Saturday, April 11, 2009

Love one another

I awoke to the words in my spirit
"Just keep dancing with your umbrella"
It was raining when I woke up. It was wonderful!
The dogs had thrashed the floors , the kids did not let them out again!
So...My darling was fit to be tied over it and I had some doing to patiently let him have his anger over it.

Spring sung broom, mop and vacuum here today.
We each grabbed a corner and took off into a cleaning marathon.
My sweet beloved swept and mopped the kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway and the kids bath. He mopped the landing and got on hands and knees to scrub the spots where the dog lays and licks her paws. It was so bad and now it is wonderful.
I detailed the master bathroom and attacked all laundry and hung the last of ours.

I also was able to have an amazing gentle patience and had the children take a piece of pie at a time until the whole of it was tended in each of their bedrooms.
I told them about the woman who had lost the gold coin and how she swept out her whole house and found the treasure.
Off and on Dash would come tag me with a "wow mom look at this treasure...(a Lego or coin or baseball card) I found. I would acknowledge. So when the ill attitudes were tried on me. I remembered a thing I saw on a James Dobson video. I told the kids....

" remember how I told you that I was going to love you so much that I was going to stand up to you if you were too try me. I will not just blow it off if I am tired or upset. I will not get angry because your wanting me to either...I will stand up to you to support you to do what is required of you. I know your not going to like it but I will do this for you because I care enough about you to help you have a good work ethic."

Dash actually said...
"Thank you Mom"...

Of course I almost had to grab my chin off the floor!

Steve fixed hot dogs and fed the kids as I scrubbed the tub.
We all worked hard until 2 p.m.
We were all just worn out!
The shower stall in the master bath is rather a difficult task for me.
It was wonderful afterward to treat myself to a shower in a clean shower stall.

We all took off and went for our first drive in the new truck.
Look at this truck it does not look like a 10 year old truck!

He just looks so right in it.
The 4 runner well...his head hit the roof!
He is 6'4"

The gas gauge is funky...It has a short or a loose connection because when we started out the LOW FUEL warning light came on. I thought it had a half tank in it, but it showed empty we took it to gas it up but it only took 15 gallons.
I looked in the owners Manuel and it hold 28 gallons.
The kids fit great in the back seat.
They really were out growing the 4 runner.

They were really full of the volume
How do you locate the off switch!
You know your tired when happy children get on your nerves.

We were enjoying the beautiful weather, so a stop at a bird sanctuary was in order.
It is a wonderful public park not too many miles from home.
It is a water reclamation sight.

Can you believe that is a 10 year old truck!
Steve and I walked and talked as the children stayed close and wandered very little . We insisted they NOT climb that wall (hahah). They finally relaxed and climbed around and had fun.
Sometimes we just forget that they are special needs kids. I like that :)
The newness of the truck was stressing them. Any thing new stresses them.
I do hope that we are able to have them relax at Disney Land.
I must remember to do the preventatives and the little bag of tricks I learned.
I will accidentally :) add some cloth to cover faces if overwhelm hits them.

It sprinkled off and on on us today.
Cool and the air was sweet with acacia and wildflowers.

They flood this area off and on to reclaim the water to the water table and have a refuge for the migratory birds.
Steve and I are both birders. We were much so before the kids.
Now we are able to reawaken that passion and to teach the beauty to the children.
They can name a many a bird to you if you were to ask them to.

The distant mountain ranges were nice to see. With the rain the air was clear.

This is a look out Ramada.

Just look at that sky!
It was around 68* I think, just a little nip in the air.

I thought to capture some wildflower seed. Steve remarked at it. He said ...
"look at you, most folks just go spend a lot of money and get them grown in a bucket at a nursery.
I think it is so cool how you even think to collect the seeds."

He reminded me to take pictures of them to be able to know what I have growing.
I do hope they take off.

We returned and I took a CD and a book that was the neighbors to them.
I told his daughter of the dash short and asked her if she would tell him so that if we needed to know anything else in order to make a solve of the issue he could please tell us.
Well a ring of the door he was to tell us about the alarm system secret.

About then my charge for the evening arrived and we all had a spaghetti dinner.
Steve and I watched some HULU shows while the kids had a children s table only supper.:)
Afterward the guest had some crafts and we set up the paints. Daddy Man put together some little bird houses I had set aside for this weekend. I did up the dinner dishes.
The children painted and talked, having a wonderful time of encouraging each others artistic charms. I was really a delight to see.
The time was good for them. The little guest was for the FIRST TIME EVER SAFE SHE SAID to sleep somewhere else. She said my tummy does not hurt here. ;} sweet baby.
I do not do sleep overs. My children will not be doing them, this made perfectly clear to her mother. I allowed her to sleep here because I would not have the house stirred so late in the evening for her to return tonight. She will come for her at 8 a.m.

an amazing eye for beauty!

