Friday, December 25, 2009

good news on Eddie and Denise

Christ mas
Miracles are a part of the greatest story ever lived

Dear Ones
A very exhausted over joyed Denise called to tell us all...
Some how :)
Eddie has full conscientiousness.
He is with us cognitively.
His legs yet effected but the seizures did not take him.

He was sitting before her talking to her.

She with all and deepest gratitude thanks each and every one of you for your prayers.
Pray for her heart.
Her sister was unkind, Denise is wounded by the ill treatment that she was shown.

She is however rejoicing as I have instructed her to let her spirit and mind rejoice and worship but to let her body rest and be still.
She has not slept for several days and has also been ill.
I will keep you updated as I am.
Thank you all

Christmas Love Prayer...Eddie and Denise need it

Good Morning A Blessed Christmas
Eddie is alive this Morning your prayers were so embraced.


I just received a call from Denise.
The torment of the last few hours has been excruciating for her.
She discribes the events as the worst thing that she has ever seen.

Her sister arrived last night, she is also a diabetic.
Denise ended up in the ER her blood sugar spiked  and she was vomiting .
As soon as she would ease the same thing began with her sister.
Eddie was in a room and she could not get to him for the ER would not let her.
She convienced them not to admit her and to just let her see her husband and that that would ease her distress.
Eddies blood pressure spiked I mean really spiked!
At one point she got released from the ER and got back to him.
He was awake, unable to walk without a walker.
Dragging his legs.
She saw he was sweating so she got a cloth.
As she turned he said that he felt he was going to vomit and just at the very moment he fell back into her arms and began to seize they called in a trauma team and resesitated him.
She was ask to leave the room to a waiting room where her sister then fell ill to high blood sugar levels and DENISE had to car for her.

I have told Denise to ask a nurse to tell her sister to leave.
Eddies people are coming, I told Denise to have the nurse talk with them and tell them that your strength is limited and to not ask her all the details.
I told Denise that each time she repeats it it is like being punched in the heart.

She has not been able to stay with Eddie, only allowed to go in ever few hours.
He has been sleeping she has not seen him conscious sense before the seizures.

I am tempted to take up a fund and see if we can fly me out there and rent a car to be with her.
Steve has off till the 4th. I would have child care. The funding is an issue. I am in Arizona.
Please continue to pray.
I read several of your comments to her a few moments ago and it really strengthened her spirit.
Thank you all for your continued prayers.
Donetta at A Life Uncommon

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Husbands Cousin is in fatal condition he is 20 years old.

 Family emails of the night
Please Pray

Joey called me back again, He made it down to his Dr. with his test results.

His Dr. did put him on meds but told him that they would not work most likely, but he should be fine until Monday and he goes back in then to check up.

At least he is getting things done now and I feel a little better about it! :?

He will most likely have to have surgery before this is all said and done but for now we will see. ;)

Steve's Aunt just called me.  Her Daughters son, Joey who is in his 20's, I think, is in the county hospital (he has no insurance) with a serious heart problem.  They said "half of his heart is hard and unresponsive" and they are saying they have not seen a condition like this before.  They are saying it may require surgery and possibly a pacemaker and / or correcting blockage problems.  They said it would be emergency surgery.  Then later they realeased him from the hospital to come back when they find out something, thus is the Obama health care.  So now they are awaiting tests and it is an ongoing thing to find out what is wrong.  His parents came down from Prescott Valley as soon as they heard.
Please keep him in your prayers.  Will let you know when I know more.  I know they are all so worried.

Just heard an update about Joe, The Parents... son. Steve's Aunt  just learned that it is extremely serious.  It is an inherited condition and it is fatal.  His Mother is distraught as you can imagine.  Although Joe does not have health insurance the county hospital is going to take him to Mayo.  He may have surgery but we don't know when.  Please pray for him and the whole family.  


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

Col. 3:15 And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.

We have so many many things to be thankful for 
This week I met with two nieces and took my sister to lunch on Monday.
Had a nice session in the afternoon to ready my mind for the coming week.

