Friday, May 18, 2007

A childs delight!

This week I had the privilege to make seven costumes for my daughter class play. A canoe, a gift box wrapped in red and blue, a "Woody Newspaper" for my girl, and four cloth "paper bag costumes". It was the actual "Paper" bags at rehearsal that was the proof of Need for this teacher. I was thrilled to find all four colors of fabric in my stash. The teacher had a child of her own to celebrate and I did not want to see her have to shop for fabric after working and cutting her own evening short. The play is on recycling.

The boy who wore the gift box was my gift for doing the job ( all within a less than 24 hour time frame). This boy like the "HAUS" from Bonanza of my youth; was a large child who stood with a costume that might have fit my petite little girl but he was just holding his in front of himself. I thought this will not do. So I made a box that was comfortable and ample, I cut wings to create arms for him too. The most endearing even: When I delivered them and the teacher embraced me with tears of gratitude she asked this "haus" to try on his costume the child did so in front of the class and with GLEE EXCLAIMED "I HAVE ARM! I HAVE ARMS EVERYBODY!
I cried for half an hour , it was so touching to see this child who hardly ever lifted his face our made much of a sound with his voice to be filled with such delight and his face shone!

Tonight my husband and the kids made duct tape and cardboard weapons and had a back yard duel; too cute. Me and our duct tape Daddy and all the glory that is a child's delight!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A different perspective.

While I was out mowing my lawn this morning I was thinking about fear.
A thought occured to me there is a passage that says; "the thing we fear most will come apon us".
While many ,even I in time past, feel a dread while thinking about this, I felt another more loving interpratation.
What if.........for example.......My daughter, who has Social Conitive dysfunction, who is vonerable to being bullied, or worse yet as the doc tells me this is the kid who is in danger of being raped etc. We must watch her with dilligence. What if this; being my worst fear ever for my girl, is the very thing I needed to deal with the wounds of all the rape I suffered in my youth.
What if the gift is to learn to stop being afraid.
What if ......for example when Dan came home with hypothyroiism and the scare of retardation and dworfism we delt with for three years was to learn to stop being afraid. What if the sleep apnia and his asthma was a chance to trust God for every bredth. What if the Ushers Syndrome (Deafness/ blindness in adilecence) threat is the same thing to learn to stop being afraid. My husband when adopting had the worst fear of a deaf son. "how could a male child succeed and have a prosperous life?" Afraid for the child not himself. We are older and will not survive to care for these kids into thier later adult years.
All those years I delt with my own hearing loss and surgeries. Learning sign language and being humiliated by my own hearing impairment.
What if the reason I was'nt soo afraid when Dan was haveing and is even now facing more possible corrective surgeries is because I had to face down those fears already . I SAW GOD THERE FOR ME>

Being able to see God there in our lives is the very part of TRUST that removes all Fear.
So What if it is a real gift that the very things we fear come upon us so that we can learn trust.
Trust in God to be made BIG in the midst of all this big stuff.

I used to fear that God would reject me: so then even at my worst he proved me wrong. He proved fear wrong. The very thing that we fear might just be the very gift that we need to prove fear wrong!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Hard afternoon

Two wonderful little girls had to call it quits today. Becca's teacher asked both I and the other parent to stay a moment to speak with her about our girls.
Our girls are enmeshed and bring out the worst in each other.
The teacher set a rule no more friendship at school or recess.
Both of us parents were,I think, relieved, are extending that to a personal level the relationship is over. They have seven more days in class togeather. It appears both children were feeling the stress, reporting it to each parent independently that they were tired of each other. I also was givin reports of this other child physically abuseing my girl .
I had to recant my offer to transport the other child. I do hope she does not have to walk in the heat this summer.
I enrolled my girl into the math class today. I am looking forward to some healthy relationships that will foster strengths in my daughter. I hope this for the other girl too.
My daughter was undone for an hour or so. She is grieving the loss of this school mate friend. yet, it is as if she thought she was supposed to be; because, now the relief she is expressing about getting to have different friends shows strong on her much brighter and relieved countenance.
It was very stressful I think for both us parents and the teacher.
It is so sad that in our culture you have to show great caution when a child shows problems. Both of these little girls need our support and help. Kids so easily manipulate parents and other adults. I offended this other parent by expressing my concern. The price of caring about others.

Kids and I may have escaped the Pink Eye

Poor hubby however has it full blown both eyes.
His sore throat is a little better today. This sweet man is so dear. I have a bird feeder outside my window now (by my computer station).
The maids are humming with the dishwasher running and the laundry sorted and taking a spin. Gardens watered, dogs fed, kids off to school.
My hands are in for a soaking(hand dished) and Menu search for chicken thighs to commence. Its the morning hour.
My heart weighs heaving for a friendship needs to end. My daughter has come into harms way with A: and i have to separate them. My child is being hit and told "I"m gonna make you bleed".

It is so hard to have the Social cognitive dysfunction to deal with with my Becca. She just cant see the manipulation and threats clearly enough . I don't get told by her until the nightmares of this girl killing her and her class mates. And the girl rising up as a great beast and hurting all her class mates. I fear what terrible thing that could be happening to the other kid. I cant help her at my Becca expense. Speaking of expense I have to shell out $90. to keep Becca busy in a math summer class to keep the two girls apart. It seams a good solution she could use the math help. Council thinks it best, I do agree. I feel a little financial stress over it the budget is so tighly stretched.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day Pink Eye The whole Family!

Update The Doc said no anti biotics New protocal! 90%of pink eye viral, anti biotic resistance can occure so we must ride it out. He gave us over $100 worth of drops and allergy meds.

Public school! The challenges of disease :)
My husbands eyes are bright pink, Dan has it too. Becca and I are in the early stages with the gritty dry eye. Well..........
Express care x4 when they open up at 10am! Rx x4 too.
Its a good thing God is our provision.
Dans class had it going around.
"Mother" This is my day:)
Life is funny that way. Like Dan said "Its only pink eye"
We have to cancel the Men's Group for tomorrow. Becca has a play soon so Ill be making a costume today. Our week will be slowed down.
I got some sweet homemade cards and hugs too.
Happy mothers day to all of you. Remember it is about what you give to them. That sacred charge we keep. All of us deserve to be celibrated!

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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