Well all kisses and hugs have been had, giggling girls and a tired boy next door.
When they finally sleep I have baskets to make. It is 9:30!
Wow I am so ready to sleep.

Up from the grave he arose!!!!!!!!!!
It is so true to note here that this is life
Life more abundantly.
That is the whole purpose, he did that we might all have LIFE>>>

This is the Love of the FATHER
that HE would give
that He would give....
His Son too gave
He gave it all...
The final ounce He gave.

So let us then love one another with a love that is not hindered.
Fervent to obey the law of kindness as it alone rules our hearts.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Walking on holy ground.

This week I have found myself walking on holy ground.
Thinking on the things I have witnesses and heard and have known. I have just been to full for words much. Just a lot of laughter, good humor and delight in all that I am watching come to our family via answered prayers and spoken desires. Many of the things are many long years in the coming. I am standing amazed at how I let go of so many of the things that are now returning into my charge.
My home, a truck to tow the camper, the camper and a wheel barrow, wheeled barrel to put potting soil and my compost to protect my back. A vacation in just 8 days. A rest with the children and the time with each other to thrill in our lives together. I have played and walked with Dash.
Kept an extra child today, and will do so again tomorrow overnight for a single mom.

I watched last night as my husbands heart was gently turned able to accept the offering and make the choice that was for our good behalf. We saw no way, then we chose NO DEBT...a way was made today. It will be a wash (even in 6 months) with all things met. Not only the savings goal met, no debt , but a truck replacing the other one. Lower insurance payments and a very low registration. The new truck is a 1999 that looks so beautiful, not old at all. A few minor body dings, that will be just enough to let us relax with it. In essence we will only be extending $1500.

Now after 6 very full, long, hard years we once again get to have a holiday. Not an extravagant one by some measure, but for us a privilege to be sure. My children and I have something to look forward too. You see when I work so hard without anything to look forward too it has been grueling...I am refreshed to keep it up now. That is such a wonderful thing in itself.

The kitchen drawers were finished on Thursday.

The little trays were a $.999 cent store find 3 for a $1
I was finally able to have it fixed nice.

These were displaced , but found a good home.

I had so much fun yesterday with the "happy little working song" humor while I set to task.
The slap stick of the humor of it.
I kept laughing so hard. It was divine to laugh aloud so much.
Denise kept me in stitches with her comments.

With summer break coming I decided to move the children s games to the low landing cupboards so the kids can see what they have and play more games.
I played two with Dash just today.
Games are so good for fellowship with our kids.

Steve came home at lunch and I went to the bank and withdrew the funds for the truck. We borrowed from the kids savings until the tax checks come in.
We have a new (to us ) truck! Steve finally has his White Truck :)

I had it in the driveway when he came home.
I did the exchange and receipt , the elders brought over so it would be in the driveway when he pulled up.
Pictures tomorrow

I had to go to the DMV after he got home from work.

It is a full day of amazing things.
I removed the sign off the pop up camper, and gave each kid a scissor we all cut it up!
I think we are going to go for a drive tomorrow.

I think the little ones were not sure of me. I was almost in a joyous sob as at last! I have a truck to pull my cabin to the forest!
We get to cut up the sign.
Dash told me he cried every time it was almost to sell it.

Oh BOY HOWDY!!!!!!!!!!
That felt good!
We get to go camping this summer.
The extra little girl hopes to join us...well I don't know?

After the DMV I went to go get the dent out of my ring.
I had called a place that had sent out coupons to eye how much it would cost me.
They did it for free with the ring in see shot the whole time.
Then this sweet young woman, who loved the joy of the story of my car wreck and the Indian wedding just sweet as can be. I looked at books they had of settings and findings that I could order from them.
I felt safe and took her up on a free cleaning.
My ring looks NEW!
Now I am hard on my ring because I work so hard with my hands.

It was burnished looking before no luster, it shines!
When she handed it to me I cried. I thought that the stone would be clean, but she polished the platinum too.
It glistens.

I have been working hard for three weeks now to stop biting my nails.
I had started up with all the medical stress.
my hands are back now and so is this beautiful ring.
Like the Lord retuning everything the worm ate.

Annette I am so touched by your concern over the lack of post today.
I drove that truck to the DMV and the old man had left a CD in it.
It was very old time country.
A Johnny Cash tune on it.
It was just hilariously Holy.

