heart condition so many similar things that I said to her were words I needed to hear myself. I was touched by the experience. Then at one point the scriptures were even opened up to her! HOLY HOLY HOLY... She may be going to pass soon and the scriptures were opened up to her. She is thinking about leaving a religion that she is disenfranchised from. She believed in Jesus but not God. Many gods that are created "by people" have excluded the I AM from her mind. I will be welcoming her here often.

I must close and hem pants for my client. Her heart is needed peace and salvation. Tormented she struggles . She has come here for rest.
"To Know Him is our Freedom. To hear Him is release Fix your heart and soul on him and rest in perfect peace." by Don Francisco
Today I called a friend moment before she was reaching to dial us. She came and her child is here playing with my kids.

Rena the beautiful
Queen of Golden's is warmed in the morning sun.

The children play.

The kids are performing character roles to a sponge bob movie.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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