Friday, May 21, 2010

Consider the freedom of God

Theological bias... questions in response to those who suffer?
 In the book of Job

Elihu says he spoke last because he is much younger than the other three friends, but says that age makes no difference when it comes to insights and wisdom. In his speech, Elihu argues for God's power, redemptive salvation, and absolute rightness in all his conduct. God is mighty, yet just, and quick to warn and to forgive. Elihu takes a distinct view of the kind of repentance required by Job. Job's three friends claim that repentance requires Job to identify and renounce the sins that gave rise to his suffering. By contrast, Elihu stresses that
real repentance entails renouncing moral authority,

which is God's alone. Elihu therefore underscores the inherent arrogance in Job's desire to 'make his case' before God, which presupposes that Job possesses a superior moral standard that can be prevailed upon God. Apparently, Elihu acts in a prophetic role preparatory to the appearance of God. His speech maintains that Job, while righteous, is not perfect. Job does not disagree with this and God does not rebuke him as he does Bildad, Zophar, and Eliphaz. After Elihu's speech ends with the last verse of Chapter 37, God appears and in the second verse of Chapter 38. God says, probably speaking of Job, “Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?"

The thrust is not merely that God has experiences that Job does not, but also that God is King over the world and is not necessarily subject to questions from His creatures, including men.

The point of these speeches, and ultimately the entire book of Job, is to defend the absolute freedom of God over His creation. God is not in need of the approval of His creation.
He is free.

I do not understand it!

It is not for me to understand. 

Why, why we ask as if we have right too. 
Does any thing made dictate to the hands that form it how it was to be made.
As an artist I have wondered if it could be so.
Could the creation of my hand tell me what it is to be formed into...makes it sound so permissible as if 'it' is in charge. 
While 'it' in all actuality it is under the control of the one who is the creator of it.
Sounds real pious even humble to give the creation credit for being so wonderful...
Where does the credit really go? 

So, on the earthly side what a false humility to give away the credit for what we do.

Yet how arogant to take the credit for what God had done.
It is His freedom to do it in whatever way it is to be done.
Clay don't have a right to argue.
At best it could just explode in the kiln.
It is going to get fired whether it wants to or not.
Bisk (first fire when clay turns white and it is rough) is one thing,
but being hard fired is the beginning of the process.
The beauty comes in the colorful glaze...layer upon layer fired over and over again till the depth is accomplished.

I been real angry at the kiln, in the kiln.
Too scared (or smart) to be angry at the potter.
Sometimes we just suffer silently.
We may be afraid or pained.
We want to avoid getting surrounded by the comforters who think they know the mind of God. 
So ignorant are we for we all have fallen victim of such theology.

Somehow He just must find pleasure in the feel of the clay.
Love the way the glaze makes me look but hate the feel of the fire.
Suppose it can get real tempting to resent it. 
To get all mad about it.

God is God 
God is free to just be God
He needs no permission to just BE
The I AM is, and that's that.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

Oh the Tackles of my resent days...

Tackle it Tuesday
Tackle it Tuesday

The last few weeks it has been poppy pickin' time. Pods collected and dried. Total all most 4 cups of seeds. Next fall into the earth. The West and center front will explode in color.  There will also be plenty to scatter on empty lots and field edges.

 Steve dug out the Indian paint brush plant out front last weekend. It is so very prolific that babies are a chore to pull. They come up well enough but they must be pulled straight up or they break off.

 so as you see the East very front got weeded last week after the kids were off to school one morning.
The East side had weeds that were much to happy for my weak wrists to pull.
The sunflowers thirst it may get 100* THIS WEEK!
 Last night the event we all have been waiting for...

Dove's choir performance.

"I need a vacation"
Very fun
 She was so happy smiling all the performance. Only once did she get the fidgets and grabbed her hair as she does. She has torn all of one side up to her chin. Refuses to cut the length off. Now she has the other side torn in one place at 4 inches. She is stress out about starting the flow.

Then there is today

 The laundry to finish, this only half of it!
 Mid-day and all put away.
Of course when you go to vacuum it is only right that the thing wont work due to hair in it! so much so. My girl is going to be bald!
That little blue brush is from Fuller Brush, an American Company.
It is wonderful for base boards and carpet edges
This is me with the CPAP mask on.
It has been four nights now of getting accustom.
Not an easy thing to do.
The mask is too large, the lady and I spoke and they will send a small as soon as it come in.
Meanwhile this is a bother. She did say that I can keep this one.
These masks are $300 each!
This is the machine.
$100 deductible BLESS GOD!
I understand from her that it is top of the line at around $1600!
Worked on dusting out the master room
How lovely the dishes clean and the counter washed off.
The best it has looked in two weeks or so.
Having TWO sprained wrists is well...humbling.
Reality is.

The last two days have been perfect to hang out on the line.
Good thing too, There has been around 15! loads backed up. 
All things have a silver lining though, the kids were able to easily see what was left and put it in the give away pile. Too small, too worn and just plain "I don't like it". So they don't ware it.
The lines have been used much.
Using the lines really accelerates the job. The clothes dry before I get the whole basket up.
Each shirt hung upside down with a hanger And when they are dry they are ready to go right to the closets and be hung up and done done.

Very warm out by this time.
This was done Sunday, Steve thought me strange to want to do it. The blower is electric.
The stones get the pressure straight down and then blown across them.The debris was huge!
The last time I did this was the day that my nephew died.
God Told me he was dead, then I heard my nephew impress to me that he was alright and that he loved his mother very much.

This wagon is my birthday/mothers day gift.
It was full of the scrap from out front. I looked over to it while hanging the laundry.
The idea was to cover the dirt part of the yard using it as a mulch.
Only a little needles from the neighbors tree were needed to be set out of the mix. The rocks were raked and then it was set to spread. I was in the shade most of the time. It was nice to do it and get it covered. This is also needed to tend under the cloths line it is slippery as snot there and the mud clods totally remind me pf leg weights.

This is going to make a good difference .
Well...Angel was Humiliated!
So I had the mercy of a clean coop.
No more poop in the coop..
"the bottom too Lady!"
Watered the garden and the straw is really helping to hold the water in from evaporation.

Got a few tomato but this heat is a real bear if the watering is neglected even one day!
The parsnips should be ready next fall. Two years to the harvest. Oh the chicken soup!
If that angle does not stop her attitude...:)

Compot needs to keep moist so there is plenty in the fall for planting.
With the extreme heat here it is a great amendment to the earth.
Sweet potato vine need to be in more shade.

Well a day...
Now an extra child for two hours...
a fort in the dining room. 
Poppy harvest yield of all most four cups.

My hands are back and this hamster is on the wheel again.
Nothing like a few hours of REM sleep to get me up on my feet again.
That chair was going to get stuck on my bum if something didn't change

Monday, May 17, 2010

Good Morning All

Wonderful start to a day here. Thank you Shorty Bear for the sweet morning e-card.
Got to get the kids off and laundry on the line and lunches made

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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