The presence entered the store with me, the young woman was gifted with it we both felt it without word of explanation. She gave me unmeasured favor.
It was so palpably clear of the presence of my Abba Father loving on me these last two days that I am just on
Holy Ground.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thankful Thrusday

Once upon a time a man loved his truck and let go of it to have a child
Once upon a time a different man had a truck and love it and let go of it.
It is in this time that a God that both men loved and worshiped provided the answer to both men.
Now the first man is to receive the truck form the other.
The men exchanging the joy of a truck and the joy of a respect and love of it they can see in each other.
Never do we take for granted the love of a God and the love a God has for Godly men.

Tomorrow it will be received the thing I have prayed for for 10 years to come true.
Free and clear title...

Daddy Man is to be honored and I am to rejoice in the forest. God does know the desires of our heart and he really does care about them.

How precious is it that asking we shall receive in HIS time. in HIS way.The elder man bought this truck two years after after my husband sold his to become a father. Now the elder is letting go of a dear and treasured possession to another who will have the joy and appreciation of all that passion spent keeping it pristine! Oil changes on time perfectly maintained
We will have $170. left of the taxes
and the
truck will be around $80. to register and taxes and title.

The insurance on the new truck will be
$200. less per year
due to the safety features, even though it is 5 years newer.

We Trust that there is another who is there awaiting the four runner.
I have a four runner to clean!
When we return from the trip we will sell it and replace the funds we used from another savings when the taxes come.
We will not use the new (1999) for the trip next week.
The car will get much better millage.

I am just dancing in the beauty of the love that God has for my husband and the mercy he has upon me to be able to visit the forest this summer with the family.
My husband is very sobber it is so hard! For I am so exuberent it is just strangling me to temper myself I want to shout!
To worship and be in this holy place.
He remembered that I had asked for this day 10 years ago.

Here is Steve's New truck!

Yep tomorrow we take possession!
except it is white
it does not have that sport step on the bed

Happy cleaning song

My kids were singing this to me this morning. It is from the movie Enchanted. I just had to down load it. I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

busy week

While down loading the images.
Mending these wrist bands for Dove it helps her motion sickness.
Her sensory issues really can make a car trip hard on the little lady.

Well what a busy week here.
I know..... nothing new to that effect :)
I have been doing some tasks that called for a whole hearted devotion.

Steve drove the white truck. He looked so handsome in it.
It is really the cats meow. Yet the money is not here yet.
Well I am the one who drug my heals getting the taxes done.
Mercy is a good thing here.
We will not purchase it unless it is cash on the spot.
We are committed to that. We will just need to trust:)
Not to hard to do with a God like mine.

Happy to be "Passed Over"

We had a Leg of lamb for supper along with a wonderful family lesson.

Steve reiterated the Family Way Lesson I covered earlier today.
The kids were antsy during it and I finally just laid it on the line with them.

I told them I could just drop them at the door of some Sunday School class and hope that they are not taught error, or I could do what their father and I have chosen to do to teach them ourselves. I told them that it is not an easy task to prepare my lesson and to make sure I do not teach error to them. It is life or death importance, I told them. They are beginning to really see that I am committed to this. I let them know I really want to enjoy them and to enjoy each other. This is a gift I am giving them.
I hope I am getting through.
Dash is a jouster and it is hard to teach him timing .
The kids and I walked a serving down to the corner, there is a Sister in the Lord who is crippled and lives alone. We shared the "Passed Over" Joy with her.
Our bedroom blind has been out of commission for a few weeks the cord broke and so it had to stay lowered. I really have missed the glorious light that comes in the room.
Today I enjoyed that light. Steve removed it in order for me to have the light to clean the room and the closet.
It has felt so dark.
He and I re-strung the blind!
I even had a spool of twine set for pearl necklaces. Good and strong and fine in size.

Ya it is finished.
Boy do I miss having curtains. I hope to make some over the summer.
I have been playing with bright colors and black.

All the laundry hung, the clothing sorted and a large basket of give away accumulated.
The organized types of shirts and such.
All the winter things swapped for the summer clothing. See the plastic tubs on the upper shelving. We store suitcases on the upper left out of view.
Under it out of view are the long dresses, skirts, gowns and such.
I am so amply clothed. I asked once...well I determined I would not spend money on clothing to fit the weight gained vessel of mine. God gave a girl who lost her momma a evening with me and she gave me a ton (literally) of clothing that was her deceased mothers. Her mom needed her child to have an elder sister to comfort her. I think that was just a year or so ago.
This was a big job today!
I am so pleased to have finished it.

I stripped the "big bed" as it is lovingly called. Down to the allergy sack, washed all layers.
Steve and I have yet to turn it and make it up for the night.