On Tuesday very early I made my way up to Dove's appointment.
After much chagrin over leaving the partially filled out paper work at home I paid a $15 fine and got a new set that I then had to fill out on the spot!
So the meeting went very well.
Dove is back on Prozac to my saddened heart. 
She has generalized anxiety disorder and some aspects of RAD reactive attachment disorder.
There is also the ADD attention deficient disorder inactive spectrum.
Lots to chew on even in those last few sentences.
God is good all the time~
These are the things in the file even from 2005, they are just reemerging as she is progressing in her development. So here we go again addressing all the tools in the box.

 With the table set before me I see beauty in ashes.
The funeral of last week was a rushed exit and I did not get to take my SILove the roses I got her, so I put the petal in a basket.
 With the pine it was so lovely on the kitchen table.
I am so blessed.
My child is so wonderful and I know that helping her is the task at hand .
This we are made able to do.
Dove will not leave my side now.
I am very tired and doing my very best to take time for my heart in a very kind way with her.
This is hard but HE is making me able.
I am grateful a little sad but so very thankful.
 Christmas called the train in from the give away pile in the garage.
Another wonderful year of children and trains.
It is such a delight.

 Wednesday morning Dash was taken at long last to the allergist in hope to help him with his breathing.
He was not too happy believe me.
I had to make the MOM call and have the food allergy panel done as well.
He finally today forgave me.
Very stressful on both of us.
He really was so angry about it.
This is the scratch test that shows significant findings.
We will begin doing the injections to build immunity up. The main allergens are air born and the milk, peas too. With promise of meeting his friend at the picture show the event went better than I could of hoped for . It was still a very trying morning. The movie was a real nice surprise to join a dear friend.
I just about dropped my heart when the nurse called me to the window to receive a call from my husband.
I thought is every thing alright? It was just the invite to meet them.
 We saw the movie "UP"
The kids are down at waters edge and this is the sweet little sister child of their buddy.
We all had a real refreshing hush not rush time.
It was wonderful to take a spontaneous time together.
 The kids were so funny they found it so ludicrous that all those folks down there were standing in that ridiculous line to see some guy dressed in a suit :)
 That evening after my darling finished up the job he has been working on and delivering it to the customer we all went to the light display in the neighborhood. It is a city renown attraction with cars and trolleys, buses and such lining the streets for blocks. We bundled up and walked to it. It was a nice family time.
 Yes it was very cool high 40's for us desert rats that's cold!
 The kids love this display.

Well that was yesterday...

Today we had a nice homebody day
This guy worked the job half day and then played with the kids.
I had a wonderful girl friend visit after a few hours work in the garden.
I harvested a salad for the Christmas Eve meal.
 On Christmas Eve we have the children open one gift.
Dash chose the big box
 This a gift of respect for this kid let go of his room to help Dove through this hard time.
He has always wanted a blue camo room.
 Dove chose...
 Well a new helmet, no bike to go with it.
She was a bit let down.
 She really needed a new helmet.
 Now we all know that the box is the real thing most different in my house.

 it is an airplane in case your wondering.
 This found in the children's room.
A tree for all the stuffed critters.
Dash asked if Santa could visit them.

Today I worked at length in the garden.
Radishes were harvested for the Christmas meal tomorrow.
As The radish were trimmed and the greens tossed to the chickens, the dogs begged the imperfects.
Yes the love radish.


I heard a noise over the wall to meet the new neighbors clearing the yard behind us.
literally they are taking down all the well most of the trees, downed a mature fig, next this orange and also a lemon.
It is just crazy to me but she did say I could have all the fruit.
The job to juice next week or so sounds like a big one. 

  This little one helped me pick a few to serve on the marrow.

 Radish harvest, glass candy made and delivered to the neighbors along with our good wishes too...

Steve and I have had our time of communion

Thus our hearts sleep right and our bonds are tight this
Holy Christmas Eve

 While he showered I filled the stockings and placed the cookies and milk tray at the teddy bears tree.

This our gift to you this Holy Eve
May all your hearts be thankful for the Love of God NEVER fails.
Through all the toil strife and trials know this
Love NEVER fails.

