Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wow clean rooms x3

What ever got into me left three bedrooms clean! The kids rooms looked like a war zone. Each kid went through all of their clothing and each filled a large lawn and leaf bag FULL! This is something that I have wanted to do . It was today that I felt well enough to do it. My Master suite was well cleaned two weeks ago but was beginning to slip. So it was not too hard to do. Just wiping down the bathroom and vacuuming and dusting it.
But the kids oh oh oh oh!
Dash got on board when he saw me getting set to help him. I could tell he really wanted to be with me. He had come into my room ( after I was all but finished) and asked if he could help. We finished up and headed to the combat zone. MERCY! I do not think that there was a toy in it's place. All toys were set off floor into a big box. He did all of that, then the papers and trash. He had to empty the recycle can two times! We went through all of the clothing he had in his closet set to grow into. We have been so blessed with hand me downs or overs for the kids. Now he fit into several of the things. New to him he was having a pretty good time for a boy trying on clothing. He is VERY conservative and shy so I set the closet up as a dressing room. It was like we were in a store trying on clothing. Only two pair of pants were too large and set again aside for him to grow into. The rest JOY he found another pair of jeans. This may sound strange with him being 10 but this is the first year his little hands can manage a jeans button. Now the snaps he can not work yet. But a boy in jeans for the first time...he is growing up and his hands are working better for him. Fine motor is one of Dash's special needs. They have always given him trouble. So with his sheets changed we were set and I rested some.
It was then while resting I realized that Dove was longing for me. She will need to be 'fished' out. I have learned to read the signs. It is a little tag and then quickly goes to start something else as if she did not really need me. After going in to her at the computer and saying to her  "I want to be with you, I waaaant to be with youooo...
She took the hook, but did not move. Going into her room was overwhelming. Thinking of her heart the work began. As I was working something caught my eye under her bed. You see Dove is so good about cleaning her I thought. As I grabbed the thing under her bed along came 10 other things one dangling...then grabbing it it just kept coming! So gently very gently (I just had the second set of knee injections Thursday) managing to get down on the floor I laid on my back reaching behind the under the bed drawers...well by the time I hit about half way I called Steve in. We called her in and gave her the 'what for about deception. He took off the mattress and the base board only to find so much more including Steve's bible that had gone missing. Then began the hard work and together we spent the late afternoon well into the evening sorting and cleaning. Needless to say the laundry will be mass Monday morning.
Well now understanding about all the missing stuff. 'She rat holes' stashing things weird things. Its the reactive thing in part that she will keep things that are important to us. It makes her feel connected some how. She is not malicious with it, just makes her feel good. Sorta cool it was our bibles.  Daddy man had her open the tupperware container ") haahaa try to pull that old trick and you can puke after the smell. So with clean sheets on both beds all the things in the rooms that are really wanted. The things that are finished being of use in the garage sit I with my leg elevated and a contentment that is like a great balm.

Now tomorrow 
'A day of rest' 
iced with mission competently accomplished!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Funnies

"Mom you make the best egg salad sandwiches"
"ya, everyone thinks so"
"ya mom, Mark from the other night said it was awesome, and Brendon was so amazed how good it was too"

"Dash what did you eat for lunch?"
"Well I got to have half of it cause I shared a quarter with each of them."
(mind you it was one slice of bread with the egg salad in it)
"Mom, can I have another one for tomorrow? 
Could you use two bread slices each folded in half?"

Today I cut those two folded single slices in half.
Now he has four little sandwiches. I wonder how much of it he will get to eat.
He is such a giving kid.

He was so hungry after school yesterday that he ate a man size plate of spaghetti and sauce.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hundreds believed sickened by tainted eggs!

A total of 380 million eggs have been recalled since last week because of concerns they may be tainted with the potentially deadly salmonella bacteria, the Egg Safety Center said.
Salmonella, which is generally contracted from contaminated poultry, meat, eggs, or water, impacts the intestinal track.
Symptoms include diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps, which typically begin within 12 to 72 hours, according to the CDC. Vomiting, chills, headache and muscle pains may also occur, according to the Mayo Clinic. These symptoms last about four to seven days, and then go away without specific treatment in healthy people. Antidiarrheal medications may help with cramps, but they may also prolong the diarrhea, the Mayo Clinic said.