I am planning the time to set aside a layout for the garden extension. This shed will be moved to the other side of the back yard and become a garden shed. I am thinking about making a bed on both sides over there and growing vines or beans over it. May as well be able to eat it if I am going to grow it. That side yard to be gated off at the corner one day and to plant blueberries.
I must start work on getting the rock moved and the soil set to acidic. Then one day a gate?

The 4 runner got the new windshield

looks so good.
With the new tires, if it is that we get the new truck well this one is set to sell.
It has brand new tires on it.

At the end of last week the kids had their art showing at the elementary.

To the right above her head is Doves.
She was so proud of it. I also have a similar to at her shoulder image that she did here at the house.

Now within the first 5 minutes I had to grab Dash more than three times as he is sorta challenged by the sensory issues and almost set three different tables over. I was trying to steady a bull in a art gallery :)
Poor thing was really a mess about it. Try as I might there are just those times when it has to be stopped fast, he just kept leaning on the sets where the pictures where on.
I just felt awful about it as did he. He really was not acting badly. He is just unaware of himself in space , especially when he is sensory overloaded.

The arts are really a celibrated thing at their school and that is just a delight to me.

Dash's has the face on it.
White on black,oil pastel and chalk.

This is a delight to me.
Click to enlarge.
Only after about 5 shots .
I GOT HIM!!!!!!!!!!
mid flight.
This for the new blog I created this week.

That day I got the test results I splurged on this.
I live, I choose life!
Soooo....a tool to help me create it.
I found it used. Hard cover, it is a beautiful volume.

Did you know that trees are happiest when a child is in them.

Every morning at the corner. While the kids await the bus this tree gets and gives joy!
The home owner is alright with it.

He even trimmed it to be more accessible to the kids.
This is the joy of the morning to them.
It is how i start every day.
Watching my darlings climb a tree, no better way girl to see them off on their way.

They have been taught to respect life. Not to even take a leaf off.
It is living so it is cared for as such, this I teach my children with intent.
Special needs kids need to have few surprises, with the sensory issues we use preventative parenting as much as needed to keep shock and strain at bay.
On the road to Damaskis on the wall is Steves favorite image and story.
The family got on line and watched U TUBE videos of every ride.

The other evening Steve came in and said run fast camera op!
I did so only to find that Dove has been taking (organic yikes) apples out to the chickens.
We will be getting some less costly apples for her to do so. I see her calm. Do you see her focus.
How cool is that!?

Did get those enchiladas done.
I made a portabella mushroom sauce in the blinder with tofu and spices of cumin , cayenne and such. The chicken in the "glass" (never micro plastic) jar was heated in the micro, then the rolled whole wheat tortilla, covered with sauce and a bit of cheese for those who could have it.
Heated and ready for simple supper.

This week my big goal was to get the cutting table cleared!
I had Christmas cards at the bottom of the pile for goodness sake!
Many tasks to finish up.
I have gifts I want to make, and a new baby (my newest great nephew) to sew for.
I reset the table skirt , it is Velcro so a reset of the skirt covered the space better and the other end is hidden behind the beading desk anyway.
Do you see some sewing posts in the near future?

A scrap of yardage and the little bunny basket I made years ago and a nice supper table. Yep, even got the table cleared!
WOW I am even impressed.
Unpacking this place has left me with so many many piles of papers to sort through frome the old home school days.
That little candle was given to me years back by a wonderful SILove.
Hi Nan if your reading.
I found the little bunnies last week after the visit to the doctors.
It was an Easter gift to me. Got them for a $1 at the .999cent store.
The cake stand is from Penza, Russia.
Some how we made it back with that in tact. It will be given to Dash as a wedding gift some day. That was the city we adopted him from.
Also found these beautiful acrylic eggs, 6 for $1 just had to buy $4 worth.
I love the look on the table.
Each year Easter decorating has gained one or two things.
The table topper is the one I quilted Bren...
All hand stitched like the one you made me.
It is on the sewing table folks go look at the beauty she created it is in sunflower. Well I guess it is hard to see.

I really enjoyed my day...
Lunch was some warmed home made beans and chicken in gravy,
strawberry and tomato homegrown.
I just love that. Those raddish were a fun snack as well this afternoon.

Well now I am cought up with this jurnal I call A Life Uncommon.
These are the memories for my family.
For me.

I love my children with a passion.
I love my husband with depth of spirit unmatched in any other human relationship.
To all of you my blogging buddies it is a joy to share this road together.
Your hearts, kindnes and beauty inspire me daily.
You are a gift.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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