Thank you all for the loving kindness and friendship you have shown me/us this year...
Loving all of you is a gift untold how delighted it is as our days here unfold.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night
Now dash away dash away dash away all.
Sleep well for the dawn comes with child call...
Wake up wake up!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Holy Night

I called the hospital

I got through to his room and they are moving him at the moment
She was not there to accept the call.
A message was left for her to return the call.
I will keep you posted

No word on Eddie as of yet

I am unable to get through to her.
I will call the hospital.

No News on Eddie as of yet

Her phone is on answering machine.
I will post if/when she and I can contact.
The night was full of test for him I am sure.
Thank you everyone for spinning your cords together in prayer.
A cord of many strands can not be broken.

She has a heart for all of us and as we all know it is beautiful.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Urgent Prayer For Eddie (Love Bug)

I am typing this for Denise of Shortybears Place she is on the phone with me now

Eddie has had a stroke and is in hospital under observation. They were unable to get the stroke medication in time. So far they have done a CAT scan and a MRI and other test are being awaiting . His leg is effected. He is able to speak. This is written at 9:30 p.m. TN time

He is in Memorial Hospital Chattanooga TN. She is alone so if any friends are able please consider coming to her side. He is being moved to room momentarily.

This is written by Donetta of A Life Uncommon and she can be reached through me.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The first Birthday Party my Sister had ever 51 Saturday in the park

 This my sister two years my elder was tricked into a wonderful surprise party that took her completely off guard. She was stunned. The nieces had decorated and mad a cake for her (a very good cake)
 I attended to honor my sister and to have the kids play with my great nieces and nephews their second cousins. Dove and this little girl the daughter of my nephews baby's mother. She and her other brother Dash's age are favored by my kids. They really get along well.
 The boy in the orange is the other son of my nephew and the boy on ground the brother of the above girl.
 The other two were neighbor and a son to the best friend of my dead nephew.
 This little fellow is my nieces son.
He is a real cute kid.
Dash and Dove just loved getting to see him for they live across country.
 The white and turquoise necklace is what I gave her.
 An image for her of all the kids. Many her grand kids two her niece and nephew (my kids) some neighbors children. on her lap is the son born of my nephew after his passing. To her right his mother holding the infant of another set of folks the bio of the boy in orange. The parents were not there they just let a relative bring the the children. The one on right she is a really good mom. She has the three kids the two that my kids play with well and the newest baby. . The little one in orange on his knee is a child of great concern for all of us he and his sister who is on knee at far right.
Please remember these two kids Please...for my heart is very very heavy for their lives now and in future.
This was a very touching moment for her this little one I ask prayer for gave a card to her that had the song You are my sunshine. It grabbed that Grandmas heart and just squeezed it into a painfully sweet way.
That is an image of her and her brother.
Two children that need a miracle to live a life of hope and promise.

Emotionally it was a challenging day.
I stood up to a man who was mistreating the boy in question.
ME i stood up to him!
I was pretty tired when I got back home as were the kids at exit.
I have NEVER seen boys fling themselves so hard on the ground and really wrestle hurting each other with calous. I was just appalled. It was normal to those in attendance. Different lives.
My thought just because "they did it" does not mean it is the most profitable way to train a child to be.
Dash had a hand injury and was just wipped out!
I took them for a burger on the way home and he was so undone.
His humor improved after food.
He told me how he really likes the way his Daddy is better than the way those men were.
They hurt him physically.
Daddy he said hurts sometimes with words but always apologizes when he is wrong.

High Tea Turnout

 The tea party was fun.
We made it a tea of words for my friend loves words and the party was also a birthday honor as well for two ladies. One was unable to attend last minute but we still had plenty even without pastries.
I put little magnetic words all over the table .

I found a book of antiquated poetry and read a piece by Yates.
This after we all spread out the fest before us.
Michelle had some wonderful fresh fruit
Trisha a fresh crisp salad with crasins and crunchiness in it.
Half and half for the tea was an added pleasure for those who use it.
Lisa joined in with some pinwheel sandwiches and malano cookies.
We had some Macadamia caramel chocolates.
Teas were served and some kosher grape juice.