So anyone else want to have a few chickens?
Mass production creates mass epidemics. The old agrarian culture has a lot to say for itself. The indulgence of ease can often place us in a dependent position to our own harm. We have 5 chickens was six but lost one. We have had almost 1200 eggs over two years. Do I need to purchase feed? Yes at $14. a bag for a month. They also eat kitchen scrap, fertilize my garden, entertain and educate my children. They are pets that produce. We need no rooster for the girls lay without. The only need for rooster is if chicks are desired. In the city we can not have one. They tend to be ornery things anyhow. Some folks like to eat fertile eggs. Well not I. The eggs are a deep yellow almost orange yoke. Although my little bantam (breed) chickens lay eggs that are only half size they are so nutrient dense it is like eating two eggs. They are filling. The hutch was a bit of an investment. We have a tractor hutch now under a canopy. The girls are not free range due to the hawks. One sat on the hutch one day not 3 feet away on the outside of the widow I was sitting near. Good warning.

So learn more about having your own chickens. Gain some independence . Begin to be more dependable toward your own needs. Who can you trust more? If there is not a way to do this then be sure to get farm eggs if your able. If this is yet not an option take your health into account and perhaps just use a powdered egg product for cooking and baking.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What does LOVE look like in your home?

heat beads 
corners into pearls
peaceful face
see me
feed me
love me
out the door
fur against me
ball in mouth
egg in hand
stoppin' by
saying hi
washing cleaning
life in pots
kissed by rain
ding ding next
fabrics warmth
illuminated eyes 
within without
thrill of day
ever flowing 
work play 
day dream

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunshine award

Thank you E-Mom

You all go visiting her over here at Chrysalis
And join us all for Marriage Monday.

Tackle it Tuesday *education*

A huge part of homemaking for me is continued education. Today there is the opportunity for me to learn about a new appliance. For several years this uncommon kitchen has longed for a food dehydrator. Or better said this woman has. With a garden and the desire for ease in the kitchen I began to study dehydration for food stores last year. This is not the top of the line unit but it was FREE!

Yes free. The fellow who blessed me with so many many things this month also gifted me with his food dehydrator. It was set for the thrift shop, "if you can make use of it" said he


So today's tackle is to research this unit and learn about it.
The internet is an awesome tool for such things. By identifying the unit and setting to search for it often the manual can be found on line. We have found even one for my 1950's sewing machine. It is really amazing what you can find. So never decline something just because you do not have an instruction manual for it.

Today is also a day of data entry and check writing for bill payments. I do not believe in letting ANY institution EVER into my checking accounts. Well I do let the mail order pharmacy automatically refill and bill me. However they DO NOT HAVE AUTOMATIC access to the funds.
Writing checks seams to be a lost art. However it is like holding cash, in that you are very aware of how much you are spending. It is a 'in you face' accountability (in so many ways) of all of your funds. What are you spending this month on utilities on a  daily basis? Do you know? If it is auto deducted do you ever really stop and look at the bill? Who is the person working for that utility? Do you know them personally? Then why do you let them have their hands on your funds? 
At what cost?
With identity theft at an all time high think about it.
Hand writing can really be a wonderful artistic art. On your bills when you send a check write the account number on the memo. I have a little smiley stamp that I use. A paid in full stamp is used on the bill ONLY after I have reviewed it. That is how I know how much is spent daily for a utility. Keeps the habit of lights off. Think of it, if you are aware of just how many dollars your shelling out a day wouldn't you stop someones hand from taking your money out of your pocket.
By...say... 'turning the lights off'?

On the outside of the envelope use a sticker offer that poor old discouraged employee who is opening hundreds of envelops a day at minimum wage a little beauty in their day.
Your kindness will be remembered.
Often it has caused favor to come upon me.

Well happy day to ya!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Happy Monday
I hope everyone had a nice weekend
This week for meal plan Monday

A simple easy week due to three days labor four days rest.
Each Thursday for 2 more weeks knee injections  (synvisk) will put me on my fanny for a few days rest. It is really a few days out of a whole year not too bad really to avoid a knee replacement.

Last week found us with a good 6 dozen quality eggs. The date on them nearing the end makes them perfect for boiled eggs. Tip here never use NEW eggs to boil. The shell is set to membrane inside the shell. So as they age the air is escaped (eggs are porous except those that are covered in wax as in store bought commercially grown). So farm fresh or organic eggs are the exception. The other eggs sit so long it makes no matter.

So for you who raise chickens let your eggs set at least a week before using them as boiled.

With this find menu was set over egg dishes. Deviled eggs, egg salad (kids love it) a high protein after school snack with crackers. Also a Egg based breakfast with bacon and fruit.
Speaking of breakfast the cookies were due. Each day Beloved eats these with an Orange Juice on the way to work.

By cooking up sausage patties breakfast muffing are an early morning sinch

Morning prep done for the week

Hope you all have a wonderful week

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• how to love their children
• how to be self-controlled
• how to be pure
• how to be keepers at home
• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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