After Yates Michelle said
"nobody speaks like that any more"
To which I gave the perfect gift for her.
A book on antiquated language.
She is an author so it would feed her soul.
I set out little books of poetry on friendship and we each read a few.

We all exchanged our Christmas gifts She received a necklace of words with lavender spacers,
Lisa a pink color she favors set and Trish with her copper frames received a cooper set made for her.
It was so kind the hospitality gifts were a nice box of tea, and a wonderful little magnetic note pad for my purse. Now I had been given one of these back at my birthday and I love it use it so sparingly. Now There is another and I can use it with abandon not preserve it so.
A wonderful book, a gift card to go to lunch all alone one day and people watch.
Funny cause my toes were cold and a sock of furry soft as snow but warm as a kitten came too. It was so nice to slip on. Now I wore my hat. it was so fun.When my lips were dry the chap stick that came with the cozy for my toesy was perfect.

Now I might just find myself curled up tonight reading my new book and taking notes while enjoying a cup of tea.

Our dear friend had a sad task of taking her daughters to airport for them to fly out to visit the paternal of their life. How hard that would be to do. She was able to come just as the others were pulling away. She with heavy heart stayed and was nurtured a while, while our children played together.
It was a long and late day Sunday. With Monday morn fast approaching there was little to no time to be.


The time of friendship came to be one of loving nurture and we held up our hearts and wounds to feel the touch of understanding and kindness. It was a good full day.

Tackle it Tuesday

WELL I am tackled for sure.
The children have hot chocolate on the table and my husband is out in the garden understanding why all the water is gone and the pool sits at the corner of the house. A design flaw was letting all the rain water we are trying to harvest go straight to the earth. Arg!
So now we better understand some concerns I have had about such things. It just never really seamed to be collecting when it should. Now here is another wonderful chance to collect gone. I am so glad I went out there to check the flow. It was overflowing the let in and it was because it was completely missing the screening slant and just flowing right down the outer pipe to the earth. He is fixing it now and is non too pretty happy about it at the moment
As I am coming in from the garden the prize pepper is missing. On further interrogation :) I find Dove left the gate open and not only is the pepper missing but the dog tramped the raised bed smashing many plants and the herbs took a hard hit. Kids are no longer allowed in garden!

Earlier the big tackle was the appointment for Dove at the Psychiatrist at 8 am, traffic was heavy. As I entered the freeway I realized that I had grabbed the wrong paper work. It was a long morning with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ after $$$$$$$$$$$ after $$$$$$$$$$$$$ while Steve sat at home earning them on the computer hour after hour after hour
We have a 12 part follow up and I will tell about it later on another post.

My hearing appointment was canceled this afternoon so I got to just stay home.

After a nice pot of home made chicken soup I rested some. Worked on the table for Christmas. All the china and service crystal was washed by my sweet man. I was able to begin setting anew. It is not done yet. I am thinking of another color for accent. I still have the napkins to sew. I got the table cloth washed. and reset.

 So far white silver gold and crystal is the setting.
Napkins with a silver strand on White.

 After many years I actually had the time and patience to figure out how to put the four tear stand together.
It is from Penza Russia where Dash was born. It was an issue because no one had figured the puzzle of the parts. Took me four times and I got it! I knew it would be beautiful. It was purchased in a little kiosk where a dear soul sold it for food money perhaps. Penza Russia is world renowned for its crystal.

Dove has an apointment at 8 am

my time so it is early morn and I am just to get her up and into the car soon for it is a very long drive.
They will be doing an extensive eval sweet thing. I know that this is a gift for the next apointment was 1-15 and that is just too long when a child is not sleeping and so off I go.
It has been remarkable stressful for a few days due to many many dear loved folk in crisis. WE are doing alright thank God but my heart has just been stunned by all around me the lives in deep deep struggles.

I hope your all in a hush not a rush.

peace be with all of you and joy.

Older women likewise teach the younger women...

• how to love their husbands
• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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